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coles vs woolies au

so my coles vs woolies au post is suddenly picking up notes again and i just had to share this bcos of woolies’ new campaign 

lance, leaving woolies with allura when keith hands him a piece of fruit

keith: free fruit for any kid shopping with an adult :)
lance: >:Oc 

Lunch Date With Yoongi

A/N: I’m going to attempt to do a thing hope you don’t mind weeeee

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  • lunch dates with yoongi and you wouldn’t be planned.
  • like the two of you would just be sitting on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and legs intertwined, watching tv or just on your phones
  • then your stomach would just start growling
  • he hears and he starts to chuckle
  • you play along, pouting and groaning
  • “i’m so hungryyyyyy!” “Yoongi feed meeee!”
  • “feed yourself i’m busy”
  • “no you’re nottt, you’re just on your phone!”
  • “exactly”
  • you sit and pout some more, trying to think of what you could eat
  • then, a light bulb would go off in your head
  • “you wanna go out to eat?”
  • he doesn’t look up from his phone but he stopped scrolling, so you knew he was considering what you said
  • “maybe…will you drive?”
  • “if you pay”
  • “deal”
  • you jump off the couch and onto your feet
  • “Yayyyy!”
  • he just rolls his eyes
  • but you knew he was also looking forward to it
  • so after chauffeuring yoongi to the restaurant, the two of you would sit down
  • same side of the table, cause you’re both lowkey clingy like that
  • like, yoongi would never admit it, and he’s always saying how “annoying” you are
  • but you know deep down he loves every bit of it
  • he’s the type of bf to always have his hand on your knee, or always has to be holding your hand, or even just sitting super close to you and pressing up against you to the point that he might as well be sitting on your lap
  • but every time you point it out and say how cute it is, he just glares at you
  • “you’re annoying”
  • “you love meee”
  • “no”
  • yet, he never lets go of your hand, or never takes his hand off your knee so??????
  • anyways, the two of you are sitting by eachother, sharing a menu and trying to decide what to order
  • you look over your options, and everything looks so good to you because of how hungry you are
  • “oh, I want that! And that! Oh that looks so good, can we also get that?”
  • “let’s start with one thing each, then we’ll order more”
  • “but im hungryyyy”
  • “stop eating with your eyes”
  • you pout, cause you know he’s right.
  • “fine”
  • he’d nod, keeping his eyes on the menu.
  • so y’all order your food (btw you’d be the one to order, while yoongi nods in approval and simply orders his drink)
  • but you two order your food, and while you’re both waiting, you two would do lowkey super cheesy stuff
  • like you two would play little table games
  • or dare each other to eat a handful of salt
  • or take a shot of hot sauce
  • stupid but cute shit like that
  • if not that, you two would just talk about random stuff
  • “did you do the laundry?”
  • “i thought it was your turn to do it?”
  • “no, It’s my turn to fold this week”
  • “well, shit”
  • yoongi also doesn’t like to admit how much he admires you
  • like you know it, you know he’s lowkey your biggest fan
  • but he doesn’t ever really say it
  • so, one of the things yoongi loves to do, is take candid pics of you.
  • like his phone is filled with them
  • he’ll take one literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • so he’d take a candid of you at the table
  • and then immediately set it as his lockscreen
  • not his wallpaper though, cause that’s a pic of the both of you
  • “did you just take a picture of me?”
  • “no”
  • “yoongi, i see it on your screen”
  • “that’s not you”
  • “what- YOONGI YES IT IS”
  • “no”
  • then you’d start teasing him
  • and say how cute he is
  • “aww yoongi, you’re so sweeettt”
  • “stop”
  • “you’re such a good boyfriendddd”
  • “I know I am, but stop”
  • but you’d ignore him, and just snuggle up to him while he sits there unamused
  • but you know he’s smiling
  • then after a while, your food would arrive
  • you two would eat, mostly in silence cause y’all are hungry
  • one of you might mutter something about how good it is while your mouths are full of food
  • “it’s suh guhd”
  • “huhm?”
  • “i seh it’s suh guhd”
  • “wuh?”
  • then you’d swallow your food, “I said it’s so good”
  • “ohhmmm” he’d say, nodding with food still shoved in his mouth
  • when you’d finish eating, the two of you would skip out on dessert
  • cause 
  • you know
  • dessert’s at home AMIRITE? *WINK WONK*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • and by that I mean you two would go home 
  • change into your super baggy pajama clothes
  • grab that giant tub of ice cream in the freezer
  • two spoons
  • and plop yourselves back onto the couch.
  • after that, the two of you would most likely fall asleep on the couch together from food comas
  • overall you two would just be domestic af
  • but you love it 
  • you love everything about your guys’ relationship
  • the sarcasm, the teasing, and the super lovey dovey shit you two lowkey adore
  • you know, it may not be the most ideal kind of relationship for some people
  • but for you two, its perfect
  • and you guys wouldn’t have it any other way

Thank you guys for reading! I wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon and try this kind of, style, of writing I guess? Idk I just would see other writers doing scenarios and writing them out this way and I thought it was so cool and casual and stuff. Idk, I just wanted to try it out.  Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of writing? Or maybe you absolutely hated it and never want me to write like this again cause I suck? Whatever it is just let me know, lol! Hope you enjoyed! ♡

-Kat ღ

Highschool! Wanna One

Park Woojin
Year: Senior
Class: 4-A
Elective: Audio/Video Production
Club/Team: He’s not necessarily on a sports team but helps from time to time

• A new series and I haven’t even finished my other ones smh
• but I’m obsessed with Wanna One atm so bare with me
• annnyways Park Woojin is a ball of fluff and memes so like yeah stan him
• Park Woojin is a senior in 4-A (*wink-wonk* totally not a reference to PD101) which is the slightly more advanced class
• he ended up getting Audio/Video Production (his 4th choice) because when he was filling out the elective sheet he didn’t remember if he put home economics or Audio/Video Pro. as 3rd (turns out he put home eco. as his 4th oops)
• nonetheless he still tries to have fun in that class because he does enjoy making and editing videos, preferably this segment he starts called self-cam relay like where did that even come from (*wink-wonk*)
• Woojin is also skilled in multiple sports so he can’t really stick to one team but he does often go practice with the soccer, basketball, and volleyball team and help them out at games/tournaments when they need it
• He was interested in the dance club but decided to put it off because he was always so busy with school, friends & family, audio/video pro., and sports he didn’t feel right that he joined a team that promised commitment he couldn’t give
• Throughout his highschool life he’s met some really good friends. They helped him grow and become a more outgoing and social person because when he was freshman he was this Smol Bean trying to get through in life
• during his freshman year he met these 2 seniors who weren’t always “getting along” due to the difference in personalities but you could tell the friendship was strong. Their names were Jaehwan and Daniel.
• Daniel was in the dance team and tried to recruit Woojin but obviously he declined but Daniel took him along anyways (probably got that from his upperclassmen Jimin) and Woojin didn’t end up joining that year but he still managed to go hang out once in a while via Captain Daniel
• he met Jaehwan in the library because he was asking Jaehwan to look up someone’s class, and Jaehwan did so being a library assistant he had access to things like this but the kid Woojin was looking for wasn’t there and he was like “that can’t be, I have his name and grade right here”
• and Jaehwan thinks he’s a lil coo-coo in the brain because like he obviously isn’t in the system but then Daniel comes walking in the library (because he lost his ID, go figure) and is like “[ ]-ssi? You didn’t hear?” and goes off telling Jaehwan and Woojin this bizzar ghost story
• but in the end tells them he was just joking but it still left chills
• in the end Jaehwan take the papers where it’s written the name of the student Woojin needs to find and he’s like “are you kidding me, you spelt the name wrong” and he ends up finding the student and gets his filming done
• so every now and then he’ll stop by to see Jaehwan and like he’ll get annoyed at times because the library is always full of students but it’s Woojin, he’s adorable how can you not
• and there’s times where Daniel’s in there as well so they all kinda just hangout at the desk and it’s nice
• the next year when Jaehwan and Daniel are gone he meets this kid named Park Jihoon because they were put in the same PE Class and he meets him because he accidentally hit him in the head with a dodgeball
• but that’s how they became friends, he took him to the infirmary and had to stay there till he woke up and he did he apologize but like mid apology he was like “I’m so sorry for hurting you I’ll make it up t- hey you know you’re kinda pretty”
• and Jihoon can’t decide if he should be offended or flustered by the comment
• but after the whole dodge ball incident he takes him out for burgers after school and like they chat and find out they have some things in common, like dancing and rap
• “dude, have you always attend this school?” // “yeah I was just really quiet my 1st year… ”
• and like Woojin has always known who Jihoon was like, if he heard his name he could match a face and a class but that was it, but thanks to Jihoon he was able become more social and he made more friends compared to the small bubble he trapped himself freshman year *tears*
• but they become really good friends and meet this freshman named Bae Jinyoung because he took the title of “Prince of the Freshmen” aka Jihoon’s former title (it’s Prince of the Sophomores lol)
• and they find him when he was escaping some fangirls during lunch. He was hiding near the vending machines while Woojin & Jihoon were grabbing drinks and Jinyoung was like “h e l p m e” but they just turned away until Jinyoung actual caught up to them and begged to help him
• and like Jihoon knows the struggle so they end up helping him and became friends in the process and now 10x as much girls flock Jihoon and Jinyoung because of #bromance and Woojin is just like “yo I just wanna eat my sandwich and watch food broadcast so can y'all leave the tabke”
• skip forward to Senior year after he meets Lee Daehwi and Lai Guanlin, two Sophomores he met when he was a Junior and they were Freshmen
• he met Daehwi through Audio/Video Pro. because he had to mentor him through the audio equipment and programs which Daehwi caught on quickly because thank God Woojin was not about to go through the old dusty shelf for the guide books of hell
• and he met Guanlin when he was being flocked by all of the sports teams and Seonho was just like a baby chick flocking to his mother but Woojin mistaked him for a middle schooler
• which granted Seonho the name “byonghari” buts that’s for a different AU
• so how did you get to meet sweet, helpful, athletic, meme Park Woojin?? WELLLLLLLLLLL
• You were asked to run some things to the faculty office meaning you had to cancel your after school plans with your friends because the office is so far from your class and you didn’t want to make your friends wait
• and so you were walking down the hall when you see your classmate Park Woojin hiding behind the vending machine (yes because everyone in this AU hides behind the vending machines, those things are hella warm to be around) and you’re like “tf?” but then you realize he’s hiding because some guys are trying to find him
• they even stop you and ask if you knew where Park Woojin was and as much as you’d like to give away where he was, you don’t and say he might have been called to the councilor’s office again and the two dudes run along
• Woojin comes out from hiding and thanks you and insists he helps you take the stack of papers to the office with you as a way to repay you, but you try to decline he’s already taking the top half from your hands
• and so it’s a lil silent on your way there because he’s still a shy bean so what can you do but he musters the courage to talk to you and ask how your day been and you tell him it went fine. You ask him the same and he goes off about how the basketball team (aka those 2 dudes you saw earlier) keeps trying to get him to join and let’s be honest during PE you’ve seen him play so it’s no wonder they’re trying to kidnap him
• so you continue the conversation about why doesn’t he join. “I guess it’s too much of a hassle to just stick to one sport and practice that same sport all year. I mean I’d like to play other sports like soccer or volleyball.” but that’s understandable since the teachers always ask you to join the event committee but you just don’t want to
• after you’ve took the papers to the faculty office, Woojin offers to walk you home since it’s not safe for someone like you to walk home alone and well you can’t decline since your parents prefer you to walk with someone when going to and from school
• so you let him and you guys talk a little more. About school and your social life because you’re pretty aware of how popular Woojin is. At least with the boys. And let’s face it, you’ve always been sub-consciously watching Woojin but you don’t wanna admit it.
• and mid-conversation his phone goes off and you assume ‘girlfriend’ so you try to tease him about it but he kinda gets flustered and is like “n-no, it’s Park Jihoon. He keeps blowing up my phone.” // “4-B’s Park Jihoon, the schools Prince?”
• and it get’s Woojin a little irritated hearing that title come from your mouth so he abruptly is like “yes, that Jihoon.” and now you feel a lil bad because you can tell he got a little upset so you remember you have this candy your friend gave you so you give it to Woojin
• and it turns out to be his favorite candy and like he get’s excited “really? I can have this?” and you pull out a whole handfull from your bag is like “you can have all of it actually, I don’t really eat this candy.” and Woojin went from upset to lil meme puppy and it’s adorable
• and so from that point on Woojin will say hi to you in the mornings and even come talk to you and every time he does you give him his favorite candy which always makes him happy (*wink wink* not just because it’s his favorite candy)
• and it kinda became a daily thing and sometimes you find yourself at the store and like restocking on the candy which you find a little weird but you don’t question it
• and at first it seems like your friendship is just based off candy but it’s not. Because after you guys exchange numbers he starts texting you, sometimes calling or video chatting you and soon he always finds himself relying on you and you find yourself taking care of him in a way, not like in a motherly way though
• it’s almost like a girlfriend kinda of way and like Jihoon and Jinyoung start to tease him for it and even tell their upperclassmen Daniel and Jaehwan about his new ‘girlfriend’ and Woojin gets extremely flustered and red when he’s trying to say “she’s not my g-girlfriend!” even Daehwi makes fun of him it’s amazing
• but as much Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi, and all of them make fun of him for it, it’s all true. Even your friends see it but you decline the idea because that’s crazy, Woojin is inredibly popular and active why would he like a potato like you but it’s the same on the other side. Why would some as beautiful and intellgent as you like a guy like Woojin who can’t even commit to one thing
• but that’s what you love about him, you like that he’s multi-talented in these areas yet he always stays so humble but also willing to help out with the dance club or the basketball, soccer, volleyball teams and the fact you’re always independent but can let your guard down around the people you care about the most is so enduring and he wants you to do that with him
• is someone cutting onions in this au?? *looks over shoulder* *sees Jinhwan cutting onions so he can put it in his soup to eat*
• but under all that memeiness and active student image, he still has his problems and his struggles and breaks down sometimes which is what he does one night when he’s on the phone with you. He starts pouring out his heart and you listen to every word intently and sincerely and unlike other people who try to interfere, you just give him words of encouragement and understanding and like always there for him if he needs you or anything
• and like in the spur of the moment it kinda just slips out and is like “thanks y/n, that’s why I love you…” there’s silence over the phone and in your head your like “what.the.fuck” and your heart is racing like 1000mph and you’re pretty sure Woojin can hear it over the phone
• but Woojin is too stunned to hear or do anything, but your voice gets through to him and you’re like “wait, repeat that??” and he doesn’t want to so really quickly he’s like “thanksthatswhyiloveyou, goonightseeyoutomorrow” but no, you’re already here might as well just confess too so before he could hang-up your like “Woojin wait”//”Nope, gonna hangup and pretend this is a dream goodnight y/n”
• “Woojin, I love you.” another moment of silence and before you’re like “okay gtg before my heart falls out my throat” he’s like “what?” and in your head its like “what do you mean by what?” 
• Before you could say a word he’s like yelling through the phone like “You mean it? I’m not dreaming??” and you laugh like “no, your not. It’s all very real.” and he gets really excited but you can hear a woman’s voice, his mom’s voice telling him to go to bed so he tells you goodnight etc all that cheesiness you love
• and the next day it’s like nothing ever happened because you guys were practically acting like a couple way before he confessed but now he’s 100x more cheesier than usual and now the boys tease him as much as he is cheesy
• “thanks y/n, I love you” you hear Jihoon mocking Woojn during lunch and you’re laughing at how “on point” his Woojin voice is but you’re also curious so you ask “Wait how did you know what he said?” // “Oh I was staying over that night. Man you should have seen him afterwords he could not stop-” and Woojin stands up to stuff his mouth with melon bread like “AHHAHA FUNNY JIHOON”
• and i’ll leave what he couldn’t stop doing to you imagination ;))) 
• but you guys are super adorable, probably one of the best couples in the senior year because as much as you guys are cheesy, you guys look good together and always trust each other AND DON’T DO PDA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HALL WHERE PPL ARE TRYING TO GET TO CLASS (*coughs* sorry)
• but you guys do have your intimate times and it’s just really soft and enduring and you find out his weakness is being kissed near his nape and behind his ear :’)))))))
• y’alls first date is to the local carnival/festival because that’s where you guys can try all of these really good food and he can win you prizes, make the first day memorable
• meme-couple
• helping him out during audio/video pro. with filming set up and giving him back hugs when editing
• did I mention lots of memes?

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weecest celebrating Memorial Day at Bobby's with some of their high school friends (who DoNt know the winchesters are brothers, wink wonk) (~•3•)~

The small living room was filled with the laughter of teenagers, the strong scent of beer and burgers filling the small room.

“So is Bobby your dad or something” A teenager, Jack, asked.

Everyone stared at Dean Winchester, wondering if the man that had told them they could stay the night at his house while he was out, was in fact Dean’s father. None of them had met Dean’s dad, and Bobby seemed to be the fatherly type.

“Uh, no, he’s just a close friend of my dad who’s letting us stay here while my dad is out on a business trip” Dean explained, glancing over at his younger brother.

Sam was never referred to as Dean’s brother, especially around Dean’s friends. Everyone knew that Sam was Dean’s boyfriend, not his brother, which was probably for the best.

“And your Dad is fine with you having your boyfriend over?” Jack asked, completely amazed with how Dean seemed to have such a cool Dad.

Sam blushed at being called Dean’s “boyfriend”, loving the title that he could never hear when he was with Dad or any of Dad’s friends. Even if he only got to hear it from Dean’s friends every blue moon, it felt amazing.

“He’s pretty much cool with it since Sammy is practically family” Dean winked at Sam, sending butterflies into his brother’s stomach.

His cheeks only seemed to darken more as Dean’s friend made kissing sounds and some rather sexual gestures. There were also a few low moans as well, but Sam wasn’t too sure who had made those sounds.

“That’s for later” Sam blurted, his hands instantly covering his mouth as he realized what he had said.

Dean’s eyes widened as he stared at Sam, his mouth hanging open in shock. Usually it was Dean who made the sexual comments and flirtatious jokes, never Sam.

It even seemed to shock Dean’s friends because they all stopped what they were doing, and stared at Sam with shocked grins.

“Well I hope later comes soon” Dean finally broke the long silence, throwing a suggestive wink at Sam.

What a great impression Sam was making on Dean’s friends.

Preferences: How They React To Pregnancy Scares.

Anakin: Anakin is slightly upset that it was just a scare, but at the same time he’s relieved because he doesn’t feel ready to become a father yet. He talks to you about when you think the right time to have a family with him, and even though you so want it to be now, you tell him not yet so you don’t add more stress onto his shoulders.

Obi-Wan: Obi is glad that it was just a scare, because he doesn’t want people in the council to find out you two are together, it could get him and you into big trouble. You agree to his face and pretend to be relieved but when he leaves you break down in tears wondering if Obi is ashamed of you and doesn’t want a family with you and is blaming the council to make you feel better. 

Darth Maul: Maul is devastated when he finds out it was just a scare. He wanted you so badly to pregnant so he had more of an excuse to stay at home with you and the baby, and also he wanted to start a family with you. Even though he’s a Sith he loves you the world and wants to be like a normal person around you. Its safe to say you keep trying for a baby - if ya know what I mean *wink wonk*

Qui-Gon: Qui-Gon cries. He’s heartbroken that you guys have been trying at least 3 times a day for a baby and yet still nothing. It comes to his attention that either of you may be infertile, or both of you, meaning you cant have kids. Qui-Gon discusses this with you and you both agree to go and see your friend, who specialises in infertility patients. If you are both infertile, you two talk about adoption which you are happy with. However if you both are fertile, you keep on trying.

Luke: Luke mopes around for days on end and cries in his sleep. Luke so badly wants a family with you and when he hears that you might be pregnant it’s the happiest day of his life, but then you had to tell him it was just a false alarm. It breaks your heart to see how his face changed, and how dull his eyes went. You promised that you’d both keep trying, and you promised that one day you would have his children.

Han: Han’s happy. He isn’t exactly father material just yet and he hasn’t matured just yet. You are also happy, knowing that you don’t want a child yet with Han because of the reason he hasn’t matured enough. A part of you is slightly sad, because you were told you might be, and it was like you was grieving for a child you never even had growing inside of you. But nonetheless, you and Han were okay and continued sex as normal, you talked about kids in the future but not just yet and you were both happy with that arrangement.

Darth Vader: He was pissed off. When you told Vader you were having pregnancy symptoms he force choked you a little, just for the reason it clearly wasn’t his. Vader was determined to get the truth out of you that you had cheated on him, but you hadn’t. You were confused yourself when you had the symptoms, you hadn’t been with anyone else since you’ve been with Darth Vader. When it came to light you weren’t pregnant, you hurried to tell Vader, you wore a smile yet your heart had broke. You told Vader and he apologised to you for choking you, but you weren’t really that bothered. Vader had went to see someone about the predicament where he learned that you could become pregnant via Force sex (I DONT KNOW OKAY I’M SORRY BUT YOU NEED TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH THE ORIGINAL FUCK FATHER!). He pulled you to your shared room where he Force fucked you all night in hopes to get you pregnant, he wanted more kids. He’d failed Luke and Leia, and he wasn’t going to fail you and your potential child either.

Kylo: Kylo cried like a punk bitch. Kylo smashed everything up and continuously blamed Supreme Leader Snoke for this. You pulled him close and stroked his hair promising him that it would all be alright, and that they had plenty of time to start a family together. You saying that always soothed Kylo and he’d beg for you never to leave him. You smiled at him and promised you wouldn’t and fell asleep in his arms. Kylo held you protectively all through the night as if  someone were to take you away from him, but when he finally fell asleep and you were still there in the morning he had the biggest smile on his face.

General Hux: Hux was surprisingly sad about it. He had gotten his hopes up that he would be a father so when you told him it was only a scare, he was shattered into a million pieces. He avoided you at all times, he would work late and come back to bed when he knew you was asleep. You got angry he was avoiding you so when you knew he would come back from work you pretended to be asleep. When he lay down next to you, you rolled over a flung an arm over him and started talking to him about how it was breaking your heart. Hux told you he was sorry, but he was really desperate for you to be pregnant, so when you told him he was so sad. You began kissing up his chest where you offered to try for a baby that night. He smirked at you and told you how much he loved you and how lucky he was before you tried for a baby.

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not a request, but I was wondering if you thought a human on the lost light might get touch starved? I started thinking about it, and nobody there size is around to really be near? Would sitting in a giant robot's hand, or trying to hug a minibot, count as "touch"? Or would it not register to their brain? So many questions!

Ooooh!!! This is something I think about a lot actually!! Humans have this thing called ‘skin hunger’ which is why we (generally) need and/or enjoy physical contact from other people so much, whether it’s a simple handshake, a hug, or more… intimate activities *wink wonk*

But yeah, I think a human on the Lost Light would start facing some psychological problems after a while, unless holoforms can mimic the feel of human skin as well as the look, cause while Cybertronians are alive and hanging out with them would fulfill the social communication needs humans have, they are still made of metal and having physical contact might not register like you said. Once Rodimus finds out that physical contact is a real thing humans need, he takes it upon himself as captain to be the Designated Hugger. Except a bunch of other bots get jealous and almost start a riot so Ultra Magnus makes a hug rota. Turns out everyone secretly needs a good hug because they’re all emotionally constipated and just as touch starved as the human on board rip.

New avatar for pride month! 


When contemplating to make a Missandei blog, I was extremely hesitant and nervous. I’d heard horror stories and many negative things about the GOT rp community and I was convinced I’d end up deleting in about a week.

But when I got here, I found that I’ve never been so wrong. I’ve never been so welcomed and accepted like I was here, and everyone was just so lovely and willing to help. And since then it’s been the same, and I’m so glad I decided to make this blog.

Though it doesn’t feel like it, two years is a pretty long time and when I think about it, a lot has happened. I’ve made amazing friends who are some of the most caring, compassionate people I’ve met and hopefully I’ll make a bunch more. I just want you guys to know that I love you all so much, and I want to thank you all for following me and putting up with my shit, whether you’ve been here from the start or just started following me a day ago. I appreciate you all so much <33

Enough of the sappy crap. Now I’m not talented enough to do an icon/theme/graphic giveaway, and I’m too poor to do an item giveaway, which sucks. The only way I can show my appreciation right now is by doing this little bias list, but once I somehow become rich and successful, I’ll buy you all the nice things you deserve. Like a sugar daddy without the naughty stuff (unless you’re into that wink wonk) 

Obviously this list isn’t gonna have all of you on, bc I have no patience and I’m lazy af. But even if you’re not on there, I still have so much love for you. If I follow you, then take that as a sign that I think you’re amazing. Now this list is of people who over the past couple of years I have become friends with, who I admire and respect, who I think are super talented, and some people I either write with a lot or admire from afar. I think you’re all great, and I’m sorry for taking up your dashboards.

Here is to many more years <333

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Have you done of RFA and Unknown with a delinquent MC? Can I request that?  -Anon

Yes, you can! I decided to go with a highschool au for this, but if you didn’t want that I’ll be happy to rewrite!


  • He’s such a good student
  • Nobody had any idea how you and him were friends
  • He was hard working, got good grades, and was an innocent soul
  • You didn’t care so much about your grades, constantly broke rules, and had a rather dirty sense of humor
  • You met him when you got partnered up with him for a project
  • He was intimidated at first
  • but despite your bad habits, you were actually really nice and helped out in the creative aspect of the project
  • Opposites attract, and you guys got along very well ;))
  • He started to loosen up after hanging around you for awhile
  • You were probably the one who introduced him to LOLOL at some point


  • Another top-notch student
  • She was getting picked on one day by some people who wanted to take her homework
  • You happened to be passing by and saw the scene
  • You hated those kids too
  •  So why not drive them off?
  • So you beat them up and gave the girl back her papers
  • “T-thank you. My name is is Jaehee, what’s yours?”
  • “MC.”
  • It went from occasionally sitting with her at lunch to hanging out all the time
  • She helps you out on homework sometimes 
  • Or tutor you
  • Constantly nagging at you to do better


  • Let’s be honest, he’s totally in the same delinquent group as you
  • So you guys had a natural connection
  • You also bonded over the fact that you also didn’t get along with your family
  • The two of you would often ditch class, smoke together, drink, go on rides
  • or go makeout somewhere :^)
  • You were very supportive of his passion of theater and singing though
  • Your gang would attend all of his performances
  • When he dropped out, things got kinda lonely during the school day
  • but you’d still see him often and go on dates like usual
  • He started to slowly become a better person over time so it probably rubbed off on you to become an average student


  • You hated this prestigious private school with a passion
  • Everyone was so snooty and obnoxious
  • You were the type of stereotypical rebellious student who didn’t wear their uniform properly because they just didn’t care about anything
  • Today you had to serve a detention after school
  • but when you walked into the classroom you weren’t expecting to see someone like him sitting there
  • Jumin Han, the uptight, uber-rich kid who never broke rules was serving a detention
  • You both started conversing and you asked how he got in detention
  • “I tried sneaking a cat into school.”
  • You snorted; he actually wasn’t so bad
  • He was also surprised by you; you didn’t try flirting with him or cared that he was the richest kid in school, you treated him like an actual person
  • It wasn’t long until the both became very close (wink wonk)


  • You didn’t know how to describe him
  • He was delinquent-like yet still got good grades
  • The two of you met when you both simultaneously tried to pull the same prank 
  • i.e. both trying to slip exploding paint packets in the principal’s drawer
  • Instead of arguing on who gets to do the prank, you teamed up with him
  • You guys got caught tho
  • So the principal made you and Saeyoung clean his office
  • but you both ended up messing around while doing it
  • The principal didn’t appreciate it and gave detention as extra punishment
  • After that you and him were connected by the hip
  • The prankster couple is what you two’ve become


  • You and him were both 100% rebels, delinquents, troublemakers, whatever
  • Tattoos, smoking, and not giving a damn kind of guys
  • He was unapproachable, angry and hated people
  • but you were his only exception 
  • “Stop looking at me and my girlfriend, bastard” kind of couple
  • In middle school you both were very similar so you both grew accustomed to eachother
  • You both got along just fine (you’re the only person he gets along with tbh)
  • Now here you were in highschool, always ditching classes together
  • and getting into fights
  • and bullying people together
  • What a beautiful relationship

Screenshots from DON’T EAT ME | Little Nightmares Part 3! :D :D :D

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME!!! :D I have no idea what it is I love the art-style and design of it so much. Everything looks so weird, creepy and adorable depending on the character and honestly I love that. ^_^
Also something cool I noticed while watching this video is that this game has these tiny little details for certain things. Like for example there’s a sponge on the ground next to a puddle and Six steps on it and water comes out of it.

Another example is when Six will walk or run through the dish bubbles they’ll get bubbles all over them.

Details like this the developers don’t even need to add but I always really appreciate that they do. It’s great attention to detail and that just makes me love the style of everything in this game so much more too. :)

I love watching Seán play this game too! He seems to love the style as much as I do. xD Even when it’s super tense or he get a little frustrated when the controls go wonk on him he still has so much fun with it and I always love seeing him have genuine fun playing a game. I’m seriously so happy that he started playing this game because I can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to see the next video of this series because I love this game so far and I’m having so much fun watching these videos and experiencing the game with Seán. :D


I just wanna say that OMG BRO YOUR ART IS LIT AF👌
I can’t draw that well buuuut I still hope you would like this present.
(P.S : I might turn it into digital art so I will give it to you when it’s doneeeee :P)
(P.S 3 : I 💖 U)

Anyway this is (again) for u and ur wonderful ask blog *wink wonk*
I love yew 💖

//OMG OMG THIS IS ADORABLE!! I’m so happy you finished this! This turned out so nice!! Thats so nice of you to say thank you! Shush this came out wonderfully!! Thank you so much for sending this in!! <3333 -Mod Evan 

(PS I hope you dont mind I put this all in one post)

(PS Youre fine dude!)

(PS I <3 U 2 )

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I AM SHOOK AND I love Money Shot so much <333 Also, I hate to be THAT person but do you know when the next chapter will be published? I can't wait. However, take care of yourself. Won't mind waiting 5-1162627818227 months for the next chapter ;) wink wonk

Ah thank you. I still can’t believe the response to Money Shot to be honest 😂 and noo sorry I can’t give you an update time frame. I’m focusing on my baby ‘Masquerade’ for a little bit, I feel like I’ve been neglecting it lately so it’s time to put that right.

b.a.p zelo x dog walker au
  • ok so imagine this
  • youre walking down the street tryna get to your mailbox or sth and you got your keys in your hand
  • chillin
  • throwing and catching your keys cause ur Cool Shit™
  • then you drop them
  • go to pick them up but when you look back up you come face to face with this tiny little ball of FLUFF with eyes
  • no thats not junhong just wait
  • you follow the lil pup’s leash up to the hand of his owner
  • then your eyes make their way up from the hand to the face and wow
    that was a long look how tall is this guy
  • you finally stand up cause u realize u’ve been staring at this random guy from the ground w his dog smelling your face
  • and wow why is he still so tall
  • “sry!!! sry sry sry im sorry omg he’s just a pup did he bite u???”
  • the big pup picks up the lil pup and holds him close
  • meanwhile ur still in shock cause wow Cute Tall Boy
  • but also why does Cute Tall Boy have such a smol pup something doesnt add up
  • hes still asking if youre ok and finally ur like “I LOVE DOGS DONT WORRY” but like a lot more excited than u should be bc its not just the dog that u like wink wonk ;);););)
  • u kinda gesture to the lil pup and the big pup nods and hes like “yeye pet him!!!! careful tho he bites omg”
  • you start petting the lil pup and he nibbles your hand a bit but it just tickles and u kinda giggle
  • you look up at Cute Tall Boy and oh man he’s staring r i g h t a t m e
  • Cute Tall Boy becomes Nervous Tall Boy and looks everywhere he can except you
  • i mean u saw him lookin @ u so ur basically doing the exact same thing now
  • you do that cheesy thing where u both look at each other from like the cORNERS OF UR EYES
  • he kinda giggles and ur like alright sold
  • u realize that u have basically learned nothing abt each other in this span of 3 minutes of admiring lil pup (and big pup) so you finally ask “whats his name”
  • he responds “junhong” and ur like “omg thats cute hi junhong”
  • then Cute Tall Boy responds “hi” and then realizes what have i done
  • you look up at him all confused bc theres no way in hell ur looking d o w n
  • “omg dont worry!!!!!! both cute names!!!!! hi mochii!!!” u start petting lil pup mochii
  • then u look up again and cause ur so good with the boyz
  • “hi junhong” hold out ur hand like its a business meeting “nice to meet you I’m _____”
  • Nervous Tall Junhong shakes your hand and smiles the most innocent and awkward smile you’ve ever seen
  • u realize that ur keys are still in your other hand and ur like “oh ya mailbox”
  • junhong speaks up right as you start to inch around him eXTREMELY SLOWLY cause u know this boy needs time to prepare himself to SPEAK
  • “wait you live around here??”
  • “ye”
  • “me too”
  • and the rest is history sry this was so gross omg follow 4 more fluff

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of course it's dramionarry for the OT3 prompts *wink wonk* could u please do one of them in a haunted mansion? maybe with someone saying "still an upgrade from grimmauld place" thank u

“I can’t believe we’re stuck in a bloody Muggle haunted house.”

Hermione rolled her eyes at Draco’s dramatic antics. “Would you relax? They’ll let us out in a minute, it’s just a minor electrical issue.”

“It’s very creepy,” Harry mentioned, shuddering. 

Draco looked around and then shrugged. “Still better than Grimmauld Place.”

Harry sent him a death glare while Hermione snorted. 

“Well, looks like we have some time to kill. What do you want to do?“ 

Harry smiled suggestively and Hermione blushed. "Harry!" 

"Who would have thought that Potter was such a pervert?” Draco said, a devilish smirk on his lips. 

“Right.” Harry stepped closer to him. “Like you wouldn’t do it.”

Draco turned to face Harry, their noses inches apart. “Maybe. If you dared me to do it.”

“Are you daring me to dare you to do it?” Harry’s eyes flickered to Draco’s lips and Hermione knew them well enough to know what was going to happen next.  

“Boys,” she called, stepping in between them. “I don’t think we actually have enough time for that.”

“So what do you suggest?" 


"No, no, no!” Harry said from his spot on the floor. “The correct answer is clearly to fuck Cedric, marry Fleur, and kill Viktor,” he argued like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Draco shook his head. “That’s because you fancied Cedric. Though, I can’t decide if i would kill him or Fleur, but definitely not Krum!”

“For the record, let me just express one more time how inappropriate this is,” Hermione said, earning an eye-roll from Draco. “But he’s right, how can you kill Viktor?”

Draco smiled triumphantly and was about to gloat before Harry interrupted.

“Okay, alright. How about Pansy, Theo, and Blaise?" 

"Now, this is inappropriate,” Draco complained.

“Fuck Pansy, marry Theo, and too bad for Blaise.” Hermione shrugged while the other two stared at her.

“What?” Harry all but shouted. “Have you seen Blaise?”

Draco laughed. “Do you think other people play this game about us?”

Hermione and Harry looked thoughtful. Finally, she spoke. “If they do, I never want to find out.”

“Me neither,” Harry said. “Don’t need to know who would kill me. Though, it’d be interesting to know who would want to marry me if I wasn’t marrying you two.”

Draco and Hermione looked at each other briefly before looking at Harry, who seemed confused. “What?”

“We’re getting married?” Draco said, his voice a bit rough.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean like…” Harry trailed off, looking at the both of them with panic. “I was just saying that, not now, but in the future…I mean, maybe, you know?”

Hermione smiled and turned to face Draco. “Did he just propose to us in a haunted house?”

“I think he did,” Draco answered, smirking and ignoring the way Harry was shaking his head.

“Should we accept?” she asked, leaning into Draco conspiratorially.

“I don’t know…” Draco tapped his chin in mock thought. “I don’t see any rings.”

“Very funny,” Harry commented, crossing his arms over his chest.

In that moment the lights came back and the mechanical doors opened. Harry was the first to stand up. 

“Wait,” Hermione got quickly to her feet and  grabbed him by the arm. “While I don’t think we’ll be able to get legitimately married, my answer is yes.”

Draco stood up. “Me too.”

“You know I wasn’t-” Harry’s words were abruptly cut short when Draco kissed him. 

“I always imagined Hermione would be the one to ask us to marry,” Draco said right after breaking the kiss. 

Harry started again. “I didn’t-” This time Hermione kissed him. 

“Can’t believe we’re engaged!” She grinned and offered her arm for him to take while Draco took her other side. 

Harry smiled, looking at the two happy faces in front of him. 

“Me neither."