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What is everyone's dream job?

Mikasa: Mother
Reiner: Professional sports dude
Bertholdt: Call center dude
Annie: Nurse
Eren: Artist
Jean: Photographer
Marco: Kindergarden teacher
Sasha: Veterinarian
Connie: Taxi driver
Historia: Working at child support
Armin: Marine biologist
Ymir: Freelancer for whatever
Levi: Tea shop owner
Hanji: Biologist/Chemist in a hospital lab
Erwin: Teacher
Nanaba: Chef
Mike: Dog trainer

Pasillos y rampas bajo las gradas, Estadio Azteca, Calz de Tlalpan 3465, Santa Ursula Coapa, Coyoacán, Ciusws de México 1966  

Arqs. Pedro Ramírez Vázquez y Rafael Mijares  

Foto. Francisco Uribe

Corridors and ramps under the stands, Azteca Stadium, Calzada de Tlalpan 3465, Santa Ursula Coapa, Coyoacan, Mexico City 1966

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As a giant Victuri shipper myself but also someone a little scared of assuming too much, ...I definitely interpreted Viktor saying the rings were engagement rings as him only joking. I 100% believe Viktor loves Yuuri and has romantic feelings for him, but in that moment I think he was just being a tease as always

I’ve said this before in another meta, but I think what some viewers are struggling with is that Yuri!!! on Ice is not an anime specifically centered around a romantic relationship. It’s a sports anime about ice skating, featuring a relationship between a coach and his student. This is why we only see Yuuri and Victor speaking about their relationship on the ice.

But the thing is, look at the metaphors here. Victor and Yuuri are already married through their skating relationship.

We literally have scenes that are meant to invoke mental images of…

A marriage proposal

Make that a double marriage proposal

A cathedral with witnesses

An exchange of rings

A wedding reception

A honeymoon 

BONUS: This is how married people argue.

Victor and Yuuri are already married as coach/student. The wedding happened in Episode 10. The creators chose this imagery on purpose, and it is very blatant.

As for an actual wedding between a romantic couple? Now that we’re not promised because that isn’t what the anime is about. But I do think Victor gave us a hint as to when we might see a real wedding between these two take place.

This line was not just thrown in here as a joke.

Fight me.


DID YA KNOW? The new anime Yuri On Ice!! is generating buzz for a lot of reasons. It centers on the arguably more unconventional sport of figure skating, for one, with choreographed sequences to match. It’s also not based off of a manga, making what’s in story a mystery to viewers. But the director might be familiar to you. YOI is actually directed by Sayo Yamamoto, the woman behind another unique series, Michiko to Hatchin

MTH was a series that took place in a fictional South American country, chronicling the adventures of protagonist Michiko Marandoro. Yamamoto has also made her name in the anime world by directing the 2012 Lupin III series, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Yamamoto is known for her strong creative sensibilities, as well as being one of the more well-known woman directors in recent anime history. She has previously worked on popular series such as Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, Eureka Seven, and Texhnolyze.

Vista de la entrada, Unidad Deportiva “Presidente Adolfo López Mateos”,  av. Cristóbal Colón 2189, Colón Industrial, Guadalara, Jalisco, México 1962

Arq. Alejandro Zohn

View of the entrance, “President Adolfo Lopez Mateos” Sports Center, av. Cristobal Colon 2189, Colon Industrial, Guadalara, Jalisco Mexico 1962

So I know that it’s heavily implied that Coach isn’t the most supportive father to his son and I don’t think we should ignore that in canon. And I know that common headcanon is that Suzanne secretly knows about Bitty’s sexuality. However, I just want to throw this version of Surprise Supportive!Coach Bittle out there:

Jack decides to come out after Bitty graduates even though he won’t be officially releasing Bitty’s name as his boyfriend. He knows that the media is going to go crazy over it and will work to figure out any connections he has. It’s only a matter of time and Jack doesn’t want the media attention to affect Bitty’s studies. So he waits.

The day of the interview, Bitty is ensconced in his and Jack’s condo in Providence and stress baking up a storm. The TV is on in the background so that he can hear when Jack’s interview on Sports Center will begin airing. He’s going to make sure his boyfriend has a safe and warm home to come back to after this.

Down in Georgia, Coach and Suzanne are sitting at the dinner table with Sports Center on in the background. Sure, many families usually have the evening news on at this time, but for Coach, this IS his nightly news. When they announce that they’re going to have Jack Zimmermann on the show for “an interview you DON’T want to miss,” Suzanne perks up instantly.

“Honey! Jack’s going to be on the show! I wonder if we should tell Dicky to turn it on!”

“Suzanne, I’m sure that he’s already known and has it blaring at his place. Figuring they’re roommates, I’m guessing that he vaguely knows Jack’s schedule.”

It comes time for Jack’s interview and gone is the hockey robot and in its place is a calm and secure Jack Zimmermann talking about the importance of You Can Play and how hockey is such an international sport that it’s time for the US to get up to all of its Canadian and European standards of equality and how it’s 2018 now and marriage equality has been around for a while now and how it’s important that the world knows that he, Jack Laurent Zimmermann, is proud to be the first out player in the NHL.

And… everything slots into place in Coach’s brain. The visits, their friendship, the apartment, the damn look on Zimmermann’s face when he looked at his son.

“Suzanne, our boy is dating Jack Zimmermann.”

“Richard, just because Dicky’s best friend is gay doesn’t mean they’re together.”

Coach stares at his wife a moment in disbelief before fishing his phone out of his pocket.

Up in Providence, Bitty is spectacularly failing at not crying over his beautiful hockey boyfriend. Tears of joy are streaming down his face and his spatula is splattering drops of filling on the kitchen floor. And then his phone rings and the screen lights up with his father’s name.

Bitty and Jack specifically did not come out to his parents before Jack’s announcement for a reason. They weren’t sure of Coach’s response and didn’t want to risk anything from ruining Jack’s carefully constructed plan. He decides that he isn’t going to assume the worst, but he also steels himself to defend his love if he needs to and he slides to accept the call.

“How long have you been dating the Zimmermann boy?” isn’t the phrase he was expecting to first hear. Nor is what follows after his surprised “Um, Coach?” and his mother’s squawk in the background of the phone call.

“Because if you’re not already dating him, you should know that that boy is gone on you. I’m not letting my son let an NHL star slip through his grasp, so you best make a move soon, Dicky.”

And Bitty just pauses life for a moment. He never expected this - the utter acceptance from his father. New tears are welling up in his eyes and he wishes he could hug his father right now.

“Three and a half years, dad. I - we - weren’t sure if you’d approve.”

“Well, I can’t say I would have then, but I do now. Times have changed and it was time I changed with them. But most of all, what matters to me is that my son has someone who loves him and is going to stick by him no matter what. And Jack? I think it’s plain as day how much he loves you.”

Bitty’s tears simply stream at this point. “I love him too, Coach. Have for a long time.”

“Good. Now I guess that you should book some tickets down here because I think that boy has a question to ask me,” is all Coach finishes with before handing the phone over to his wife.

When Jack gets home, his arms are immediately filled with his sobbing boyfriend.

“Bits, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing honey,” Bitty replies into his shoulder. He then pulls back and frames Jack’s face with his hands. The creases in Jack’s face immediately ease as he sees the pure joy on Bitty’s face. “I am SO proud of you,” Bitty punctuates with a kiss. “Also, I booked us tickets down to Madison. My parents want to ‘officially meet you as my boyfriend.’”

And Jack smiles.

I think all fics should end with “and Jack smilies” because that is all I want for my son and it’s the perfect “happily ever after” phrase for zimbits.

El Gimnasio durante construcción, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (TEC de Monterrey), esquina de av. Junco De La Vega y calle Luis Elizondo, Tecnológico, Monterrey,  Nuevo León, México 1965

Arq. Ricardo Guajardo

The Gym during construction, Technological Institute of Monterry (TEC de Monterrey), corner of av. Junco De La Vega and calle Luis Elizondo, Tecnologico, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 1965