this is some self indulgent bullshit

>when you want to draw different kinks to branch out
>but draw the exact same idea with the same muse over and over again :’D

ANYWAYS because I am descending into trashdom with every piece of personal self-indulging art, have some more stuffing content. Now with 20% more self-insert bullshit! <33
She SEES stuffing his face (as usual!), and she has that urge to give his full belly a nuzzle and listen to it but she’s too hesitant to actually make the first move. So for now she’s just thinking it and that’s close enough.

I like how this turned out, even though sadly due to Gen’s position you can’t really see his belly all that much. eh, a price to pay to get the right pose across. >v>


“get your tiny bum back to class, piper. or i’m telling jason and leo all about the snuggle blanket from when you were five”

silena administering some Tough Love when she catches the baby sis sneaking out of class :’)

arms raised in a v

pairing: eric/dylan

word count: 3,183

warning: this is pure self-indulgent pwp lmao

summary: eric doesn’t kiss like dylan would expect him to kiss. eric’s always been skittish and uncommitted to almost everything, but now, dylan could pretend that side of him doesn’t even exist.

or, dylan and eric can’t live without one another.

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anonymous asked:

Dave Grohl's boneheaded, self-indulgent, unoriginal and very stupid, cheesey Arena Rock is one of the biggest reasons rock is dying. I can't help but to laugh at his dumb ass on stage, as he spews crap like, "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK" or "LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE". Kurt even made fun of these types of people in an interview, I can't help but to feel he has laughed at Dave for this bullshit. Dave will never be as good as Kurt, so it pains me when people say he is somehow BETTER. HOW? WHY? (B)

ok,  the Foo  fighters are not to my taste, with most of their music.   certain ones,  I love.    these days,  everlong, marigold.

arena rock,   I am not a fan of that.    small clubs,  (under 1000) are the best.

I have heard Kurt be compared to Dave,  and so on.   even throwing Krist into the mix.    three totally different Men.      

let me expound here.    Kurt  was a small club,  venue guy.    he wasn’t fond of the “rat hole” ones,  but the nicer ones.   he liked interacting with the audience.

his music was genius.  those don’t come around  often.   he was unique, in he wrote biting lyrics with beautiful melodies.

dave has some good songs.    but most I don’t care for. he’s into the arenas.

that’s him.   he seems to love festivals, and kurt hated them.

Krist?   he does his own thing.  the hobby farm,  his flying, his radio show, 

helping Darka with her business, and doing music too.    HIS way…..and is enjoying it again.

so I am not criticizing either of them.  they did NIRVANA, which was kurt’s thing.

now they are enjoying music their way.


You know what’s funny is I’ve gotten a handful of requests for more proveles stuff recently, and like… the thing is…. I totally have drawings of these skanks lying around from like, a couple years ago, and I just never post them.  Most of these files said 2014 on them.  And I mean I have all sorts of shit I don’t post that just sits around long enough that it stops reflecting my art and I forget about it, BUT in this particular case, these have sat around because they were actually just personal, self-indulgent doodles and I didn’t plan to post them on the blog in the first place.  Frankly I didn’t think anyone was interested.  I GUESS since obviously some people ARE, here you go.  Here’s what I could dig up!

This is all incredibly embarrassing, but there is one gem that came up while digging for these, and it was this invisible layer of a photoshop file which contained THIS freaky-ass Lisa Frank-lookin bullshit (under the cut) so.  There you have it.  2014 was a dark time for me, man.

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birditude  asked:

i thought of another one!!!! waffle boys and silver and gold

throws up hands and writes some god damn self indulgent bullshit

will you take my hand and make a shadow
run away, let’s sleep tomorrow
when the city floods, we’ll build our castle
(my heart is fire)
don’t tell me this is home

when the bards write songs about them, tyelpe’s eyes will be silver, bright and shining like moonlight; not the grey of thunderheads, storms in the afternoon.

he knows something is wrong, he can see it in those eyes, the minute flicker of something golden reflected and then it’s gone.

later, when wine has loosened tongues and clothes, he watches those eyes to see if they’ve changed. tyelpe laughs at some joke he’s missed and they’re the color of rain falling on tombs and he’s enchanted and repulsed at once.

“let’s leave,” it’s too much, too serious, there are too many fingers threading through his own and there’s too much in those eyes, “we can go anywhere, lets go somewhere, you and I.”

he closes his eyes and thinks of gold, thinks of fire, thinks maybe he might say yes.
Plants Need Light - Chapter 1 - fishstic - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sombra/Satya “Symmetra” Vaswani, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler
Characters: Satya “Symmetra” Vaswani, Sombra (Overwatch), Fareeha “Pharah” Amari, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Original Characters, Lena “Tracer” Oxton
Additional Tags: okay I know this fic will seem a little weird, it’s basically self-indulgence, accidental adoptive mom!satya, it’s mostly fluff, probably, with some conspiracy theories thrown in, because what’s the fun of Sombra without at least a little conspiracy, the botany/nanorobotics/nanobiotics is pretty much probably just bullshit, that’s code for “making it up as I go”, Satya is with the overwatch peeps for reasons, aka just because I want her to be and she’s not a villain, maybe I should stop tags, Redemption
Series: Part 1 of Hard Light Redemption

Routine missions can be ruined by the smallest things: the unexpected appearance of Talon, a malfunctioning turret, Fareeha getting distracted by pretty girls, a possible fairy in a bush that turns out to just be an orphaned child who was scared by the unexpected appearance of Talon.

One of those things didn’t happen, and one of them didn’t surprise Satya at all. Unexpected appearances were Talon’s specialty and her turrets do not malfunction. A child hiding in a bush by the point in King’s Row? That did surprise Satya. And nothing was quite the same after that. Children are the future after all, even Satya knows that.

I’m literally writing this story because it makes me happy, I’m trying my best not to make it sad. I hope it’s at least a little amusing to people other than me.

The fact it is alcoholism and the fact no one can help until I want help is tough. Cuz some points i am ready but then…like last night. It just easier to “indulge” and considering my history of self destructive habits. It’s just …doesn’t look good. I know how to begin and i know it’s a problem but honestly…at times it’s hella easier to just not feel. And honestly….ruining my image is alot less worse than…repeatedly slicing a portion of my body just to see blood flowing to remind myself i’m not “exactly” empty and really. I’m at a loss…tbqh i’m at a loss cuz i can see both positives and negatives to out comes. And i tend to stay concerned with the negatives to the point well yea…continue to revert back. All in all tho….still shitty. And honestly everything is just gonna get worse til i do something. Until then…cheers my bros im gonna drown myself.

This story idea’s been boiling in my head for about four days now and I FINALLY got around to drawing some stuff for it.  It’s the most self-indulgent, trope-dripping premise I’ve come up with in a while; supernatural college story.  Here we have a scrawny, crunchy little vampire who doesn’t drink blood and doesn’t ever want to, and this super attractive, rich, apparently suave werewolf (he/they pronouns? undecided), her new crush.

It would be a story about like.  So much stuff.  Werewolf college sports.  Discovering people aren’t as suave as you thought, and maybe their parents are also assholes?  And your fellow vampire sorority/fraternity/whatever members might also be.  Supporting each other through life’s bullshit. 

one thing I find fascinating is the concept of art being judged on a skill level but also an emotional level. Sometimes when i’m creating art i’ll forgo technical ability and just ride out the emotion of it, and sometimes i’m not that passionate and I just want to experiment with or improve my technical skill. sometimes it’s both, and i put a lot of thought and effort into the technical to try to express emotion more effectively. emotion and skill aren’t black and white opposites they’re more like relatives, they can be complimentary. idk if im making sense.

the other week i stumbled apon a deviantart gallery that was entirely images of a my little pony oc that was dating twilight sparkle. usually i wouldn’t have been interested because i find hetero ships boring but the guy specifically seemed to be into the idea of his pony self being mpreg with twilight sparkle’s baby. idk why but it struck me as sweet. usually when people pair themselves with female characters they remove all of the character’s agency/uniqueness or they just use them to fulfil some exploitative or derivative Hetero Life Role™ like Subservient Wife or Hot Chick but this guy just really wanted a female character to allow him to experience pregnancy. yea it was weird but it felt very harmlessly self-indulgent and honest and it gave me a positive feeling.

It’s funny what 10 years will do to your art.

This was my first fully digital comic. Clap, please, as this is a “Big Deal” for me. I really like how it turned out, honestly. It looks traditional enough, line wise, for me to be quite happy with it, at least.

And yes, that is the same jacket, 10 years later. Yes, I own a 10 year old jacket, like some sort of drifter.