this is so wonk but i still like it

SO a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an otome cd called Enemy Coupling and this one character got me so ?? ??? ?


I’m crying he looks so beautiful. Not to mention:

  • he looks EXACTLY like my baby Saeyoung
  • behaves very similarly to him
  • and sounds the way I imagine Saeyoung would (not complaining about his korean voice tho, its still sexy af)
  • also he dirty whispers into your ears with the sultriest voice its eargasmic

He’s basically Saeyoung Choi but Japanese, a cat, younger and on a r18 level. *wink wonk*  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyone who’s a Seven trash, come sin with me.

foxybitchworld  asked:

Do you still take requests? If so, maybe anything cutesy Tavros? Or Kurloz. Either one also love your Blog! Creepypasta I'm not too fond of anymore, but y'know Canons fun.

im workin on something with tav and another troll that shall remain unnamed for now  *wink wonk*
wait here, and dont move from this exact location, im gonna go do the thing real quick

im gonna put the hot mime on my to-draw-list, as well. good suggestion, thank

So yeah, i still take requests if i feel like it or like the idea or whatever

Ink and Bone

Rachel Caine


~ Clever, book-loving MC who is also my child
~ Boy MC, which is nice and unusual in YA!
~ Ensemble cast of friends!!!
~ Young romances *hint hint, wink wonk*
~ O X F O R D
~ That part of the book still has me reeling
~ Two years later
~ Ominous, creepy setting despite the sun of Alexandria
~ Harry Potter boarding school style, but with books and alchemy instead of
magic and wizardry
~ Diversity amongst the main characters!!
~ Writing, plotting, characterization? A-fucking-PLUS
~ The beginning is hard to get into and at a disconnect from the story
~ The third-person narration isn’t for everybody (it’s for me tho!!!)
~ Some select few questionable people don’t like Jess as a narrator...
~ but I don’t get that so??????

The final book of the Great Library trilogy comes out this year, so I figured what better time to praise this series to the sky?

If you haven’t read this yet… I kinda wanna say where the heck have you been?? WHERE??? but I won’t. I swear!

I read Ink and Bone almost immediately after its release in 2015 and was blown. away. If you’ve ever wondered what the world would look like had the Library of Alexandria not burned down, read this. Ink and Bone is more fantastical than our world; the alchemy almost resembles magic, but it is a futuristic imagining undeniably terrifying and bright.

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“It is a nice haircut!!”

Congrats on the 8 million subs!!
I also loved the Tales from the Borderlands playthrough, I can’t wait to see more of it!!!