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How would one go around riding that burrows - like a sandworm?

This is gonna be disappointing, but the answer is…. nnno….

Digging animals, worm-like or otherwise, are an inherently rider-unfriendly experience. Swimming and flying animals are already pretty difficult with the aerodynamics and oxygen problems, but “swimming” through a solid would be even worse. you would just get…. scraped off. Even following behind in a little vehicle wouldn’t usually work, since animals like worms and moles and etc don’t always leave a big empty “burrow” behind them, especially in loose earth. You can soooorta see it in this mole vid but i can’t find that many vids showing animals digging, since it DOES require x-rays. In dense, clay-heavy soil you might have shot at following behind the critter in the tunnel, but it would be terribly unsafe and unreliable.

I think the closest thing to a digging mount I can practically recommend is training a digging animal to excavate a tunnel for you, then moving through the packed tunnel walls afterwards. It honestly wouldn’t be much slower.

the ioun post you knew was coming

Let’s start with the most important point, one I do not want any of you to forget: I’m not mad at Scanlan for getting Ioun’s blessing. I’m disappointed that Percy didn’t. There is a huge difference between these two things and I will lay them out as such. If you came at me for this post arguing that I hate Scanlan or I’m insulting him, I’m just going to ignore you because you clearly didn’t read anything I’m about to write.

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Abby, how does it feel being the oldest, and are you ready to move out on your own???


I looooooooove being the oldest! Mom and dad give me a lot of trust, which is surprising after the “getting a tattoo without permission” incident…

Ummmmm, I’m soooorta ready to live on my own, I guess? I’m gonna miss being at home, having dad’s cooking and mom always being there to help me and stuff, even if I don’t ask for the help. I actually think I might stay home for a bit, even after becoming a young adult. It’s not that I don’t have my life together enough to leave, I just don’t want to be without my family so quickly.

On the other hand, Willow Creek has like, noooo dance clubs, and I desperately want to live somewhere that does. I guess we will just have to see what happens…


Ask my sims questions!

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What materials and technics you use for drawing/coloring? (Do you need to use your computer or something, cause I really wanted to do some kind of shadows without my full-of-virus computer)

First off, yeah, I use the computer. I don’t know how to draw on tablets (Samsung tab, iPad, etc) or phones— without hurting my fingers after few minutes of straining to get an accurate line, sorry about that!

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That’s Luke Newberry’s (also Edmund Butt’s, the soundtrack composer) signature on the cover of the In the Flesh soundtrack can u. Believe. I am holding this in my hands. I am going to send this to all of my enemies so they can see how much better my life is than theirs (not rlly). I’m so glad I didn’t die all of those times that I’ve wanted to because this gives me a reason to have lived as long as I have I’m so happy gooDBYE

he/him pronouns!