this is so unoriginal but im happy with it


Damianos & Laurent,
The Power Couple,
Uniters of Kingdoms,

                                                T H E  K I N G S

headcanon: matt was an Amanda Palmer Junkie™ in middle/high school and shiro learned ukulele to woo him. he never forgot the words to astronaut and will sometimes stand in the airlock and scream the words to cope and when he not-so-subtly convinces hunk to build him a space equivalent he plays ukulele anthem for them all and they all laugh (and pidge cries a little (and so does shiro but they’re all considerate enough not to pry))

when they get matt back shiro sits outside his healing pod and plays lost and gets all the words and chords wrong because it’s been that long but no one can tell through the tears (happy this time, happier than ever)

anonymous asked:

im honestly wondering one thing: why the fuck do antis hate on something,,,, that they could FUCKING AVOID,,,, and then complain fucking nonstop about it??? im just so sick of all the shitty anti arguments.. i bet you are too. i respect you for your really solid rebuttals, btw.

Because if they avoided it and used the tools given to them to properly avoid things and keep themselves happy, they couldn’t complain and be miserable about things that aren’t even harming them.

They just want to complain to complain… 

I am extremely sick and tired of the overused and unoriginal arguments used by antis– but I continue to confront because… I don’t know maybe this is my form of self harm (this is a joke I’m sorry)

Thanks for the respect! I respect your kind message, thank you very much. I try to make solid arguments, despite them usually going to waste. Oh well, at least it’s practice for bettering my debate skills.

bnha-sinners  asked:

"Hey loser." No no no no, that's too weak. "Hey loser!!!!" That's too fucking unoriginal. "HEY LOSER" FUCKING HELL. "I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND LOSER, IT IS I, GREETING YOU WITH A 'HEY'"


hey!! i wanted to do a follow forever for so long now and i finally did so yayy!! I just want to thank everyone below for being super rad and posting cool stuff because you make my dash pretty :-)  Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you all have a great 2015 year!! i love you all xx

((if i forgot anyone im really sorry)) ((excuse the shitty and unoriginal edit thank you))

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Let It Go
Mina (Violin)

Happy Birthday pinktokki! Wear headphones and I say something in the beginning so you may have to turn the volume up a ton. Brenda, you are super cute and inspire me to look the way I want to. Although you are less than a year older than me, I think of you as my beautiful big sister.

Oh, and I know this has been done many times, I just wanted to give something nice to a very nice girl!

So just made this awkward cover of Let it Go. I sorta used the Nicolas Rodrigues’s arrangement, but I didn’t really follow it that well. It’s kinda messy because my mom wanted me to practice actual stuff.