this is sooooo cute though

You know what’s funny? Joshifer reminds me of Stonefield in sooooo many ways

Key to My Heart

Imagine a pocket-sized you standing with your hands on your hips proud of the outcome of your project. This was one of the toughest and most time-consuming things you have done so far. There were many nights that you stayed up late (you were trying not to get caught by Yoongi again) and tried to keep it a secret. It took a lot out of you, but you were finally finished as you struggle to climb over the fluffy ball of your creation to tie a knot at the end of a red string.

Bubbling with excitement, you shimmy back over to run to the door and call for Jungkook. With your hands behind your back and a smile bigger than you are, you watch Jungkook walk into the room with curious eyes. You point at the gift, and he goes over and picks it up. Realizing what it is, he turns around with a grin. Dangling from his finger is the present you made him for passing his driving test; a keychain made out of red yarn. The small, red, bunny-shaped keychain stares up at Jungkook with its dark beads for eyes. Jungkook smiles at it, resembling the bunny in his hand as he registers that every time he goes out, he’ll always have you with him.

Watched zootopia last friday and guess who got a new otp www
WildeHopps is too cute AAAHHH–/////

Btw I’m not really good with drawing furries so I drew them in their anthro form orz;;;