this is so ugly i cannot see

if one member of NCT bothers u SO MUCH that u wanna say ugly and mean stuff about them,,did you know you can,,,UNSTAN omg if they make it that much of an inconvenience for u to enjoy the group or music just unstan like,, if you’re gonna sit there and make comments about one member and you literally cannot stop yourself from it why bother liking the group i dont understand why make it a bad time for other stans that like that member and the group. if it bothers you that you wanna insult their talents or question their abilities, yet you dont wanna take the time to learn about them, you just wanna sit behind a screen and say gross stuff about them instead then why stan i-

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Hi! I don't know why, but I feel like you might know: does your patrons have to be the same as your animagi form? Thank you so much! ^.^ 🥀(I really hope you're seeing this on an iPhone, otherwise the emoji is really ugly).

Let us consult JK on this one:

“You cannot choose your Animagus animal. If we could choose our Animagus, you can rest assured we’d all be lions, adorable puppies, or magnificent eagles. But realistically, an Animagus is closely linked to your personality. For example, the brave and rebellious James Potter is famously a stag, whereas the conniving journalist Rita Skeeter is a beetle.”

“Your Animagus and Patronus animal can be the same. If a wizard never masters Animagus magic, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll never find out the animal they could’ve been. Another pretty complex form of magic, the Patronus Charm, has been known to mirror it, meaning the animal you cast to attack Dementors could well be your inner animal too. Minerva McGonagall’s Animagus form, for example, is famously a cat, and so is her Patronus.”

As it says they can be the same, I’m inclined to interpret that they can also not be the same. Especially people whose patronus Is something like a dolphin… they’d only be able to be take their Animagus form while in the ocean which would be a #ripoff

honestly I’m usually not super judgmental of people’s looks but i honest to god cannot handle how ugly ed sheerhan is. it’s not even like coming from a mean place it’s just so funny to me. every time i see a picture of him i start laughing so much


Jeller season 2 OTP tags [1/?]

Can I just say that this guy absolutely kills me with this:

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It’s not even real, but Sebastian does such a fantastic job of pulling the audience, of pulling you, right into the mind and emotions of his characters, so that you feel everything they are so acutely, (and cry, or sob; I’m talking ugly sobbing.) Then further, want to reach into the screen and smother him with hugs and soft words to make him feel better.

So, I guess…’You know you’re a good actor when…’

I’m SO excited to see how he progresses as an actor. (But seriously, stop crying. You’re killing me.)

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I cannot believe how some people cannot see how beautiful Tendou is. Everything about him is 100% ppl who call him ugly can just step on a lego

Yes!!! Exactly!!!

He’s SUCH a well designed character TBH, and the anime only highlighted that with his rather twitchy movements. And like!!!! His name is so cool!!! I’ve most likely mentioned this before, but Satori means ‘consciousness’ and refers to a mythical creature that can read minds??? Like how cool is that?????

Hatred of myself... By Keira Onyx Raven

Hatred of myself…

Looking in the mirror,
All I feel is pain,
A face that’s staring back at me,
Of a girl who’s gone insane.

There she is, staring back,
With tears full in her eyes,
She cannot see her ‘Beauty’,
No matter how hard she tries.

She sees eyes too dull,
And teeth oversized,
Skin not clear,
Everything criticised.

She feels so worthless,
So ugly, so fat,
Nobody will ever love her,
Who would ever love that?!

Her body is repulsive,
Her face is such a mess,
She feels so empty, numb inside,
She couldn’t be worth less.

And as her vision becomes blurred,
Thoughts go through her head,
She wonders to herself again,
Would you care if I was dead…

Phantom Limb

Dear me,

I think I’ve

lost a leg

or my mind,

for its here,

I’m sure

but they tell me

no - I’m

only suffering.

I look down,

I see it not

but I 

feel it,

throbbing, pulling

asking to be

it, again. It was

lost one day 

outfield, it was 

so fast, so mad -

I am mad;

this is not I,

I not incomplete.

I have but a long

life before me,

but now so ugly,

quite useless.

I used to be strong,

cool even; yet all

gone to shame

now that; and

I may be mad for

it calls to me,

calls to me to give it

some relief. It is

my pain to bear,

for others cannot see

how my stump

throbs and writhes


like a want that

can never be fulfilled.

They say

Thank God, and I


for I am

the one

living with this

phantom limb.

so, last christmas kara got me a “YOU CAN DRAW” book since i’ve always said that i literally cannot draw, but it would be cool! so in honor of inktober fest, i decided to start going through it. one page a day for thirty days. i’m calling it the “oh really?” series. because to this book’s assertion that YOU CAN DRAW, i say “oh really? you sure about that?” here is day 1: Herman the Hedgehog

I cannot wait to grow stronger without you.

All flowers are beautiful.

But you stepped on my petals and poisoned me with your ‘love’. You made me feel weak. You made me feel ugly. Depriving me from water to grow from, you made me feel like I’d never get better.

All flowers are beautiful.

So I have finally realised my worth and am able to see that I deserve much better than you. Meaning whilst you rot away in your dry soil, I shall bloom as a beautiful blossom and grow once again.

argh, its always the same, i get the basic things right but cannot fking finish it !!!!!???

it looks so ugly compared to the flat version wth 

im not made to do good backgrounds, im just gonna accept that now

(and i apologize to everyone who reblogged the flat version, its supposed to be jinbe and chiyo and not luffy, her ears look a bit too much like a hat i know :/ )

Designs from the stream

Woops, I am really busy lately with exams and college in general, so I completely forgot to upload these…. sorry c’:

Snowy is a punky bird who wants to start a band :0

Doggo!! I love his pants <3 He will tear you apart if he sees you >:C

Local deer kills everyone. Local human flees from local dear.

(Dang, he’s ugly x’D)

Doggy <3 Frisk approves, despite his sharp teeth :P

annnnddd this is not a design, but I cannot do a stream and not draw Onion Sans xD

That was all, I will try to update the character design master post later!! :’D

apparently there’s a cute britta x annie gifset on my dash but I only know that it’s britta x annie because it’s tagged that way, since the gifset is so dark that I literally cannot see what the gifs are

what the fuck why is this a thing

this is the single worst gif trend to ever happen, and that’s saying a lot, bc there have been some fucking ugly gif trends

stop punishing me for having poor eyesight

Jackson ( Got7) GQ article

TRANS] Jackson @ GQ Interview ( FULL )

GQ: Have you ever read GQ?

Jackson: Yes, I know about this magazine. In fact, I did a photoshoot with JQ before.


Jackson: A US magazine that is similar to GQ. I was honoured. This is the very first time I have a solo photoshoot, so I think I can focus more about me. When we GOT7 modelled for magazines, I look pretty ugly. When I was taken photo with other members, I look like an MC or an extra. The guys are all good looking, they have small faces and long legs.. Let’s put it this way. when I stand next to them I look like a watermelon next to apples.

GQ: *Sigh*

Jackson: But it’s the truth. Besides my nostrils are big, no basically you cannot see anything except my nose, it’s pretty bad . And to be very honest I’m not confident about my legs, they are not long at all.

GQ: How’s about your height?

Jackson: Firstly I’m quite short, secondly my leg are not long either. So they are already 2 weak points. I couldn’t wear skinny jeans last time, coz my thighs are big. Now I can start wearing those, I’ve lost 9kg.

GQ: Wow!

Jackson: When I was filmed for Roommate, I’m a little bit chubby (T/N: Jackson was 72kg, now he is 63kg), so I decided to start keeping track on my weight. Actually I wanted to lose a little bit more, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Coz my face and my height can’t be changed, if I keep losing weight like that I’ll become a lollipop lol [T/N: The lollipop that keeps shrinking.]

GQ: Another weak point?

Jackson: Haha, it’s true. But after I lost my weight, it seems like people think I’m getting more good looking. Hm let’s be honest I actually never thought I don’t look good. I’m just me. When I was on diet, the company asked me to dye my hair blonde. Initially I didn’t like it at all. I never has blonde hair before so I feel it’s not like me. So after dying my hair I called KangNam hyung (M.I.B), “Hyung, I dye my hair just like you!” *laugh*

GQ: So you are normally like this? You keep talking!

Jackson: Yes, when I was filming or taking flight, I talked too. When the staff were about to sleep I’ll come to them and say “Hyung, don’t sleep yet, let hear my story!”. I’m always like that, but the seniors are like “Jackson ah, hyung is tired”.

GQ: Wow it’s hard not to be closed with you.

Jackson: Yes, I’m the type of person who is fast to be closed with somebody. But it has the negative side as well.

GQ: Why is it so?

Jackson: Isn’t there a time like that? Honestly I’m very easy to get closed with someone and I really mean it, so it’s easy for me to get hurt as well. I thought we are closed, but it’s ended up “ah, actually we are not closed”. For instance, when I was filming some variety shows, I met a lot of good seniors. People all helping each other to film and the atmosphere was good. But the next meeting, they will all just said “Ah, everybody has worked hard”. But I still keep calling them hyung, noona. And I thought about the good time we spent filming, we were all happy weren’t we? *laugh* I suddenly feel sad and a bit hurt just like that.

GQ: Was it also like that when you were in Hongkong?

Jackson: Not at all. I was closed to the friends in school. I attended international school so I hung out with Hongkong friends and US friends. But here … well.. it’s exactly like “No mercy” *laugh*

GQ: Do you want to change your character?

Jackson: No, I don’t think so. I realise and feel bad about the time people feel uneasy because of me. Last time after a shooting I used to give a bro hug or high five to the PD, but I don’t do that anymore. At that time people told me “Are you crazy? Get a hold of yourself!” When I first came to Korea, I was considered disrespecting another trainee hyung who is a year older than me; I was scolded for that a lot of time. So now when young trainees do the same to me, I told them to fix immediately. “You can’t just yeah like that to hyung!” *laugh*. So now in GOT7 I act like Korean the most. When I’m dreaming I also speak in Korean.

GQ: Not sure why I feel sympathy you towards you. Are you closed to foreign idols?

Jackson: We are super closed. I talk time to time with Henry hyung, Amber, Fei and Jia noona in Miss A, Rap Monster (T/N: I’m not sure why RapMon is mentioned but Jackson said he always thought RapMon is foreigner when I first met him), KangNam hyung, Zhang Yuan huyng (T/N: Zhang Yuan from Abnormal Summit), we are all closed. It seems like I’m closed to almost everyone *laugh*. If I keep thinking like this I may get hurt again. What if they get asked in an interview “I heard that you are closed with Jackson?” and then answer “No, I don’t really know a lot about him”? *laugh*

GQ: You are very opened and straight forward, is there any time you feel weak?

Jackson: Yes, I used to express my weakness. If I’m worried I would say something like “I’m sad, I’m worried about this”. But I’m not like that anymore. If one day all my close friends leave me, what can I do to solve my own problem alone? I haven’t found the answer for that question, and I don’t think I can find that answer any time soon. However, I do believe if I can overcome my weakness, I’ll become stronger.

GQ: It sounds sad. Have you heard about netizen reacted recently?

Jackson: “So you don’t go on variety shows lately?”, or “Jackson isn’t it the time you should be back on variety show? You’ll better be there instead of being a singer”. Quite a number of comments read so.

GQ: How would you feel of these comments?

Jackson: Should I switch to Jo Se-ho huyng’s company? “laugh”. I’m not very sure (how I feel). I always love hiphop. I wanted to be like Usher and Chris Brown.. and I’m still trying now. If I’m well prepared, opportunities will come.

GQ: “Cool Kiz on the Blocks” and “Law of Jungle” are going to air soon.

Jackson: Yes, I actually love going on show. But then people only recognise me as a gag man but not an idol. I feel a bit … There was a time I was eating in a restaurant, the owner told his friend “I just got the signature from a comedian”. And I suddenly feel I want to join a “real” reality show.

GQ: Is it ok if you are being honest like this?

Jackson: It’s not a problem. If I just go on show to do greeting stuff like “hello sunbaenim, yes yes”, it isn’t me. If I try to act, I feel sorry towards my audiences, it’s like I’m telling lies. I’m just being me and try to be true to myself. I know a lot of people don’t like me, but how to be liked by the whole world? I’m Jackson. I don’t want to wear mask on camera. If somebody hates, me, I’m sorry about that. If somebody loves me, I’m sure they love the true me. The people who love me for who I am will make me become bigger (T/N: Jackson actually made a mistake here, he means his trust will be built up by those who love the real him).

GQ: Trust becomes bigger actually is not a bad way to describe it.

Jackson: When I was doing fencing, I wanted to become this and that. I trained hard to succeed like my admired fencers. But one day I started realising if I keep chasing to be like someone, I won’t be able to become them for my whole life. I need to challenge myself and overcome my own self, break the obstacles and limit. After being accepted to train in Korea, I still keep that life motto.

GQ: But even when you have strong belief, the negative comments like that …

Jackson: I didn’t pay attention to them at first, I didn’t even know how to read comments, like what to do after you go to Naver. Because I appear on several shows, I want to know what the audiences think. I wanted to go read comments on GOT7 gallery. But then I thought, I was really enjoying the time with all seniors there, why I need these confirmation? There was a time I read those comments, they were all like “Why don’t you get you a** back to China yet?”, “Eww, you have those stomach hair, you are disgusting, I wanna puke”. Oh my, so what is wrong if I have stomach hair?

GQ: You seem go through a lot of pressure.

Jackson: Yes, I do. Maybe I shouldn’t appear on show anymore. I have just started joining variety shows and it could just end up like that. The truth is I encountered a lot of bashing and hatreds. What did I do wrong? Should I go on SNS and write a reply to those comments too? I wrote to Kwanghee hyung, he called me up after that. “Hyung, I’m tired”. Kwanghee hyung said to me “But why? Oh, you got bashed; I was bashed for multiple times”. It’s just like that *laugh*.

GQ: So you are in charge of rapping in GOT7? But I heard you don’t like diss rap?

Jackson: I don’t really understand why it has to be diss rap? Of course I understand dissing is a part of Hiphop culture, like “I’m the best and unique”. But is it necessary to keep dissing? I’m excited and nervous to watch “Show me the money”, I always have the thought “If I were them how should I rap?” There are multiple genres in Hiphop as well, like Hiphop mixed with R&B, with meaningful lyrics, it’ll be more comfortable to listen to.

GQ: What is the thing that GOT7 is doing well recently?

Jackson: We debuted as hiphop group, but now we turn into boyfriend-dols. *laugh*. We are closed to each other, the group atmosphere is great, we have natural bond. We are trying to find our own color step by step.

GQ: If you can write a wish list, what would be in there?

Jackson: *lean himself toward the recorder* I want to join variety shows. I’m hungry, very hungry, I’m STARVING. Treat me food! Ah, GOT7’s going to come back with a new album, we really hope to be successful once!

GQ: Have you ever thought of a Korean name?

Jackson: It’s Jaegeun. A fan was typing too fast, so he made a typo in my name as “Jaegeun”.

GQ: Oh it suits you!

Jackson: Really? Everybody says I’m adorable, and very childish, very cute and 4D. But I actually think I act manly. But noona, why you start laughing at me? ~~—-


Cre: GQ Magazine

Engtrans by @JacksonWGOT7VN



I’m so hard cause you know, like….Harry is obviously very Handsome in so many ways like, he is very GOOD LOOKING and they could have easily said, HEY put this leather jacket on and smolder or whatever the fuck but this is Harry Styles and he is ……….so much…………more……..and these shots are sO fucking good, it’s different and a little weird and little ugly but in the best and hottest way and I CANNOT wait to see what else iS COM ING

I have a doll. It is small, stitched together with ruin and shadow; a tiny, pathetic thing. 

Its name is Eris Morn.

It does not look like me. It does not have a human shape. But I made it; heated and molded it, breathed my self into it, and now it is a part of me.

I am the only one who can see it. I keep it hidden away; locked in the dark. 

Sometimes, the doll rages. Sometimes, the doll curses the Light, which it has never seen, of which it can only dream. 

It is an ugly thing.

But I cannot kill it, because I made it and it is a part of me.  

So I keep it locked away.

Sometimes, the doll begs. It whines and wheedles and it tells me that I have not been fair to it; that without its presence I am not whole.

It is an ugly thing.

But it is not wrong, because I made it and it is a part of me.

So I keep it locked away.

There are times, when the sun has fled, that the doll grows very loud and very near.  It whispers: Let me out, oh vengeance mine. 

But I have had my vengeance, and I do not thirst for death as it thirsts. And so I keep the doll locked away, and I keep myself locked away as well. The Tower is a cage - but it is not there to keep me safe from the world.

I am small. I am stitched together with ruin and shadow. I am a tiny, pathetic thing. But when the whisper becomes a roar, when the Dark grows deep and long, I remember that I am not a doll. 

I am Eris Morn, and I will endure.

There were no stars the day you tried to scratch your eyes out. It was with the glass from the mirror I gave you years ago, ten, if it has truly been so long. See this war you have started, this battle never ran red, but charcoal, so black its iris cannot be found, this war was an eternity for that was how far your eyes can see, how far I could peer into them, so black, I believe to have seen each galaxy. Were the stars made with the whispering of your lips, made so they could match those cracks in your skin, lips so pink, the stars must have believed to be the dawning sun? There were no stars the day they found you, for there was blood fading into the pink of your lips, blood on your fingertips. You were ugly the day they found you in the dust, a thousand ships for a woman who can no longer see. A thousand ships for a woman with stolen glass in her grip, believing the screams of the day to only be her own, blessing the smoke for she no longer wished to know those stars, believing the smoke of battle to be born of the star lodged inside of her chest that was finally going out, knowing you tried this all before years ago, ten.
—  The Fall of Helen of Troy (m.m.)