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I find it funny how people will sexualize tf outta Jimin and Taehyung, but will deny that Kookie is even remotely interested in anything other than video games. Like, he's only one year younger. There are several pics of him with hickies and evidence of him having a gf. The boy is fucking lol.

*Cough* With Taehyung *cough*

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Jealous bby missed his daddys attention T^T

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He didn’t even move his hand away from his crotch area

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And that face says he likey likey if ya know what I’m saying

They always so close to each other as well!!

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The after sex position
Why they still have clothes? Don’t question it.

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Slyly glancing at the golden booty

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Kook always tryna make out!

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Jungkook’s expression is clearly like that cos he can feel Tae’s boner poking him

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I’ll stop now.

But yea, he’s definitely not innocent cos him and Tae are doing the wink wonk ;)

So, about Mark’s new car…

I’m not gonna lie, when I woke up this morning, I was a bit ecstatic. Today was the DAY. October 23rd, the date set in stone. The day Mark promised (wink wonk) he’d be back. And, I was hoping, with answers for all of us about WKM!

But that’s not the case, is it?

When I first watched Mark’s video this morning (or, yesterday, more like, since it’s nearly four f*ckin’ AM as I type this) I just thought Mark Fischbach was back in all his goofy glory, ready to present us with this so-called ‘new content’ he’s kept mentioning. But now, watching it again, my theory nerves are still tingling…

First of all– and yes, I know there’s been posts about this one already, but for those who haven’t seen– take a look at Mark’s starting pose from the video today.

Tell me now, does that pose remind you of something?

Or, more specifically… someone?

Because it should.

I won’t dwell too long on this point since it’s already been mentioned a few times here, but… it’s gotten me thinking.

Next up we have that flashy high-roller dream sequence, starring Mark’s new wheels:

Are those colors around Mark familiar to you? Also– did you notice that the flashy effects were the same glowy effects from a certain, I dunno, drunk sequence?

Because I happen to recall the time 1:30 AM flashing with those same effects.

Besides that (and the uncanny way the video was FILMED, thanks for that Mark) there’s one more thing that strikes me as suspicious…

Why? Why is Mark even doing this?

Because I’m not buying that “4-hour drive to Cracker Barrel any time we want” junk.

Someone buying a used vehicle (a white van, no less) from someone they don’t know over the span of less than 24 hours…

To me, that sounds like an escape vehicle. An escape vehicle that criminal doesn’t want authorities to be able to use to track him down. Yeah, that’s right, Mark. I’ve watched National Treasure.

And not to mention, that whole “RESPEC” thing? The fact that Mark’s initial thought was to get a vehicle others would respect, rather than that whole Cracker Barrel nonsense?

Hmm, I wonder who else demands respect?

Someone who, perhaps, has been pushed aside… replaced… mocked?

That whole “RESPEC” thing– nope. I’m not buying it.

Because it sounds to me like a certain somebody has taken control of Mark, is pretending to be as stupid as he assumes him to be, and is now planning his escape with a vehicle that can’t be tracked to him.

Stay paranoid, my friends.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mark’s not quite done with us yet…

Sharp was the crown upon his head

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Royalty!Au / Angst / Fluff 

Rated T for future mentions of war and mature themes

Word count: 2.9k

Synopsis:  Everyone is against the infatuation the prince has for you: your mind is just too sharp, too sly, too free - nothing appropriate for a woman. Still, Jimin finds beauty in your gentle soul, and he’s more than willing to hide your secret meetings to the world if that means having your love.

⤷or: Like fire and honey are your kisses against his lips; and for them Jimin is ready to fight the whole world with his heart on his sleeve. 

Author’s note: I really couldn’t help but put just a tiny tiny bit of angst, nothing too heavy tho, I swear. So, this is just the prologue, to give you all a lil taste of what’s coming *wink wonk*


You still remember it, as clear as the sun will ever be – the day you first saw Jimin. It was a day of late Spring and beautifully the light was getting lost in the golden of his hair, in the tangerine of his lips.

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coles vs woolies au

so my coles vs woolies au post is suddenly picking up notes again and i just had to share this bcos of woolies’ new campaign 

lance, leaving woolies with allura when keith hands him a piece of fruit

keith: free fruit for any kid shopping with an adult :)
lance: >:Oc 

Preferences: How They React To Pregnancy Scares.

Anakin: Anakin is slightly upset that it was just a scare, but at the same time he’s relieved because he doesn’t feel ready to become a father yet. He talks to you about when you think the right time to have a family with him, and even though you so want it to be now, you tell him not yet so you don’t add more stress onto his shoulders.

Obi-Wan: Obi is glad that it was just a scare, because he doesn’t want people in the council to find out you two are together, it could get him and you into big trouble. You agree to his face and pretend to be relieved but when he leaves you break down in tears wondering if Obi is ashamed of you and doesn’t want a family with you and is blaming the council to make you feel better. 

Darth Maul: Maul is devastated when he finds out it was just a scare. He wanted you so badly to pregnant so he had more of an excuse to stay at home with you and the baby, and also he wanted to start a family with you. Even though he’s a Sith he loves you the world and wants to be like a normal person around you. Its safe to say you keep trying for a baby - if ya know what I mean *wink wonk*

Qui-Gon: Qui-Gon cries. He’s heartbroken that you guys have been trying at least 3 times a day for a baby and yet still nothing. It comes to his attention that either of you may be infertile, or both of you, meaning you cant have kids. Qui-Gon discusses this with you and you both agree to go and see your friend, who specialises in infertility patients. If you are both infertile, you two talk about adoption which you are happy with. However if you both are fertile, you keep on trying.

Luke: Luke mopes around for days on end and cries in his sleep. Luke so badly wants a family with you and when he hears that you might be pregnant it’s the happiest day of his life, but then you had to tell him it was just a false alarm. It breaks your heart to see how his face changed, and how dull his eyes went. You promised that you’d both keep trying, and you promised that one day you would have his children.

Han: Han’s happy. He isn’t exactly father material just yet and he hasn’t matured just yet. You are also happy, knowing that you don’t want a child yet with Han because of the reason he hasn’t matured enough. A part of you is slightly sad, because you were told you might be, and it was like you was grieving for a child you never even had growing inside of you. But nonetheless, you and Han were okay and continued sex as normal, you talked about kids in the future but not just yet and you were both happy with that arrangement.

Darth Vader: He was pissed off. When you told Vader you were having pregnancy symptoms he force choked you a little, just for the reason it clearly wasn’t his. Vader was determined to get the truth out of you that you had cheated on him, but you hadn’t. You were confused yourself when you had the symptoms, you hadn’t been with anyone else since you’ve been with Darth Vader. When it came to light you weren’t pregnant, you hurried to tell Vader, you wore a smile yet your heart had broke. You told Vader and he apologised to you for choking you, but you weren’t really that bothered. Vader had went to see someone about the predicament where he learned that you could become pregnant via Force sex (I DONT KNOW OKAY I’M SORRY BUT YOU NEED TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH THE ORIGINAL FUCK FATHER!). He pulled you to your shared room where he Force fucked you all night in hopes to get you pregnant, he wanted more kids. He’d failed Luke and Leia, and he wasn’t going to fail you and your potential child either.

Kylo: Kylo cried like a punk bitch. Kylo smashed everything up and continuously blamed Supreme Leader Snoke for this. You pulled him close and stroked his hair promising him that it would all be alright, and that they had plenty of time to start a family together. You saying that always soothed Kylo and he’d beg for you never to leave him. You smiled at him and promised you wouldn’t and fell asleep in his arms. Kylo held you protectively all through the night as if  someone were to take you away from him, but when he finally fell asleep and you were still there in the morning he had the biggest smile on his face.

General Hux: Hux was surprisingly sad about it. He had gotten his hopes up that he would be a father so when you told him it was only a scare, he was shattered into a million pieces. He avoided you at all times, he would work late and come back to bed when he knew you was asleep. You got angry he was avoiding you so when you knew he would come back from work you pretended to be asleep. When he lay down next to you, you rolled over a flung an arm over him and started talking to him about how it was breaking your heart. Hux told you he was sorry, but he was really desperate for you to be pregnant, so when you told him he was so sad. You began kissing up his chest where you offered to try for a baby that night. He smirked at you and told you how much he loved you and how lucky he was before you tried for a baby.

voltron headcanons

So, me and my lil sis were talking and we got on the subject of voltron aus. Specifically dj/band/performers. 

  • Lance would be the lead singer, with Allura and (occasionally Hunk for deeper notes) as vocals and all that jazz.
    • he was the one who started the band and got all that members to cooperate -coughkeithcough-
    • loves practicing, but complains the most about it
    • bffls w/hunky monkey and sharing an apartment with him
    • bi and proud 
    • really good at leaving dirty socks in the studio
    • sings Cuban songs in the shower (really loudly. there have been sound complaints.)
    • good mix of fabulous, extra, random, funny, and weird 
    • really into camp camp. he and Keith can sing the whole opening song. yes, even the last part
  • pidge plays keyboard and guitar.
    • 14, the baby of the bunch 
    • they started keyboard as a dare from Matt, but soon got really invested (they were $40 richer that day) 
    •  They have done the guitar smash thing more than once, all having something to do with Lance, be it a dare or pure frustration
    • non-binary pal
    • They hacked Keith’s phone once. Unfortunately for them, they succeed. the first thing they saw on his search history was ‘why isn’t 11 pronounced ‘onety one’?’ then ‘can Jesus microwave a burrito?’
  • Keith plays drums LIKE A BOSS 
    • 18
    • he started drumming to impress cute boys. the good thing? a cute boy DID notice. That boy was lance. The down side? Lance has seen him cry because he saw a crack in the cement that looked like a sad face.
    • small, gay, and ready to play
    • did the ba dum chss thing in middle/high school every time Allura/Lance’s voice had cracked while practicing
    • ALL the bad music tastes. yes, country included 
    • the king of 1 o’clock google searches 
    • apartment buddies with pidge
    • emo, but not???
    • Shiro’s lil bro 
    • he and Lance were once Max and David (camp camp) for Halloween. You can guess who was who
    • from Korea, but has the tiniest of southern accents?? like, lance is still so ??? about it


wink wonk

Lunch Date With Yoongi

A/N: I’m going to attempt to do a thing hope you don’t mind weeeee

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  • lunch dates with yoongi and you wouldn’t be planned.
  • like the two of you would just be sitting on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and legs intertwined, watching tv or just on your phones
  • then your stomach would just start growling
  • he hears and he starts to chuckle
  • you play along, pouting and groaning
  • “i’m so hungryyyyyy!” “Yoongi feed meeee!”
  • “feed yourself i’m busy”
  • “no you’re nottt, you’re just on your phone!”
  • “exactly”
  • you sit and pout some more, trying to think of what you could eat
  • then, a light bulb would go off in your head
  • “you wanna go out to eat?”
  • he doesn’t look up from his phone but he stopped scrolling, so you knew he was considering what you said
  • “maybe…will you drive?”
  • “if you pay”
  • “deal”
  • you jump off the couch and onto your feet
  • “Yayyyy!”
  • he just rolls his eyes
  • but you knew he was also looking forward to it
  • so after chauffeuring yoongi to the restaurant, the two of you would sit down
  • same side of the table, cause you’re both lowkey clingy like that
  • like, yoongi would never admit it, and he’s always saying how “annoying” you are
  • but you know deep down he loves every bit of it
  • he’s the type of bf to always have his hand on your knee, or always has to be holding your hand, or even just sitting super close to you and pressing up against you to the point that he might as well be sitting on your lap
  • but every time you point it out and say how cute it is, he just glares at you
  • “you’re annoying”
  • “you love meee”
  • “no”
  • yet, he never lets go of your hand, or never takes his hand off your knee so??????
  • anyways, the two of you are sitting by eachother, sharing a menu and trying to decide what to order
  • you look over your options, and everything looks so good to you because of how hungry you are
  • “oh, I want that! And that! Oh that looks so good, can we also get that?”
  • “let’s start with one thing each, then we’ll order more”
  • “but im hungryyyy”
  • “stop eating with your eyes”
  • you pout, cause you know he’s right.
  • “fine”
  • he’d nod, keeping his eyes on the menu.
  • so y’all order your food (btw you’d be the one to order, while yoongi nods in approval and simply orders his drink)
  • but you two order your food, and while you’re both waiting, you two would do lowkey super cheesy stuff
  • like you two would play little table games
  • or dare each other to eat a handful of salt
  • or take a shot of hot sauce
  • stupid but cute shit like that
  • if not that, you two would just talk about random stuff
  • “did you do the laundry?”
  • “i thought it was your turn to do it?”
  • “no, It’s my turn to fold this week”
  • “well, shit”
  • yoongi also doesn’t like to admit how much he admires you
  • like you know it, you know he’s lowkey your biggest fan
  • but he doesn’t ever really say it
  • so, one of the things yoongi loves to do, is take candid pics of you.
  • like his phone is filled with them
  • he’ll take one literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • so he’d take a candid of you at the table
  • and then immediately set it as his lockscreen
  • not his wallpaper though, cause that’s a pic of the both of you
  • “did you just take a picture of me?”
  • “no”
  • “yoongi, i see it on your screen”
  • “that’s not you”
  • “what- YOONGI YES IT IS”
  • “no”
  • then you’d start teasing him
  • and say how cute he is
  • “aww yoongi, you’re so sweeettt”
  • “stop”
  • “you’re such a good boyfriendddd”
  • “I know I am, but stop”
  • but you’d ignore him, and just snuggle up to him while he sits there unamused
  • but you know he’s smiling
  • then after a while, your food would arrive
  • you two would eat, mostly in silence cause y’all are hungry
  • one of you might mutter something about how good it is while your mouths are full of food
  • “it’s suh guhd”
  • “huhm?”
  • “i seh it’s suh guhd”
  • “wuh?”
  • then you’d swallow your food, “I said it’s so good”
  • “ohhmmm” he’d say, nodding with food still shoved in his mouth
  • when you’d finish eating, the two of you would skip out on dessert
  • cause 
  • you know
  • dessert’s at home AMIRITE? *WINK WONK*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • and by that I mean you two would go home 
  • change into your super baggy pajama clothes
  • grab that giant tub of ice cream in the freezer
  • two spoons
  • and plop yourselves back onto the couch.
  • after that, the two of you would most likely fall asleep on the couch together from food comas
  • overall you two would just be domestic af
  • but you love it 
  • you love everything about your guys’ relationship
  • the sarcasm, the teasing, and the super lovey dovey shit you two lowkey adore
  • you know, it may not be the most ideal kind of relationship for some people
  • but for you two, its perfect
  • and you guys wouldn’t have it any other way

Thank you guys for reading! I wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon and try this kind of, style, of writing I guess? Idk I just would see other writers doing scenarios and writing them out this way and I thought it was so cool and casual and stuff. Idk, I just wanted to try it out.  Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of writing? Or maybe you absolutely hated it and never want me to write like this again cause I suck? Whatever it is just let me know, lol! Hope you enjoyed! ♡

-Kat ღ

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not a request, but I was wondering if you thought a human on the lost light might get touch starved? I started thinking about it, and nobody there size is around to really be near? Would sitting in a giant robot's hand, or trying to hug a minibot, count as "touch"? Or would it not register to their brain? So many questions!

Ooooh!!! This is something I think about a lot actually!! Humans have this thing called ‘skin hunger’ which is why we (generally) need and/or enjoy physical contact from other people so much, whether it’s a simple handshake, a hug, or more… intimate activities *wink wonk*

But yeah, I think a human on the Lost Light would start facing some psychological problems after a while, unless holoforms can mimic the feel of human skin as well as the look, cause while Cybertronians are alive and hanging out with them would fulfill the social communication needs humans have, they are still made of metal and having physical contact might not register like you said. Once Rodimus finds out that physical contact is a real thing humans need, he takes it upon himself as captain to be the Designated Hugger. Except a bunch of other bots get jealous and almost start a riot so Ultra Magnus makes a hug rota. Turns out everyone secretly needs a good hug because they’re all emotionally constipated and just as touch starved as the human on board rip.

Boyfriend!Jackson Wang

~Non requested scenario~

Heres part 3 of the Boyfriend!Got7 series I started. I’m not sure when this will be posted as I am going on holiday soon but after this is posted the other boys will soon follow but if anyone has any requests or asks don’t be afraid to send some in xx

Love you all and stay safe <3


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His smile gives me happiness

How you guys met and started dating

  • We all know Jackson is a social butterfly
  • but around the girls he likes he just sprints away
  • and in an interview one time h had mentioned that you were one of the idols that fit is ideal type
  • but he never expected to meet you like actually have to interact with you
  • so when JYP announced tht yall would be doing a showtime together
  • he was like oh shit
  • and you were like oh shit cuz wild and sexy Jackson Wang said you were his ideal type and !!!!!!
  • literally when he saw you he giggled and ran behind JB
  • but it was cute asf
  • later on like in a couple of days yall would be practically best friends
  • he’s super coonfusing like one minute he couldn’t even look at you without giggling and hiding behind someone
  • but all of a sudden yall are having like hour long converstaion about pasta or some shit
  • he’s already given you a cute nickname and you’ve given him his
  • he calls you for everyting like if he has put on a cute animal face mask or something he facetimes you
  • or if he just wants to talk or to get you to hang out with him
  • its cute tbh
  • and you get butterflies everytime you hear his deep voice
  • you’re the only one that can make him smile over nothing
  • like he could just hear your name a visibly melt into a puddle of happiness
  • before you guys even start dating skinship would be a lot
  • but not over excessive
  • he just likes cuddles okay
  • but both of you know you like eachother
  • like he would be like i’m not even touching you why are you blushing
  • with a teasing smile
  • would probably trick you into confessing to him
  • like cuz he’s to nervous to do it himself
  • so he’d confess in a way without acc confessing
  • but you know what he’s trying to do cuz he isn’t that subtle tbh
  • and when you confess he’s just like AHHHHHHHH i knew you liked me AHHAHAH
  • but just let him have his moment
  • yall would cuddle the whole day after that tho
  • he wouldn’t even let you kiss him cuz “its too soon”
  • and “he wants it to be special”
  • but like 10 mins after that yall are making out whoops

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Have you done of RFA and Unknown with a delinquent MC? Can I request that?  -Anon

Yes, you can! I decided to go with a highschool au for this, but if you didn’t want that I’ll be happy to rewrite!


  • He’s such a good student
  • Nobody had any idea how you and him were friends
  • He was hard working, got good grades, and was an innocent soul
  • You didn’t care so much about your grades, constantly broke rules, and had a rather dirty sense of humor
  • You met him when you got partnered up with him for a project
  • He was intimidated at first
  • but despite your bad habits, you were actually really nice and helped out in the creative aspect of the project
  • Opposites attract, and you guys got along very well ;))
  • He started to loosen up after hanging around you for awhile
  • You were probably the one who introduced him to LOLOL at some point


  • Another top-notch student
  • She was getting picked on one day by some people who wanted to take her homework
  • You happened to be passing by and saw the scene
  • You hated those kids too
  •  So why not drive them off?
  • So you beat them up and gave the girl back her papers
  • “T-thank you. My name is is Jaehee, what’s yours?”
  • “MC.”
  • It went from occasionally sitting with her at lunch to hanging out all the time
  • She helps you out on homework sometimes 
  • Or tutor you
  • Constantly nagging at you to do better


  • Let’s be honest, he’s totally in the same delinquent group as you
  • So you guys had a natural connection
  • You also bonded over the fact that you also didn’t get along with your family
  • The two of you would often ditch class, smoke together, drink, go on rides
  • or go makeout somewhere :^)
  • You were very supportive of his passion of theater and singing though
  • Your gang would attend all of his performances
  • When he dropped out, things got kinda lonely during the school day
  • but you’d still see him often and go on dates like usual
  • He started to slowly become a better person over time so it probably rubbed off on you to become an average student


  • You hated this prestigious private school with a passion
  • Everyone was so snooty and obnoxious
  • You were the type of stereotypical rebellious student who didn’t wear their uniform properly because they just didn’t care about anything
  • Today you had to serve a detention after school
  • but when you walked into the classroom you weren’t expecting to see someone like him sitting there
  • Jumin Han, the uptight, uber-rich kid who never broke rules was serving a detention
  • You both started conversing and you asked how he got in detention
  • “I tried sneaking a cat into school.”
  • You snorted; he actually wasn’t so bad
  • He was also surprised by you; you didn’t try flirting with him or cared that he was the richest kid in school, you treated him like an actual person
  • It wasn’t long until the both became very close (wink wonk)


  • You didn’t know how to describe him
  • He was delinquent-like yet still got good grades
  • The two of you met when you both simultaneously tried to pull the same prank 
  • i.e. both trying to slip exploding paint packets in the principal’s drawer
  • Instead of arguing on who gets to do the prank, you teamed up with him
  • You guys got caught tho
  • So the principal made you and Saeyoung clean his office
  • but you both ended up messing around while doing it
  • The principal didn’t appreciate it and gave detention as extra punishment
  • After that you and him were connected by the hip
  • The prankster couple is what you two’ve become


  • You and him were both 100% rebels, delinquents, troublemakers, whatever
  • Tattoos, smoking, and not giving a damn kind of guys
  • He was unapproachable, angry and hated people
  • but you were his only exception 
  • “Stop looking at me and my girlfriend, bastard” kind of couple
  • In middle school you both were very similar so you both grew accustomed to eachother
  • You both got along just fine (you’re the only person he gets along with tbh)
  • Now here you were in highschool, always ditching classes together
  • and getting into fights
  • and bullying people together
  • What a beautiful relationship

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Are you still doing commisions?

Hm yea’ but i won’t work on it in priority anymoar.( ꒪u꒪)ノ

Like, it might takes moar time than usual bc i’m workin’ again on S&P .

I’m still open tho’ so if ppl wants anythin’. Just ask meh!//winky wonk//

Spooky Day 9

This is sooo late I tried I swear but I’ve been really really busy don’t hate me. Totally not writing these because I just made pumpkin bread and self projection is key what

Baking Pumpkin Bread With Evan

- Idk if I’ve established this yet or not but Evan Hansen is a fantastic baker

- A m a z i n g

- And oh man does this boy love his pumpkin spice

- Don’t get me wrong he hates coffee it makes me way too anxious

- But this boy will consume any and every pumpkin spice item in sight I swear

- He loves fall for this reason

- And I’m not just talking the normal stuff

- I’m saying pumpkin spice cookies, milk, whipped cream, ice cream everything

- If he can find any weird pumpkin stuff he’ll buy it without hesitation

- Okay I got carried away back to baking

- So of course Evan is all about baking with pumpkin

- And of course he invites you to come over and bake with him

- And o f c o u r s e you say yes

- He’s got a recipe all ready

- Plus all the ingredients out before you get there

- He’s super organized

- Pretty adorable and humble about it too

- Not gonna lie he could make them way quicker on his own but he wants to do it with you

- He basically does everything anyways but it’s the thought that counts

- He let you measure the flour and you got it all over your hands

- So you decided to wipe a little bit on his nose

- And then you kissed it and got flour on your lips

- Evan thought it was the cutest thing ever

- So he kissed you

- Then you literally covered your lips in flour and giggled saying “wanna do that again”

- You had to take a break then (if you know what I mean wink wonk)

- He still took over afterwards

- The entire kitchen smelled amazing because it smelled like pumpkin and spices

- You kept trying to steal kisses from Evan and he kept getting really flustered and saying “babe we gotta finish baking”

- It would have taken him 20 minutes to prepare but it took you guys almost an hour

- You also his a few ingredients from him to mess with him

- He couldn’t even get annoyed though

- While it was baking you put on music and had a kitchen dance party

- Adorable

- Finally when they were done Evan got so excited taking the pumpkin bread out he almost dropped the tray because wow you two made this together

- He thought it was amazing

- You were too eager to let it cool

- After like five minutes to cut out a piece and despite Evan’s warnings are it

- It completely burned your mouth

- Evan giggled at your face when you did it

- You decided to wait for it to cool after that and then Evan cut you a piece and you cut him one and did that cute thing where you fed it to each other

- You know the thing

- The kitchen was a total mess btw

- Mainly because of you

- But Evan was okay with that because he had so much fun and he invited you to bake whenever you wanted

- You two made a pumpkin pie next week


“Coup De Foudre”

 …Not exactly love at first sight but still a grand moment that would spark the beginning of something potentially beautiful and true…

Inspired by the infamous Umbrella scene from Miraculous Origins Part II.
You know the one *wink**wonk*

The completed version of the PLAKKI art that I teased earlier this week. Can’t call myself a full-fledged PLAKKI artist (or Cheesecake as all the hip-hopping youngsters call ‘em these days. Calling this ship PLAKKI makes me feel kinda old school. I need to get with the times) without doing a cutie kwami twosome version based off that particular scene. Not as doki doki as the original but still forever cute ♥

Never has an umbrella and a little rain shower been so significant.

In case you folks can’t tell (Cause my magical arting skills are wicked like that) this piece is completely lineless. I was originally going to include lineart in this piece with a little soft gradient shading but then at the last minute I decided to in a different direction and try something new with these two for a change. In the past, I’ve painted PLAKKI in digital watercolour or soft gradient shading or a nice obscure blend of the two. But this is my first time going completely lineless and the results are well…surprisingly nice.

I ♥ trying different ways to paint my art so my fanart of these two cuties are no exception.

While I’m not sure whether I’d actually attempt this style again for future Cheesecake art (probably; probably not; this surprisingly took me quite some time to finish paint so I’m not sure. However knowing me, I might challenge myself at it again); nonetheless I’m quite satisfied with the end results especially with the colours and how the rain turned out! So many rain droplets!  
And I pray for what it’s worth that all my peeps, peepettes, fellow miraculers and PLAKKI Cheesecake lovers, enjoy this piece as well. Enjoy the art m’friends and please, reblog it around. It will make me very happy if you do! ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

And if you enjoyed this piece, I’ve got more so feel free to check out my other Miraculous fanart too. Until next time, ciao for now peeps!

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)


I just wanna say that OMG BRO YOUR ART IS LIT AF👌
I can’t draw that well buuuut I still hope you would like this present.
(P.S : I might turn it into digital art so I will give it to you when it’s doneeeee :P)
(P.S 3 : I 💖 U)

Anyway this is (again) for u and ur wonderful ask blog *wink wonk*
I love yew 💖

//OMG OMG THIS IS ADORABLE!! I’m so happy you finished this! This turned out so nice!! Thats so nice of you to say thank you! Shush this came out wonderfully!! Thank you so much for sending this in!! <3333 -Mod Evan 

(PS I hope you dont mind I put this all in one post)

(PS Youre fine dude!)

(PS I <3 U 2 )