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“It was meant to be”


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Worlds: 1961

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This is my first english scenario so i hope you like it, let me know what you think and if you have some adivces for me they are always accepted

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It was a sunny Sunday morning and the spring wind was caressing your skin when you saw it for the first time.

Since you were 3 or maybe 4 years old you always loved flowers, and you wanted to work in a flower shop since you were 8, but then growing up it all changed.

It all came back when you saw it..probably the cutest flower shop in all Seoul. There were flowers on the streets that was facing it, and you could smell the amazing perfume of rose on the other side of the road.

You just went there really not knowing how, maybe your feet just guided you..

You were impressed with all the kind of flowers and plants that were there, it was like a rainbow of colors all perfectly placed in all the corners of the tiny room that was the shop, the perfume were just the most amazing scent you have ever smelled.. you closed your eyes for a bit to just print the image in your head and in your memories

You were especting a kind little old lady to come to you, but instead someone else did.

He was beautiful, that was the only thing you could think of when you saw him; a pair of chocolate-brown eyes were just staring at you while you were just taken away from the amazing view.

-Excuse me lady, can I help you?

His smile..his perfect smile  just made your heart skip a bit and you had no idea of what to think of..actually you weren’t looking for just got there somehow. am fine

-Ok then..My name is Seokjin and I am here if you need something

The blonde angel just went away and you admired his broad shoulders while your heart were racing like crazy.

You had no idea of what to do..what were you doing there? Should you just left without anything?

While you were thinking of all the options a deep warm voice, who caught you off guard, made you jump.

-Ohh I am sorry!!! I didn’t want to scare you..jut..could you move a bit?

A square smile appeared while he was looking at your surprised face.

-Yea sure, I am sorry

-Tae hurry up, I need you and Chim to bring the rest of them!!

-Hyung we would be faster if Kookie was here

-He’ll be here after the classes, now come here!!

You saw more flowers coming in from a little truck, the guy with the square smile and another little one were carrying all of them into the shop and you had no idea if it could fit all of them.

The little guy with orange hair cutely smiled at you and looked away, you could not help but cringe a bit because of his shyness mixed with cuteness.

You saw some pink roses on the truck that were just the most beautiful roses you have ever seen and you decided to buy them, you were there anyways and you had to go and visit your friend and that was, for sure , a nice gift!

Now you just needed to find Seokijin and buy them, but where was him?

There were just too many flowers in that tiny little shop and the man with the broad shoulders were not there, you started to loose hope when you heard his voice from behind

-Hei, need some help?

-ehi..yea..well..i..i saw the pink roses and..yae..i

-Nice choice! The pink roses are my favorites!


You could feel blood running through your face and you just hoped he didn’t saw it

-Is it for someone? Do you want a card to write?

-Yes please

And that was how you met Seokjin, the most amazing florist you have aver seen, and his employees Taehyung, Jimin and Jongkook

You heard the bell ring as you opened the door and entered the shop and Jimin come to yo with his cute smile and his messy orange hair

-Hei Y/N are you going to your friend again?

-Hi Jimi, yes I have to be there in 30 minutes so i just thought of buying some flowers to her, she loved the one i bought her last week

You moved your bangs out of your eyes and you felt a hand placing on your shoulder and you could fell blood running through your cheeks.

-Hey Y/N how are you?

You couldn’t look at him in the eyes, so you just pretended to move you hari away and just answered at him

-I am fine Jin, how are you?

-I am fine too

You heard a little laugh coming from Jimin and when you where turning around to lok at hi he just disappeared

-So, how is your friend?

-She’s getting better

-Oh good then!

You tried to look away from him, he was too perfect for you heart and not just phisically, he was kind and caring. He remembered everything you said to him, and he listen to you while you were mumbling about your messy life.

-Oh, are this new?

You asked, pointing at some cute little pink flowers

-Yes, do you like them?

-Very much

You said while smiling, you started to come there once a week every week and you noticed how your mood change as soon as you crossed that door. Were the flowers or maybe the florist to make you feel like this?

His long fingers took the flowers and placed one through your hair and you could not help but star at him, he was even more handsome while he was concentrate.


He said while his hand gently placed by you ear and the run on your cheek; at this point your eyes met and you fell your heart racing as crazy while he smiled at you.

He was just too perfect for this world


You startled and came back to reality while Taehyung run in the shop with a heavy breathing.

You saw Jin eyes widen while asking what was going on

-Kookie, he is coming with some new stuff and we need Jimin but we can’t find him





He screamed while running away and after a few seconds Jimin appeared and left too leaving the two of you in an uncomfortable silence.

Luckily your phone rang and you could breath again

-Hei..yes..yes…oh yes i’ll be there..bye

It was already time to leave but you didn’t want just wanted to stay there and look at him a little more.

-I’ll prepare to you some flowers.. I see it’s already late

-yea.. thank you

You left the shop a little upset, how could Tae just appeared like that? That kid really need to chill

Another few week passed but you couldn’t go to the shop because of work and school and family and a lot of other stuff.

The sun was starting to set and you run with your bike as fast as you could to get to the shop befor it closed, you really wanted to see him..just a little bit.

You arrived there and you saw the guys packing their staff and preparing to leave, you almost felt beacause of the speed as the guys saw you

-YA Y/N!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!

Tae smiled cutely and hugged you while Jimin was giggling and Kookie was looking at you

-Noona how are you?

-I am fine Jimin I was just a little busy

-Oh so you weren’t mad at us right?

-Why would I Jiminie?

-Cause we interrupted you and hyung

Kookie didn’t talked a lot but he usually went straight to the point

-Erm..well..I mean..Nothing was going on so…

Tae was still hugging you when you heard the door bell ring and you could felt some eyes on you


Tae turned you around to face Jin while his hands were on your shoulders and you looked at him shily smiling

-Yea..we should go shouldn’t we Jiminie?

-Ye Kook let’s go..Tae come on

-Yea!!! By noona, by hyung

His square smile appeared again and his hands left your shoulders, he went on the little truck with the other guys and just left waving his hands. Tae was for sure the purest guy you’ve ever seen.


You started playing with your sweatshirt not knowing what to do.

You heard the bell ring again so you lifted your head, he just disappeared without saying a world..

You were shocked and you had no idea of what to do..why did he left? Did he hated you? But why??

And then you heard the bell ring again, he had a white shirt on and pink roses in his hands; he didn’t look at you but closed the door like nothing was going on, like you weren’t there.

It was better to leave, you thought, so you just bring your bike to go home as soon as you could but Jin stopped you with one of his big hands.

-Where are you going?

-I..I was just leaving

-Can’t you come with me for a bit?

You looked at him, his eyes while staring at yours and you could see he was beeing serious, he helped you to get off the bike and gave you the flowers.

-Take this, I’ll be the one driving it and you can get on the back, ok?

You just nodded and took the roses while he gave you his hand to help you get on, you did as he say

The perfume of the roses, the orange sunset and the cool wind trough your hair, every sense was pleased while you were on that bike, and you thanked your mother for telling you not to walk there for once.

You had no idea of where you were, but you didn’t care because you felt safe with him.

Suddenly his hand grab yours and took the flowers to place them in the basket, his fingers grabbed yours making you hug him and you almost had an heart attack

-Just be careful

He said keep looking at the street

You decided to be brave and placed your head on his broad back feeling comfortable as it was meant to be.

You arrived at a little park, and he told you to sit on a bench while he took the flowers and placed them on my lap

-Do you like them?


You said shyly smiling avoiding his chocolate eyes, at that moment you felt a hand placing under your chin and lifting your head a bit and you had not choice but to look at him

-You are very pretty Y/N

You bit your lower lip and tried to look away, you heard him laughing softly as his hand cupped your face.

-You. Are. Very. Pretty.

He placed his forehead on yours while looking at you, then he moved his sight to your lips and you felt like burning alive while he kissed you.

His lips were soft, sweet and you could not help but smile a bit while kissing him back.

One of his hands then moved to your back and pushed you closer to him while the other run through your hair.

After a while he cupped again your face and broke the kiss, he looked at you and smile

-I like you Y/N, very I was thinking about going on a date with you if you want to..



He laughed and took your hand, kissed it softly and then said

-Let’s go then, I missed you this weeks

And then you thought that probably, it was meant to be.

Back to square one pt.8 | A vkook ff

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I have nothing to type here but i made a man out of a potatoe :3

Jungkook p.o.v.

I slowly tap my fingers on the kitchen table, staring at Jimin his recent instagram update. I didn’t understand why it hurt so much. Yes he cheated on me and dumped me, but that usually didn’t affect me. Jimin really was different, truly a one of a kind whore.

“What are you staring at lover boy,” Taehyung jokes, munching on his sandwhich.

“An asshole and a dick,” I sigh in response, putting my phone screen down on the table.

“You’re looking at porn and aren’t sharing it with me?”

“Not exactly.”

I watch Taehyung pick up my phone from the table and swallow in agreement.

“They really resemble an asshole and a dick don’t they,” He chuckles, trying to brighten up my mood.

“Why did the two of you even break up?” He continues, downing the last bit of his peanut butter sandwhich.

“He just fucking left me to be Yoongi his bitch. He had been cheating on me for a while, i’m just not sure how to deal with it,” I had to stop myself from talking, feeling myself tearing up.

“He’s a whore Kook, don’t shed tears about him.”

“That’s hard when he was the last person i had left, now i’m the lonely loser,” A tear roled down my cheek saying such words.

I had always been the cocky and self absorbed one, refusing to even say something negative about myself. Because in my eyes i had always been the best. But i wasn’t, and never had been. I was so used to running around having people follow and obey me like little slaves, it left me to be all by myself. And trust me, that kind of lonely is the worst kind of lonely.

“Is that why you came to me? Because you were alone?” Taehyung asks, obviously sounding sad.

“Not gonna lie, partly yes.”

“So you didn’t miss me?”

“Of course i fucking missed you you idiot! I was just so obsessed with Jimin I forgot how fucking badly i needed you by my side,” I pause for a second, making eye contact with my best friend, “If i could do it all over i would have never said yes to that fucking bet.”

“Love is scary,” Taehyung states, faking a smile.

“Love is bullshit.”

An awkward silence follows. The only sound filling the room being the ticking of the clock and little kids playing football outside. Taehyung his hair was still messy, and my shirt which was a size too big for him was showing his collarbones. I wasted so much time looking at other guys, not realising how beautiful the one who had stuck with me through everything actually was. He was just simply stunning.

“I never thanked you for that icecream you bought me,” He suddenly smiles, nervously playing with his fingers.

“Thanked me for the icecream or the amazing make out session we had in public?” I chuckle, playfully kicking his leg underneath the table.

Embarrased he presses his lips together and burries his face in his hands, causing me to laugh.

“You’re a good kisser, don’t worry bro,” I say, making him blush even harder than he already was.

“Adding bro to it makes it sound so fucking lame kook.”

“Why bro? Want to kiss me bro? You look hot today bro!”

“Oh my god stop!” He laughs, looking at me. His face as red as a tomato.

I blow him a kiss, before sticking out my tongue. Making fun of how flustered he was. I watch him shake his head, done with how i was acting. Quickly we make eye contact again, building up tension between the two of us.

“Tae, be honest with me real quick.”

“Only if you stop calling me bro.”

“Sure babe, are you still in love with me?

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Saw a Coldplay meme board a couple days of ago and one of the squares was "a song Guy doesn't like" lol I didn't know it was so common - do you know any specific songs he dislikes?

The band has said that Guy doesn’t like Talk

- sha


Awkward moment where both the original anon and several others pop up to tell you you posted a broken link for the prompt - hopefully this one doesn’t fuck up!

“Which one’s Owen?” Gray was staring wide eyed at the men clustered around the edges of the pen “Aunt Claire said he was the one in charge!” Zach glanced briefly up from his phone screen “No idea, stay back from the edge would you?”

He pulled Gray away from the railings and leaned back against the metal – the raptors had been cool at first, but there was only so much running around in circles he could take. He turned his attention back to his phone.


“That one’s Owen” Zach conceded without bothering to look up from his screen. “The guy yelling is usually in charge.”

“Wow” Gray was completely mesmerised and pointing his camera at everything that moved.

“That is good, that is damn good… and… GO!” The trainer waved the raptors on with a simple hand command. Zach squinted in the relentless sunlight, trying to make out anything more than the outline of the older man

Gray let out another gasp as the raptors broke their formation and skittered away into the more sheltered areas of the pen, snapping at each other playfully.

“C’mon” Zach pushed away from the railings. “Aunt Claire said we could watch the training and then we had to go back’

Gray snapped a few more photos in quick succession “That was so cool!”

Zach waited with barely concealed impatience “Gray come on we gotta-‘ “PIG LOOSE!” Zach looked to the pen as a frantic squealing rent the air.

“Pig loose!”

“I wanna see” Gray ran along the catwalk as the raptors burst forth from the scrub, snapping pictures as fast as he could.

One of the handlers came barrelling along the cat-walk clutching an extra-long catchpole, sprinting towards the piglets cries

“Gray watch out!” Zach pulled his little brother from the path of the panicked wrangler, taking the brunt of the accidental shoulder charge as they collided on the too narrow walkway. Zach and the worker tipped over the railings and the air was knocked clean out of Zach’s lungs as they plummeted to the ground

Zach’s head was swimming and he could taste blood. “I’m fine” he called up to Gray who was leaning over the railings calling his name. Zach flipped over and scrambled to his feet. The hard earth swam dangerously under his feet. The raptors flanked the two helpless men, inching forwards as they assessed the two humans that had been dumped into their midst.

The raptor at the front with the blue accented skin chirruped almost curiously and took a step towards Zach. A sinister hissing issued from its throat and Zach swallowed nervously as it cocked its head and surveyed him. Zach stared back as though he were faced with a dangerous dog. Don’t break eye contact, don’t show fear he remembered his dad telling him when one had gotten into their backyard.

The guy who had knocked them down whimpered and tried to crawl backwards. The blue raptor’s head turned quicker than Zach could follow and the hapless worker shrunk under the full force of the animal’s intelligent gaze

Vaguely, Zach registered the blaring alarm that accompanied the gate at the side of the training pen.

“Hold your fire, do not fire! Put twelve amps in these animals and they’re never gonna trust me again”

The trainer scrambled underneath the gate calling out as he planted himself squarely between Zach and the raptors

The whimpering guy was seized by one of the men who had been watching the training and dragged back to safety. Zach inched closer to the second man who was holding the raptors attention.

“Blue, stand down… stand down” The raptor hissed. “Hey, Hey! What did I just say? Delta? I see you, back up! Okay… okay, good, good… close the gate!”

“Are you crazy?” The other trainer’s eyes widened in alarm. “Close the gate!” shrieked the rescued worker, his voice screechy with fear and adrenaline

The alarm blared again and the gate descended. Owen grabbed Zach by the arm and flung them both under the gate. The heavy metal clanged into place and Zach coughed and retched as the dust cleared. The trainer had landed squarely on top of him and was staring down him from an alarmingly close distance.

“Hey, hey! Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine” Zach wheezed.

“You don’t sound fine”

“Yeah well you’re heavy” The trainer was six feet plus of solid muscle.

“Oh shit”

Owen rolled off the guy and tried not blush. He’d been a little distracted, his eyes flicking from the high cheekbones and sharp jawline to the kid’s pillowy mouth.

He gave him the once over before turning to the guy who knocked them down. “You’re the new guy?” The guy nodded, pale and looking terrified

“You ever wonder why there was a job opening? Never turn your back to the cage”.

Owen turned back to Zach. “Let’s get you cleaned up- someone keep an eye on his kid brother while I take care of this!” Owen called out over his shoulder, half dragging Zach away from the walls of the pen

“I’m fine really”

“You’re not fine, you’re concussed and bleeding; that’s the very definition of not fine” Owen lead Zach to a tent a little ways off.


Zach sat on the closest available surface, clearing mugs and a couple of plates out of his way.

“Look at me” Owen palmed the side of the kids head “What’s your name”

“Zach, I’m Claire Dearing’s nephew”

Owen gave a low whistle “looks like someone’s getting fired” he chuckled. “I’m Owen Grady, Claire’s pain in the ass”

He started cleaning away the blood that ran in a thin trickle from the corner of Zach’s mouth. Zach used the time to really look at the older man. His hands were gentle as he dabbed at Zach’s mouth. Zach drank in the honey kissed skin, leaning forward slightly to catch the scent of big, healthy male. The slight sweat and soap smell coming of Owen was fresh and outdoorsy and just- mmm.

Zach leaned forward just a little. Owen glanced up and was startled to find himself the subject of that heavy lidded gaze. Zach’s mouth quirked up at the side revealing a crooked and utterly heart stopping grin.

“I gotta check for any other lacerations, you went down hard”

“Mmhmm”, Zach just nodded as Owen started running his fingers through Zach’s mussed hair, skimming across his scalp and checking for any lumps and bumps. Zach bit his lip and stifled a groan, not as successfully as he would have liked, a low moan escaped his lips and Owen stopped his examination and glanced down. “Don’t do that, don’t bite”

“Most guys don’t complain about the biting”

Owen froze as Zach leant forward once again and skimmed along Owens neck. “You smell like sunlight” Owen reared back and placed his hands on either side of Zach’s head, his eyes were unfocused and dreamy.

“Definitely concussed” he concluded “You’ll need someone to sit with you tonight, keep you… occupied.

“Yeah?” Zach dropped his gaze and then looked up at Owen from underneath lowered lashes. “I don’t suppose you’re free?”

Owen chuckled, a little more nervously than he would have liked. He placed his hands on either side of Zach legs and leaned in, twitching Zach’s hoodie back into place. “No uh, not me, you’re obviously not up for – well um, just not me”

Owen grinned and pushed away from the bench. “Your little brother should be up to the task don’t you think” Owen ducked out of the tent and called to Gray.

Zach tried to swallow his disappointment and slid off the bench. “Zach, Zach!” Gray came running in and threw his arms around his brother. “You’re okay!”

“Yeah, I’m just fine, except you’re gonna have to be in charge tonight and stay up with me okay, I’m a bit concussed”

“Okay! What’s that?” Gray pulled at a slip of paper out of his brother’s pocket. Zach took it from him and stuffed it back into his pocket, not quite hiding the smile that spread across his face

Come and see me tomorrow evening, when you’re feeling better. Doctor’s orders – O.G

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I've only recently voiced to my therapist my fears that she'll leave me and today she brought it up again and said shes really glad I've spoken about it and that on no account would she leave me because I'm not trying hard enough (which is what the thoughts say) but that she's pregnant and come September will be going on maternity leave. I'm so SO happy for her but I've been seeing her for nearly 3 years now and have such a good relationship with her. I'll miss her and am so scared of a new T :(

Hey there, think of switching therapists as an opportunity for a new perspective. It’s fantastic that you were able to let T know what’s going on, and that you two have such a strong bond - guess what? There’s a chance for you to create another relationship like that with a different professional. It will seem frightening at first, but it’s possible! To avoid starting at square one with the new guy, I’d ask T if you could sign a release of information.

The good news is that you’ve still got a few months’ time before T goes on maternity leave - make the most of this by working through the transition together (:

Best wishes xo

See you on the other side...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY JANE!!!! we are only three thousand years late but here it is at long last, Hannah and Mari’s birthday gift to you, you most wonderful and excellent human. you deserve only the best things in life, and we hope you enjoy this, love

       … … . .

“Hey guys, Percy here. I have some news…” Percy shifted in his plastic office chair as he looked into the familiar big eye of the camera perched on top of a few of his housemate’s books on his desk (he really needed to buy a tripod already). “So it’s been just over two years since I made this channel, and I woke up this morning to see that I’ve now got one million subscribers! which is absolutely insane and I can’t believe so many of you tune into me talking to myself once a week.”

“Oh come on, man. You know why they love you.” His roommate, Jason decided to roll into view on his wheelie chair at that moment, not totally unplanned. He grinned charmingly into the camera.

Percy rolled his eyes. “And here to celebrate my joining of the million subscribers club, is Jason. Cue jazz hands.”

Jason made a meek attempt at jazz hands.

“Dude, that’s terrible.”

“I’m not a jazz hands kinda guy,” Jason protested.

“What kind of person do you have to be to be a jazz hand kinda guy?”

Jason scratched his chin. “I don’t know…Piper?”

Percy nodded. “Piper does love the jazz hands. Anyway, we’re here celebrating my amazing achievement. And because - as my good friend Annabeth likes to say - my imagination stems from a pea, I have failed to come up with an amazing way to celebrate. But here’s a little montage of my videos over the past two years which, yes unfortunately include the very embarrassing early years.”

“So embarrassing.” Jason shook his head.

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Since I did a longass meta on Jack, I want to do one on Gabriel now.

The thing I’ve been thinking about him is that to figure him out, you really need to take his history in the military into account.  

Like, okay.  At the point we meet him, we can’t really argue that he isn’t bad news.  Revenge quest aside, he’s working as a professional killer for hire and is willing to take jobs from a known terrorist organization of which he was previously an enemy.

But you need to think about where he came from.  Gabriel was in black ops.  Since he was chosen to lead the first Overwatch task force, he was probably in black ops before he ever joined the SEP.  And the thing about the military in general, but particularly work like that, is that it doesn’t work according to civilian moral codes.  Just by dint of signing up for the military, you are agreeing to be involved in activities that civilian society tends to ingrain into us as Wrong.  

(Have a cut for length.)

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Most of you

are probably aware of the now defunct channel YourFavoriteMartian,

the shitty Gorillaz knockoff created by RayWilliamJohnson, which was ended because of Ray leaving the studio he was working for at the time, Maker. The channel still sits there, with most, save for a couple of really gross or offensive music videos still there.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that these videos were not all that the band created




They made

a fucking animated series out of this shit.

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GOT7 reaction to when your boyfriend tries to take your virginity

Anonymous said:

one where got7 are overly protective and your really young say 13 and your boyfriend tries( notice how I say tries like he just touches you and makes out. ) to take your virginity 🙈 it’s so embarrassing but I’m so curious. Well either way I want you to know I’m not a perv. Fighting~ 👊🏼✊🏻🌹

aww anon no need to be embarrassed here ^_^ its a very interesting idea!! Thanks for the request.
Hope you like what iv done :)
Requests will open on the 4th, get your ideas ready!!


theres going to be a fight as soon as he hears about whats happened. like who the F*** does this guy even think he is to think of doing something like that to you! shoving the guy so much that he doesn’t even have a chance to swing at jb.


He may not normally say a lot of words but today, today was a different day, he had a lot to say and a lot was not suitable for those under 18. it might not get physical but it was the most passionately he had ever spoken about anything. no one messes with you!


instantly squaring up to the guy! unlike mark he’s not one to talk in this moment, he’s going to throw a punch or two. he may not even wait for the guy to physically retaliate, after a shove if the guy even says something that might just merit a punch.


surprisingly jinyoung has a temper, you only saw it when he was being a perfectionist but this time it had nothing to do with him! he always talked about how jackson showed too much of his body, but with this with you was beyond belief 


can sunshine get angry? well yes, a lot!! it was a sight never seen before, he’s veins were popping and he went toe to toe with the guy, it never went more than a shove and push, but it was effective.


after you told him what happened, it was more than a sassy face and a nag of a finger from bambam. he doesn’t throw a punch he doesn’t get violet but his more calm than the others. he no more than shouts at the guy, probably standing between you and him as he’s having a go at him.


you tell yugyeom as you two are walking away from you boyfriend, instantly yugyeom walks back and gives the guy a piece of his mind. Yugyeom pushes him at first and If the boyfriend retaliates then he might just hit him, just the once, we all know how hard yugyeom punches

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Very late, I suppose, but I had no internet for the past few days, so… oops?

Anyway, enjoy!

She was back.

Well, of course she was – she needed to attend classes anyway – but Bucky couldn’t help but wonder each morning if she would run away.

But each morning, Natasha would arrive without fail, sending him a small smile that was too much like a snarl, sitting in her usual place in the front row.

She was the first to arrive that morning, which was unusual, but it offered Bucky the possibility to share a few phrases with her.

Natasha. Not Nat, or Tasha, or Natasha like her friends called her. Not Natasha Romanoff, the lonesome and mysterious Criminal Science major. Natalia Romanova, daughter of Ivan Petrovitch, the quiet, beautiful, dangerous woman with too many memories.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” he grumbled at her, glaring good-naturedly.

Natasha smirked, arching an eyebrow. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, professor,” she said coolly. “My eyes are up here, by the way.”

He tore his eyes from her clothes – a black shirt with a zipper up the front, open too low to be accidental, and black pants that were tight enough to leave nothing to the imagination – to look into her emerald eyes. “You’re definitely doing this on purpose,” he decided.

She smiled faintly, just a quirk of her lips. “Your tie is crooked, professor,” she said softly and damn if she didn’t make that sound like the most seductive thing he’d ever heard.

He swallowed hard, glancing at the clock to ensure there was still time before the other students would arrive. “Is it?” He asked. “I hadn’t noticed.”

She pursed her lips, standing and taking a few steps towards him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She reached out, nimbly adjusting his tie. “What would you do without me, Professor?” he teased.

“Probably go to Church,” he answered, as students started filtering in. “Sit down, Miss Romanova.”


The lecture went well, for all intents and purposes. Criminal Psychology was a relatively advanced course, so the students that attended were engaged and passionate. Several hours later, as he dismissed the class, he swept past Natasha, who was still packing her things. His fingers brushed her desk, dropping a scrap of paper into her bag as he left without glancing back.

Natasha finished packing and sped towards a deserted table in the library, where she quickly retrieved the paper to read it.

Tonight, 8:00, Times Square.

She cursed internally – how did he expect her to find one guy in Times Square on a Friday night, anyway – and sighed, standing to make her way to her dorm.

If she was going to waste an hour tracking him, she might as well look good doing it.


It wasn’t as hard as she’d expected to find a silver-armed man in the middle of Times Square, mostly since he was wearing short sleeves. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close for a kiss. She smiled into his lips, opening her mouth to allow him to taste her.

Too soon, he pulled away, and took her hand. “So, Devotshka, what would you like to do tonight?”

She smiled, leaning into his side as they walked away from the crowded square. “Anything that isn’t a criminology lecture,” she muttered. “I hate college.”

“One year left, Natasha,” he reminded. “Hang in there.”

She sighed heavily. “I know,” she muttered. “Your place?”

Bucky smirked, one hand grabbing her ass and squeezing just hard enough to make her twitch. “Eager, tonight, are we?” He teased. “And what if I want to make you wait?”

“Yasha, please?” she begged, looking up at him with the eyes she knew he couldn’t resist. “Anything you like, I missed this.”

“It hasn’t been that long.”

“Three weeks,” she answered. “I counted. And as you’ll recall, I’m not even allowed to touch myself.” She shot him a glare under her eyelashes for that.

He grinned wolfishly at her. “Have you been good, then?”

She arched to reach up, teeth scraping at his earlobe as she all but purred: “I could be even better.”

Bucky sighed. “I spoil you, kitten,” he chided.

“But you love it,” she answered, all playfulness once again.

“I suppose I must, to put up with you,” he grinned. “Home it is.”

Natasha was familiar with Bucky’s spacious Brooklyn apartment by now. They’d been together for years, she only lived in her dorm to keep up appearances, and so there were no words exchanged as Bucky made his way to the kitchen, while Natasha made a beeline for the bedroom. She stripped down to her underclothes – the new ones that she’d bought with him specifically in mind, a black and red lace bra, panty, and garter set, with knee-high black tights that she knew he’d love – and knelt on the bed, hands behind her back, chest thrust out, and knees spread apart.

Bucky entered a while later, long enough for Natasha to feel nervous and fidgety, and raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Like that, is it, Kitten?”

She lowered her eyes in deference. “Please, Yasha?” she pleaded. “I just… If you don’t want…”

Bucky bared his teeth in a grin. “I always want to, Kit,” he promised, tilting her chin up so that she looked straight at him. “But do you? You know that when I start, I don’t stop.”

She nodded. “I know the drill, Yasha,” she promised. “I like this.”

He smiled, leaning forwards to capture her lips in a kiss, rough and warm. She whimpered into his mouth as his fingers tightened on her jaw, metal hand tracing down her side and making her shiver.

“Your safewords, lovely?” he breathed against her lips as he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.

“Red for stop, yellow for slow down,” she said dully. “Yasha, plea-” She was interrupted by a sharp slap to her ass. She leaned back into his hand, moaning quietly. “Please,” she completed.

“Lie down, Natashenka,” he ordered softly, hovering over her as she lay back onto the pillows. “Let me take care of you.”

Natasha whimpered as he stood, pulling four ties out of his dresser, returning to show them to her. “Are you okay with this?” he questioned.

Natasha nodded, scooting down the bed and stretching out. “Yasha, please,” she begged again.

Bucky grinned, tying her wrists to the bedposts – he knew that she could easily escape, but he also knew that she wouldn’t. She never did – and kissed his way agonizingly slowly down her neck, dwelling for a moment on her breasts, biting and sucking at her nipples, kneading her flesh just hard enough that his nails bit into her flesh. With each attack, Natasha groaned louder, arching into Bucky’s touch. He continued his burning path, nibbling at her ribs, biting and sucking an angry mark into her hipbone. He danced teasingly around her cunt, letting his breath ghost over her for a moment before he continued his way down, leaving her wanting again as he spread her legs apart, far enough for the stretch to become a slight burn in Natasha’s thighs, and tie each of her ankles to the corners of the bed.

Bucky stood back, taking a moment to admire his handiwork. “So beautiful,” he murmured. “Spread out just for me. All mine, aren’t you, Devotskhka?”

“Yes,” Natasha promised. “All yours, Yasha. Please, please fuck me, take them away-”

James smiled, leaning over to press a kiss to the small tattoo above her hipbone, biting slightly into the flesh. “My own, my Natashka,” he purred. “So strong. This mafiya ink on your skin. You were so strong to run. You are so much stronger than them, my love.”

Natasha’s eyes closed, tension starting to melt away from her shoulders as she lay bared for her lover alone. He kissed further up her body, biting at her nipples again before he settled his lips against hers. She obligingly opened her mouth to him, letting him taste the inside of her mouth. Slowly, he pulled away, replacing his tongue with three fingers. “Suck,” he ordered sharply. She stared him in the eye as she obeyed, her cheeks hollowed as she made obscene slurping noises around his digits. He held back a moan as he removed them, trailing wet fingertips down her front, the cooling trails raising goosebumps on her skin as he ghosted his fingertips on her cunt.

Natasha bucked her hips with a frustrated mewl, begging for contact. Bucky smirked at her, sinking a single finger into her dripping cunt, just enough to tease her, not enough to give her any real friction.

“Such a good girl,” he murmured as he sunk his teeth into her inner thigh, less than an inch away from her need. The jolt of pain was soothed as Bucky curled his finger, the combined sensation making her toss her head back and clench hard around him. “Yasha, please, stop teasing,” she begged.

Bucky growled lowly against the angry red bite-mark, withdrawing his finger despite her whimper at the loss. His hand slapped against her core, hard enough to jolt her clit. She let out a yelp of surprise.

“Stop that,” Bucky ordered. “I’ll take care of you how I like. Don’t you trust me, beautiful?”

“Yes, Yasha, I’m sorry,” she pleaded. “I’m sorry, just please-”

Bucky grinned, lowering himself to her core again, lightly drawing his tongue over her entrance. “Is this what you want, Natalya?” he asked.

“Yes, yes – Yasha, please,”

“Are you sure you deserve this?” he questioned. “Have you been a good girl for me? Did you go out with friends, did you eat enough? Did you keep the safety on your gun at night?”

Natasha whimpered as his tongue circled distractingly around her clit. “Yes,” she breathed. “Yes, I did. I was good, I took care of myself. I gained two pounds and only had three nightmares.”

Bucky smiled into her skin, dipping his tongue into her wetness, groaning at the taste. “Oh, you have been a good girl for me,” he agreed. “That deserves a reward, doesn’t it?”

“Thank you, Yasha,” Natasha groaned as two fingers slipped inside her, curling against her G-spot.

“What do you think your reward should be, my love?” he murmured.

“Yasha – Fuck, Yasha – please, can I come?”

Bucky hummed an agreement, biting down lightly on her clit, fingers curling once again so that Natasha saw stars, body writhing against her restraints as she came, vision going white as her legs trembled under her lover.

Bucky moved up, hovering over Natasha’s prone form, metal fingers tracing her tattoo. “You’re so beautiful when you come,” he murmured reverently, staring down at her as though she were a treasure. “So beautiful, all for me. Not theirs, not anymore. Mine. My Natashka.”

Natasha moaned loudly, arching against him. “Yours,” she promised. “All yours, Yasha.”

He grinned, gently untying her and rubbing the soreness out of her ankles and wrists. “Such a good girl,” he praised. “I’m so proud of you, Natalia.”

She smiled. “Well, if after that, you think I’m not going to reciprocate, you’ve got another thing coming, James,” she said, the smirk dancing about her lips once again. In a blur of naked flesh, Bucky was pinned to the bed, a grinning redhead above him. “Come on, Soldat, let’s see what you’ve got.”


Just One Day (하루만) [pt.1]: Sun Rise

Pt. 1: Sun Rise / Pt. 2: Twilight 

“It was an odd, four letter word that Hoseok didn’t understand before, and he still couldn’t quite wrap his head around it now. All he knew was the knot in his stomach when you appeared in his line of sight. All he knew was the feeling of sweaty palms and racing hearts. All he knew was that he came the closest to fully comprehending that word when he was with you.”

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He wished, even if it was for just one day, that you could be his. He didn’t think it was too much to ask if you, for just one day, could lay your head on his shoulder, perhaps softly asleep, hair splayed out beneath your cheek. He prayed that for just one day, a short 24 hours, he could hold your hand, kiss you, to his heart’s content. But what he wished for the most was the ability to go back in time, to go back to when you were his, when you did all those things just as he hoped you would. Maybe if he could go back, he would knock some sense into himself and treasure the times he shared with you the way he should have. Maybe he could’ve made you stay.

It was all too late now.

To you, your story was not one of a tragic breakup, where both parties lose all joy and pleasures in life because they missed each other too much. They don’t eat, and can’t sleep without feeling the emphasized absence of their lover in the spot where they used to lay. Nope, it was not like that at all. In fact, when you guys broke up, he carried out his box of stuff from the two drawers you preserved for him with a bright smile, telling you he would call you later. And he did, for Hoseok was a man of his word.

To him, it was a story of regret.

It has been a year. 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes is a long time for remorse to set in. He didn’t expect it; he didn’t expect to miss you. You guys did not even slip out of contact, in fact, that would defeat the whole point of your breakup.

“I don’t think this is going to work out. All your expectations, your goals, they all make sense and are perfectly fine. I just can’t meet up to those standards. I’m sorry. I tried. I tried taking you out on planned out dates where we would drive to a fancy restaurant, and have steak, and wash it down with champagne. I tried to arrange surprises for you, but those materialistic things just made our relationship lose its meaning.” He ran his hands across his face, his hair. When Hoseok finally looked up to meet your gaze, you saw in his eyes the stress you made him suffer through, and how his lids now appeared slightly puffy due to the tossing, turning, and practicing he did the previous night to make this confession.

“Let’s break up,” you said. “I think we should remain friends, just like how close we were before this whole mess started.”


That was all it took for you guys to return to square one. Time felt as if it was repeating itself as the two of you chose one of your places to crash out in, to hold movie marathons in, to laugh until your stomachs ached in every Saturday night. You experienced déjà vu as you aided him in pranking his friends once again, and as he held tightly to your hand while running as fast as your legs could carry you when you guys got caught. Life continued the way it had before you guys decided to commit yourselves to a relationship that neither of you, but especially Hoseok, were ready nor mature enough to handle.

You didn’t blame him for the break up, not even a little bit, because it wasn’t his fault. In a strange sense, you even sort of saw it coming. You were perfectly aware that Hoseok was a little rough around the edges. You had known it for the past twenty years of your life that he occupied. It was a blessing, as well as a curse, that came with growing up with him since the date of your birth. You were familiar with his slight irresponsibility, his impatience, and his rash decision making skills. And you accepted it wholeheartedly; even when you knew from the moment he confessed his love to you that it was going to destroy your romantic relationship. You didn’t quite mind though, as you were a girl who just lived in the moment, firmly believing that what was destined to be yours will wind up in your arms eventually, and what didn’t simply didn’t belong to you in the first place.

That was one of the things about you that made him fall in love with you in the past, and was making him fall in love with you once again. And he hated that feeling. The feeling of his emotions spinning wildly out of control, the feeling of his heart dragging him by the ankles back to you, with him clinging and clawing on the other end. He absolutely despised it.

What pained him more was your oblivion.

He couldn’t quite place his finger on when exactly it started happening, when the friendly skinship and handholding couldn’t satisfy him anymore. Some time in the year since you guys got rid of your couple label, he began wishing the simple pushing and shoving of best friends, the clothes, bed, and secret sharing would develop into something more. But to you, he had long since embedded himself in your life as an irreplaceable figure that had gone past the possibility of a lover. You no longer felt anything more towards him, and he was aware of that. His respect for you was the only thing that kept him from getting down to his knees just like before, and telling you how much you meant to him, how much he loved you.


It was an odd, four letter word that Hoseok didn’t understand before, and he still couldn’t quite wrap his head around it now. All he knew was the knot in his stomach when you appeared in his line of sight. All he knew was the feeling of sweaty palms and racing hearts. All he knew was that he came the closest to fully comprehending that word when he was with you.

But none of that mattered anymore.

Hoseok paused for a moment to stare blankly at his half filled suitcase, clothes, toiletries lying as messily in the small, confined space as his thoughts in his head. Was he really going to do it? He caught himself right before his hesitation could talk him out of it. This was he was afraid of the most. He was terrified that he would back out of his plans like a discouraged child, only to end up regretting it later. He didn’t need more things to regret, you were enough.

The crisp autumn air stung his nostrils as he stepped out his small, yet cozy, apartment. He stood in the doorframe, a dark silhouette against the rising sun, as he eyed the place in which the two of you created countless memories, inside jokes, and failed recipes. Agony pulled at his heartstrings, pulled at him to come back in, to sit down on his soft, worn couch and think about what he was doing. But he didn’t succumb to the pain, he wouldn’t be Jung Hoseok if he did. Closing the door shut behind him, he took one last glance at the silent, sleeping street, and he could see himself chasing you down the empty road, your laughter harmonizing together with his. He squeezed his eyes shut, and shook his head violently to clear his thoughts. This was exactly why he had to leave. This place held too many memories.

Throwing his luggage on the backseat of his car, he planted himself behind the steering wheel and slid the key into its slot, igniting the engine. The drive to his destination was miserable, it was lonely, and all he could think about was your reaction when you found out he was gone. But he didn’t pause, because he knew that he needed to stop thinking about you and consider himself for once, despite how selfish. It’s only way, he thought, the pain would stop.

Hoseok parked his car in the empty spot where he promised his buyer the vehicle would be. He stepped out, suitcase in hand, and he gave the car a good pat. It was an old companion, he had received it from his dad as an eighteenth birthday present, and he could still remember the lingering scent of new paint on its ancient body, he could still feel the thrill of driving it for the first time, with you in the passenger seat placing a polaroid of his side profile in the glove compartment, the landscape rushing past your ears in a blur of color. He was thinking of you again, involuntarily, because you were everywhere, and in everything he remembers.

The airport was already a bustling commotion at this time of the day, and he walked in, picking a spot by the looming glass wall to sit down. He watched, unmoving, as a small plane took off, the roaring audible even through the glass. His phone buzzed in his jeans’ pocket, and he slipped it out. It displayed 6:45, along with your name and your grinning face as the contact profile picture.


“Hoseok, where are you? I knocked on your door but no one answered. And the lights were off.” your familiar voice streamed through the earpiece.

“Go home.” his voice was cold, and he hated it.

“What? No, where are you so early in the morning? We were going to go jogging today, did you forget?” No, he did not forget. He couldn’t forget, for it was a routine you guys had built up throughout the years, one he grew so comfortable with it suddenly felt strange to be sitting here in a leather jacket and jeans instead of his usual hoodie and sweats.

“I’m at the airport.”

Your end of the line grew silent for a few seconds, and when your voice came through again it was softer, more insecure. “What are you doing there?”

“I’m leaving.”

“For where?”

“Korea. Seoul. I’m going back home.” He no longer thought of it as home though, not since he moved to Los Angeles with you.

“But you’re from Gwangju, what are you doing in Seoul?”

“I found a job.”


He could feel you registering the information, even though you were silent. He knew you well enough to picture the confused, and a bit worried, look on your face.

“When are you coming back?” you asked, afraid of the answer he was going to give you.

Silence. He didn’t give you one, he couldn’t bear to give you one.

After a few minutes of pondering how to reply, he simply said, “I’m not.”

Your blood froze. “What? Wait, no, you can’t just leave like that. Talk to me, Hoseok, what’s wrong? Tell me, I’m your best friend.” Tears had begun streaming down your cheeks.

What’s wrong? Tell me, I’m your best friend. That was exactly what was wrong. You were his best friend, and will never be anything more than that.

You persisted when he didn’t answer, “When does your flight leave? You better stay right where you are, Jung Hoseok, or I will never forgive you.”

I don’t need you to forgive me, I can barely forgive myself for letting you go.

“8:15” was all he said before he hung up the phone.

You panicked when the beeping of the dead line rung in your ear. Rushing to your house, which was conveniently on the same street as his, you grabbed your car keys and ran out. Practically jumping in, you started the ignition with an almost angry force, and your car sputtered to life. The way to the airport was just as agonizing for you as it was for him, although for completely different reasons. You tried to suppress your tears with no avail, and your vision of the traffic was soon a blurry mess of headlights and stop signs. I can’t lose him, you thought, I can’t.

The moment you halted your car, you sped out, not even bothering to lock it. There were certainly more important things on your mind than to prevent your car from being stolen. You ran across the road to the airport without pausing to observe the traffic, thus causing a string of angry honks and curses to be thrown at you. But you didn’t care. Pushing past the door, you melted into a stream of people, and it dragged you all sorts of directions, making the ceiling spin above your head.

You finally broke free from the traveling crowd, and scanned the waiting areas frantically for a strand of chocolate brown hair. You couldn’t find him.

“Jung Hoseok!” you shouted into the crowd. Several people turned their heads your way to give you a dirty look for making such a big commotion, but you couldn’t care less.

“Jung Hoseok!” you screamed again, this time louder, more desperate.

He watched your frenzied figure turning left and right in the center of the waiting areas. He heard his name echo off the walls of the airport, but just sat and watched you disappear and reappear in the busy stream of people. He wanted to reply so badly. He wanted to abandon his luggage and sprint to you, hugging you close to his chest, while stroking your soft hair, whispering “shhhh, it’s okay, I’m here” into your ear. Yet he couldn’t, because he knew it was better for both of you in the long run. Or so he thought. He wasn’t aware of the sleepless nights you would later have to endure, his name a repeating sound on your lips in the darkness of your bedroom. He wasn’t aware of the large, deep void he would dig in your soul, as if he had taken your heart with him, leaving the spot where it was supposed to be empty, numb.

He didn’t know, and maybe if he did, he wouldn’t have stood up at the sound of the broadcaster’s voice telling him it was now time for him to start boarding. But he did stand, and he blended in with the other passengers going on the same flight, leaving you behind where you were a moment ago, lost, frantic, and despaired.

You called his cell phone one more time, and little did you know that your previous conversation was the last time you would hear his voice in a long, long time. You were met with a fast paced beeping noise, alerting you that his phone was now off. You couldn’t reach him. You heard the announcer’s message one more time, saying it’s now time for the 8:15 flight’s passengers to start boarding, and you bent down, hugged your knees to your chest and cried.

He was really gone.

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A/N: WAHHH ITS SO ANGSTY LOL. god i love writing angsty stuff. i really hope you guys enjoy this! it’s an original work, meaning i just kinda sat down and wrote it without a request ahaha [im actually quite proud on this one tbh]. i hope you aren’t disappointed with the unsatisfying ending, but if you are, you can always go read the sequel, link on the top of the post (;