this is special effects dye


I seem to have acquired quite a few blue hair dyes over the years …

These paper swatches might be useful for some of you.

Manic Panic - Atomic Turquoise
Special Effects - Fish Bowl
Renbow Crazy Color - Peacock Blue
La Riche Directions - Lagoon Blue
Manic Panic - After Midnight
La Riche Directions - Midnight Blue
La Riche Directions - Atlantic Blue
Sparks - Electric Blue (this one has the greatest longevity btw)
Arctic Fox - Poseidon


Dyeing My Hair Bright Blue Purple! Using Lunar Tides Dye, Special Effects, and Manic Panic


Thought I would compile my hair dyeing videos into one post for tumblr for convenience :)

Full Playlist

Dyeing My Hair Pink, Green, and Blue using Special Effects!

Dyeing My Hair Yellow, Mint, and Light Blue! Using Manic Panic and Ion

Dyeing My Hair Bright Magenta, Purple, Blue, Green!

Dyeing my Hair Dark Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink

Dyeing My Hair Mint Green Turquoise!

Dyeing My Hair Bright Green and Blue

Dyeing My Hair Silver, Blue, and Purple

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Jenn. Look at how much fucking fun your hair is. Only a confident person can pull those colors off so stop being a baby and pull your shit together and act like the person you make yourself look to be. 

An experiment

I’ve got a burgundy dye bath for a silk blouse going on the stove.

The dye I used was a mixture of various semi-permanent hair dyes. Splat!, Special Effects, and Manic Panic. With a spare bottle of red-black fountain pen ink tossed in there. I know all of those things indelibly stain white and ivory fabrics, so why not put that to good use?

I’ll report back on how it turns out!