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(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

Houses as things I overheard while hiking
  • Gryffindor: "I went off the trail and scaled a steep cliff by accident but the view was amazing. Worth dying for? I don't know, because I didn't so I want to say yes."
  • Hufflepuff: "Stop hopping? You're the one who told me to be one with nature. So I'm a bunny. Hop hop hop."
  • Ravenclaw: "I learned something about myself today. I learned that my body can undergo a lot more torture than I ever expected."
  • Slytherin: "I would totally do this again, but I'm not into self endangerment or masochism. I've had enough exercise to last a lifetime, thanks."

Title: So Married

Rating: G

Word Count: 987

Summary: “Um, excuse me, Phil? You basically just outed us.” 

“Well, you outed the…dog calendar.”

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(huge huge thanks to the lovely @phanarchy for the idea!!)

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The Wonderful Voices of Dragon Ball - Masako Nozawa

Voice of Goku, Gohan, Goten, Goku Black, Turles, and Bardock


serious advice for those new to tumblr/young and on tumblr

–Don’t let this website become your life.
–Please take this seriously, while you may see a lot of funny posts about ‘I’m deleting’ and ‘I hate tumblr’ the community as a whole on this website is seriously bad.
–Formulate your own opinions, and don’t let this site brainwash them into you.
–The mob mentality that often follows arguments blows stuff really out of proportion, and in the end it doesn’t matter, I promise you.
–Anons are mean. Turn them off if you have to. You aren’t weak for doing so.
–Take care of yourself. Download xkit and blacklist stuff you don’t want to see.
–Sending hate is never worth it.
–The social justice you see here is not an accurate representation of real-world activism. You do not EVER have to post a social justice thing if you don’t want to.
–You do not need to be part of a minority to be loved
–If you are part of a majority, you matter and deserve to love yourself all the same
–Mental illness is NOT pretty

Just, don’t get too swept away by this site. Go outside. Blog other places. Watch Netflix for a while. Do what you gotta do.

Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee


Take a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust

Happy (10/9) Hina ❤ Kage Day !! [Here’s the video version of this]

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Ok, so this is a thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and only just got to doing it. Because, you know, life happens :/

Anyway, “Love like you” is probably my favorite song from Steven universe and I thought these lines fit pretty well with my favorite pair of brothers :)

soprie  asked:

I saw your post on Dumbledore and abuse and I was wondering how you felt about stories that romantically or sexually pair students and teachers? Like Snape/Harry Snape/Hermione Lupin/Harry, etc? I've always felt deeply uncomfortable with this side of fandom (it comes across as abuse to me), yet the prevaling attitude seems to be "Let people do whatever they want"

I…personally am not a fan of those kinds of stories unless it is made explicitly clear that the younger member of the pairing is now many, many years older. Like, mid twenties and beyond older, and that the feelings of the adults is a more recent thing and not something they ever entertained while they were a student. 

I don’t think huge age difference between consenting adults is an issue, which if I give you a real life example, one of my friends actually married one of our high school teachers. It was some 17 years after they had graduated, and admittedly the age gap is rather substantial. But they were happy and remain happy and that was their choice. But it was their choice made without the power imbalance of a teacher student dynamic and 17 years worth of life experience outside of that role to back it up.

Saying “oh but they’re 18 it’s legal” makes me profoundly uncomfortable because well…that’s what my English teacher, who I looked up to and admired greatly and was relying on for a college reference, said to me when he locked the classroom door.

So. Personally. It will squick me out and I am really not here for it being in canon context where the age of consent is an issue. That is the fastest way to make me turn tail and run. But my condemnation of it also depends on the age of the person writing it. I know when I was 15 I harbored crushes on some of my older teachers and enjoyed the idea of being wanted by someone who I perceived to be in control of this terrifying thing called life. I never acted on them because I knew that would be Wrong, and any adult who might have reacted to my immature impulses would have been 100% out of line and predatory. But I guess I feel that sometimes I’d rather have young people explore those thoughts in the safety of fanfiction than potentially acting on them? 

I dunno…

I know it doesn’t make me Happy. But I also know people will always write and explore things like that, either as a coping mechanism (after the whole English teacher thing my day dreaming became a lot more violent and I’ve worked through that through writing it down in journals, if not actual fiction. Doesn’t mean I condone anyone hauling off with an axe kill bill style but it helped me to indulge in the idea of not being powerless), a means of safely exploring an idea, or just sometimes for the sake of it. And I can’t Stop them. I know that, so I just ask they tag it very specifically so I don’t ever accidentally click on anything that will leave me feeling extremely uncomfortable. And that is also on me to pay attention to the tags and nope out if something takes a darker turn than I expected.

So. I guess I don’t really have an answer for you beyond “I hate it too but I get why it’s a thing”. Which is likely not going to be satisfactory for a lot of people cause I’m not calling for bonfires and pitchforks. But at the same time I believe the context of why something is being written is important, and also by whom. 

My only real hard stop do not pass do not go is when that kind of thing is being written by adults. I…cannot condone that. I’ve worked in the erotica industry long enough that if you tell me they’re both in their 20s and 30s and it’s roleplay that’s fine, I can cope with that, but if you try to tell me that 17 is close enough to 18 and a grown ass adult preying on an 18 isn’t predatory, I’m going to nope so hard out of your general vicinity I will leave a hole in the atmosphere. I learned from a very young age not to trust adults like that. 18, to be exact.