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Hey uhhh remember that Shance Singer!AU i did where Shiro is Keith and Katie’s dad? Well, i kinda have some hcs about kid Keith and Katie 😁

* i suck at drawing kids 🙃🙃*

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Imagine a sterek Night in the Woods AU where Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills only to find that everything he had know is still the same and yet so different. Scott has a boyfriend - Isaac - and they’re saving up to leave Beacon Hills together, Derek won’t talk to him, and everyone is mad at him for dropping out of college but no one will ask him why he left.

But what’s more, there’s something strange about Beacon Hills, a foreboding sense of destruction and secrets. It all comes crashing down around Stiles when, one Halloween, he witnesses a kidnapping. He tries to report it, but no one believes him. The next day, Scott and Stiles are walking down the street when they find a severed arm on the sidewalk.

There’s something going on and the more Stiles tries to find out the more he realises that nightmares that haunt him and the mysteries of his town are all connected. And he’s at the centre of all of it.

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Shit-scared Riggs, a never seen before experience. 


[Several photos of a seam ripper accompanied by a small pile of tags from clothing, and one shirt with the tag still attached, though in some photos is is nearly removed as well. In some the seam ripper is by the shirt tag, suggesting the process of removing it. Everything is sitting in a light wood print desk.
The color of the lighting in each photo is vibrant and different, some photos with two colors of light coming from different directions.]

I bought myself a seam ripper to fix the tag situations of some of my shirts with. 

I decided to see what I could do with color and light when photographing the evidence. 

My mom removed the tags from my shirts with a seam ripper when I was a kid. I realized the other day that as an adult, I can do that for myself if I want to, so I did. 

Random pnjt au hcs


- claims he’s the edgelord of the school and can recite Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespear from memory
- once spontaneously recited Hamlet during class to “show that uncultured swine reading aloud how it’s done”
- yet Chuuya once accidentally facetimed him and saw Aku dressing up his Hot Topic themed build-a-bear
- Atsushi gave him that bear for Valentine’s day
- is always sick because he’s pulling all nighters and skips lunch whenever he is hanging out with his clique (in his defense theater kids come up with the weirdest things to eat. I once saw them eat a bag of hot cheetos with peanut butter)
- the kind of kid that stands there glaring at the sky whenever it rains
- has a pet snake named Rashoumon
- totally didn’t sneak him into school a few times with Rashoumon’s head poking out his coat
- only Ranpo ever noticed him despite snoozing in the back of the classroom
- plans from March of what his Halloween costume will be


- has girls left and right complimenting his iridescent eyes (c'mon they’re purple and green. You know they shimmer in the light)
- that didn’t prepare him for the flames engulfing his face when Aku first did it though
- has a white plushie tiger that he takes to his games for good luck
- it somehow became his symbol
- at first the plushie was hidden in the locker room but now Aku holds it as he watches him on the field
- tiger has a mini sports uniform
- has 4 different lunch numbers bc BOI CAN HE EAT
- Aku is both amused and horrified by his bottomless pit appetite
- is part of a club that helps elementary kids with after school tutoring
- Kyoka is his favorite student and he bought her a bunny themed crepe for her birthday
- Doesn’t know that everything she discovers about him is later fangirled to Chuuya
- is unknowingly secretly “adopted” by his now “big brother” Chuuya
- is unknowingly Kyoka’s secret crush


- lets everyone think he’s in detention for being a badass
- 55% of the time he’s there is actually because he was provoked by a bully and he lashed back impulsively
- 30% is arriving to school late because he had to take Aya and Kyoka to school
- the rest is for getting into too heated debates with Dazai during class or other miscellaneous reasons
- got in his first high school fist fight because a student kicked a stray puppy
- has undiagnosed ADHD
- is brilliant and gets the highest grades in English before he gets the same class as Dazai
- thus the heated debates
- class keeps score on the whiteboard each day
- doesn’t notice he’s being crushed on until it’s said outloud
- can cuss in 4 different languages and proves it often


- booknerd af
- is always carrying at least 3 thick books, 3 textbooks, and 5 notebooks
- Chuuya fell to the floor with a yelp the first time he offered to carry his bag. The heavy weight caught him offguard bc Dazai is a beanpole how can he carry this every day????
- Dazai is surprisingly organized af but the catch is that only he understands the organization system he uses
- is so nose deep into his books and studying that he isn’t up to date on teenage culture
- memes? Bts? Instagram? History of Japan video??? WHAT EXACTLY ARE THOSE???
- Chuuya tries educating him
- modern music is a work in progress :’D (No Dazai. Lindsey Sterling isn’t party music)
- has like 48 random skills he learned from reading
- soap making, dog training, juggling, bird whistling, and cpr
- Knows the school nurse by first name
- is actually well loved by all the female staff members
- was a benchwarmer in pe until he learned he could butter up the teacher and fall asleep on the grass under a tree


A Grifloc pizza date :D Don’t let them fool you, that’s almost definitely their 3rd pizza.

My reverse big bang! I was pared with the wonderful @hakanakikiki and you should definitely have a read of her amazing fic Further Consideration!

Isn’t it odd that Grell starts to use female speech for himself after he fell in love with William in the OVA?

Quotes from Thanksgiving 2017, that can easily be used as Merc Quotes

Grandfather: Alright, now we shall say Grace. though the times are tough, we have faith that things will brighten in our world.

Me:*starts humming ‘Say my Name’ by Destinys Child*

Dad: *deadpan, whispers* That’s funny, but hush.

Me:*leading my out-of-town cousins around the backyard* Alright kiddos, don’t step on that plank. If two people step on either side of it at once, the lighter one is gonna go flying into Grandma’s rose-bed, or her second story window, and I ain’t staying around for the aftermath, I’m just gonna haul ass to the neighbors house while y’all deal with the inevitable injuries.

Younger cousin:*whispers softly* Holy shit.

Me: *texting* Mom, i’m sitting so close to the kids table, i’m starting to text in ducking PG.

Mom: Sure it ain’t auto correct?

Aunt: Ahem. I would just like to point out, not trying to start any discourse, that the current issue with our g-

Other Aunt: *Crams spoonful pie into sisters mouth* OH YOU MUST TASTE THIS, KELLY, ITS DIVINE.

Brother: Why are you not eating the pumpkin pie?

Me: Because someone brought chocolate.

Me: Duh.