this is spooky at best

Some of my spooky experiences: 

  • When my bedroom door is open I see figures peeking around the door frame or walking by, even when I’m home alone
  • I went to go get a water bottle one night and before I turned on the light there was a figure of a man standing in my living room. When I turned the light back off he was gone
  • When I was a kid I heard someone breathing behind me when I was laying in bed, even when I held my breath
  • I heard/felt something scratch along the bottom of my bed (there are drawers underneath nothing could have gotten under there aka my cat)
  • I heard something scratch along my headboard
  • Sometimes late at night when everyone is sleeping I can hear a man talking in the living room
  • One morning I came out to find the cabinets open
  • When I had a sleepover with my friend we were sleeping in the living room and I felt this intense sense of dread and anxiety come over me. I felt like we were being watched from the corner of the room, so I made my friend wake up and come sleep in my room with me
Prove Me Wrong (Empty Arena + Rain)
Tyler Joseph
Prove Me Wrong (Empty Arena + Rain)

-Prove Me Wrong (Empty Arena with Rain)

This is supposed to sound like you’re sitting in an empty arena listening to Tyler sing (also i guess while it’s raining and thundering). This is my first attempt at one of these, i hope you enjoy it(: 

**Listen with headphones**

NOTE: This is not an original idea of mine, it is just my attempt of one.