this is still an artblog

ok… i have no excuses.
(╯▽╰) i’m just in love with radio-silents genderfluid!kags so… here i am..
i’m really sorry Becca i usually do traditional art so this is just a try but i hope you like it.  (///.///)  
*throws love on you and your kags and runs away* (╯ಊ╰)

(yeah.. and sorry for my english again)

Happy birthday~~!! O(≧∇≦)O

(((*GASP* 24/08/2015 was the day I started this askblog?? It’s ALREADY been a whole year??? omfg I can’t believe I actually managed to keep this for so long! I thought I would give up in a month oTL
The main reason I created this blog (other than the fact I LOVE these four dorks, of course) was because I wanted to practice drawing with a tablet and the asks would FORCE me to stop lazing around….. AND IT WORKED! It’s thanks to this ask blog that I was able to gain enough confidence to create an ARTBLOG !!! SO THANK YOU! It’s thanks to everyone’s support, reblogs, likes, caring messages that I’m becoming a better artist today.
Thank you~~)))

Have a thing internet, I’ve been feeling bad for leaving the artblog in disrepair for so long!

Still working on things though in reality it’s been taking so long mostly because I’ve had many things to do over the past week or so, so with any luck I can get back on track now!

(upsized from 50x50 to 100x100)

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Nicknames   Eddie, Bispo, Sunflower Boy, Dork;

Zodiac Sign   Virgo ✨

Height   1,86 cm (6′1″);

Time right now    11:30 PM;

Favourite Music Artist   Queens of the Stone Age;

Song Stuck in your Head   Coalesce, Jack Garratt;

Last Movie   Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them;  

Last TV Show  Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

When did you create your Tumblr?   A couple of months ago? But I had other accounts, got Tumblr three, maybe four years ago;

What’s your content?   Aesthetic posts, dorky memes, friend’s art and selfies, and - barely, but still - smooth NSFW stuff;

Do you have any other blog?   My artblog and my NSFW blog;

Why did you pick this URL?   I like blue, my surname means bishop. Boom. Blue Bishop;

Gender    Male, Cisgender;

Hogwarts House   Hufflepuff;

Pokémon Team   Instinct;

Favourite Color   Even getting through some Yellowish fever, my soul still Blue;

Average Sleep Time   5~7 hours;

Favourite Number   42;

How many blankets do you sleep in?   I barely use blankets, and I usually sleep with my underwear only, because it’s really hot where I live;

Dream Job   Art Director;

Following…   235 blogs;

Followed by…   55 blogs;

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Nice things that happened to me in 2016

Thank you @trashmel for tagging me! (once again)
So here’s the deal: you have to list good things that happened to you this year, despite the shitty roller coaster that it’s been. Because there’s always some hope, somewhere. (Although, still, fuck you very much, 2016)

1. I met wonderful people, in real life (university), or on the internet – tumblr mainly (or even one and then the other!). I talk to them very often now, even everydays. And this is awesome. I love you guys, you’re just amazing.

2. My family adopted a cat, and I’ve been waiting for this moment for 19 years. She’s beautiful, and I love her. She’s living with them though, so I only get to see her twice a month, maybe less. But that’s still something <3

3. I created an artblog, thanks to @trashmel who encouraged me to do so. Also because I got digital material for my birthday… I dreamt of this moment for so long! (If you want to take a look, it’s @yumenofude ;D)

4. I passed my first year (university) and I was so anxious about that, I’m quite proud. Now I hope I’m not gonna fail this year ahah!

5. My first main fandom was Supernatural, but I was more and more getting fond of One Piece – so into it, it became my main fandom, and LawLu my OTP instead of Destiel. As I wrote fanfictions for SPN for 2 years, it was very hard to leave it – I still have fanfictions I have to finish, but anyways. I’m happy I finally succeeded in writing OP fanfictions (especially over LawLu and ZoSan). I really wanted to participate in the fandom creations! (Plus, this fandom is great!)

6. I write more and more in English and it’s so great? I even started stories with chapters. That might not seem a lot, but I wrote around 30 fanfictions in English (for OP, Torchwood, Spider-Man and Supernatural). I also got my first writing asks and I feel so honoured and happy about this- this is amazing.

7. I learned tons of things about British and American culture, and I love this. I’m kinda history nerd. Especially when it’s about Kings, and revolutions (explaining maybe my love for Les Misérables and Hamilton).

8. I discovered a lot of new movies, series and musicals? I want to thank @castorlovescourgette especially for the musicals, she is like my coach (and blame her too if I start singing Ladybug’s opening all of a sudden), and @lux-morningstar for showing me Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This serie’s humor saved me while I was dying because of my studies.

9. Yuri on Ice – this one deserved its own number. This saved the year. The anime we needed. I loved- I love it. Like, really. Top 5. It’s just so pure and perfect- I cannot wait for season 2.

10. I visited Switzerland and it was great (I finally got to meet my Swiss friend!). This country is splendid and if you have the chance to go there, do so.

Now what about you? Do it if you want to~

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