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Espeon ( エーフィ ) - Sun Pokémon

“Espeon is extremely loyal to any Trainer it considers to be worthy. It is said that this Pokémon developed its precognitive powers to protect its Trainer from harm.”


MARK LEE’s smile & TEN’s ethereal pose = perfection


I don’t know if you guys seen this video but it has a bwwm couple in it and its sooo freaking cute😍😍😍

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you are the only person that I know who also like pheej and omg I was looking back at some of phil's older videos and in his european meet-p adventure towards the end he's on the phone with pj and phil says "i missed your pretty face" to pj and it was sooo freaking cute it was around the 6:28 minute mark!

@ratinof is a strong advocate of pheej as well :,) they r just cute and completely in sync with each other :,) it’s great :,)

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@stephenie-mkm said: “Dating Jacob include imagine” where all the pack are teasing you two for liking each other and then you and jacob finally anounce that you are an official couple?😊💕 Can be a long one?💋💋 

A/N: This is so freaking cute! They’d all be sooo smug and just done with Jacob’s continuous internal monologue about his crush! Thank you for requesting, hope you enjoy what we’ve come up with, love! - Admin Erika 💖 & Admin Kat 💟 

Imagine: You and Jacob getting teased for liking each other and then getting together.

There was a series of wolf calls and ‘whoops!’ as the pack bundled into Emily’s kitchen, playfully bumping into each other, whilst throwing sarcastic remarks and jokes around like it was as easy as breathing.

Sam was stood comfortably beside Emily, whom was in the process of making enough scrambled eggs to feed a whole entire army. In a way, that’s precisely what she was doing. 

“So, (Y/N), have you and Jacob finally got to the part where you’re dating?” Quil barks obnoxiously at the pair of you.

You blushed and looked down, murmuring a negative.

Ohh, leave them alone!” Emily interjected, bringing over a mighty steaming bowl of scrambled eggs. “They’re happy.” she continued with the sugariest of grins.

The boys dove right in, grumbling away like barbarians. Jacob had wandered over to the table, gracefully grabbing two plates, in which he piled them up with food. His eyes found yours, his head motioning towards the door, to which you followed him happily out into the backyard.

Whilst yourself and Jacob ventured towards a pile of big rocks, talking along the way, you found yourself feeling evidently more and more carefree. The food upon your plates was consumed in between the very rare moments of silence; to which much more of your truth’s were confessed and exchanged.

It was always effortless to be Jacob’s friend, and your heart fluttered as you thought of the possibilities.

After all, life was full of them. No one knew what was five seconds away, let alone in the future.

At some point or another, your conversation decided to wander another way, - once the plates became vacant and bare, and set to one side within the long untamed grass-; Jacob’s mammoth hand reached out towards you, taking your hand within it’s heat:The heat a silent plea for you to look into his eyes, to which abashed-ness took hold and you freed your frail hand out of his grasp.

“What, I can’t hold your hand?” he stated suddenly, that sunrise grin sweeping across his features.

You frowned. “No, you can. I just don’t know if it holds the same meaning for me.”

Jacob eyes glinted with something you couldn’t identify, and he straightened up. “Okay, well, tell me something,” he began. “You like me, right?” He smirked triumphantly.

A blush scolded your cheeks, you nodded contently.

His expression then changed. It took a firm grasp upon seriousness now, and he scooted closer to you. “I have something to tell you, (Y/N). You need to know the truth.” He paused, meeting your gaze as he said levelly, “I don’t like you the same way that I used to…” he broke off at the end, your heart sunk abruptly.

Your heart was beating out a wild tattoo against your chest, and you were sure that your cheeks were robbed of all color. Suddenly, everything other than Jacob seemed much more welcoming.

The unexpected transformation of your countenance drew fright from the young werewolf, startling him into an explanation: “Wait! It’s not what you’re thinking, okay?!” he rambled on clumsily. “I mean, things have changed, but not like that! I mean, I love you and al-”

Somehow, you managed to find the words that were right there, on the tip of your tongue. “I’m in love with you too.”

Before you had much time to think, Jacob had composed himself and surged forward, claiming your lips with his in a searing kiss. ‘Words are for losers anyway’s.’ as he stated to himself mentally.

As you broke apart, breathlessly, you heard Emily calling you and Jacob. It was time for the pack to have a meeting, leaving you to help Emily with the Lonely Mountain of Dishes.

The pair of you walked back in silence, bringing along the plates you’d abandoned in the grass, and before long, you reached the kitchen.

As you rounded the corner, Embry silently noted how happy you both looked. 

“Hey, (Y/N), did you get to the part where you’re his girlfriend?” Quil leered.

You and Jacob looked at one another as you hung on the precipice, before Jacob reached out and took your hand again, smiling at you. “We doing this?”

“Yeah!” You smiled, feeling self-conscious but happy, contented.

The pack whooped, and if you saw the glint of metal and the blanch of crinkled notes exchange hands, then you would be aware of who in the pack won or lost bets.

How were you to stop them? They’d only been waiting for forever.

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I went to the artist’s blog and shit, snooping for more of this young!Clarus x young!Regis goodness and I’m just like, “YASSSSS!”

Now I need all the fanart of them, separate or together. Because one, HOTTDAMN was Clarus a fine piece of work when he was younger, and Regis was just adorable when he was just a wee lad.

ALL ABOARD S.S. CLARIS (I made this ship name up because idk if there’s an official name for them anyway)


But I know what to say now. I have thought about you and I like you, and I like being with you. And..maybe I feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there is a next time, I’ll say I love you too.


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said: Hello my Dear ! I love your blog ! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Benjamin (Twilight) where you’re human and afraid of him Not bc he is a vampire but bc He Is tall with fluff and a Kiss maybe ? Thanks my looooove <3

A/N: Omg! This request was so freaking cute! I loved writing it sooo much omfg! Thanks so much for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Imagine: Being a human and Benjamin takes a liking to you. However, his height frightens you and he somehow wins you over, because you’re his mate, - unbeknownst to you -.

 He was alluring, that’s for certain, however his height was the culprit of your fright towards him. Days and days passed, you took your step back and he neared forward. His voice purring to you, comforting you. It wasn’t what he was that caused your heart to leap, but how he towered over you. You’d blush, shrink inwards until one day in particular…
 He’d figured it out and taken a comfortable and merry seat, patting the space beside him for you to take. There was a connection, a deep one that was almost unsettling to you, it twisted your tummy in positive ways, ways that made you feel utterly giddy inside. However, you were totally unaware that a deeper connection was prompting itself here.
 "You are so breathing taking…“ he murmured, cool breath upon your face; deep burgundy orbs tracing over your features. "It is a shame that you are afraid of me, otherwise I would kiss you.” this blew you away, a gasp fluttering from your mouth, which only caused him to grin wider.
 He was incapable of controlling himself, and his icy fingertips teased the apple of your cheek, a rupture of chills spinning down your spine. The sensation was peculiar and perplexing to him. He smiled sweetly, inching closer to you until your warm lips were pressed upon his frozen ones.
 Now the bond was sealed.

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