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Keith is taking his job srsly and I’m glad about that

first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 

I was watching the new video from Kookmin World and in the middle of the video i just become so frustrated and feel stuffed because jikook act like boyfriends so so so so much and my heart just screamed “THEY ARE IN A FCKG RELATIONSHIP” but there is no definite proof bcs it’s a ship but everything looks so real and i CANT IGNORE the way jjk said to tae when he came along with jimin in his hotel room ((“Ah, what is this, why is everyone coming?”)) also when jin said to jimin “you are being biased!” when jimin hit jk but not him and jk just like “What’s wrong with that?” with a really frustrated tone in his voice and MY HEART JUST COMBUST

Jeongguk now don’t give a damn whether there is a camera or not as long as Jimin can be by his side……. all alone -without other members.

“your paper won second place!!”

“there is a cash prize!!”

“your paper will be published in the college’s writing journal!!”

“and professors will use it to teach future students!!”

What I love about Doc falling in love is that it’s prefaced with Doc going “women are the greatest mystery in the universe” and it’s setting it up Doc and Clara’s relationship to be a stereotypical man trying to figure out what the woman wants and the woman being “confusing” and “speaking a language that men can’t understand”. But it isn’t that at all. They just get each other and there’s no trying to figure women out, at no point does is Doc confused by her or trying to understand what it is she wants. She’s not a puzzle for him to try and put together. The beauty of Doc falling in love is that it shows that women aren’t a mystery, that they’re people who can be just as deeply passionate about the things that you are. All it took was for Doc to actually get to know a woman to realise that they’re not a mystery.

some not-real-great things about today:

  • day three of this stress headache (pain meds do nothing)
  • still buried under a pile of overdue work
  • p sure i’m going to fail french at this point but it’s?? fine

some pretty great things about today:

  • the sun!!! is shining!!! a breeze!!! is blowing!!!
  • i made it to my english class and it was really fun
  • i met with my small group this morning #blessed
  • i actually did a part of my english final??
  • i finally met with my transfer advisor and did that stuff (for possibly taking a science gened this summer at a community college)
  • i got an email?? saying my research paper from last semester was nominated for an award?? and inviting me to the ceremony tonight
  • what??
  • finally stopped in financial aid to have them fax my form to the irs
  • a girl in my english class told me she loved my voice?? she said she’s v sensitive to sound and my voice is “very soothing” :’‘>


this may not seem like a big deal, but my fps skills have gotten worse over time. i become very easily disoriented, confused and turned around. my mind has been losing track of things very quickly and it doesn’t take much to overwhelm me. combined with shaky hands, this is something i have no control over, no matter how much i practice.

i havent won a free-for-all deathmatch in ANY game EVER. so to me, given my hand-eye coordination challenges, this is a big fucking deal.. i feel accomplished, just this one little victory makes me feel proud ;u;