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Dear Boyfriend, Dear Girlfriend

pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 3000

warnings: swearing, kissing

prompt/request: i got the idea “i know we’re just friends, but i need to look like im with someone… you in?” from this valentines day prompt list!

a/n: day 2 of my valentines week celebration!!! hope you guys like this really cliché but fluffy john fic. enjoy !

Text from Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:45 pm

i know we’re just friends, but i need it to look like I’m with someone… u in?

Text to Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:51 pm


Text from Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:52 pm

yeah? yes that’s what I was hopin for

Text to Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:54 pm

what time r u gonna pick me up dear boyfriend??? ;)

Text from Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:56 pm

7, dear girlfriend?

Text to Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:57 pm

sounds great. get ready to see me in the sexiest red dress you can think of

Text from Johnny Boi Laurens, 3:59 pm

o, i already can’t wait

Maybe it wasn’t a good plan. Maybe, yes, going out with the boy you had been in love with for years on Valentine’s Day when he didn’t actually like you was, in fact, a devastatingly bad plan. Maybe it would hurt more at the end of the night when it was over. But at least, at least, you would have the in-between, where you could kiss him and touch him all you wanted and as much as he would let you (assuming he would be letting you, of course, but you were supposed to pretend you were his girlfriend, so it only made sense). And as long as you got to kiss his lips once in your lifetime… all the pain after would be worth it.

Maybe. Or maybe that was too dramatic.

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Mingyu (bottom) X Male Reader requested by anon! Hope you like it! There was a point where I was going to end it but decided to write a little more so. :) Hope it’s what you wanted! 


They did this because they love him. And he really needed to get laid.

It was mainly Coups’ idea, however the rest of the hiphop team quickly jumped on board with getting Mingyu wasted and helping him loosen up for his big night, basically feeding him shots. The last one had a little extra kick.

The reason behind the now drunk leaders plan was pretty straight foreword; anytime Mingyu would hang out with you he would end up coming home and gush waterfalls to him about how good of a time he had. His mood would skyrocket, and although it was cute to see his crush flourish and develop, Coups couldn’t help but think what better way to tease Mingyu is there than to get him to ‘confess’. Or something.

While everyone was too busy with FIFA to notice, Sungcheol discreetly nodded his head up at you to get into Mingyu’s room and let this whole thing unravel. You went and shut the door softly behind you and sat on the bottom bunk across from Mingyu’s to wait. Outside, Mingyu had noticed a spike in his body heat and when Cheol noticed him shrug off his hoodie, his smirk widened. “Feeling hot, Mingyu?”

He smiled widely and nodded. “I think i’m just a lil’ too drunk. I’m hot all over.” Sungcheol peeked into his lap.

“I see that.” His addition was working now. As bad as forcing Mingyu to get horny sounds, it’s completely harmless. The powder he had bought was all natural and the reviews he read about the drug told that it’s effects were impressive to say the least. Mingyu was getting hard quick and his eyes were unfocused, so Sungcheol decided to help him along. He waved off the fact that it was is turn to Vernon and once their game started, he slid his and onto Mingyu’s thigh and squeezed it firmly. He managed to hear a tiny inhale from him before looking up and observing his deepening blush. “I think you might need to go lie down for a while…don’t you feel a little weird?” He manipulates as his hands slides up slowly, Mingyu looking down at the motion with wide eyes. It’s true, he did feel weird but that wasn’t the proper word to describe it. He felt a tingling sensation in his stomach and it was bothersome, in the way where he needed to find some way to satiate the feeling. When Cheol’s hand reached the front of his pants, his fingers pressed into his crotch and rubbed over his growing shaft, shocking Mingyu pleasurably but alarming the hell out of him since Vernon and Wonwoo were sitting just a foot or so infront of them.

“Sungcheol…” He whispered quietly, his eyes pleading for answers, or, help.

“Go to your room, okay?” Mingyu just nodded, slowly getting up off the couch.

“Uhh, i’m feeling a little sick, I think i’m going to try and rest up a little bit.” He let the room know before walking down the hall and entering his room. He had already closed the door behind him when he looked up to see you sitting there, hands patiently in your lap. You offered a small smile to him to which he returned nervously. It wasn’t until you subconsciously checked him out that you noticed the bulge in his pants. It made you excited that Sungcheol’s ridiculous sounding plan was actually proving to be somewhat successful. “W-what are you doing here?” He asked, carefully stepping over to his bed. The heat overtaking his body remaining despite the rooms cool temperature.

“I was a little tired so just wanted to take a break from the crowd.” You explained, playing with your fingers as you watched him sit down in the middle of the soft mattress. “What about you?”

“Ahh well, I was feeling a bit hot so I thought I was coming down with a fever but…honestly, i’m just..dizzy now?” He says unsure, confused by his own bodies odd actions. You got up in mock concern and walked over to him, he just watched you with half lidded eyes.

“You should lay down, i’m worried you’ll throw up.” You said softly, putting your hands on his shoulders and pushing him down onto the bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he smirked without realizing, the tingling feeling spreading to his limbs now making them seem slightly heavier. He blinks slowly and focuses his sight on you. “How do you feel?” You asked coyly, like you had no idea what was really going on. One of his hands creep towards his hips and slide over the front of his jeans, nonchalantly rubbing his much too obvious boner.

“I feel fucking great…I don’t, I don’t know why but, I feel…” You cut off his thoughtless stuttering by grabbing his wrist and restraining it on the blanket beside him, cutting off the contact he probably really needed. He hummed and giggled a little bit, his lips parting to allow his tongue to swipe over them. It was the most intense form of eye candy to see this boy unravel right under you. But you decided to keep up the act a little bit longer, at least until he was desperate. “What’s wrong with you?” You asked, looming yourself over him a little more. Your other hand discreetly slips over his other wrist to hold it against the bed.

He busts out in another smile, letting out the kind of moan you do when you stretch as he lifted his hips in hopes that he’d rub himself on the front of his pants and get relief, he thought it would work since they were pretty tight but all it did was make you lust for him that much more. Seeing him get there. And surprisingly your mouth starts watering in hunger to taste him. Any part of him. “I don’t knoooow, can’t you just, ugh. Just read my mind. God you’re so cute. I’m so happy you’re in this room with me..” You feel resistance in his arms, if he could use them he’d probably reach out for you, but you were handed this opportunity and you wanted to use it to it’s full extent. His hands ball into fists. “Whyyy are you holding me down? Are you afraid i’ll do something to you?” Mingyu said playfully, although his words were exciting. “I probably would. I’d love to do things to you. I always think about it you know?” He squirms under your hold and you can’t believe how vocal he’s being. You really didn’t expect it. “C'mon, let me go..I could be on my knees right now…do you know what i’d be doing?” The truthful dirty talk is making your half hard cock twitch, starting to make you impatient.

“I don’t care what you’d be doing. What do you want from me?” You said sternly, hoping to assert some kind of dominance. Another thing you couldn’t believe is how quickly he submit. He got quite quiet and bent his legs up a little bit, turning in his knees in sexual frustration. His eyes glistened.

“I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me?” He looked up at you in mock innocence as you repositioned yourself, putting a knee between his thighs and leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“You sure?”

“I’m positive..” He tips his head back to allow you closer in. “I need you to take care of me.” At his hot admission, you start kissing at the side of his neck and you feel goose bumps form under your lips. His head digs farther back into the pillow and hums at the little contact he’s receiving, which makes you wonder what he would sound like if you gave him anything more. You couldn’t hold back, not when he was in this state, so you replaced your hand to the front of his jeans, rubbing between his legs firmly. He let out an embarrassingly loud moan, not that he had a choice anyway, blushing at his volume and slipping his heavy lids shut. You kissed his neck with more vigor since you’ve been wanting to for so long and fit your other knee between his legs, pushing them apart so they’d fall over your thighs comfortably. Out of your peripheral vision you see his hand slide down the bed and feel his hands slip up your knee and onto your thigh, rubbing and squeezing it tightly. He was continuously rocking against your palm moaning out meaningless curses all the while until he turned his face towards yours that was buried in his neck. “Please..” He trailed off in your ear and it perked you up, looking into his glassy eyes now.

“You’re being so impatient, I wanted to take my time with you…” You spill to him, his answer hugging your core.

“We can take it slow next time, it just, it just hurts, I can’t wait-AHH..” You cut him off by grabbing at his erection and his yelp was due to anything BUT pain. Next time? His hand quickly slid to your crotch and tugged at your belt. “C'mon..” You ignore him somewhat and lean in to capture his lips in a searing kiss, initiating an immediate response as his lips knead over yours eagerly. And whatever was half innocent about it was washed away when he slipped his tongue into your mouth and swiped it over yours. He hummed out consistently at the taste of you and honestly, you did too, the tones of your sensual moans dancing together fluently. It took you a few moments to center yourself in and realize that you had been grinding down against him as you two made out just as he pulled away briefly to whine. “Please ______, m-more-” You cut him off by pressing your lips against Mingyu’s again, hard, tilting your head to deepen the abrupt kiss. You pulled his bottom lip into your mouth and bit it, tugging at it and pushing the wrist you were restraining higher, just about next to his head. He moaned beautifully again and arches his back under you. “Please-” He managed to breathe out and you pulled away, smirking down at the blushing mess.

“You want it?” You spoke lowly, and Mingyu nodded, his expression needy as hell. “Take your pants off.” You demanded, letting his wrist go to place both hands beside his shoulder and watch him.

“I-I can’t..” He trailed off, embarrassed. His arms felt like brick.

“Well you’re going to have to if you want that tight ass fucked, won’t you?” You tease beside his cheek, laying a soft kiss upon it afterwards. Mingyu whines as his arms lower down to his hips slowly. He doesn’t even bother with his button and zipper, he just slips his jeans off and maneuvers out of them. You look down to eat Mingyu’s hard length up with your eyes, loving how it looks confined and bulging. “I bet you want me to touch you, huh?” Mingyu nods weakly about to tug off his briefs when you grabbed the underside of his knees and hiked his thighs up against his stomach to spread him unexpectedly. Mingyu moaned at the quick action and his cheeks burned because of how exposed he was, his hands falling beside him. You could handle him like a ragdoll and you loved it, and you were the one to pull his underwear off, but only to the the start of his thighs…it looked so hot like that. When you tried to resist slapping his bare ass you failed absolutely, letting your hand come down hard on it before squeezing. He mewled like crazy and turned his head to the side, bringing a wrist up to cover his mouth. He was panting lightly against it and those breaths were really uneven. Mingyu must have loved it. You bent down and kissed over the redness you created as an apology for being a little bit hasty and wondered…nah, you’ll just do it. You let your tongue drag up the expanse before looking up at his face, full of bliss, and licking close to his hole. He back arched up and his hands turned to fists again. For some reason the lack of lube didn’t pop up into his head as a problem so he didn’t expect what happened when he really should have. His clouded mind didn’t let him do a lot of thinking, he was past the point of giving a fuck about anything, clearly. His begging told so.

“_____ , s-stop teasing, p-” You let some of your spit drop over his entrance before cutting Mingyu off.

“Keep quiet babe, your pleading is cute and all but I want you to save your voice for later. I haven’t even started with you yet.” You said as you pushed a finger into him and watched his jaw drop open in a silent gasp. You started thrusting it in and out immediately and almost moaned instead of thinking of how good his hole looked taking it. Mingyu pushed his head back into the pillow, a thin sheen of sweat starting to grace his neck. “Think you can take another one…? Since you’ve been so damn eager?” Your question ending with a bite.

“Yeah.” He whines out as you’re already dropping more saliva to spread around. You pull out your finger and rub two against his hole bluntly to get the dry one coated before slowly pushing them back in. You’re careful, but Mingyu is trying to push his hips back and fuck himself onto your digits, the stretch obviously not paining him in a negative way. So you give in, because he wanted it after all, and shove them in fully. “Ahhh ffffuck, fuck yeah..” He bites his lip and smiles to himself, in his own little 18+ world with you in it.

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Could I have number 11 for Jun please? Thank you kindly!

And so the ‘first’-themed short scenarios begin, starting with…

11. First time sleeping on the same bed together

Thank you for the request, Anon! ♥

Opening the door to the hotel room you and your boyfriend would be sharing for a few days, you felt your jaw drop as you turned your head to the left, where Jun was still walking with his suitcase dragging behind him. “Um, Jun…”

He lifted his face and looked at you attentively. “Something wrong?”

You shrugged and had one eyebrow cocked. “There’s only one bed.”

Jun snickered and got an arm around your shoulders as soon he reached you. “Oh yeah, I didn’t see the point of getting separate beds. I hope you don’t mind.”

You sighed while getting your arm around his waist, your eyes intent on the double bed as if it was glaring at you. “But we haven’t even–”

“We’ll be sleeping, Y/N,” Jun interrupted you, grinning widely when you lifted your face, confusion plastered all over. He gave you a quick, light kiss before squeezing your shoulder soothingly. “It’ll be fine.”

You got into the room and put your suitcases aside for a while as you checked out the room. It wasn’t much, but you didn’t need it to be too fancy for a few days, anyways. Yawning, you looked at the simple wall clock, and with it being quite late already, gave your options a few seconds of thought.

“I’ll go take a shower,” you then said and tip-toed a little to plant a kiss on Jun’s cheek. He gave your hand a squeeze before you headed to the bathroom, and sat down on the bed, running his fingers through his hair.

Frankly, he wasn’t too relaxed about sleeping on the same bed with you, either. While you two had been close to each other a lot, including cuddling and making out on a bed, there was something about spending a full night together that made his heart beat a bit faster. He had never seen you sleep before, and the knowledge about finally getting to see your sleepy face made him smile, as did knowing that you’d be there when he woke up the next morning.

When you had finally gotten out of the shower and changed into your sleepwear, you sat down next to Jun on the bed and yawned, leaning your head against his shoulder. He chuckled and looked down at you while reaching for your hand and interlacing your fingers.

“Do you have any odd sleeping habits that I should know of?” he asked amusedly, grinning even more widely when you groaned weakly.

“Nothing compared to yours. You keep throwing your arms around even when you nap, so I’m a bit scared for my safety,” you said with a small giggle at that particular memory. He gasped in mock shock, but ended up laughing anyway.

“No, but seriously. Do you drool? Kick? Talk?”

You looked up at him with a pout that soon changed into a smile. “Not that I know of.”

He nodded and pulled you a bit closer, releasing a yawn of his own. You asked if he wanted to sleep, and he gave you a sheepish smile as he answered positively. After he had changed into his T-shirt and thin sweatpants, he joined you on the bed, this time lying under the duvet. His heart was beating fast in his chest, but he did his best to hide it when he put his head down on the pillow and sneaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer.

Jun laughed quietly when you tensed a little, and placed a soft kiss on your shoulder. “Just wait, you won’t be able to sleep without me after tonight.”

You giggled, placing a hand over his and turning your head so that you could at least somewhat see him. You bit your lower lip a bit at how close he was, but managed to keep your cool. “And how will you sleep without me?”

He grinned and pecked your lips. “Simple. I won’t.”

With a smile on your lips, you turned your head back around and sighed as you relaxed in Jun’s arms; the more time passed the more it felt li it was the only place you’d ever want to be in. Not that you wouldn’t have figured that out already, of course.

At first it felt odd to sleep so close to someone - even though you had shared a bed with your friends, never had you ever slept in a spooning position with them. After the initial feeling of lack of space, you found it quite comfortable and slept better than you had in a while, with Jun’s face nuzzled into the back of your neck and his hand holding yours by your stomach.

Jun fell asleep while smiling, too. He loved your scent and it relaxed him to no end to know that you were right there, in his arms, sleeping peacefully. As he couldn’t fall asleep as fast as you did, though, he was amused to hear a few mumbled “Jun”s coming from you while you slept.

And, just as he had predicted, it was quite soon that it became difficult for you two to sleep separately.

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Thanksgiving Motions

It’s your first major holiday away from your family, and you’ve never felt more alone. None of the Avengers seem to even register it’s Thanksgiving, or that you haven’t left your room all afternoon. Except a speedster and witch who have put it on themselves to give you the Thanksgiving you’re missing out on. Much to the chagrin of your fellow Avengers.

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, some language

Words: 1,672

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Why do u think Lana had other musicians in her Love video instead of her own band? I find it odd and somewhat rude.. i mean Blake and Byron have been with Lana from the very beginning (like going back 6+ years).

I mean maybe one of them was busy? They haven’t been in any of her music videos although I did find it weird that she didn’t have Blake or Byron but it was cool to see Jonathan Wilson 


Request:  Hi! Could i request another Wally west imagine? One where y/n and Wally are dating and instead of Iris getting the glass in her shoulder its y/n and Wally is by her side the whole time and cant forgive himself? Thanks! Btw the other one was fantastic

A/N: This one took agessss, every time I sat down to write it I just couldn’t figure out what to do. I hope it’s ok! And sorry for the wait!

The car flew off the newly contorted road and you felt as if your breath had been taken from you. Instinctively you step forward, desperate to see if Wally was alright. Terror shook you as you witnessed the car, now completely upside down. There was no way he could survive that fall, and the thought petrified you, but as quickly as it came, another replaced it. A thought that took place in the sight of a streak of lightning.

He was here, The Flash. Hope filled you as you saw the red streak charge towards your boyfriend, placing him safely on the ground. Your focus was intent upon the duo as a smile slipped onto your lips. You could still feel your heart pounding away, but he was safe now.

The screams of those around you shook you from your pleasant revelry and you quickly looked back towards the car and it’s shrapnel, all of which were hurtling towards you. Your eyes widened in shock and you couldn’t help but scathingly scold yourself for not having paid attention earlier.

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@despairforme said: [ 👗 ]

Send Me A “👗” And My Muse Will Dress Yours

It was an odd request. Asking someone blind to pick clothes couldn’t be normal. Emil didn’t care. A request was a request and since it didn’t put her in danger, there was no reason to disagree.

Still, Emil had no idea what this man might like, so she just picked random items that somewhat resembled what she could sense him wearing at the moment. A jacket. Pants. Shoes with some kind of a point. And a cap, only because it was cold outside. 

Okay this is just a brief warning post abt tumblr user f//uc//k//m//chine (no slashes)
I followed her only a little while ago when i saw her send an ask on someone elses blog (the ask was but i assumed they were friends) and i thought her url was cool cuz it reminded me of a song so i followed her.

The moment i followed her she messaged me and then did. Not. Stop. Every day she was continously messaging me. Screenshots of that are available

Also when she first followed me she went through my WHOLE blog,, but only liked my selfies and some text posts.the only text posts shes liked were of somewhat se.xua.l nature which was odd. I dont hve screenshots of that cuz i delete text posts after a week or so.

I asked 2 other users their experiences with her and they told me that she messaged them all day and said se.xual things and continously asked them to date her.

She isnt wayy older thn me but the age gap made me uncomfy (im 16 shes 18)

She asked me for my discord and kept calling me again and again even though i never said i wanted to call?? It was annoying and i found it creepy. Screenshots of that are on this blog

One other thing that was just kinda ??? Was she would add weird comments on my posts via the reply button. Like “i have a pis.s. Fet.ish” !?? Why..? I don’t wanna know that tf

I blocked her on discord and tumblr

Anyway i dont want a lot of drama , if she follows you i would reccomend blocking her asap. If you have any experience with her let me know. Screenshots are on this blog, thanks.

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Prompt:  “I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.”

Character: Stiles Stilinski (Suggested by anon)

Warning: N/A

“So stop me if this gets too weird…but I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.”  Your head snapped up from where you were looking over some things on your desk to look at Stiles in confusion. 

“A dream? Where I kissed you? And…you want to try it?”

“Yeah, that’s what I just said, I mean you totally don’t have to, i’m not trying to force you to do anything or-” Nervous rambling was something you’d gotten used to with Stiles, he rambled normally, he rambled when he was nervous, he just rambled all the time. 

“No, Stiles, it’s okay…I think…I think I kind of want to try it too.”

“…” The hesitance and the long silence almost annoyed you and spurred you forward, you gently placing your lips somewhat awkwardly over Stiles’…

It wasn’t bad, just…odd, an unusual action that you weren’t quite used to and awkward, until you two figured out how to move against each other and how this whole thing was supposed to work…all in all it wasn’t bad…just odd.


You hadn’t seen him again after you heard he moved to another city. It was a long time ago, so long that you could barely remember him; but his eyes were always there, in your head, staring at your soul. You missed him sometimes. But you knew, that even if you met him again, he would be a total stranger. Time changes us all.

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BTS Reaction to You Being a Sign Language Interpreter

EXO Version by Admin Kat

I am actually learning sign language right now and I really love it. This would be cool. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction. <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He would be absolutely intrigued by watching you do your sign language. He knew that you were an interpreter, but he had never seen you actually working until now. He watched you from across the stage and stared at the way your hands moved. He didn’t understand any of it, but he thought that it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. He knew that his part was coming up, but he was enthralled by your job and actions at the far right of the stage.

Originally posted by hugtae

Suga: He glanced over at the corner of the stage and smirked at you. You smiled back at him and started signing something. He rolled his eyes and turned his attention away from you. He loved watching you work, but no matter how much he tried to learn, he found it so hard to learn it himself. But despite that, he found it really cool to see you quickly interpreting his raps without even a moment’s hesitation. It completely amazed him to see you doing something so effortlessly.

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope: “Whoa!” He exclaimed as he first noticed you interpreting for another group that was performing. It was the first award show that he had seen where there was a sign language interpreter. He studied your hands closely as they moved with ease to create intricate shapes that represented words or meanings. He could not get his eyes off you as he continued to watch you. Once it was his turn to take the stage, he had to fight the urge to just stop and watch you.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Rapmon: It was interesting to him. He loved anything that involved learning or learning new languages, but he had never really seen sign language. He glanced at you throughout the award show, keeping at least one eye on you as he tried to figure out which symbol may stand for which word. He wanted to ask you about it, but he didn’t really have the chance to during the show or after it. However, he did make sure to look up some more about the topic of sign language when he got back to the dorm.

Originally posted by hogays

Jimin: He honestly found it weird. Not because it itself was weird, but because he had never seen it before. He couldn’t wrap his mind around how a single motion could completely change the meaning of a word. He watched as you made symbols that seemed to be the same motion, but only slightly altered. He tried to better understand it while watching, but he gave up after a few minutes. After the show though, he went up to you and talked to you a little bit about your job and why you chose it.

Originally posted by jiminstrash

V: He did not hesitate to practically run up to you. He was over joyed to ask you all about what you were doing. When you explained to him that you were interpreting to sign language, his eyes widened. He begged you to show him, saying random sentences and words for you to interpret. During his performance, he tried to focus on the song, but would sneak looks towards you. After the show, he quickly went back to you and started to ask you to teach him some of it. But he would be really confused majority of the time.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jungkook: He found it somewhat odd. He thought that it was interesting to see you interpreting the way you were, but he thought that it was odd to watch. Nothing seemed to make sense about it, or how people could understand it, but he knew that it was helpful to so many people and it was really cool to see it in person. He became determined to understand it better, whether or not that meant learning it or just getting a better grip of it, he just knew that he was the Golden Maknae, so he needed to be good at it as well.

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Interview Between Rami Malek and Robert Downey Jr.


If the recent golden age of prestige television has foisted the antihero upon us, the Golden Globe-winning, visually stylish Mr. Robot, which premiered last summer to much acclaim on USA and is now back for its second season, delivers an unreliable, morphine-addicted, paranoid protagonist destined to join the canon of TV’s most memorable rebels. But this time, he lives by Occupy ideals, dresses in a black hoodie, and is set on smashing the corporate power structure. Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security engineer by day, vigilante hacker by night, and leader of the Anonymous-like collective fsociety, is the eyes, ears, and sentience of the series. Played by Los Angeles native Rami Malek with a nuanced intensity, it’s the kind of role most up-and-comers would kill for—gritty, multi-layered, and a career definer.

Malek, 35, has been acting professionally for over a decade. He established himself as an edgy character actor in acclaimed indies like Short Term 12 (2013) and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013), and has worked with the heavy-hitting directors Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master, 2012) and Spike Lee (Oldboy, 2013; Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, 2015), but as he tells his friend and Mr. Robot superfan Robert Downey Jr., playing Alderson has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, including his first leading film role, in Sarah Adina Smith’s mystery Buster’s Mal Heart, which he recently completed filming. Downey Jr. caught up with Malek by phone in early June, a few weeks after he visited the Mr. Robot set in New York.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: Mr. Malek, how are you feeling? What’s going on right now?

RAMI MALEK: Right now, I am home doing a bit of press. We have one of those hiatus weeks because, as you know [Mr. Robot creator], Sam [Esmail] is directing everything. He gets a week of prep before we complete season two of Mr. Robot.

DOWNEY JR.: Do you draw any comparisons between a director/creative partner and a brother, both essentially named Sami?

MALEK: Yeah. I actually do. They both have, in the time we’ve spent together, pretty much told me exactly what to do with my life. [laughs] There are some striking similarities between the two of them: They’re both Egyptian, they both vaguely resemble each other.

DOWNEY JR.: It’s funny how that works. Now I’m not going to start asking you about relationships, in case you were wondering. I’m in this odd position of realizing that it’s somewhat a daunting task to appropriately interview somebody. What the heck is Buster’s Mal Heart?

MALEK: I read this very experimental script on the first season we were shooting [Mr. Robot]. It was really poetic and cool, and it left so much to the imagination. So much of it was just scene descriptions, and we would improv the meat of the dialogue. That was something I looked at and was like, “Well, I’ll probably never get a chance to do something like this again.” I think it’s done now. Sarah Adina Smith directed it and is editing it, and is probably submitting it to festivals right now.

DOWNEY JR.: Oh, I wanna see it!

MALEK: Maybe we’ll screen it together. It won’t be as elaborate as your Star Wars screening, but … Am I supposed to talk about that? Or maybe not?

DOWNEY JR.: [laughs] Listen, it’s a two-way street, pal. First of all, are you in town next Wednesday?

MALEK: I’m not. What kind of fun adventure do you have planned out?

DOWNEY JR.: I had some ideas, but whatever. I guess if I want to see you for the foreseeable future, I just have to come to set again.

MALEK: [laughs] That was amazing. You turned me into a hero when you came to set. I’m not kidding. They were like, “You know him?” “How do you know him?” I knew it was very cool to know you, but the world started paying me more attention on that day on set. Maybe I elaborated on our relationship too much and started fantasizing it was more than it actually was. No, I just told them how close we were and that we hang out, we celebrate holidays together, we watch movies together, all of which is true!

DOWNEY JR.: [laughs] I mean, it was great to see you, very nice to catch up with [Christian] Slater. And, without giving anything away, I was just happy that I was able to see a scene with you and Slater that left everything to the imagination.

MALEK: Usually I look behind the monitor and it’s Sam and Joe Schmo behind there. “Okay, film icon Robert Downey Jr., one of the greatest actors to have graced this planet, is watching the monitor as I deliver a slew of experimental takes before I get to one that might have possibly worked.”

DOWNEY JR.: Now, let me tell you something, that first take was the take. It’s probably not the one that’s going to be in the episode, but it was perfect in that you were going to try what you were going to try, you were going to commit to it fully, and then you were going to not be ashamed if you were directed away from it. I thought it was brave, and vital, and awesome. Without getting into details, you made some sounds that I have never heard made on the set of filmed entertainment before. And they were appropriate to the situation.

MALEK: [laughs] I felt that was the case. You know what’s funny, I remember you said, “What was wrong with the first take?” And I was like, “Yeah, Sam, what was wrong with the first take?” We were doing a scene about three weeks later, and Sam comes up to me, and I don’t know if it was the light—we were losing light that day—but he gave me a couple takes, and that was it, and we moved on. I wanted one more desperately. He goes, “I was talking to Downey when he was on set …” He asked you, I think, how many takes usually work for you, and you said something like, “The first one’s pretty good. The second one’s about perfecting it.” So he looks at me and he goes, “Well, you know, Downey only needs two takes.”

DOWNEY JR.: [laughs] Usually they’re just warming up technically, too, and usually they’re letting things happen that shouldn’t be happening on the first take because no one really takes the first take all that seriously. But I bet that a movie comprised entirely of cleaned-up first takes would be extraordinary.

MALEK: That is not a bad idea. That’s the film we do together!
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DOWNEY JR.: That’s what Buster’s Mal Heart is leading up to. This is beyond experimental. Are you going to hang out with your family while you’re in town? How is everybody?

MALEK: I saw everybody yesterday. They all stopped by the house. I was actually just working on some scenes for the show and reading a script and trying to get work done, and I realized quickly that was not going to happen because my sister is getting married, and she wanted help with finding some of my dad’s clothes to weave into her wedding dress. That was cool. We ended up getting nostalgic and reminiscing about the good old days. It was a fun little bonding experience, so that supersedes all work at some point.

DOWNEY JR.: I automatically thought from the second I started watching Mr. Robot, “Oh, this guy is clearly a local hire.” It wasn’t the fact that you didn’t bother to pretend that you have to have a New York accent to be a New Yorker, because everything is so melting pot nowadays. I’m just saying, because the character is so identified with that kind of netherworld, East Coast, New Yorky vibe, do you feel a sense of being home when you’re there? Or is it more contingent on the fact that that’s Alderson’s rough place of existence?

MALEK: I’ve always felt like I belong there. Growing up [in L.A.] and having a family here was something that I, of course, adored because I was surrounded with that unit. But from the first time I went over there, I felt connected to the way things move, the pace, the ability to strike up a conversation with anybody. I know that people often say it’s hard to talk to people in New York. I think it’s harder sometimes in L.A. But I like the neighborhood vibe, I like getting on the train and going anywhere with that type of speed, having everything at my disposal. The culture, the pace, all of it. I like feeling like I’m in that concrete jungle. I know it’s not your favorite, but—

DOWNEY JR.: Well, you know, I’m from there, so I have a love/hate thing. Ask any New Yorker. Now, is it all right to ask a very general question about season two?

MALEK: Ask away.

DOWNEY JR.: This is probably the least interesting thing I could ask, but I’m trying to be vague. I feel like I’m doing like a Marvel interview right now, and I’m the person who’s not going to get any answers that I want.

MALEK: You would be the one person to get the most amount of answers, so I feel like you could get away with murder here.

DOWNEY JR.: [laughs] You know what, I’m a worker amongst workers today, and it suits me well. How strung out is Elliot when we find him this season?

MALEK: I’m going to say he’s very, very focused, if I may.

DOWNEY JR.: Great. And, as a guy who’s never been arrested or been brought up on any weapon or drug charges, how was it doing that whole first season playing someone who is an unreliable, strung-out-ish narrator? He was super-focused within that world, so this is a new kind of focused you’re talking about.

MALEK: Canadian customs might argue my personal history on that matter, but he was extremely focused last year. He had an agenda, and obviously he was using it as a way to facilitate numbing himself or furthering his agenda, making it a little bit easier to plot out, somehow. This year, he’s coming to terms with this reality of having this kind of dual existence, knowing that Mr. Robot’s existence is real. That creates an entirely different focus for him. I think he’s in a really guilty place when you first see him. As much as I thought that I had this guy down and understood him and was living in his skin, I realized there was so much of him that I had yet to discover.

DOWNEY JR.: That’s awesome. That that can be a really transformative thing when you realize everything that happened in this last run, it carries you a little bit, but you’re always starting at square one. I saw you on the show. I tracked you down. We became friendly. Then I saw that you didn’t get soft or fat, but you looked different. You looked like a guy who wasn’t working. Then I saw you in New York, and it was like you dropped all this weight; now I’m sure it wasn’t that much. But everyone thinks, “Oh, he’s just stressed out.” But that was a very specific choice of yours to get back to the exact fighting weight you were at. What was that challenge and what was that process for you?

MALEK: That’s a good question. If I gain, like, five or ten pounds, it makes a difference. For this, I remember Sam telling me early on, “You’re gonna be on morphine, you’ll be doing a lot of drugs, you’re gonna be very focused. I don’t see you eating much throughout playing this character.” I think the only time I ate during the first season was on the pilot, I ate some McDonald’s french fries. I hadn’t been eating much getting ready for that and going through the ringer of my own personal training. I was devouring fries during that scene like nobody’s business. They might have had to tell me to slow down at one point. I get on this regimen. I worked with Paul Thomas Anderson once, and he said, “It’ll do something to your face.” For a guy like that, if you can see that he’s going through something and everything’s a bit more sunken, it’s less work you have to do as an actor when the camera’s actually rolling. How about you? You’ve done it many times in your career. Look at how fucking built you were in Sherlock.

DOWNEY JR.: A lot of that was luck. You’ll find that every ten years, it gets harder. So I want to do the follow-up 2036 interview with you, and we’ll see what kind of game we’re talking about then. So then, as far as eyes down the road, the real thing that a lot of us are going to be paying attention to is the choices you make and the challenges you bring on yourself. I know it’s impossible to plan for that, because you kind of know what you’re going to do when you’re going to do it. But if you had to shape roughly what sort of transition from this series into the next phase of your career might look like … Is that even a fair question to bring up at this point?

MALEK: It is, because it’s something that I think about daily. I don’t want people to look back and think, “This character was entirely in his wheelhouse, and he’s probably going to end up playing a bunch of paranoid guys who have conspiracy theories.” Which could easily happen! I’ve had my fair share of 1970s conspiracy movies delivered over. I would love to turn around and do something polar opposite, and that might actually be happening soon. If the right people are involved and the script is just as powerful, I’d like to make some even crazier choices.



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karasuno boys+kuroo+bokuto+akaashi finding out their crush is in the boxing club!

Tanaka, Asahi and Yamaguchi would be somewhat intimidated by their crush’s violent hobby, but would support them in it nevertheless. They could see the benefits of it, for self defense and fitness purposes, but would worry about any injuries they may get both during practice and matches.

Nishinoya, Hinata and Bokuto would all find it so incredibly cool. The way that they could move so light on their feet, yet swing such powerful punches was fascinating to them. They would definitely be cheering the loudest during their matches, supporting them 100%, no matter how odd it was to other people that they were in the boxing club.

Kageyama, Sawamura, Akaashi and Sugawara would all initially be slightly taken aback by the revelation, but would find it quite cute picturing their beloved crush being able to defend themselves well. They would, however, lecture their crush on being careful not to get injured or to push themselves too hard.

Kuroo and Tsukishima would take more of a nonchalant approach to finding out their crush’s hobby, but would definitely tease them about it. Despite this, they found it rather attractive how they were passionate about their sport, and thoughts about how beneficial their flexibility could be would surely cross both of their minds.


The Avengers (liveblog) [x]


The reason this happened, of course, is because these characters are not yet friends and the movie wanted that iconic scene of the Big Three standing around in the clearing they’d just destroyed, to deliberately call to mind how they’re going to be epic friends one day, but right now they’re just powerful people who are somewhat at odds with each other, still fighting each other, which is super cool.  (And it is!)

It’s because the movie wanted that gorgeous shot of Mjolnir coming down on the Captain America shield, the meeting of these two heavy weights, and, god, that was so good for me.  I fucking love comic book fights!!

But I also love this scene because Thor is really, really riled up here (and they’re all kind of tense, which makes me wonder if it wasn’t Loki’s staff starting to affect them all, just a tiny bit, even if it’s still up on the quinjet) because he’s here for Loki and all these mortals are getting in his way to get to and deal with Loki, because Thor feels responsible for his little brother, this is a protective/territorial big brother coming in with “He’s my problem and I will deal with him.”, just as Thor’s probably done a thousand times before.  The angrier and more frustrated he gets, the more it’s because of Loki, that all that aggression and battlelust gets stirred up.

Plus, you know, I’m always just really intensely here for Thor casually backhanding Iron Man out of the way.  HERE FOR IT, HERE FOR IT, HERE FOR IT.

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I’ve been wondering lately, how would the first kiss/es of the Karasuno boys and their girlfriends go? (i.e., slow and sensual/intense and intimate/ect, ect?) Also, would they be bothered if their girl was somewhere around like.. 5”5/5”6 and more of a dainty and sweet person? Kind of a silly thing to ask, I know lol

(Thank you for your patience lovely ;w; Here we gooo! This is such a cute ask awk I love it. Also, this’ll be a long post haha)

Sawamura: With one hand resting on their cheek, and the other pulling his partner closer to him, he would capture their lips with his own in the most tender and intimate kiss. Yet despite the confidence in his actions, there was no denying the light blush dusted across his cheeks. His partner’s height was of no great concern to him, and the fact that they were dainty and charming only made his affection for them grow even deeper.

Sugawara: With one hand on their waist, and the other cradling the back of their neck, he gently pressed his lips to theirs, almost as if asking permission. The kiss would gradually have become more passionate, and definitely more intimate. He would adore it if his partner was the same kind of charming and gentle person that he was, chalking it up to fate that they were together.

Tanaka: It happened perhaps a little too forcefully, although it was not intentional - his lips crashed on to theirs, but after a while the kiss grew warmer and more gentle. His partner would be the perfect height for him, neither of them had to lean down or stand on tip toes when they kissed, so he felt it was quite convenient.

Nishinoya: The kiss would be rather short and sweet, just a lingering peck on his partner’s lips - but after seeing their cute reaction afterwards, he would kiss them a few more times, a smile gracing his face and he watched the blush rise on their cheeks. His partner would be taller than him if they were 5’6”, which may put him off a bit at first - but he swallowed his pride and didn’t let it get in the way of their happiness together.

Asahi: He would have been blushing crimson when he and his partner first kissed, his hands trembling as he held on to their waist - growing ever more nervous as their bodies drifted closer together. He would keep his eyes shut tight, and the kiss would be surprisingly gentle and sweet - albeit a bit awkward at first. He also quite like having a partner who was shorter than him, but at times would be overly conscious of his own strength and size compared to their delicate figure.

Hinata: His first kiss with his partner was short and sweet.  He just took their hands in his own, and pressed a chaste peck on to their lips, with a hint of a smile on his face.  A ‘dainty and sweet’ person would be more his type, so wouldn’t be bothered in the least!

Kageyama: It would be tender and quick, his lips brushing theirs for the briefest of moments before he pulled away, desperately trying to hide the rising blush on his face. It would definitely be one of the most awkward out of everyone’s, mainly due to his inexperience. He would be comfortable with a sweet and petite partner - the contrast in personalities may deter him at first, but he warmed up the the idea of ‘opposites attract’.

Tsukishima: He may be somewhat hesitant at first, doubting whether the moment was right or not - but he played it cool and planted his lips on theirs. Even though he was freaking out internally, he retained his composure on the outside, and the kiss was notably heartfelt and sweet. If his partner was a dainty and lovable person, he may find it fun to tease them for their image of innocence, but at the same time would secretly like how their personalities complimented each other, even if they were at odds.

Yamaguchi: His first kiss was a lot like that of Asahi’s - nervous doesn’t even come close to how he felt. But after his lips touched theirs, everything seemed to fall into place - his arms wrapping around them, pulling their bodies closer. With time, the kiss became more confident and tender, and less uneasy and stiff. His partner’s height didn’t bother him at all, and having a partner who would be as sweet can gentle as himself would be of great comfort to him.

Ennoshita: Kissing his partner for the first time went rather smoothly,and he would have been a bit playful with it actually. He couldn’t help smiling into the kiss as it grew more intimate and affectionate, with one hand ghosting over the back of his partner’s neck as the other sliding around their waist. As for his partner’s height, he would not be too bothered by it, and he found their sweet and gentle behavior rather endearing.

(EDIT: I added Ennoshita because I felt bad for forgetting him all the time.)


Took The L On The Yeezys Early This Morning? Here’s A Little Something To Quench Your Thirst 

The Yeezy thirst is crazy now a days among the sneaker community, and what more than some Yeezy H2O to cool you off? I know some of you may be upset about taking the L so early this morning, but hey there is always those new Adidas Tubular Xs which is somewhat similar to the 750 just without the increase in price and might just statsify some of you, but for those of you still feeling today’s SADurday struggle keep in mind new color-ways may be headed our way soon from ‘Ye and Adidas. 

Image Via: David Zhu

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Think maybe you could draw some cool earthbenders then? Toph's a favorite.

Okay. This is an odd ask because it’s somewhat pyshic because I’ve been working on this for what… uhh days?? weeks??? idk I’m rendering this bit by bit.

Toph and Bolin are my favorites ovo/

Early Across the Finish Line


By mid-October, Diana had been off work for a month, and was well and truly bored. She was now heavily pregnant with just four weeks until her due date, and she was well and truly bored of that as well. 

Deciding to do something with her day that was at least somewhat interesting without being strenuous, she got into her car and drove into the city, intent on surprising Emershan for lunch. She could take him out somewhere nice, and maybe fit in some shopping after he returned to the office – assuming she didn’t need to lie down for a break by then. 

It was with an odd sense of purpose that she strolled into the cool, glossy lobby of the Belgian headquarters – and a sense of purpose was something she had been sorely missing. With a brief nod to the receptionist, she stepped inside the elevator, pressing the button for Emershan’s floor just before another person slid through the doors after her as they closed. 

Looking up, Diana quickly suppressed a groan at the sight of the chairman standing in front of her. 

“Good afternoon, sir.” 

The old "We don't know anything yet."

Let’s get some shit straight because JYJ fans who can argue all day won’t because they don’t want to deal with another lawsuit anymore. We know what SM is, we know what kind of company they run and we know the kind of people that work for them (See EatYourKimchi’s personal experience). If you haven’t held the knowledge to the things I just listed then you obviously haven’t done your research. Files that were released by the court during the JYJ lawsuit exploited alot of SM. Do you want to know what it was? Go and read about it I’m not fucking Google, but the matter of the fact is that some of us actually KNOW what type of industry SM is. Please stop saying “we don’t know for sure” seriously just stop already with that crap and start being a bit more imprudent. It’s already been stated by Kris’ attorney (who by the way was Hangeng’s attorney five years ago but you knew that right???) that he lawsuited for reasons similar to Hangeng. AGAIN go read about that yourself I am done doing your homework. Also there is one thing I noticed about SM after the JYJ/Hangeng lawsuit that some of you weren’t here for. There ways of living. The SM Town building was no longer used and they moved to a “better building,” they’re airport fashion consists of designer clothes they only used to use on stage for music shows and concerts, and let’s not forget the cars. And they started to actually get paid OH SHIT no nevermind Yoona had to take a loan. Excuse that. But let’s think again to the fact that SM hasn’t been paying there taxes. SM used all this and I figured it out once I saw EXO Showtime and Kris had this “cool guy” image but trust I knew this was just SM trying to give us some bullshit and the funny thing is most of you felt for it. Anyway I noticed that and I realized that it was a just a way for SM to glitter on their company and hide the fact that they still treated their artists like they did JYJ/Hangeng BUT also EXO actually ate quite alot so I guess SM gave them that too which was very odd and somewhat to the point where I thought it was just SM showing us “YES WE FEED OUR ARTISTS” in other words trying to prove JYJ wrong because if you didn’t know JYJ stated something about how SM fed them……look it up again :). Anyway I thought to myself Mmmmmm how did SM manage to have FOUR Chinese members, especially one from CANADA and yet none of them have lawsuited…….then I saw EXO on After School Club and I saw that Kris was very enthusiastic about international fans…mmmmm Someone genuine who actually cares about his fans but doesn’t view it a “fan service” someone who just defied the company’s “cold guy” image. How did this guy even last in SM? Now I’m not saying Kris was weak I was simply thinking this guy has the mind to recognize and to know when he is being treated badly (or what a Korean or brainwashed Chinese member might view as something to be greatful for) I mean he’s from fucking Canada he’s been exposed to what it’s like to be treated like a “human” or what westerners view as human and not a “human machine.” After a view months I started thinking “Mmmm Maybe SM has changed I mean it’s been five years and-”


There you go.

Also Hangeng had stated that he couldn’t support his mom with the pay SM gave him which was literally like around $300/400 in one year, yeah I’m not lying. And Kris who also only has his mom, and if I’m not mistaken a brother, also has to deal with that shit. Especially since both came from SM’s biggest groups except EXO now has international support while Super Junior at the time it was only Asia and some of us in the western world. Nu huh son pack your bags go to China become successful like Hangeng.

Also my thoughts on EXO members who didn’t lawsuit and felt betrayed. It’s basically in there culture to serve those above them aka the elders and to remain loyal so they felt betrayed also in Korea it’s about giving your country the name it wants to get to get recognized and the members felt Kris, who is Chinese Canadian, was part of that. And also one thing is certain, the K Pop industry is willing to do alot of things for the name of their country. If you didn’t know this please know now that the Korean Entertainment Industry, especially the big ones, are able to get away from scandals, no not little kid scandals like dating, I mean scandals that are up to the level that I’m not even going to mention right now. I really feel like of you should do your homework. Especially about South Korea as a whole.