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A lot of thoughts on season 4

Okay, okay I haven’t done a real post about all my thoughts on season 4 yet. I’m a sucker for long posts and I looove analyzing everything. And SKAM is just the perfect show to analyze. The metaphors and symbolism is EVERYTHING! This post will be long!! (sorry)

We have already got sooo much from the season. Multiple updates a day. Clips every day (so far). I really hope they keep it up the entire season. So far, we have a little more than 16 minutes of eps 1. We could get a short clip today (maybe Sana talking to her brother about not getting involved with her friends?) And then a longer clip Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that the episodes will be a bit longer this season compared to season 3, because it seems like they have A LOT to cover in 10 episodes. So, I’m hoping they are aiming for 30+ minutes rather than 20. But we’ll see!

So, we got the trailer. I already wrote a bit about it, but I didn’t fully cover it. I think it’s safe to say the correct timeline of events is the timeline of the reverse trailer: Starting with Noora and then the domino effect going from there. According to the trailer Sana will be the one starting it all. She trips Noora, who falls.

From what we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that this will have something to do with boys! Either something with William or some of the boys from The Balloon Squad (or both). It is clear, that Sana doesn’t want the girls to get involved with her brother and his friends, but at this point they are not respecting her wishes (let’s get back to this later). They want Noora to find a new crush/hookup and The Balloon Squad is the target. At this point I think this will be what triggers Sana to do what she does. The girls will push her to the edge, and she will do something. In the trailer, she clearly trips Noora on purpose, so I think she is definitely triggered by something (because otherwise why would she do it?). But I don’t think she knows what kind of drama this will start (the domino effect).

The next in line is Vilde. Noora falls into her, and tears her pearl necklace in the fall. A white pearl necklace is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, and I don’t think that the use of a pearl necklace to be torn is a coincidence. 

Vilde has so far been portrait as a bit oblivious and very absorbed with her own image and appearance. Her thing with Magnus also seems very sweet and innocent. This will somehow crack, and Noora will be the one starting it. Vilde has already begun to appear really shady. She seemed head over heals with Magnus, but she was very quick to find other boys interesting (= Sana’s brother). She may play it off as finding love for Noora, but be careful Vilde!

Next up is Eva. She is not directly affected by Vilde, but more indirectly trips do to what happens to her when the necklace tears.

She spills her drink on Chris, and I think the drink-spilling may symbolize that this has to do with her drunkness. We know the girl can get wasted!! I have no idea what it will be about, but she may do something when she is wasted, which she may regret and will affect more than herself.

To be honest, I have no idea what the Chris thing is, but I may think Chris is not symbolizing herself. It is more likely that she symbolizes ‘the one filming’ (I did write a small post about this earlier)

We know the one filming is Mikael, and it would make sense that whatever hurts Even, is something from his past. I look forward to knowing what happened in Even’s past, but I’m also very anxious to see him hurting. He is my baby, and if someone hurts him on purpose, I will end them! But the trailer also shows us that Isak does not leave Even’s side for one second! He goes down with him and has his back. This really comforts me. Evak is power couple no. 1!!

Okay, so moving on from the trailer… We have yet to make it to the first full episode, but sooo much is already building up. It is clear, that Sana feels like she doesn’t fully fit in with her friends. They clearly don’t understand her religion/culture and it annoys her! You can’t blame them for not knowing everything, but I think the issue is that they don’t even try to understand. They just assume things instead of actually talk to Sana about it. I think she would gladly answer their questions and talk about her religion and the culture her family comes from. All this adds on top of them not respecting her wishes for them to not get involved with her brother and his friends. I think all of this will strengthen her relationship with Isak. The two of them became close last year, and he actually talked to her about her religion and views on the world. He asked questions and they both challenged each other and grew as human. I think Sana will feel like she could actually talk to him about things she cares about. The fact that the girls only talk about sex and boys clearly frustrates her. I think she would love to talk about her feelings on the subject, but that their lack of interest makes her keep her facade of not caring about it at all.

We don’t know how her relationship is with Even yet, but they could easily had become friends over the last couple of months (the time between the end of s3 and now). The fact that he knows the Quran and therefor maybe understand her more and doesn’t just assume things could be a big deal.

From the latest text update, the girls could end up partying with The Balloon Squad (against Sana’s wishes). This party could be the first step into drama town! Maybe The Balloon Squad ends up having a clash with The Boy Squad – Magnus being jealous of whatever Vilde is up to and Even being confronted with his past. He could even be taking totally off guard, if they randomly end up at the same party. Does Isak even now what happened at Bakka yet? It has to be something big, since it made him change school and take his last year in gymnasium all over again.

I’m excited and anxious about this season!! Oh boy, oh boy. If you made it this far (I know this is a really long post) Please give me your thoughts!


ANON: Obviously Bakugou think that his s/o IS pretty/ beautiful but would get over his ego and tell her. How? Fluff pls

Sorry I took SOOO long!! School sucks and taking my fanfics away from me, THANKS THOUGH FOR THE REQUEST I WAS ALSO RUNNING LOW ON IDEAS <3

“Dammit dammit dammit dammit! Fucking (Y/N)!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, slamming the table with his fist. He was frustrated that her look was taking over his brain cells. He couldn’t admit it, but she was beautiful. The way that she spoke, the way that her hair looked, the way that her eyes shined. He couldn’t get enough of it.

He first noticed the girl across the classroom, she was sitting down, speaking to her friends who were surrounding her. “Another shitty person.” He thought, but then, he started to pay attention and take long stares at her.

A few weeks after that, he noticed how he was thinking about her from time to time. He kept on watching her, not saying a thing.

Weeks turned into months, and Bakugou Katsuki, had feelings for her. He didn’t admit it, but of course, his friends teased him about it. “Shut up! Or I’ll kill you!” He yelled at Kirishima, who was laughing. “(Y/N) and Bakugou sitting in a-”

Thats when she came in, sliding the door open to her seat. “Shut up you shithole.” Bakugou said as he walked to his seat. During class, he caught her staring at him, and turned fifty shades of red.

“What are you staring at you bitch?!” He replied, almost using his quirk. “Hehehe, a trash can.” One of his classmates tried to whisper. “Eh?! Say that and you die!”

“Bakugou! Settle down.” Aizawa glared and the whole classroom was silent. “Damn you, (Y/N), I hate you.” He mumbled, going back on focusing on class.

Le timeskip

It happened during lunch break while she sat was walking through the hallways. Bakugou was coming the other way, not noticing each other until his hand brushed against hers. Bakugou tensed up, grabbing her from the collar. “What was that for?!” He said, trying not to blush million shades of red.

“Sorry, Bakugou, I didn’t see you there.” She replied simply. “By the way,” she stated, “How come you get so pissed off after that small thing?” Bakugou’s eyes stared into hers, “Because I fucking hate you.” He said, letting go. “Don’t try to be around me because your going to make me crazy and eventually kill your ass.” He said loudly.

“I wasn’t planning to anyway.” (Y/N) said. Bakugou’s heart nearly dropped. He wanted her to hang out with him. “Tch, you better.” He mumbled, turning away. “Okay, then, bye.” (Y/N) plainly said. She turned away while Bakugou stood there, facing away. “Why the fuck are you so beautiful, it makes me fuck my personality up, you bitch.” He thought.


“Today you’ll be assigned partners to clean up the school’s campus.” Aizawa told the class. The whole class groaned, wanting to be on their own. “You’ll get a passing grade if you actually work together.” Aizawa continued. The class then got excited, wanting to participate in todays event.

“Kaminari, Todoroki. You’ll be doing the garden. Uraraka, Iida, you guys will cleaning the hallway by the cafeteria. Midoriya, Yaoyorozu. Clean up the hallway next to this classroom,” Aizawa continued to assign partners, (Y/N) and Bakugou were the last ones. “Bakugou, (Y/N) you’ll be doing the storage room.” He states. Kaminiari lets out a snort, “Have fun losing your virginity in there, Bakugou!”

“Hah?! What did you say?!” Bakugou went up from his seat, setting off explosions in his hands. (Y/N) mentally prepared herself for the day, wishing that she had another partner.

When both Bakugou and (Y/N) went to clean up the storage room, they noticed that it was really dirty and dusty. Bakugou muttered under his breath, “Well I’m going to be stuck here with slow poke (Y/N).” Which (Y/N) did not hear.

When they were cleaning up the storage room, (Y/N) noticed a broom broken into two parts. (Hehehehe haikyuu reference.) She didn’t know what to do with the broom, asking Bakugou what to do with the broom. “Hey, Bakugou,” she called, “What should I do with this broom?” She asked. No reply. Bakugou was busy cleaning off the dust. She decided to speak louder, “Bakugou?”

“Shut up, you…” He said. (Y/N) tensed up, “I’m asking you a question.” She said, holding the broken broom. “Well,” Bakugou said turning around with a mad face, “I don’t want to answer. Figure out yourself, hoe.” He went back to his work. “Why are you so mean to me, Bakugou? Stop calling me these names.” (Y/N) spoke. Again, there was no reply, so she a said again. “Bakugou, if you’re so rude to me, I wonder why because I never did nothing wrong, go and tell me.” There was dead silence.

Bakugou was this close to yelling, “Damn, your so annoying I could punch you right here and kill you.” He muttered under his breath. “Why?” There was more silence. “Bakugou, tell me.” Silence. “Bakugou-”

“Because your so god damn pretty and I like you!” He yelled so loud, turning to (Y/N) with shades of red. “Fuck you and your fucking beauty this is why I can’t focus when I’m around you. I fucking like you and your little ass better accept and go out with me.”

(Y/N) looked at him with disbelief and her draw dropped. “You… think I’m pretty, Bakugou?”

“Ever since you came into class that first day.” He said, trying not to blush more than ever.

“Then why didn’t you say so, Bakugou? You think I’m pretty so you hate me for it? But you love me too?”

“Yeah. I guess.”

“You know, I’ll go out with you. You could’ve just told me in the first place, shy ass.” (Y/N) giggled. Bakugou let go of letting back his blush, “Shut up you, bitch.”

20. Costumes

A/N: Sooo…maybe this is the beginning of a bunch of connected drabbles because when I was absently planning out what I might be able to do for the prompts I got a little story thread going. Ahead: some angst, some drama, and eventually some well-earned fluff. Also, I hope you like this one, but if not then stay tuned, I will do better. No joke I tried to write this two other times. I think I threw out about 2k words before I even wrote this beast >.>; Also also: thanks to the lovely people enjoying this/reblogging/liking/commenting. I’m still getting the hang of messaging on Tumblr but I’ll try to reply when/if I can. Writing these every day takes a large chunk of my time, so please forgive my lack of social graces <3

Words: 1758

Warnings: Crowley crushing on Reader. Use of a princess nickname but in a way that doesn’t necessarily denote the reader’s gender. (I hope. I’m trying real hard and will continue to do so.) Pining for Cas and mentions thereof but no actual Cas (gasp).


“Phantom of the Opera” has lied to you.

So has “Labyrinth.”

Masquerade parties are dull as shit.

Case in point: you have found, through the under-appreciated art (Dean) of eavesdropping that this party is at least a third, if not half, attended by supernatural creatures, while the remainder are trust-fund (figurative) zombies. This should be an interesting fact, maybe a little anxiety-making, but you’re so fucking bored that you almost wish a vamp would jump you. At least then you’d get to do something other than itch under your mask, but no.

Your eyes skim over the crowd. You see Dean charming the hell out of two young socialites and the top of Sam’s head, but not who he’s talking to. You sit at a tall table and absently swirl the wine in your glass. It’s probably fine but at a party with such mixed clientele, you don’t tend to take chances with food and drink. Especially considering the people currently throwing the party…

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Guardians’ Halloween

The Guardians take Groot trick or treating - Anon

Okay, so there is very little actual trick or treating in this, but I’m pleased with the way it turned out :)

First time writing a fic that isn’t reader insert or features an OC, wish me luck, but I didn’t think this would work with another character to add to the mix

(Also, Yondu lives AU)

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Verde Reviews: Bad Apple Wars (PS VITA)

Spoiler-free Summary:

Characters: Fuck yeah. I loved ‘em all, even the ones I didn’t think I would. I also really loved the non-dateable characters.
Art: Grew on me. (Suou’s designs are a little gangly IMO, but in fairness, it adds to the ethereal ambience!)
Plot: Angel Beats but happier(?). If you’ve ever wished that the cast of Angel Beats could come back to life, this is the game for you.
Music: Like if Danganronpa and Persona made out. (I swear I heard Lotus Juice rapping in the background at one point…) OP by Nano, ED by Nishizawa Shiena. The ED in particular is powerful stuff, especially because it’s used as an in-universe song at one point for plot reasons.
Recommended Play Order: Satoru -> Shikishima -> Higa -> Aruma -> The Mask (lol)
Recommended Japanese Skill: N2-ish (where I am, basically, heh)

The rest of this review contains moderate to heavy spoilers as well as my own curse-laden emotional outbursts all throughout lmao. I’m not gonna go Hinano-level in-depth with all the events of every route, but I do wanna talk about the endings sooo… Proceed with caution… RATED A FOR ANGST

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MY (LOVE) STORY        

So if anyone was wondering, here’s my story of how I got to hang out with my friend, taylorswift:

On Tuesday the 23rd, I got a call while I was in math class. It had TN, USA as the caller ID so I just assumed it was a telemarketer. I was skeptical about answering it but I’m SO glad I did. It was a lady from Taylor Swift dot com saying that I had been hand picked by Taylor to be a part of a super secret exclusive event. She asked basic questions (age, location, if I could be in the Nashville area this weekend, how big of a Swifty I was, etc). At this point I was already hyperventilating. She then told me what she was about to say was top secret and that I could not share this with anyone until after the event. I was instructed that I would need to be in Nashville, TN on Sunday the 28th. I was given a specific location to meet at and a specific password to give the representatives once I got there. We were told we couldn’t bring anything with us–no phones, cameras, pens, nothing. AT THIS POINT I WAS SHAKING BECAUSE MY DREAM OF MEETING TAYLOR WAS FINALLY GOING TO COME TRUE.

Then the longest five days of my life passed by… Slowly… Slowly… Slowly…

But before the day came, my friend, catshirtdays, called me and told me she had been invited too. She is my Taylor bestie. We talk about EVERYTHING Taylor together so when I found out she was going too, I was ecstatic. We ended up meeting up and riding down to Nashville together.

The day finally arrived. Holy Swift. This was gonna happen. So after a very long car ride–it definitely felt longer than 3 hours–we arrived at the location, signed in, talked with a bunch of fans–who are equally as obsessed as me ( alltoofuckingwell, allyouhadtodowasstay, caitlinrantala, kendallfed, breakburnandends, johnmarkconklin, Y'ALL ARE RAD) –we got security checked, and finally got to board the buses. I said goodbye to my parents and I knew in that moment I knew my life would be changing soon.

I had an idea of where we were going but I wasn’t 100% sure. It took about 10 minutes to get to where we were going. I was right. We pulled up to Taylor Swift’s Nashville home. (WHAT??????) We got out of the buses, took a bathroom break at the fanciest porta potties I’ve ever seen, and then walked into her patio area. (Again, WHAT!?) We ate and hung out and I talked to her publicist, Tree. She said how Taylor had hand picked us from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Someone asked Tree how Taylor knew she could trust us and she said that Taylor always says this quote by Fitzgerald that goes “You cannot trust someone until you trust them.”

Then the moment finally arrived. The gates of heaven opened–aka they let us in her home. We were walked to her living room where countless awards and pictures decorated the room. We sat down and patiently awaited the Queen to arrive. After an eruption of screams, I knew she was coming. This is actually the moment I died. She popped up from around the corner and I started bawling. She was the most beautiful human being I had ever seen. AND SHE WAS REAL. A REAL LIFE HUMAN THAT WAS MORE RADIANT AND HOTTER THAN THE SUN. I couldn’t stop staring at her gorgeous face and her flawless outfit and her perfect skin and *sigh* she’s just a goddess. The first thing that came out of our mouths was “HEY BECKY!” She was like “Guys, that’s not funny. Becky is dead! Moment of silence for Becky.” So she then told us that we were hand picked by her to come hang out at her house and listen to entire new album. (OMGOMGOMG.) Before starting, she made us promise not to share any title, lyrics, etc., of the songs we were about to hear. Of course, anything for the Queen. So we listened to the first half of the album. WOW. You all seriously aren’t ready for what she’s about to release. This album, although I only heard 6 songs so far, was better than anything she had ever done before. It was flawless.

So then she told us we were going to take a little intermission before listening to the rest of the album. She left the room and came back with 3 trays of cookies. She told us that she had baked these for us. (When will your fav ever??????) She made dark chocolate peppermint cookies, chai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing, and rice crispy treats covered in chocolate. AND THEY WERE ALL SO YUMMY. Seriously, she’s like the best chef ever. I told her that they tasted amazing and she said “thank you!!” (I just spoke to Taylor Swift, WHAT IS LIFE¿!?!!¿¡?).

So then she left again but this time she brought in her cat, Olivia. I am not a cat person but that cat is seriously the single cutest organism on the planet. She’s so small and fluffy and I just can’t. And get this… Taylor came over and sat down on the couch riGHT NEXT TO ME. My arm was touching her leg the entire time. She sat Olivia on the couch next to her and then she asked me (SPECIFICALLY ME) if I thought Olivia’s tail looked too short for her body. I said “Nah, I mean I think the whole body to tail ratio is pretty even to me.” And then she said “I thought so too but the doctor said her tail was bent in half after being born. So ya know I have a broken cat.” WHAT. I JUST CARRIED ON A COMPLETELY NORMAL CONVERSATION ABOUT CATS WITH TAYLOR SWIFT WHAT. So then she got up and I saw the hot glue gun scar. In real life. It’s a real thing. And it’s beautiful.

She walked back over to her chair and we resumed listening to the rest of the album. GOOD GOD YOU SERIOUSLY ARENT READY. This is going to win her like 7 more Grammy’s like its her best album yet. (Yes, even better than Speak Now.) I wish I could say more but my lips are zipped until October 27. 

So this is one of my favorite parts of the night. We had a Shake It Off dance party. You can imagine with 89 super fans jumping at once that the room was shaking pretty hard. It was earthquake level shakage. We were all sweaty and all gross but it didn’t matter because we were dancing with the Queen. She made her way to where we were standing and that’s when it happened. She sang the words “to the fella over there with the hella good hair” and looked at me. And. Then. She. Ran. Her. Fingers. Through. My. Hair. OAKWWNJDKSIENEJWJENWN OH MY GOD MY LEGS WENT WEAK I FELL TO THE FLOOR AND SCREAMED “I AM NEVER WASHING MY HAIR” and everyone busted out laughing. Definitely, one of the best moments of the night.

So after the dance party ended, we all were led out of house and back to her outside patio area. Papa Swift was standing out there so we all came over and talked to him! He asked us if we were having fun (YES) and what our favorite songs were. We asked him if he had any guitar picks (inside Swifty joke, normal people wouldn’t understand) and sadly he didn’t. But he told us his favorite song and his role in her career. He’s the money man, being that he still works at Merrill Lynch and all. He was SOOO nice but our conversation was interrupted by one of her people who said it was picture time! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We lined up in a single file line and entered the house again. One by one we entered the living room and talked to Taylor individually and took our picture with her. HOLY SWIFT I WAS ABOUT TO BE FACE TO FACE WITH THE SWIFT. Here’s how my story went:

When Taylor saw me, she said “Hey buddy! Come here!” So I ran over and gave her the biggest hug ever. I never ever wanted to let go. Ever. But I had to so we could continue on our conversation. I reminded her that I was the boy whose hair she touched and she was like “Yeah, I remember it was like 5 minutes ago.” And laughed. (TAY FREAKING LAUGHED AT SOMETHING I SAID.) She asked me if I had fun tonight. I said I had the best night of my life and that the album was better than anything I’ve ever heard before. She said thank you and that she was so glad she chose us to come over to her house. (UM NO THANK YOU BAE.) I then told her how funny it was that me and my friend both got chosen for the same event and said “Oh yeah, I know you all from Instagram! You took that picture in the car!” (WTF TAYLOR SWIFT HAS STALKED MY INSTAGRAM AND KNEW WHO I WAS WHAT WHAT WHAT!!) After a moment of hyperventilation, I gathered myself and continued talking to her. She pointed out my cat shirt and said “It was the best thing she has seen in a while. I love how that cat at the bottom obviously did not want to be there.” I said “I thought you would like it.” Then see asked what kind of picture we wanted to take. I asked if I could hold her Grammy and she said “Sure! Be careful, it’s really heavy!” Then she asked if she could hug me in the picture. UM DID SHE REALLY JUST ASK ME THAT? OF COURSE YOU CAN HUG ME MS. TAYLOR SWIFT I WOULD BE HONORED SO SHE HUGGED ME AND BASICALLY I DIED AND I WENT TO HEAVEN IN THE SECOND IT TOOK THEM TO TAKE THE PICTURE. I told her I loved her and she said she loved me too and thanked me for coming and I grabbed my polaroid and that was it.

I was walked out of the house and was given a goodie bag filled with 3 shirts, 2 calendars, a keychain (only given to the 89 fans that attended), and a 1989 bag to carry it all in. I got back onto the bus and all of us were sharing our pictures. We arrived back to the original disclosed location and it was already time to go.

Words can’t describe how gracious I felt towards Taylor and her entire staff and family. She let us into her home and let us hang out with her for 5 hours. I will never ever forget the feeling I had when I finally got to meet the girl I’ve been loving for over 8 years now. Knowing that she hand picked us out made it that much more special. taylorswift, you are a true angel and I’ll always remember that night that we hung out in your Nashville home. You made my night. My week. My year. My life. I couldn’t be happier right now. Long live.

Love love love,
Evan (aka Mr. Swift)

Debunking Part 1

Kikyou loved Inuyasha so much that she died following after him!

Kikyou loved Inuyasha sooo much that she was reborn as kago-

Kikyou’s last wish was to see Inu-

No seriously ALL of the above is bullshit. The last one is pretty easy to debunk. We just have to look at the manga.

This is what Kikyou’s last thoughts were.

Hmm no mention of any “seeing one last time”

And here’s how she acts when she gets the chance to “see him again”

Not very enthusiastic are we? Wow, Its almost like all of Takahashi’s bleating about Kikyou dying to follow Inuyasha was a shoddy last minute tack on designed to get her readers to blindly swallow bullshit. 

Now that that’s debunked lets move to the other two. Kikyou never loved Inuyasha and didn’t die for him. How do I know this? Well going by what we see in the manga  and real life, people don’t emotionally manipulate and risk killing people who they love so much that they died for them. And Kikyou has been emotionally manipulating Inuyasha since day 1.

Seeing Kikyou’s “kicked puppy” pity me expression, it’s very easy to forget that what she is saying (about her and Inuyasha being the same) is fucked up and ignorant. This is basically sengoku version of a white girl telling a black guy who has had to run from lynch mobs all his life “Well I have to nurse all these wounded people (even though it was my decision to become a nurse) and I have friends and family who love me. You have to run from place to place because your life is literally in danger and people hate you for existing. We’re TOTALLY alike.”

Kikyou’s situation was thanks to her choice and she could have been a happy priestess if she had come down from her high horse and actually cared for the people who loved her. Inuyasha HAD no choice cause no one would give him a chance. I have no idea if this is Kikyou’s stupidity, ignorance or a bit of manipulation on her part because she does not really care about Inuyasha’s wellbeing. Future events in the manga make me think its all of the above. This is not the last time Kikyou is going to use the “wounded puppy” look to guilt and manipulate an individual who has had a lot of guilt and rejection in his life but still took the time to care for her and was willing to make a huge personal sacrifice for her sake. But we’ll get to that later.

We see manipulation in how she gets him to use the Jewel

Kikyou is presenting the situation like its 80% certain the wish will work. She leaves out the inconvenient part- “wishing could totally backfire on you which is why I’m getting YOU to make this wish instead of making it myself. Its why I never tried to use it before meeting you even though I was desperate. Toodles.”

Kikyou is well aware of how much guilt Inuyasha has and has no qualms using it. She does it many times after her resurrection.

You know what let’s cut her some slack here. She’s righteously pissed that everything backfired on her instead of Inuyasha. Let’s see some other examples.

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anonymous asked:

Good night lovely! May I request Kise's S/O watching his fashion event on TV then calling him after and she just starts to really miss him? <3 I love this adorable blonde dork <3

I love him, too.


There he was, showing his infamous smile as the photographers busied themselves in taking magazine-worthy pictures of him. Seeing him in those fancy clothes was enough to take your breath away. He was stunning, as always. You were so proud of Kise because he managed to walk on the runway for the Japan Fashion Week’s main event, along side with the most famous models (a/n: assuming that there’s one because in my country, the Philippine Fashion Week is like a big event sooo yeah). The designer outfits suit him pretty well, and whenever he goes out with a new set of apparel, you could really hear the crowd cheering out loud.


The telecast had been over for thirty minutes, and you guessed that maybe your boyfriend’s finally free. Without hesitation, you grabbed your phone and dialed his number. You wanted to congratulate him for a job well done. You wanted to give your insights. You wanted to ask him if he’s doing fine. 


You were so excited to talk to him. After weeks, you’d finally hear his voice once again. 

“Hello (f/n)cchi!” he greeted upon answering. His voice seemed to be cheerful, yet you can hear a hint of fatigue. He’s probably really tired. All the change of wardrobe and make up retouches weren’t jokes, after all. “How are you?”

You wanted to greet him back and answer his question, but a sob escaped your lips first. The realization of missing him more than you actually thought you did hit you hard, so hard that it hurt. Hearing his voice made you wish for him to be by your side as your head’s pressed against his firm chest, and his arms around you.

“H-hey! A-are you alright?” he asked in panic. He started to pace back and forth, waiting for your answer. “What happened?”

You exhaled, regaining your composure. “I just want to congratulate you, Ryouta. I’m so happy for you! Are you in a celebration right now?” You heard the loud party music from his line. Well, the event was obviously a success, so it didn’t really surprise you. 

“Well…yeah. But forget that. Why are you crying right now?” Concern filled his voice as he wanted to cry as well. You were the last person on Earth that he wanted to see crying. Though he was only hearing your cries that moment, he was still able to picture you and it broke his heart. The image of you in pain was never a sight for him to see.

“Upon hearing you voice…I just realized that I miss you more than I really should,” you admitted shyly, smiling a little as if he was there to see your expression. “Anyway, I’ll anticipate for your arrival, okay? Enjoy the party. I miss you Ryouta. I love you to the moon and back.”

You didn’t want to hear his voice anymore and decided to end the call even before he could reply. It was somehow inconsiderate of you, but you just didn’t want to cry even more.


You stirred in your sleep as you heard the door bell ringing. Lazily you got up and checked your digital alarm clock. It was exactly midnight. Whoever it was who’s ringing your door bell must be insane, you thought. After making your way down stairs, you nervously unlocked the door. It just hit you that it may be some criminal, but your instincts told you just to open it, making you forget the risks.

“Ryouta?” you called out, fully awake now upon the sight of your boyfriend, looking really, really tired, but still managing to smile. “H-how? Why?”

“I managed to escape from the party. My manager will kill me for this, but hey! I can’t just let my girl cry just because of my absence! I immediately took the last train going here, and managed to find a cab.”

“It’s not a ‘just because,’ okay? But OH MY GOSH??!?!” 

He cocked an eyebrow and asked in confusion, “what? Is there something wrong on my face?”

“I j-just can’t believe that you’re here. Am I dreaming?”

Kise smiled and leaned in to claim your lips. His lips were cold, but soon became warm enough to make your knees weak. He held you tight against his body, making you feel his presence. “I hope that answers your question.”

ladydrace  asked:

I got stuck on one of your tags again. Kinkshame-derek-2k14. Building on my previous ask... imagine a world where knotting is something you're supposed to save for your mate. Don't waste the precious baby batter on your own personal perversions! But teenage Derek just... /loves/ the feeling of his knot growing, the cool air of his room soothing the hot, pounding ache of it as it swells and gushes out his potent alpha come. He knows it's wrong and that he shouldn't, but... it's sooo goooood. TBC

cont. and then of course there’s the issue of the sheer amount of jizz everywhere, and a young Derek frantically stripping down his bed and skulking off to a laundromat on the other side of town, terrified that someone will smell on him that he’s not just jizzing regular jizz like any teenager, but drenching himself in primo baby-making jizz that he’s supposed to save for his one and only, oh god. (Then of course later he meets Stiles who is all for some free-knotting and jizz baths, heck yeah.)


AND OKAY like AGREED, agreed on the jizzbath babymachine stuff, yes, obviously, I’m into it and subscribe to your newsletter but also, okay not to be all take back the heat about it, but TAKE BACK THE HEAT.   KINKSHAME DEREK HALE 2K14 in a ABO dystopia where all healthy knot possessing persons need to report to their closest facility every three months to have their jizz extracted for the good of all society.

AND I MEAN, it’s fine, it’s his civic duty, and he doesn’t want to let society down but it’s just—it squeezes him, demands his spunk, and everything’s so clinical, cold and sparse.  He always feels weird after, a little trembley and he wants someone to touch his forehead but that would be weird, and anyway, he doesn’t have anyone any way.  

but there’s just this one night where he wakes himself up from a good dream, a fantasy about the pretty, brown eyed omega from the “erotica materials” at the clinic.  he wakes up and realizes he’s knotted up, properly mounted his fist and he’s gasping, because it’s never been like this, the hot flesh under his own hands.  it’s heavy and obscene and silky smooth at the same time and he’s gone too far now, he can’t do any harm by holding his knot, squeezing it like the machine tries to do it but doesn’t, not like this, not tight and warm and then he’s spilling, and it gets everywhere.   he’s gasping and shaking and covered in his own jizz and abruptly the shame comes roaring in.  He’s an idiot, wastful, hedonist.  he prized his own pleasure over the succession of society and he hates himself for being so weak.  

and then he’s walking around the next day, talking to coworkers, greeting the barista at starbucks, he keeps panicking, thinking they can tell.  that they all know about him, what he did, how he held himself and pretended he had knotting someone, was giving them his knot.  he flushes red, gets sent home from work because his boss thinks he’s coming down with something.   get it together, he tries to tell himself but he’s weak, always so weak, just like kate always told him he was.

FAST-FORWARD THROUGH THE EVENTS, WHERE HE AND STILES GO ON THE RUN and they both have to go about UNLEARNING the dystopian LIES and maybe Derek says something, mentions his SLUTTY USELESS TERRIBLE WASTE and Stiles reminds him again, that he doesn’t have to hold back, that the clinics were always a lie, that he can jerk off all he wants, can nut off for no other reason than because he wants.  

“I wish I could see,” Stiles says, and Derek knows he doesn’t mean Derek specifically, Stiles wouldn’t—doesn’t want him like that; he knows Stiles is just curious, probably.   “I bet it’s a lot, bet you come so much, can just really soak someone in it.”

Derek can’t handle it, so he changes the subject, moves them a long, but later in the shower, he handles himself, tentative, daring, and knots up right there, lets himself do it and he doesn’t think about Stiles kneeling in front of him, encouraging him, opening his mouth for it, waiting.

A somewhat pissy response to anti-Johnlockers

I keep seeing posts listing all the reasons why Johnlock will never become canon and thought I’d respond as a longtime TJLCer who disagrees with that argument 100% of the time.

This is a response to this post, if you want to read the full thing.

 "I very much doubt that Johnlock will ever become “canon” purely because of the response from the writers. Of course, the idea that they would deny it outright just to then bring it to us has happened before and is rather favourable in this case. Examples of it happening before was when they said outright that Tom Baker wasn’t going to be in the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and there he was. So, it happens.

However we need to note that the people involved in Sherlock can’t stand Johnlock shippers.“

Since when? They’ve created a show with a superb amount of homosexual subtext, and not the queerbaiting sort designed for comedic purposes. This is their show. No one’s telling them to make Sherlock disinterested in women. No one’s telling them to make him paste a cutout of John’s face over the head of the Vitruvian (ideal??) man. No one’s telling them to have John flirt with Sherlock during their first night together at Angelo’s, or make him violently jealous of Sherlock’s relationship with Irene. No one’s making them have Irene tell John he and Sherlock are a couple, and when he denies the statement by saying he isn’t gay, for her to say "Well I am. Look at us both,” and John to give a defeated bark of laughter because he knows Sherlock is the exception to both his and Irene’s sexuality.

BBC Sherlock is a brilliant, EMMY AWARD WINNING show and the writers know full well what they’re doing. Proving Johnlock fake requires dismissing and discounting actual evidence, which is shortsighted and stupid. Not to mention homophobic. Like really. I get some people want Sherlock and John to remain “just friends,” but mainly I feel like it’s because they’re discomfited by the idea of the characters being in a same-sex relationship. It’s not like we haven’t had movies or TV shows where two guys remain platonic friends. We have. Hundreds of times. This is different, and ignoring the blatant subtext means denying queer representation and THAT more than anything else is why Johnlockers are pissed off.

If anything, the showrunners have remained pretty neutral on the subject, and whether it is or isn’t going to happen, they’re not going to tell us now. They have outright denied certain possibilities in the past, ex: Moriarty’s return, but look how that turned out. They have never alluded to hating Johnlock shippers. Even if they did, they’re professional enough not to isolate fans by acting like it.

“Sadly, the only experience they’ve had of us are the things people usually hear of when they hear of ‘crazy fans’. They don’t hear about our writing, or our artwork, or our speculations–”

This is ridiculously untrue. Both Mark and Steven have acknowledged fans’ contributions–meta, art, and fiction–and been highly impressed by the majority of it. 

  "–Only the ones screaming ‘Johnlock!’ and harassing them.“

Repeat after me: WE DO NOT SHIP JOHNLOCK BECAUSE WE WANT TO SEE TWO PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE MEN HAVE SEX, OR BECAUSE OF QUEER FETISHIZATION. We ship it because the signs are all there and we’re goddamn sick of having them ignored on account of "wishful thinking” or another dull, played-out heterosexual relationship.

“Also, Amanda Abbington has only seen Johnlock fans in terms of the people who sent her hate over it, so clearly she has a very negative view of us.”

This is true, and that is why I have issues with AA. She constantly blurs the lines between characters and actors, thinking fans are writing fanfic about her husband and his friend, rather than the characters John and Sherlock. There is a marked difference, and she needs to know that. Johnlock happening on screen has nothing to with her real life relationships. Nothing. Just like Amanda is not actually an assasin, Martin is not actually in love with Ben. This is about characters and she really must be mature/professional enough to see the difference. This isn’t some awkward school play dynamic–girl likes boy, but said boy is actually in love with his best friend. BBC Sherlock is a fiction. This is Amanda’s problem and not some omen of whether or not canon Johnlock will happen.

“Basically none of them like Johnlock, none of them like Johnlock shippers and I don’t see why they would give us what we want.”

OH MY GOD THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE SHOWRUNNERS LIKING US ENOUGH TO GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. It’s about the fact that Sherlock calls attending John’s wedding going “into battle.” It’s about the fact that when he wakes John on the drunken stag night, John’s mumbling “I’m there if you want it.” It’s about the fact that John puts his hand on Sherlock’s knee and says “I don’t mind." 


"I like my doctors clean shaven?”

“Sherlock is actually a girl’s name?”

“Neither of us were the first, you know?”

How platonic.

We didn’t manifest the idea of Johnlock out of thin air. We ship it because, as I said earlier, the signs are all there. A kiss or confession isn’t going to make this any more real. It existed from the very start. They gave us Johnlock already, this painful, lovely, unstereotypical ship. Of course we adore it. 

“Now in The Empty Hearse, we see the Sherlolly kiss and the Sheriarty near-kiss. Now with Sherlolly, it’s canon that Molly has feelings for Sherlock. Also, let’s face it, it’s hetero. Far more acceptable to be shown on television. The homosexual kiss is a near kiss, and clearly Sheriarty is a lot less likely than Johnlock when we see their relationship (sorry Sheriarty shippers!) So it can be teased, made a joke out of, and there’s a small yet gentle joke at our expense there. (Yes they’re laughing at us, but they want us to laugh at ourselves as well). That was our fan service and a little bit of fun, but they couldn’t do that with Johnlock as there’s far too much speculation over it.”




Ok well first of all, there have been a lot of gay kisses on TV in recent years INCLUDING THE HELLA CUTE JENNY/VASTRA KISS IN THE MOST RECENT DOCTOR WHO EPISODE. So. Moffat clearly has no issue with that. Nor should he. Yes, Molly has feelings for Sherlock, but so does John. Him being male should make this no less canon. And yes, hetero relationships are more acceptable on television, but I don’t believe Mofftiss has an issue deviating from the so-called norm. The buildup, the paper trail, the chemistry, attraction, tension, jealousy, pining. It’s obvious. If they choose to flake out on Johnlock at the last minute, it will be extremely disappointing. One, because they will have wasted time on sooo much unnecessary subtext, and two, because heteronormativity will have gotten the best of what of could have been a groundbreaking event for television. And society in general.

The showrunners don’t want us to laugh at ourselves. Laughing at ourselves means laughing at wanting two men who are clearly in love to have the representation they deserve. I can’t think of anything less amusing.

“Also in The Sign of Three, John marries Mary and Sherlock deduced that Mary’s pregnant. I think this in a way closes the book on Johnlock properly. With John’s girlfriends, we could always hope that it would happen. They left him because he loves Sherlock more than them, and Sherlock doesn’t like them. However marriage is a lot more defining than a relationship. John can’t just ‘break it off’ with Mary like he did with his girlfriends, and as it says on John’s blog “I will say, though, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Sorry, Sherlock :)”. So he loves Mary more than Sherlock, he’s marrying her, Sherlock likes Mary, Mary likes Sherlock. They’re all friends and now they’re all in this lovely three way relationship. John’s found the one he loves and that’s that.”

People who say this kind of thing give me actual pain.

Sherlock deduced Mary to be pregnant based solely off of signs she exhibited while in his presence. And pretty obvious ones, too. Aversion to alcohol. etc. It’s too easy for Mary to do this on purpose and trick Sherlock into thinking he’s the one who figured it out first. Then we have the fact that John moves back to Baker Street during the most pivotal months of the pregnancy, so we know he sure as hell isn’t seeing Mary naked. When they reconcile on Christmas, Mary could easily be wearing padding of some sort. And do you know how easy it is to fake a sonogram? Very.

I don’t believe the baby is real. I don’t believe Mary would continue going on life-threatening missions while knowing full well she could harm the fetus. I also don’t believe John, who is a competent medical professional, would miss all the signs his wife is pregnant. It just doesn’t add up.

OH AND LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE  LOVELY THREE WAY RELATIONSHIP. Yeah. Me, my wife who is actually an assassin psychopath who probably isn’t even from this country, and my best friend whom said wife SHOT. What fun. Oh, and I don’t even know her name. 

Mary is manipulative, emotionally abusive, and apathetic. She doesn’t care about John’s friendship with Sherlock. She was willing to sacrifice all that just to keep her husband in the dark. She lied to him about everything, more than Sherlock ever did to John, and this time it was for her own purposes. No altruism to speak of. That’s why she almost killed Sherlock again, and would have, had John not been waiting in the shadows at the end of the corridor all the time. She was defensive with John when he tried to speak to her at Christmas, which is absolutely disgusting. If you’re going to commit a crime, the least you can do is own up to it and stop making the victim feel guilty. JOHN HAS TRUST ISSUES AND FUCKING PTSD. And she knew that. It’s horrific. 

John doesn’t love Mary more than he loves Sherlock. He dreams of Sherlock at night and writes in his blog about how dull married life is. He gets pissy and withdrawn after one month without Sherlock. But what the hell is he supposed to do? He thinks he has a child with her, and that’s what’s keeping him tied to Mary. I honestly believe if there was no illusion of pregnancy John would have left from the get go. But he’s loyal, almost to a fault, so he stays. He’s utterly stuck, and utterly miserable.

“Also the pregnancy is hammering the final nail into the coffin of Johnlock. I know that Mofftiss likes messing with our feelings and killing off characters, but I don’t think they’re going to kill off Mary. Yes, she dies in the books, but she was never pregnant. Also we’re expecting her to die, which is less of a reason for her to die because you know how they love plot twists. I don’t think they would kill off a pregnant woman.

So John’s now got his wife and on-the-way kid. Why would a romance suddenly blossom between him and Sherlock? It won’t, because the writers don’t want it to.”

The show is about Sherlock and John. Always has been, always will be. This isn’t going to turn into some fluffy family soap. John and Sherlock are going to be the couple that lasts, the ones who spend their lives together. Trust me.

There is no kid.

Mary is going to die. 


“Also, it’s been mentioned to me that perhaps Mary was deliberately made likable. She’s sassy, she’s smart, she’s sweet, she’s funny and she likes John and Sherlock doing what they do best. So why wouldn’t we like her? We have to. And if we like her, and we like Johnary, maybe there’s a chance all this ‘silly Johnlock’ stuff will stop.”


“John is constantly complaining that he’s not gay. We’ve seen defensively heterosexual John Watson. It’s a joke that everyone thinks he’s gay, so why would he suddenly get into a homosexual relationship? He’s straight!”

Not gay doesn’t mean straight. Like ever. John could be:

  • bi
  • pan
  • biromantic
  • gay demisexual
  • or even sherlock-sexual

Just stop. Stop talking. Please.