this is still funny tho

Kemik is a more Mashima-ish style

In my recent post of my redraw I mentioned that I stopped trying to imitate Fairy Tail’s style but then I thought “Hey what if I tried it again, just to see if I can pull it off better this time?”

And so an attempt was made

cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 

Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable!

SM: Challenge accepted

Mark: *After 3 debuts, two comebacks, and a high school rapper show* 


Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable


Mark: Of changing his mind.



Bts' comeback

What I wanna know is why they’re having a comeback when it feels like they never really left. Like where are they coming back from? A lunch break?