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spoilers for t100 s5: this maddie nightblood chick starts talking to bellamy and proves to know an embarrassing amount on him because clarke spent the last 2191 days talking about her platonic co-leader and how much she platonically loves him. clarke dies a small death when bellamy just sorta looks up at her and smirks. i curl into fetal position and begin to cry

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okAY BUT when the villains see the Siberia footage, they get mad (and it's definitely not because they actually CARE about tony, pshhhh noooooo), and intersect Team Freeloader™ on their trip back to America. No one quite knows what happened, but if the villains' smug smiles and Team Cap's haunted expressions are anything to go by, it wasn't good.

It’s a good thing that Thanos comes around to destroy Earth and eradicate the entire human race tbh. Because if the renewed Avengers were still supposed to fight their everyday villains, well. That would’ve been awkward.

With Thanos being a worldwide threat they have to work with the villains together of course. Tony is responsible for the recruiting. He’s definitely suspicious when nobody protests and neither Clint nor Wanda comment on it. Still, Tony takes what he can get.

Except then a surprising amount of villains prove to be interested in keeping the world standing, and suddenly they are forced to work together with the heroes. It doesn’t go well.

And Tony. Tony doesn’t get what the problem is?

But Steve is apparently physically unable to turn his back on any of them. Clint’s arrows lose accuracy and speed whenever he catches sight of Magneto. And he could’ve sworn he saw Wanda flinch and pale when she passed Cross Bones in the hall once? 

It’s weird. They might not be good people but they are good fighter and it’s not like the villains aren’t being courteous. Alright maybe not courteous. Although Doom’s robots do enjoy playing hide and seek. And just the other day Rumlock gave Tony a sunflower? Also Loki enjoys screwing with Tony’s equipment–but then Tony has noticed that the suit’s interface seems less susceptible to magic these days. So, you know, they’re trying.

At least that’s what Tony assumes.

But yeah. It’s a good thing they have Thanos to focus on. Tony doesn’t know how Steve would’ve handled a combat situation with Magneto when he keeps dropping his plates whenever the guy shows up, but it probably would have ended with embarrassment for everyone.

And been an instant Youtube hit.

Killer Cook

A/N: Okay so this fic came about because after Michael’s infamous grilling apron pic was posted on Instagram, I wanted to take the “G for Grilling” slot for my “ABC’s of Merle” challenge on @rooker-renegades and write a smut fic about it. So yeah, thanks Michael for your hideously hilarious apron giving me inspiration this time around.

Word count: 3,008

Warnings: Smut, cunnilingus, kinda sorta sub!Merle, secondhand embarrassment, craft projects from hell.

It had been so long since you were able to enjoy a cold glass of anything on a beautiful summer day like this. You were sitting on the porch steps of the house you, Merle, and Daryl stayed in at Alexandria, sipping your sweet tea while watching people wander around. Yesterday, the scavenging group had brought back a ton of food they found squirreled away in an abandoned bunker.

There really wasn’t supposed to be a party over it or anything, but Merle and Daryl talked Rick into letting them go out and catch some game and throw an old fashioned barbecue. It was of course a great idea, so here you were, watching everyone run around and enjoy themselves as they waited for dinner to be finished.

As you took another sip of your tea, you watched as Daryl turned the corner and made his way over to you, a small smirk on his face. When he was closer, you raised your eyebrow at him, waiting for him to tell you what he found so funny. “Ya gotta take a look at yer boyfriend,” Daryl said with a look of amusement.

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tbh i love imagining kacchako cuddles that happen way, way, way before they’re ready for a relationship

just. accidental cuddle stuff that happens. one chara accidentally falls asleep next to another, or they pass out next to each other and start hugging in their sleep, or maybe they’re holding the other for one reason and fall asleep carrying them

just. super pure accidental sleepy cuddles

neither are ready for a relationship or want to get into one yet, but stuff like this just sorta happens and they’re embarrassed and blushing and freaking out after it’s over. but it’s also really nice and comfortable and they just feel so relaxed and content

i just. i love imagining this ok

pure sweet accidental sleepy cuddles are my ultimate weakness


finally finished making another comic I had sorta-postable ;u; clothes swaps are the best thing next to matching outfits. I know this because I’m a scientist. (yay for wonky anatomy ;v; there are some weird mistakes lol… but I’m too lazy to do any more editing .A. …)

the last one I have is basically the same as this but reversed since I’d wanted to make both, so… (LOL I never thought I was going to post these so it’s really a bit embarrassing)

Rainbow Dash and her Parents!

Okay, I was making my episode review/reaction post and I realized that thing was super freaking long now, so let’s put the analysis in a separate, this one, post!!

We finally meet Rainbow’s parents and they’re so great and quirky but a lot of stuff comes up from this– kinda making a separate post now!
Apparently after Rainbow Dash left and moved to Ponyville, she pretty much stopped talking to her parents, and when Scootaloo tells them that Rainbow’s a Wonderbolt now and they go to scream their support, Rainbow Dash explodes like we’ve never seen her before (and we’ve seen her put up with like a lot of shit).
We already knew this, but this is also kinda the first time Rainbow Dash talks about some of her failures, saying that she “wasn’t always the best at everything”– WELL ISN’T THAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT!?

Now that I’m going into it, this episode is pretty much confirming for me and filling in a lot of holes in my view of Rainbow’s character, so call this an episode review/reaction + character analysis, because let’s face it, this was a pretty revealing episode– we met her parents!

Let’s remember how Rainbow Dash was actually kicked out of flight school, and had some pretty big problems with bullying, then throw her parents into the mix. I’ve covered my idea of Rainbow Dash’s character and development before so I’ll link here to catch us all up.
Rainbow Dash’s parents absolutely adore her and there’s the obvious connection that all of that constant support totally inflated her ego, but there is a lot more to this. In the flashback, Rainbow Dash talks about how she kinda found her parents insufferable– being completely 1000% supportive of her no matter what, even in her failures. And then, when she finally began achieving, their support got worse and became something alienating to her.

Rainbow Dash has this thing about “failure”, and I think we can see a little bit of where it starts now. Rainbow’s parents have been nothing but supportive and caring, even when she failed at something– not winning competitions, getting kicked out of flight school, they were still supportive through that and I think that is when some resentment began to grow because she felt that no matter what she did they would always be screaming proud and that kinda desensitized her to really any supportive thing they did, and then maybe even anything supportive anyone said.
She sort of learned to filter out all the support her parents offered because it was too much and if she felt undeserving of it, then it’s clear this played into getting her self esteem to where it is. But still, she kept pushing herself harder so she could finally feel like that pride her parents had and feel like she deserved it, that’s probably why she pursued flying as hard as she did; we don’t know when that flashback took place but either before or after getting kicked out of flight school, she still went to clubs and competitions for it.

When Rainbow Dash finally did start getting better at things and winning competitions though, she found her parents only got more supportive, which would probably be at least as embarrassing as before for her and then in addition to that, we saw in the flashback that that began to alienate her from most of her other peers, so that had to be rough too. I’m pretty sure at this point Fluttershy was the only one that really stuck around and I think I talked about this before but Rainbow didn’t really respect her and sorta just kept her around when they were kids ((I COULD HAVE SWORN I TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE BUT I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING ON IT– I’ll make a post another time)).
Taking all of this into account though, and the entire time her parents kept trying to cheer her on, it must have seemed like they didn’t care or even notice that things were going rough for her– SO NOW IT’S NO WONDER HOW ALL OF THIS HAPPENED AND WHY SHE SNAPPED AT THEM LIKE THAT! She might have even left Cloudsdale as fast as she could..

I think it’s really interesting that her parents are coming up now, though– it’s all very good timing! Rainbow is a Wonderbolt now and that character arc is sort of wrapped up now and the past 6 seasons have done a lot to humble her too– but looking at this now, THIS IS EXACTLY THE EPISODE I WANTED THIS SEASON TO OPEN UP THIS OTHER ASPECT OF HER CHARACTER THAT’S BEEN VIRTUALLY UNTOUCHED! Some good shit!!!!

Rainbow Dash’s parents love her, AND NOW SCOOTALOO TOO, so much though! <3

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i kinda sorta got a crush on this girl i follow on here but i don't really want to say anything yet. she posted one of those "send me a description of you through anon and i'll say if i would date you" things, but she doesn't have anon asks turned on. should i risk the embarrassment and go for it?? also, love your art <3

i say go for it!! you can always say it was just for fun or smth!!

I was tagged by @must-be-ryan , thanks man!

1. Nicknames: Sassy’s my name, sassy’s my game

2. Gender: I honestly have no idea, but I’m guessing somewhere around female-ish to non-binary?? Demi-female I guess?????

3. Zodiac Sign: TAURUS AND PROUD

4. Height: 5′8″  (or 172.72), and I’m probably just going to get taller

5. Current Time: 6:42, North American Eastern Standard Time (EST)

6. Birthday: May 12th!

7. Favorite Bands: meh

8. Favorite Solo Artists: meh but solo

9. Song Stuck in My Head: I was thinking about this one when I GOT A FEELING OOOO OOOO THAT TONIGHT’S GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT popped back into my head, so thanks Tumblr, also When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again during tests (always)  

10. Last Movie I Watched:Captain’s Corelli's Mandolin” which is some really sad shit if you can understand the mothers and fathers sobbing, “Το παιδι μου!” (my child) after finding out they died in WW2 ;-;

11. Last Show I Watched: “Medici: Masters of Florence” because my mom loves to watch it but we can’t get it on the TV so I have to use my computer to hook it up and by then I want to watch it too anyway so (on the plus side ALL the renaissance painters are like SUPER gay because HISTORY)  

12. When Did I Create My Blog: Hm, about two years ago! I only actually started using it like a couple months ago and before that I just used it to read awesome comics I originally found on youtube

13. What Do I Post?: TibMongol for sure, Mongolia stuff, Tibet stuff, my own writings once I finally piece them together, and occasionally a headcanon or two!    

14. Last Thing I Googled: “Calendar” because I forgot what day was last Monday

15. Other Blogs?: Nah, but SOON (dun dun duuuun)

16. Do You Get Asks?: meh but lonely even though I reblog like no ask memes oops

17. Why Did You Choose Your Url?: Er, this is a little embarrassing, but I was (and sorta still am) a huge My Little Pony fan, and when I was making my account, a new character called Sassy Saddles just made her first episode, and I was like “meh sure why not” and put a “flying” on there for good measure 

18. Last Thing I Ate: POTATOES

19. How Many Pillows?: One primary hugging pillow, two for its actual purpose, and like one just being tossed around all night idk

20. Favorite Color(s): For the longest time it was purple, but it turns out I really like green?? It’s a May color and is the color of leaves when the sun shines through, so I’m thinking of switching! Yellow is super pretty too because gold and shit

21. Favorite Tag To Use?:  Either #TibMongol because it means I FINALLY FOUND ONE or I WROTE ANOTHER TIBMONGOL FIC or THESE DORKS ARE ADORABLE LOVE THEM PLZ, or #Sassy’s Writing because it means I FINISHED THE FIC GUYS OH MY GOD FINALLY 

22. Lucky Number: Three. Why? School House Rocks, that’s why

23. Instruments?: Guitar! I know, I can actually play, it’s a miracle (bar chords are so annoying though T^T) 

24. What Am I Wearing?: An I-Heart-NY sweatshirt, jeans, the usual

25. Last Thing I Wrote?: A fic for the account that doesn’t exist yet (SUSPENSE) so no spoilers people

26. Dream Job: Um, a guess a neuroscientist, a chemical engineer, or a writer, you know, one of the three! :D

27. Dream Trip: A trip from Mongolia, to Tibet, to Nepal, to India, and then to Inner Mongolia!

28. Favorite Food: POTATO

29. Nationality: Greek-American!

30. Favorite Song Right Now: “The Grey” by Icon for Hire, Youth by Daughter, and Blood On My Name by The Brothers Bright currently!     

I tag: @d-joana-a-shippadora @spiritussalis @amechulover @huggiebird @aph-solukhumbu @ariuka-munkh @aristotle-s-lover@thatcraxygirl15 and anyone who wants to give it a shot!

So @dunkybritscuit’s newest text post has made me feel like talking about some of my own Undertum headcanons, and what better way to do that with stomach growls! More specifically, how each character would react to their stomach growling.

Toriel - In company: A little embarrassed and flushed, often making short, quick apologies while nervously giggling

Toriel - Alone: Only a little surprised with a small eyebrow rise. She’s lived for many years and is used to it.

Sans - In company: Depends on the person. If it’s Papyrus or a stranger, he’ll joke about it, making some sorta pun about how he’s been rumbled. If he’s with Toriel, he’ll blush a little and clutch his tummy, much to Toriel’s amusement.

Sans - Alone: Very similar reaction to how he would around Papyrus…only with a lot more tummy talk.

Papyrus - In company: Quick and flustered ‘NYEH’s accompanied with a bright pink face and googly eyes. Most likely with insults to the tummy too.

Papyrus - Alone: Very similar, only less blushing and franticness.

Undyne - In company: A small blush and attempt to play it off; can’t let your tough image down.

Undyne - Alone: Not much to note, just a glance and a “time for grub”.

Alphys - In company: Even more stammering and flusterdness, blushing and hiding face in hands.

Alphys - Alone: Often surprised by the growls due to her concentrating so hard on work. Makes little squeaks when they happen.

(Skipping Mettaton as he a roboman)

Asgore - In company: A slow and gentle apology as he places a paw on his belly. Usually accompanied with a deep chuckle. Not a lot of blushing.

Asgore - Alone: Another chuckle, but less apologising. Still a paw on tum though.


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I hate that I keep seeing Jensen wasn't drunk posts. Make them go away. "He always acts like that"." Sure Jan..

You know, when that dumb debate began, I just sorta avoided the whole thing because at the base of it—does it really fucking matter? Like, the cast always parties in Rome. This isn’t news. The fact that people want to make this incident either some “cry for help” on Jensen’s behalf or some strange anomaly, or try to pretend like intoxication is a dirty word, is just silly on every account. The guy had too many shots, got a bit doofy and probably embarrassed himself some—but I highly, highly doubt that that was a first for him. Maybe a first at such a large convention, but definitely not the first time in is his life. It’s just crazy how drama-hungry this fandom can be. Everything does not have some deep, dramatic reason for occurring. Sometimes—people just say and do silly things for no reason at all. Why does that need to be over-analyzed or explained?

This is for the anon who asked but I don’t have many progress pictures so I’ll just post a before and sorta after I guess LOL. First off, this is sooo embarrassing but I’m posting it because maybe, just maybe it’ll help someone. I’m in no way an expert at weightloss or exercise but yeah. So the top picture was back in roughly the end of July, beginning of August. One day I looked in the mirror and I realized that I was letting the stress of my life and letting my bad eating habits consume me and I hated what I saw and I decided its time I made a change. Trust me, it was hard AF. Especially dieting, its still hard because I love food lol. Anyway, so I cut out all the junk food in life, I cut out soda/juice, I cut out rice, and I started working out everyday. It obviously didn’t happen overnight but over a couple of weeks I saw pounds shedding and my waist lost some inches and that motivated me to keep working at it and now I’m here, the bottom picture. The bottom picture was taken a few days ago, and I must say, I’m no where near where I want to be but I’m so happy I made the change. Anyway, that’s my story haha. You gotta love yourself enough to make the change you want to see.

Let Me Break It Down In Layman’s Terms.

If the writers really have been working on this story line for the past 3 years like they claim, then how did they miss an embarrassing amount of plot holes that the fandom seemed to pick up on as soon as the finale aired? 

(ugh I’m getting so sick of saying those words, plot holes).

The worst part about it is that none of the facts add up (and by the way, if you hate math, then you might hate this post lol. There are a lot of numbers and it’s sorta long, sorry not sorry).

There are many things that factor into the complicated & complex math equation that is Rosewood, Pennsylvania.

For instance, in episode 2x13, which is based in 2008, Toby mentions that it has been one year and one week since his mother’s death.

Wouldn’t that make it 2007 when Marion died?

Well, if we are going by the laws of reality here, then this is a stone cold fact: 

2008 - 1 year 2007.

So here we have it, Fact #1: Marion Cavanaugh died in 2007.

The web of inaccuracies continues to get more and more tangled as we go on, so prepare yourself.

Ali would have been 13 years old in 2007 when Marion died. I get this age based on the fact that we know she disappeared 2 years later (on Labor Day 2009), at age 15. 

As we all (hopefully) know:  

15 years old - 2 years = 13 years old       

(I told you this was in layman’s terms).

Fact #2: Alison was 13 years old in 2007 when Marion died & 15 years old when she skipped town in 2009.

Then according to Aria in episode 5x25, all of the songs on the playlist for A’s dollhouse prom are from 7 years ago. 

Spencer mentions it was the same prom theme from her sister’s Senior year & Emily says that Charles is recreating it. 

Since the Liars are currently Seniors in high school when they make this statement, it means Melissa, and Jason for that matter since they graduated together, are both 7 years older than Alison & the Liars. 

Liars Senior Year - 7 years = Melissa & Jason’s Senior Year

So if Jason is 7 years older, and we take into account that we also learned this season that Charlotte is 15 months older than Jason, then this makes CeCe 8 years older than Ali.

Ugh I’m getting dizzy. I hate math.

Fact #3: Charlotte is 8 years older than Alison & the Liars.

So we also know from earlier in the season that Jessica faked Charles’ death at age 16. Hanna & Spencer discovered the organ donation papers that Jessica forged at Radley & this is when they found out the age Charles “died”. 

CeCe tells Alison that she went through the transition when Jessica faked Charlie’s death.

Supposedly Charlotte was 12 years old when Bethany murdered Marion, so the doctors “doped her up” for the next couple years (although “a couple” usually means 2, but in this instance it seems to mean 4).

Fact #4: Charles transitioned into Charlotte at age 16. 

In episode 6x10, it has been 2 ½ years since that infamous night that Ali went missing (she disappeared beginning of Sophomore year 2009, and it is currently the end of Senior year). This means it is only 2012 in Rosewood. 

Soph Year Sept 2009 + 2 ½ years = Senior Year May 2012

If the Liars are 18 years old (which most Seniors are by the time they graduate high school), then CeCe is 8 years older, making her age 26 when she is finally revealed as A in the current year of 2012. 

This makes her year of birth 1986.

2012 - 26 years old = 1986

Which means she would have been 12 years old (which is the age she claims she was when Marion died) in 1998 not 2007.

1986 + 12 years old = 1998

Fact #5: Charlotte was not 12 years old in 2007.

So how could Charlotte be 12 (and still pre-transitioned) in 2007 when Bethany pushed Marion from Radley’s roof?

She couldn’t.

Actually, Charles had already transitioned into Charlotte at that point.

This doesn’t only blow a hole in the timeline, but it blows a hole in Bethany’s entire motive for why she killed Marion. It was because Charles didn’t want anyone to see him in a dress, right? 

But why murder someone in cold blood if you are in fear that she is going to gossip about Charlotte’s gender identity, if she was already Charlotte at that point? There would have been nothing to keep a secret about because Marion would have walked out on that roof and seen exactly what we see when we look at CeCe Drake: a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed young lady. So all of this is completely contradicting. 

Referring back to Fact #2 & Fact #3, Ali was 13 in 2007 & Charlotte is 8 years older than Ali. This means that CeCe should have been 20-21 years old, as well as a fully grown woman, when Marion was pushed off that roof.

Alison 13 yrs old in 2007 + CeCe 8 yrs older = CeCe 21 yrs old in 2007

Fact #6: Charlotte was 21 in 2007 & fully transitioned when Marion died.

But instead, we saw this:

Fact #7: Mar fucked up.

I guess she hates math more than I do.


Hey followers!

So, for a while now, I’ve had a dirty little “secret” in the form of my side blog, “Drew Draws Pinups!,” where I post drawings of…well, gay bear pinups!  I’d previously been pretty shy about it, but have recently embraced my hobby as a semi-erotic cartoonist, and thought that this would be a good time to share it with my main blog.

Speaking of my that!  I’ve been posting a lot of my pinup sketches and works on my main blog lately, which I can imagine isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  The response has been positive and I intend to continue posting some of my pinups work here, but my general rule is limited nudity on my main blog, and since some of my adult-themed artwork contains nudity, those pieces probably won’t be making their way over here.  Hence, the little extra spotlight on “Drew Draws Pinups!”  Those of you who really dig my naughty stuff will be able to find it more easily there, and also get to see some of the even less safe-for-work material that I won’t post here.

You’ll notice there isn’t a ton posted there, even though I started the blog in 2011 - highlighting the hobby nature of my pinups work - but it’s sorta fun (and for me, a little embarrassing) to see the evolution of my work in such a condensed space.

My goal with my pinups blog is to try and be more inventive (and certainly more diverse) with my erotic artwork, and I hope that you’ll join me on that adventure!  If it’s not your thing, that’s cool too!

The piece sampled here is my most recent work and it does contain nudity, so hop on over there if you wanna see that.  ;)

Thanks for reading my long post!



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Hello! I stumbled onto your Karkat blog, and I was just stopping by to say that your art is gorgeous and you have a very genuine air about you. Be safe, and I hope you have a lovely day or night just as I did looking at your work!

Aw, thank you! Even though I don’t participate in the HS fandom anymore I’m glad that people still enjoy my older stuff. Honestly, I felt like that blog sorta fell apart at the end, and there were a lot of post I made back then that I’m sort of embarrassed about now, but overall it was a fun time. So I guess it’s a good thing that I left it up for others to find later.

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Young Justice for the meme thing?

  • who is the aesthetic blogger: KALDUR. He has that calm beauty in how he presents himself and that shows in his posts. Most of his posts are reblogs, but occasionally he adds his own original photography to the mix.
  • who is the sj blogger: Artemis. She’s a minority with a disabled mom, living in the poorer area of the city with a criminal dad. Girl is probably quick to call someone out on their sexist/racist/ableist/classist bullshit. Barbara is the next biggest SJ blogger because she sees the gritty underbelly of Gotham thanks to her dad’s profession. She sees how his hands can be tied due to the red tape and knows that things need to be changed at a cultural level if they are ever going to be changed legally.
  • who is the fandom blogger: M'gann. Like, do I even need to explain why? She convinced her crush to name himself after the love interest of her favorite character in her favorite sitcom. That alone should be the sign.
  • who puts everything under a read more: Dick. Like, he’ll tag it with all these sad tags like #:(((( and #whatever Bruce and #sigh but then the others click on it and it’s like an explosion of goofy gifs and Rick Rolling. Everyone just rolls their eyes, but some of the gifs are actually pretty good so people save them for future reference. The only time he’s serious and actually using his blog to vent under a “read more” is when it’s tagged #tbd.
  • who posts the most selfies: Cassie and Karen. Cassie just posts pictures of herself doing ridiculous things, making ridiculous faces. Cassie probably won the selfie Olympics, let’s be real. And Karen doesn’t always post a lot of selfies per se, but posts a lot of pictures of what she’s doing in the lab. Mal always leaves comments on them about how proud of her he is.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast: Bart. It drives them all crazy because he brings back memes from months or even years ago. He still uses the “surprise bitch!” meme on a regular basis, much to everyone’s dismay. He’s been banned from doing anything with the “colors of the sky” post. It was the only compromise he was willing to make.
  • who makes really quality themes: Zatanna! She makes really fantastic, minimalist themes. But she sometimes makes more elaborately designed themes for her friends (Or really anyone else who messages her. She’s friendly like that.). Wally still gushes over the science-theme she made him months ago.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments: Jaime. No one tells him to stop though because he’s just so damn sweet. And all his comments, though pointless, are really positive and nice. So, they let it slide.
  • who has the most followers: Wally. No one understands why, exactly. It drives Artemis crazy. He swears it’s because of the one shirtless selfie he posted months ago, but Dick says it’s probably because Connor was also shirtless in the background. M'gann says, very sweetly, that maybe it’s from all the funny puns he posts. No one else agrees.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post: Raquel. She’s not great at verbalizing what she’s thinking, even in person. She uses a lot of hand gestures and movement when she talks, so when she types she relies on emojis and gifs to help get her point across.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: Connor. He and M'gann bond over loving tv shows together and he just… sorta let it all get away from him.

(This was so fun! Thank you!)

The Morning After (Sniper/Spy)

{Maybe sorta sequel to Trust? Maybe? Ah, well, here we go again cause I have the tingles that mean I need to write. XD It’s tiny, but here.}

The first thing Sniper had learned about his sometime partner was the fact that he never stuck around. In fact, the Spy seemed to make it a habit of disappearing before Sniper woke. Either it was post-coital embarrassment, or simply a fear of being discovered- he’d never asked, and the BLU had never offered.

So that’s why this particular morning was special. Sniper had woken in his camper-as usual-but instead of his side tingling with the cold of sleeping alone, the small bed was not only still warm- the Spy was still there, mask not retrieved, and very much asleep.

Well, he /was/ asleep. When the Sniper moved to sit up, the BLU curled in closer, mumbling something incomprehensible in French as he practically clung to the other man.

“Spook.” He shook the Spy’s shoulder gently, a smile twitching at his lips. “Wake up, roo.”

Those icy blue eyes blinked open slowly, glazed from the haze of sleep, and Sniper realised for the first time the dark circles under his eyes. How many nights had he gone without sleep?


His attention switched back to the Frenchman in his bed as he yawned and blinked lazily.
It was definitely unnerving for the Sniper- it was the first time he’s wondered if anyone ever came to the camper in the morning- the man in front of him was far from alert, and unmasked to boot.

“Sniper.” Said man’s voice grew a little bit louder, demanding attention.

“Yeah, Spook?” The Aussie raised an eyebrow, trying to keep the fond smile from his face.

“Mm… Bon matin…” Despite his normal scowl, the man did have a nice smile, Sniper observed, even if it was faint, and more than a bit fuzzy. Finally letting his own smile loose, he ruffled the Spy’s unruly bedhead, earning a half-hearted protest.

“Mornin’, Spook.”

Redraw of this:

It’s so embarrassing!! How did I even get followers back then?? Anyways, I saw some Romano and America on my dash that gave me a hankering to draw them and this just sorta happened…. I may recolor this properly someday but maybe not??