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“When creating Leviathan, we considered the work of Yoshitaka Amano , the designer of the original version. To make the creature realistic, we paid special attention to Leviathan’s scale and texture. We tried to visualise Leviathan as a real, living creature based on the original image. This approach vastly differs from what was done in previous installments of the series. In addition, we assigned a gender to all summons. Even though she is not a human being, she features beautiful, silky smooth lines characteristics of a female being.”

- Tomohiro Hasegaw, Final Fantasy XV official guide 


Sun aspects illuminate and brighten the planet’s attributes or burn and overshadow them.

Moon aspects connect the planet’s attributes to the native’s emotions and sensitize them.

Mercury aspects intellectualize and express the planet’s attributes or they over-analyse them and make them nervous.

Venus aspects beautify and soften the planet’s attributes or make them vain and artificial.

Mars aspects empower and add drive to the planet’s attributes or exhaust them and make them aggressive.

Jupiter aspects expand and add joy to the planet’s attributes or make them arrogant and greedy.

Saturn aspects refine and structure the planet’s attributes or confine and belittle them. 

Uranus aspects make the planet’s attributes eccentric and ingenious or unpredictable and inappropriate.

Neptune aspects make the planet’s attributes more intuitive and altruistic or delusional and confusing.

Pluto aspects transform and strengthen the planet’s attributes or corrupt and pervert them.



Post abduction of Chloe when the kids set out with a mini task force or pro heroes. Kids are supposed to stay away from the villains and be on civilian patrol but guess what!?

Oh man I’ve been uber excited for these two.
I made the prior to watching the S2 episodes (i was actual finished the inking before the episode started and I began to laugh at how perfectly relevant they are now)

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Harsh Aspects in Generational Planets

I did not include conjunct aspects because they’re not always harsh, it can be a harmonious aspect as well. I can make a separate post abt conjuncts in generational planets if y’all want tho. Just let me know (: 


Jupiter/Saturn- to learn to stick to one objective at a time until they’ve completed it. Greatest difficulty is they expect too much of themselves, making it impossible to accomplish high goals. Need to learn to accept their limitations. 
Jupiter/Uranus- to learn to be tolerant of other ppl, other view points, ppl who learn slower than them/ Important to learn to be patient with others and let go of the importance of time. Might get carried away with new ideas/concepts they believe everyone needs immediately. Let others believe what they believe without forcing them to change. 

Jupiter/Neptune- to learn to be realistic abt ppl and their faults. Apt to view some ppl thru rose-colored glasses and others much more harshly. Placing ppl on pedestals only leads to disappointment. Accept that ppl are a blend of good and bad, not just one thing. 

Jupiter/Pluto- to learn humility, patience, and tolerance. Have a strong will to succeed but some want that success for ego power. Remember that a true leader n successful person works for the ppl, rather than themselves. Might be overly invested in religiosity. 

Saturn/Uranus- to learn how to relax and release tensions gradually, rather than letting tensions to build up to the point of bursting in a more uncontrolled way. Bursts of anger might be used to release inner tension. A tension that comes from wanting to do one thing when they’re supposed to be doing another. When they learn to accomplish the required tasks they can go after what they want.

Saturn/Neptune- to seek spirituality rather than achievement of material success in society. Feelings of loneliness/uncertainty can’t be appeased even if they’re at the top of their career. This is a past life atonement placement. Seeking spiritual riches instead of material ones will bring peace.

Saturn/Pluto- to learn to be flexible. They hate any kind of change and will resist strongly. Desire to be in authority will cause them to be tested many times with seemingly impossible obstacles. Those challenges exist to teach them to flow more easily with changes and learn humility. As they transform negative traits in themselves, this will show up most in their natal moon sign traits. This aspect causes a lot of emotional turmoil so that they will want to find answers about life.

Uranus/Neptune- to have an open mind to all new ideas related to different religions/institutions/philosophies. They might prefer philosophies that have some structure and are already accepted by society. Very intuitive with psychic potential. They experience emotional turmoil that may lead them to seek relief thru bizarre religious concept, dark magic, or substances (drugs). It would be better for them to seek emotional release thru creative outlets and other, healing magic. 

Uranus/Pluto- to learn to become independent. They have an intuitive awareness of need to stand alone but that causes a lot of inner distress because of an emotional need to lean on the ones they love. They will experience a lot of change and upheavals in life which makes them uneasy or insecure. 


Jupiter/Saturn- must be more patient with themselves. Unable to live up to what they expect of themselves, might feel like what they do isn’t good enough. Might move a lot, change jobs a lot but they don’t seem to advance in the way they want. Their lives become one of many reversals, having to learn same lessons over and over again. Must learn to accept themselves as they are.

Jupiter/Uranus- develop self as not too rigid or self-righteous about goals n philosophies. They probably developed ideas abt philosophy early in life but need to recognize that everyone has their own right to build an opinion. Respect other ppl’s rights to seek their own path. 

Jupiter/Neptune- learning to accept ppl n the world as they are, not how they wish the world/ppl to be. By accepting life n ppl as they are, ,they can release their disappointment. Use Jupiter’s optimism, tempered with some realism, and this placement will not be distressful.

Jupiter/Pluto- respecting other ppl’s viewpoints and learning humility. Can obtain success thru learning these traits. Good intuitive powers which causes them to think they’re always right. “This is what I have come to believe, but it might not be true !” Is a good phrase to learn and accept. 

Saturn/Uranus- desire to be responsible and be free is creating inner tension. Might have difficulty working in cooperative relationships because they become frustrated with having to do what other ppl want them to do. They should examine personal relationships to decide what about the other person causes them to be irritated/frustrated. Address the issues to overcome the issues in a constructive release of tension.

Saturn/Neptune- must learn to trust ppl again. They have an inborn fear from other lifetimes when they lost everything by force. Lesson in tihs lifetime is to recognize unimportance of collecting material wealth and concentrate energies toward spiritual pursuits. Learn to appreciate their possessions and other achievements but feel also prepared to let go of them at any moment.

Saturn/Pluto- learning to cooperate with others in peace and understanding. This is an atonement aspect from other lives. Could be a stepping stone into great personal/soul growth. Have been too domineering in former lifetimes and now have to learn to listen to other ppl’s viewpoints with an open mind. They need to learn to compromise with others, requiring humility, patience, and hard work.

Uranus/Neptune- there is a need to study many different philosophies. It’s easy for them to feel they have all the truth and they can stop searching or learning. Spiritual growth is never ending. Could easily become a religious fanatic or deeply protective of established institutions. Emotional intensity can be released in the same way as the square- creative pursuits and healing magic.

Uranus/Pluto- there is a need for them to see and appreciate other ppl’s viewpoints. They have an intellectual way of approaching life but are also very curious to know what is in their unconscious mind. They would benefit a lot from seeking knowledge concerning the mystery of their subconscious. 

Harsh aspects in the natal chart can tend to be projected if they are improperly handled by the native. Because of this they can find themselves externally dealing with their issues through their relationships with others. That Mercury square Mars might show up as people constantly challenging their opinion or that Sun square Pluto might exist in their controlling boyfriend. If they find more mastery of their internal conflict over time then it’s likely that these recurring negative relationships will end. In this case they will finally be able to move on and are more likely to draw positive, healthy individuals into their lives.

Because I like gear squares…

I forgot to include the clothing but oh well. I did get the pan, I blame @shawnpsloan for getting the idea of backcountry fishing stuck in my head. I’m going to weigh everything tomorrow at work hopefully. I’ve added extra things for warmth like an extra down blanket for Aayla, a fleece jacket for me and a sleeping bag liner. I’m still hoping for under 45lbs for me and under 7lbs for Aayla.

Sierras here we come.


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