this is so ugly omg i can't color

|Fic promo| When Half of Me Is Gone|

Hey guys!! This time I’m here to promo my own fic, a Junshua fic omg *ugly sobs* I hope you guys like it ~ You can read it here!

Sumary: Jun remembered the first time he met Joshua. His pretty hair was in a soft pink hue. Jun had never been a fan of pink, but in that moment, he thought that was the most perfect color ever.

(After that, Jun acquired a knack for pink decorations, and he took quite a good while to realize that the sparkly eyed boy was the reason for it).

Pairing: Junshua | Tags: fluff and angst, light angst, feels | Rated: T for language

The Ultimate four way Soutai

Fan art for this amazing dragon AU Gold Star, Ash Sky. It is amazing and I have such a huge soft spot for dragon/fantasy AUs
I have not draw shit in like 4 years so I am so sorry this is so ugly like omg nothing went right and I gave up half way (not having a laptop with photoshop kills meeeeee) Also I cannot people at all soo if they look awkward as hell that’s why :D but I could not resist drawing how I picture Kinboshi and Haizora cutie dragon babiesssss

Please read this amazingness if you have not already :D