this is some real shit fanart

”Why do you want them to come out so badly, anyways?“


Repeat after me, hamilton fandom:

I hearby pledge not to condone the actions of the real founding fathers just because i like the characters in the musical.
I promise not to whitewash any character of colour in my fanart or fanfiction.
I will not shit on anyone who says they can’t enjoy Hamilton because the real people and the role they played in e.g. slavery upsets them too much.
I hereby swear to not be a fucking douchebag and respect the creators and actors, fans and not-fans and most of all history.

Why are people such a pain in the ass about things :/

So some fuckin website is selling an old fanart of mine.


Thank you Jordan Fister, Fister of Jordans, you seem like a real stand up dude.

Anyway, I contact the website.

And I get:

UGGHHHH, fine. I’ll go see how to submit a ‘DMCA Takedown Request’. Boy howdy, they are making it difficult.

Let’s Just see what this-

Jesus Christ. Okaaayyy. I’M NOT BUSY OR ANYTHING.

Anyway, I’ve read the fuckin thing and sent another email, adhering to this bulky policy and including my personal address and signature. We’ll see if they give enough of a shit to take it down.

some rando :artist stop drawing people with thicc legs

ok but stop drawing furry shit its gross


FINE but at least just draw more humans and stop doing robots.. its unnatural and robots are so over used now

ok. but for the love of god stop drawing so much fanart. no one is ever going to take you for real if you do

askhdfsafd well at least stop drawing with thicc outlines. it looks so cartoony and unrealistic its so childish 


me the artist: hey so how about fuck all that and i just draw what i want becuase art is a media in which we as artist can draw what makes us happy and enjoy are selfs and not have to pander to what you want becuase your a lil piss baby who dosnt like what i do but instead of blocking me or black listing me or just scrolling past my art like a mature human you shout down my throat what i should be doing in an very agrrisve and unhelpfull way. but hey if you REALLY want to see us doing something then might i show you are commission sheets


lets be real, McCree is the guy that fucks up a shit ton but just goes “oops, sorry ‘bout that” cuz it usually works out anyways.

origianl image: x

Tony is always ready to beat some ass and protect his friends. Even when he was asleep a minute ago. (of course THATS why he is half-naked, thank you)

Happy birthday @acetonystark! Hope you have a wonderful day! (hope it is your birthday in your timezone because in mine it is :D:D)

i just will never get over how back when RPing was huge on tumblr like 2009-2012 nobody batted an eye over their fanart being tagged with/interacted with by people on a daily basis tagging their stuff as me/etc - it was actually a huge source of notes, and we ended up drawing things FOR roleplayers specifically, too, and sometimes even interacting with them on our own art pieces as they complimented how they liked how they looked in it, etc. 

and then all of a sudden some random people online interact with your artwork, give it attention and notes and talk about how good it is, do the EXACT same thing -except they personally relate to the characters enough to identify with them (though let’s be real many people who run dedicated RP blogs oftentimes very much do identify with the character they play on some level), it’s the END OF THE FUCKING WORLD for these people, as if identifying with characters is ~insane~ or ~ridiculous~ when they probably went nuts over some RP blog doing a wink face at them back in 2011. 

like who gives a shit. you obviously are posting fanart because you want people to see it and you want people to appreciate it. there’s nothing inherently wrong with kids identifying with the FANART you create of characters that aren’t even yours, you’re putting it out there, people are being inspired by it in a completely benign and harmless way. get the fuck over yourself and focus on literally anything else that actually matters.

hello new friends! my name is meg, I am a nerd. to quote kix, you chose this. what is this?

  • portland or
    • cracker from saltine grove, oregon. I try not to be a White Person but I am aware this is a work in progress
  • Recovering fundie turned Episcopalian
    • jesus didn’t die so we could be assholes
  • twin
  • works with olds
  • old fat acearo queer
  • depressed/anxious af but dealing
  • she/her or they/them is cool
  • im not real fond of dudes as a species tbh
    • i think some individual ones are cool tho
  • vodka auntie
  • cat AND dog person
  • currently: yuri on ice and nirvana in fire. past/forever fandoms include clamp, fire emblem, kingdom hearts, mcu (specificially captain america), tokusatsu, pokemon, star trek, and shoujo.
  • I have a pretty open transformative policy on my fanwork. You can write remixes, do fanart, or podfic my shit but I do request you send me a link ot it and credit me in the work
  • ask box is open but I may or may not have spoons to answer

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Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the "children" that antis always claim to protect merely speculative(as in i hardly see any real minors/survivors directly benefitting from this kind of activism)? Meanwhile there are living, breathing people/minors even that they interact with and tell to kill themselves. They're favouring /hypothetical/ abuse over real abuse. (sry for English)

I am one of said minors that were told to kill themselves over reblogging some Sh/eith fanart, yes

and the “protecting kids” bs argument kinda died when they asked Josh Keaton if he’d let his kids date adults

Prototype game idea

Get ready because I’m gonna rant a little about the [prototype] game. I only liked the first one ‘cause the second one was shit, as it destroyed the character development from the first game and had a terrible protagonist and plot. I thought that the first game was really shitty as well, as the dialogue and plot line was terribly writen and the characters never seamed real. Some parts were too long, others too short, but I absolutely loved the idea and plot behind the game, the whole Frankenstein’s monster thought it was Frankenstein thing. But when the game/book/anime/film has a good idea but terrible execution, fandom comes to save ya, with mods, fanart and fanfics. I actually started this to share my idea for the remaster of prototype that will never happen. It would be to implement a decision/consequence sistem similar to the Infamous game one ir whatever. Assuming there are 3 factions in the game: infected, blackwatch and civilians (with the marines somewhere between blackwatch and civilians), depending on which you choose to fight more could change the ending. So if, for example, you would destroy all and only blackwatch bases (excluding missions), the infected would take over the city. If you only attacked infected and hives, blackwatch would advance on the red zones only and dissapear afterwards, not nuking the town. If you chose to terrorize civilians, blackwatch would spread bases all over NY and there would be more hives, and, eventually, blackwatch would choose to nuke the town. Different ending would also show up depending on if you chose to go wild and kill as many entities as possible or if you chose kill the minimal (similar to the Dishonored weaper quantity sistem). Idk, this was just an idea, Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading it.

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lol, 'people pay you', that anon was saying as if you would be getting enough money for art. some poeple gotta understand that art is damn expensive in real world. omu taking 30eur for a painting is really being just damn nice to all of us. fanart is cheap for whoever wants to buy but artist gotta spent their time on it. its not like computer does all the shit for them. detail requires more time. time is money. omu you are doing great ily

aye my man. you understand