this is sooooo cute tho


frog boy (river) n bait boy (jaehyun) to the rescueโ€“ weโ€™re traversing the world and saving one pond at a time !!ย 

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Made a notebook for my friend (kazuma85) though I borrowed the pic I used on the cover… But I redrew it *winks* and sent it to her before Christmas… tho she only received it today… <_< stupid mail service. Oh well, hehe, at least she received it at all xD

I got a lovely card from her too!!!! *glares at the broken scanner* Eren and Levi are sooooo cute! *chuckles* tho Levi looks a bit angry (kazuma says it is because Hanji forced him to wear the Christmas hat). *idea comes to mind and runs off to take a photo of the card* Here it is! *uploads* LOVELY! *hugs kazuma85*

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