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Today I was rehearsing with the guitarist from the show I’m doing and I was coughing up a lung bc I’m sick and I was just kidding but I told him he needed to bring me a lemon for me to slice up and put in a cup of tea and so I show up to the show tonight to get ready and he sets down a big ass lemon on my dressing room table and then brings out like 5 boxes of Halloween Oreos and for those of you who pay attention to my posts you know what a big fucking deal that is and so long story short I now have a lemon and more Oreos than I know what to do with


( ´ ∀ ` )ノ


2016 bones challengeday 6: favourite friendship(s) ~ everyone x everyone
“Good people, they leave marks on each other.” - Seeley Booth

©southernsarah619  OH MY GOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED! After waiting 10 years to meet him I did at Victoria`s bachelorette party. I am still shaking. He was sooooo sweet. Thank you @jaredpadalecki for making my night #bestnightever #jaredpadalecki #sanjacsaloon #bacheloretteparty #supernatural #mylifeismade #supernaturalismylife #icandiehappy #inshock #bejealous #smile

©bwite86   #awesome #supernatural #jaredpadalecki #bestfriends #samtomydean

©@McErin2006 @jarpad - Sam Winchester is even nicer in person.  So great to meet you.

Just so you know

Since Iruka attend the wedding as Naruto’s father and he is standing alone, nervously. Kakashi comes to him and comforts him… sooooo idk.

It looks so sweet in my eyes and Kakashi is smiling when he is with Iruka is what I always wanted him to do. To smile and happy.

It’s a hint just like they do to Temari and Shikamaru also Sai and Ino.

feels just like the first time (frank castle)

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(omg this got so long but what can i say……i am a sucker for that sweet, sappy frank castle. i always headcanoned him as kinda mushy and soft, and when he gets a crush one someone, it’s sooooo sugary-sweet. he can’t stop himself. he’s a big lover!! i love him so much oh my god.)

(warnings: food, swearing, an excess of fluffiness and sweetness)

(part one here, but not super necessary for context! it’s just frank on a date with the girl that caught his eye :’D)

The second she arrives, Frank jumps to his feet, carnations held in a deathgrip by his side. His face flickers between his attempt at stoicism and a smile, because, God, she looks so pretty.

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This is our new little man. He doesn’t have a name because I just literally got him a day ago lol. He is sooooo tiny and sweet. His favorite pastime is sleeping. Shio, my other kitty, has actually taken to him. She plays with him a bit rough (she is kind of a dick though), but I think once he is bigger it won’t be so much of a problem.

He is so easy to take pictures of. He is a little ham!


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On a completely different note though if you don't mind me asking....did you listen to Ed Sheeran's new album? It's sooooo beautiful and sweet i just can't get enough of it. If you did listen to it what were you're favourites? Mine are perfect,dive, Nancy Mulligan, and hearts don't break around here

I don’t mind you asking!!

To be completely honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single one of his songs hahaha..^^;;; I don’t quite know who he is

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Lovely Asks: 🌸🐝🦄

Do you have a crush? If you mean celebrities, then yes. ;) But as for in person, nah. Can’t be doing with that at the moment. 

Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them! 

@houseofrahl -She’s beautiful, very encouraging and sooooo sweet! Love you, hun! 

@becstarstuff - This amazing woman is my sister (And, yes, she really is!) She’s incredibly kind (having one of the kindest and warmest of hearts I know), is always such a bright ray of sunshine (that ain’t sarcastic, Bex, you are!) and has an impeccable taste in music! 

@serpentsxspell - This special lady deserves an extra special mention as she’s been one of my best friends now for 12 years. She’s beautiful, the most wonderful friend I could ever wish for, and she’s stuck with me for so many years and loves me unconditionally for who I am. 

List your 3 favourite things about yourself: I’m extremely creative (being able to make stories out of one simple scene, suggestions or even words), I’m compassionate to both people and animals, and I’m a quick learner.