this is something i didn't need right now

…look, Disney.

I’ve got nothing against Emilia Clarke.

Really, I don’t.

But while Daisy Ridley is fantastic and Felicity Jones looks fine…another British white girl as the lead? 

When Tessa Thompson and Zoe Kravitz were in the running?

…at least make her an evil Imperial or an alien or something, okay?

oh-emdee  asked:

#5 Adam/Ronan!

I’m p sure this was “See, this is exactly what I said was gonna happen” so let’s go (this is ridiculously late. As in back with your old URL late. And also as in it’s 2:06 AM and I wanted to write something so this could be actually awful and I’m sorry if so)


He’s propping up some stems in the front yard of 300 Fox Way when Ronan comes up next to him. Ronan doesn’t say anything, and his shadow’s barely there, but since they started dating Adam’s Ronan-sense has been fine-tuned so much he can say with confidence when Ronan’s the one to knock into his shoulder.

It helps that Ronan’s the only one who does that, but still.

He says, “Hey.”

Ronan doesn’t reply except to somehow deepen his silence. Adam looks up; he’s looking down at him with a sharply neutral face, and somehow it’s scarier than seeing him spitting angry and swinging at Declan.

“You okay?”

Ronan shrugs and on Ronan a shrug looks like it might be an elegant thing, even with his tattoo and shaved head. “Fine.”

“You look like you’ve stepped in shit and don’t know how to feel about it,” Adams says, his tone measured. He rocks back to sit on his heels and starts taking off his gloves.

Ronan says, with no change of expression, “Are you saying this isn’t seductive?” and Adam laughs. A smile looks like it’s debating waging war on Ronan’s features.

“It’s not your best,” Adam says, and Ronan stops him before he takes his gloves off fully.

“What’re you doing?”

“Flowers,” Adam replies, “for Maura.” Ronan kicks lightly at the plastic container the bulbs came in. “Not sure if they’re significant, I just thought they looked pretty.”

Ronan hunkers down next to him and pats the topsoil closer to the transplanted flowers. “Not as pretty as you,” he says. He pulls at his lip and grins when he sees how red Adam goes.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Adam says. The tops of his ears could light a fire, probably. They feel like they’ve got a heat signature separate from the rest of him.

“It’s true though.”

Adam shrugs and he knows that on him a shrug looks like it might be embarrassed and tired all at once. Ronan mirrors him, and then rolls soil into a fragmenting ball and presses it into Adam’s hand.

“What now?”

Adam blinks. “What?”

“With the flowers. You’re the gardener, not me,” Ronan says, and Adam pushes him lightly. He sways a little on his knees and acknowledges the push with a slight bowing of his head.

“You’re sure you’re okay?”

Ronan looks up now and earnesty screams from every feature. “I’m sure. Tired. Nothing’s wrong, Adam, I promise.”

Neither of them are ones for long declarations. Adam nods. Ronan tosses a bit of soil at him, and he blinks when it scatters against his cheek.

“What’s next?” Ronan asks again. His voice is the kind of gruff that makes it obvious that he’s doing it on purpose.

Adam says, “Water,” and goes and turns the hose on and drags it toward their little group of flowers. It’s a sad bunch; they’re weak in the stems even with his improvised supports. But he thinks Maura’ll like them anyway.

“Just be careful not to drown them,” Ronan says, and Adam gives him a look.

“You’re the gardener, not me,” Adam says. Ronan rolls his eyes, then knocks on Adam’s knee affectionately.

It’s going steadily and then at once it’s too much water by accident, and one of the bulbs is floating away down toward the gutter. Another looks like it’s wanting to join it, but Adam bends the hose in half to stop the flow before running to turn the water off.

He comes back to the soggy mess and Ronan says, “See, that’s exactly what I said was gonna happen,” and Adam tickles him until he’s streaked with soil.

“You didn’t,” Adam says, gasping a little; Ronan’s breath is on his ear. “Not technically. You said not to drown them.”

“You sure? Because you didn’t listen to that, so.” Adam pokes him and he smiles.

Ronan observes, “This is a mess,” and Adam shrugs and this time his shrug is equal parts hopeless and unconcerned. The flowers haven’t been crushed by some miracle.

“It is what it is,” he says.

“I like it anyway,” Maura calls from the door, and now Ronan laughs. It’s a high and pitchy and round thing, this laugh of his, and Adam’s remarkably proud to have helped prompt it.

“I like it too,” Ronan says, and he’s looking at Adam. And when he slides his finger to hook into Adam’s collar, the wet soil makes him shiver long before Ronan kisses him.

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if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?  A library.  Nice big quiet library full of books with hidey corners where I can lurk with a book

when would you time travel to: SAVE THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA

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Westallen is Iconic  True Love is Timeless 

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Kakasaku Flash Fic: “One Fine Day”

Title: “One Fine Day”
Summary: Kakashi comes home to a box on their bed.

Lots of baby feels right now, so something short before I go back to doing my translation homework. Still no mermaids because I know I’ll need a good three hours at least to write and that’s more than I have time for atm.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s post about his newborn child and this video.

He comes home to a small box on the edge of their bed. At this point, Kakashi is used to Sakura’s habit of gift-giving, but they’re usually less tangible. A massage or coming home to his favorite dinner, to name a few examples. But never like this. Never in such formal packaging.

“…It’s not my birthday,” he comments as he picks up the silver box. It’s light, and he immediately rules out most weapons. Some exploding tags, perhaps?

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Post-Book!Mockingjay picture in which Effie goes to District 12 after the war and stays with Haymitch for ever sometime. They don’t talk much but one day Effie just breaks down and Haymitch is right there, trying to help her even though he’s just as broken as she is. 

I don’t really know… just felt like drawing them

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