this is still cinema rip you can tell

tell me again about the multiverse theory

about how we got it right in every world but this one

or how even when we didn’t

you got creative

that this is the only universe

where you asked if we could still be friends

and then made a home halfway out the door

tell me there’s a universe where one of us could take the blame

where you ripped up my poems

and i called out your bullshit

and you slammed the door like a clapperboard

and leaned against it cinema style while i held back tears on the other side

i know its selfish to wish we lived in the world where this is killing you as much as its killing me

but i can’t help wishing for a better ending

even if it isn’t a happy one

maybe there just isn’t a poetic way to leave


forget i asked

tell me instead about the universe

where every day feels like sunday morning

and we never get out of bed

anonymous asked:

i can't believe people like you get so many views on Youtube. You're not even funny, you just rip off cinema sins, you faggot. Killing yourself would be really fucking clever!

You don’t like my videos? That’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and all I can do is hope to improve as much as I can, while still making the sort of videos that I want to make.

But never tell someone to kill themselves. Ever. Because there used to be times in my life where I’d consider stuff like that. Times when being called a “faggot” was just a regular occurrence, because that was the go-to word that the bullies at my middle school picked for me.

Call me whatever you want. Dislike every video I make. I’m happy with what I do, and the people that matter are happy for me, so I don’t care. Just think twice before you try and tell someone to kill themselves. Do something positive in the world instead of trying to bring someone else down.