this is still an artblog

Thanks guys!

Time to post more and update my artblog again! Thanks to everyone who continued to support me and sent me such kind notes in my absence/hiatus from tumblr. ^_^

I plan to do a giveaway still to celebrate the 5000+ followers! Ah you guys are so awesome and i still can’t believe it!? So thank you in helping me achieve this milestone. Once I finish some new fanmerch, I am going to give some free  Marvel stuff/my fangoods <3

Tho I am truly sorry for going awol, i don’t want to go into much detail but yeah life can suck :(

my senior year of high school was so wild; the visual and performing arts kids had to all put on a play and i got to do most of the graphic design and marketing stuff so i had to make all the posters, etc.

i made this background texture entirely out of ewoks

then i used it on posters like this (old work dont judge)

and they got put up all over the school and nobody except the art kids knew that there were 1000000 ewoks providing texture to the background

ok… i have no excuses.
(╯▽╰) i’m just in love with radio-silents genderfluid!kags so… here i am..
i’m really sorry Becca i usually do traditional art so this is just a try but i hope you like it.  (///.///)  
*throws love on you and your kags and runs away* (╯ಊ╰)

(yeah.. and sorry for my english again)


In case someone still wants to bash me for standing up for @z-artblog I just want to clear things up. I’m not supporting ironjoker. I only said what I said because I wanted to protect my friends because I treat them like family. I care for all of my friends and I will side with who I think is right. That aside I just want to apologize to what I said to the haters (who I will not mention for privacy) for what I said. I let my anger and my urge to protect get the best of me. I’m really sorry for what I said.