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Hey! So, can I have UT!Sans, SF!Paps, and UF!Sans, with an S/o who hides their emotions due to their family members and past friends telling them their face and smile is weird? Example: they were told not to cry because it was noisy and annoying, they hide their smile because they've been told it's creepy and ugly? Because of this they've been coping by keeping their emotions locked up, and suddenly they don't know how to express them. Sorry this is long!

sorry this took so long, i was feeling kinda shit yesterday, hah.

ut!sans: he’s honestly not very good at expressing his emotions either, but not for the same reason as them. it can get pretty awkward when netiher of them know how to voice their feelings, but he’s always quick to break the tension with a joke or something similar.
apon learning about how they were treated when they were younger, he begins trying to slowly ease them into being able to express themselves without worrying about how they look or what other people think. he’ll ask them how their day went, and pick up on something they’ve done and ask how it was - if they liked or didn’t like it. he’ll assure them that it’s perfectly fine to cry - everyone cries, it’s natural. he’ll encourage them to smile a bit more, using jokes that he knows can get them to laugh more often. he has a way of doing things and speaking that makes it all seem very casual, so they may not even notice that he’s trying to help before they realise how they’ve been much more open recently.

sf!papyrus: he’s pretty shit at comforting and assuring people, but he’s going to try his best for them. he knows what it’s like to hide how you really feel, although his comes more from having a practically nonexistant self-confidence. 
he’ll resort to complimenting them every time they smile, letting them cry as much as they need, and overall just try to build up their self-confidence as much as he can. his way of helping isn’t so much verbal as it is physical - such as warm hugs, always returning their smile with his own, and gently kissing their tears away. it might not be much, but he’s trying.

uf!sans: please never let him near their family after they’ve told him how they treated them. he would not hesitate to show them the concequences of their actions.
although he has none himself, he’s very good at building other peoples’ self-confidence and self-worth up (perhaps a product of living with his brother), so he has no problem assuring them that their emotions are valid and that it’s okay to express them.
he’s not as subtle as his tale counterpart, however. he will outright tell them that their smile is gorgeous. he will outright tell them that they don’t need to worry about what other people think - they have a right to be able to express their emotions. he will be more than happy to sit and hold them on his lap when they cry, rubbing their back gently and telling that it’s okay, it’s okay to cry.


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do how rfa+v+Saeran would react to seeing old self harm scars on MC or MC relapsing? I am almost 1 year clean from Self harming but today is one of those bad days I get urges to do it. If you don't feel comfortable doing this it's okay :) Hope you have a good day and keep working hard 💪🏼❤

i’m so proud of you for staying clean so long, i know how hard it is!! i have scars myself from 1-2 years ago, so this was comforting for me to write as well :) i hope it helped you feel a bit better, remember that you deserve being happy! ❤ i’m always here if you need someone to talk to 

Trigger warning: self harm

Zen (this turned out really long whoops)

  • A lot of his fans were jealous of you, so you got a lot of hate for being “to ugly and fat for Zen”
  • You were home alone as he was at rehearsal, so he couldn’t scold you for looked down at your thighs in disgust
  • They were faint, but the old scars on them gave you an idea. You hadn’t done it in a long time, but you remembered that it did feel calming to a certain degree
  • You went to the bathroom, popped out a blade from your razor, took a deep breath and let yourself feel that familiar burning
  • Suddenly you heard the front door open and Zen’s voice telling you he was home early
  • You scrambled to find something to wipe the blood away with, and ended up just messily wiping it away with a paper towel before pulling on a pair of his sweatpants and going out to greet him
  • He smiled when he saw you, then frowned
  • “Princess, I feel rude to ask, but are you on your period? You’ve got blood on your pants”
  • Shocked, you looked down and saw that the cuts appearantely were too deep for your messy wiping, so there was quickly growing blood spots on your legs
  • Zen was no stranger to people with bad mental health around him as he was a public figure, so he quickly suspected what you had done
  • When he saw that the spots got bigger his fears were confirmed, and you saw his entire face fall
  • “I-I can explain…”
  • He cupped your face and looked straight into your eyes with the saddest look you had ever seen 
  • “Listen here… I know a lot of my fans don’t treat you right, is that it?”
  • His worried stare was too intense, so you looked down with tears in your eyes and just nodded
  • He sighed and pulled you close to him, kissing your head
  • “I love you so much, it hurts me too… But harming yourself won’t do anything good, you understand that? Can I see..?”
  • Hesitantely, you nodded again and pulled down the pants so he could see, and he got down on his knees and started kissing your thighs, not caring that they were bloody
  • “I love every single part of you, you understand that? Let’s go clean and wrap this up, I will protect you. Even if it’s from yourself”


  • He convinced you to cook with him
  • You were supposed to make cookies, but the only thing you managed to make was a total mess
  • By the time you finally got them into the oven, you both had dough and flour all over from the food war you had
  • He offered to clean some up from you, and when you agreed he blushed and kissed you
  • When you smiled into the kiss because he tasted like cookie dough, he gained confidence and slowly pushed you back to the wall, where he pinned your wrists over your head
  • You moaned softly in suprise as he wasn’t usually this dominant and it was really hot I’m always a slut for dominant Yoosung
  • Wanting to see what effect he had on you he pulled away for just a second, when his eyes were pulled to where he was holding your wrists
  • The sleeves you usually made sure were always covering your scars had rolled down to your elbows, revealing all of them
  • You saw his eyes go from filled with lust to filled with worry, and you looked away from him in shame
  • “They’re all old… Right?”
  • You nodded and he sighed relieved, before he hugged you tight
  • “You mean so much for me, I don’t want you to ever feel like that again. Please talk to me if you feel bad, okay? Can you promise me that?”
  • You agreed and he kissed your head
  • “I think it’s time for cookies and cuddles”


  • You had such a crush on her, but she was either really oblivious or just didn’t like you back
  • No matter what the reason was, it really hurt and you couldn’t help but feel insecure when all of your flirting got turned down
  • You really didn’t want to stoop so low as to go back to your old self harm habits, but it was so hard
  • In addition to the fact that you lived with her, the stress of running a café and your parents not accepting that you had a crush on a girl, it all got too much for you
  • One day when she was grocery shopping, you couldn’t help but find a small knife in the kitchen, locking your bedroom door and resume your old habit
  • You tried to keep them relatively shallow so they would heal quicker and lower your risk of getting caught, but once you started you found it hard to stop
  • You sobbed softly but because of that you didn’t hear Jaehee return from the store
  • Not finding you in the couch where she left you, she wandered around the appartment untill she heard you and stopped in front of your room
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • When you didn’t answer she got worried, found a spare key and unlocked the door with a warning
  • You didn’t even bother trying to hide what you were doing, you just hung your head in shame as she gasped in shock
  • “W-what do you think you’re doing? Give me that knife!”
  • She quickly took it from you, ran to the bathroom to get a first aid kit and found you full on crying on the bed
  • Putting bandages on your wrists she softly said “Shh… I don’t know why you did this and you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to, but please know that this isn’t going to make anything better”
  • When this just made you cry harder, she kissed your newly bandaged wrist
  • “I… I care way too much about you to see you like this, you should know that. Please come to me if you ever feel like this, okay? I can’t ever lose my reason for happiness”


  • Whenever the two of you made out, you would always stop him when his hands started roaming under your shirt
  • Which he thought was fair, considering that your relationship was still new and you probably just weren’t comfortable enough with him yet
  • A few weeks after you started dating he offered to take you on a vacation, figuring you needed it after the stress of the party and hacker and all that
  • With Elizabeth the 3rd safely at V’s house and a mansion by a private beach rented for the weekend, he wanted to spend some time alone with you
  • He was suprisingly fond of the beach and wanted you to take you swimming there, but you kept declining
  • Kind of upset, he asked if there was any spesific reason why
  • You shrugged it off and said that you just weren’t in the mood, that you were tired and wanted to nap instead
  • He encouraged you to do as you pleased, not showing how hurt he was that you declined his offer
  • An hour or so after you had fallen asleep, he got bored and went to check on you and saw you sleeping, your shirt riled up revealing dozens of scars on your belly
  • His heart broke when he realized that was probably why you were so insecure about intimacy and going swimming
  • Careful not to wake you up, he hovered over you on bed and kissed your stomach
  • Despite his efforts you still woke up, and squeeled suprised when you saw him practially praising your biggest insecurity
  • “Kitten, I don’t ever want to see you do this again, but please understand that I love everything about you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re like a tiger, these stripes show that you are strong. Promise to not hide yourself from me anymore, okay?”


  • Yet again he was doubting your love and pushing you away
  • He yelled when you tried to hug him, not knowing that the reason why you were clingy was that you were feeling like shit and needed to be comforted
  • You knew you were overreacting when you stopped by the bathroom to get a razor before returning to your shared bed (that he rarely used), but it just hurt so much that he didn’t trust you even after months of living together
  • Taking a deep breath, you pulled the leg of your pants and traced the outline if your old scars on your shin with the razor blade
  • Seven did realize how much he had hurt you, and just to be sure he checked the security camera he had installed in your room
  • When he saw that you were hurting himself he rose from his chair and ran to the bedroom, desperate to stop you
  • “Stop what you’re doing right now!”
  • You looked at him with tears in your eyes and yelled “so now you care?!”
  • With a firm look he pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie, showing his own scars and cuts
  • Taken back, you looked confused at him
  • He just smiled sad
  • “I know life is hard, okay? I know I am a shitty boyfriend, a shitty brother, a shitty person. But that doesn’t mean you are, do you understand that? It might not seem like it right now, but I really do love you. Like, I really love you. Can we make a deal? If you try to never do it again, so will I”
  • You nodded and hugged him, both of you apologizing for not being there for each other


  • Being practically blind, he depened a lot on his touch
  • Because of this, he had really sensitive finger tips
  • As weeks passed and you got closer to the handsome photographer, you let him touch and explore more and more of you
  • His new favorite hobby was to just run his hands over your smooth skin, trying to picture exactly what you looked like
  • During a particularly steamy makeout session you were on his lap, his hand travelling up your thighs where he could feel raised lines on your otherwise close to perfect skin
  • Pulling away from the kiss and raising an eyebrow questioningly, he kept tracing the lines
  • You hesitated before you admitted that you had self harmed, and he asked you if you had any other scars
  • Nodding despite his lack of sight, you took his hand and placed it on your wrist so he could feel them
  • He smiled sad and kissed your wrist
  • “You don’t have any fresh, do you?”
  • When you confirmed that you didn’t, he held you closer and kissed your nose
  • “I like everything about you, you know? You’re human, bad things are bound to happen sometimes. You got through it though, and I’m proud of you for that. Please remember that”


  • He didn’t like to admit it, but something about you pulled him towards you
  • The way you always put up with his bursts of anger and sadness and comforted him, made him care for you more and more as time passed
  • So when he saw you sleeping on the couch, his first reacting was to smile as you looked cute and carefree
  • And as he did find you quite attractive (not that he would ever admit that), he couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over your sleeping body
  • When he saw the scars and cuts on your wrist where your shirt had riled up your arms, he got mad
  • ?? Who had dared to hurt someone as nice as you??
  • He woke you up suprisingly gently, wanting to know who he needed to kill
  • Disoriented from sleeping, you said that he didn’t need to worry but he refused to give up, so he asked his brother
  • He admitted that he had seen you harm yourself but hadn’t really figured a way to confront you about it yet
  • Saeran got even more mad and walked back to the couch where you had gotten up and was now lazily stretching
  • “Why the fuck are you hurting yourself? Explain!” he growled and pushed you against the wall
  • Stuttering and ashamed you explained that it was a way to deal with sadness, but he didn’t get it at all
  • “Giving yourself another type of pain will just make you more sad, you idiot! God, what’s wrong with you?”
  • Hearing the guy you were crushing on saying this to you and literally growling made you tear up, and you saw his expression change to one of sorrow
  • “I-I’m sorry, okay? It’s just… You’ve helped me so much and I want to return the favor, but I have no idea how to. You… You are special, I don’t want you to be sad”
  • You met his eyes and saw how sincere he was, and was suprised when he hugged you tight
  • “Please don’t ever do it again, MC”
The Princess with a Dozen Hooves

There was a shadow in the far-left corner of her eye. He’d been there for as long as she could remember. She’d been trying not to look at him for just as long. She didn’t know what would happen if she looked. She only knew that whenever she came close, she was overwhelmed with a sense of all-consuming dread. The shadow wanted her to look at him, but that only increased her certainty that she shouldn’t.

She knew that he wanted her to look at him because he’d told her. He hadn’t started talking to her until she was twelve.

“I don’t know why you won’t look at me, Princess,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ve been waiting, haven’t I?”

The Princess did not reply. She did not even deign to acknowledge that she’d heard him. She thought that acknowledging him set a bad precedent, and started down a slippery slope toward looking at him. Setting firm boundaries was important.

He was quiet, most of the time. Maybe he thought that if he didn’t say anything, she would forget he was there, and look.

“If I was going to do something bad, wouldn’t I have done it by now?”

When she needed to look to the left, she closed her eyes first, and turned her whole head. The Court thought that it was charming, and looked demure.

“I didn’t need to tell you about that loose step, you know. I could have let you fall. Wouldn’t I have, if I was bad?”

Her sleep was dreamless, and so there could be no shadows.

“You’d be lonely without me. You’ll never know how terrible it is, to be alone.”

She didn’t speak much in crowds, for fear that she’d lose track of whose voice was whose. The Court thought that she was shy.

“You really don’t have anything to cry about. You’re a Princess. Everyone loves you. Doesn’t that make you feel better?”

When she was sixteen, a man who wanted her to marry his son gave her a fairy pony. It could stand in the palm of her hand, with a coat made of moonlight and a mane of sunbeams. Its eyes were all-seeing, and it spoke only truth. She waited until she was alone to try talking to it.

“Is there something in my eye?” she asked.

“No,” it said.

“Are you asking it about me?”

“Do you think there’s something in your eye?” the pony asked.

“I thought there was,” the Princess said, “but it must be in my head.”

“Most important things are,” the pony said, “including your eyes. I’m not actually all-seeing, anyway. I’m just very observant. I’m not sure why he told you that, when it was never going to hold up. You’d think the moonbeams would be enough.”

“So there might be something in my eye, still?” she asked.

“Could be,” the pony said. “You’d be better off asking a witch. I’m just a pony.”

“You’re a very nice pony,” she said.

“Thank you,” it said. “I’m very handsome.”

“You are,” she agreed. “Is his son nice?”

“No,” the pony said. “He says you look like a chipmunk. I think he said it in front of me on purpose. I think he was hoping I’d tell you.”

“I would never say something like that,” the shadow whispered. “I think you’re perfect just the way you are.”

“I know I have buckteeth,” the Princess told the pony, “but I think they add character.”

“They do,” the pony agreed.

“You’re really very pretty,” the shadow whispered.

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Lying Fuck (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 3500+

Warnings: sex mentions, insults, so much cussing it’s ridiculous tbh

Request:  Alex x reader where they both kinda hate each other and yell A LOT but then they fall in love?

A/N: this got out of hand but i needed the build up lol, i could not make them like each other instantly

It was a constant fight between you and Alexander. Every time you two would stumble into each other on the way to the conference room, there was bickering. And not just normal arguing. It was screaming on the top of your lungs, insulting each other every which way possible. It has grown to the point where if you two looked at each other, you would begin arguing. Even Alexander Hamilton’s rival, Thomas Jefferson, could not compete with how much you hate each other.

“You ass, you don’t even know how to proofread your writing. Look! There’s already three misspellings in the first paragraph!” You glared at Hamilton, showing him the paper. Hamilton rolled his eyes, taking the paper out of your hand.

“These are not misspellings, you ignorant sack of shit. It is a pen mark on the paper. And at least I write anything, you’re an editor, and you could barely read a piece of paper!” He retorted back, throwing the paper back at you. You frowned, not bothering to even pick up the paper.

“You’re kidding me, right? Just because Mr. Washington made you the head writer, does not mean you have the right to criticize my writing. In fact, I should go and tell him right now how much of a lying fuck you are. Who takes a day off from work to go and shop for clothes? It’s stupid.” You replied. He slammed his pen on the table, looking back at you.

“I am the lying fuck? You’re the one who took a day off to go on a date with Thomas Jefferson! The most biggest shitbag in this whole company.” You balled your hands into fists, glaring at him.

“At least I know that putting most and biggest right next to each other is grammatically incorrect, you mother-“

“OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH FROM THE TWO OF YOU!” You heard Mr. Washington yell, and you immediately stopped yelling, looking over at your boss. His arms were crossed against his chest, glaring at the two of you. “Can you two just shut up for one minute? I already have a headache, and we just began our day forty-five minutes ago.” He sighed, rubbing his temples. Hamilton apologized quickly, glancing at you.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Washington. If Y/N didn’t-“

“No, no more excuses. I want you two to get out of this office, hand out with each other, make amends.” You two looked at each other in disgust. “Sing kumbaya or something, just, I just want some peace and quiet. Can you handle that?” Mr. Washington asked, looking at the two of you. Of course, you would not say no to your boss, but it was horrible to spend the day with this man.

“Why are you two just standing there? Go! Now.” Hamilton grumbled some more vulgar words, grabbing his bag off his desk. You pushed ahead of him, walking to the elevator. Hamilton snickered at you, turning towards the stairs.

“We sit in a cubicle all day, and you take the elevator?” You pressed the button again, ignoring him. Washington would chastise you again, and you didn’t feel like being lectured.

“Hamilton, take the elevator. It gives you more bonding time together.” You heard Laurens say, grinning at the two of you. You stuck your middle finger at him, walking through the elevator doors. Surprisingly, Hamilton followed behind, standing close to you. You moved away, and he rubbed his forehead.

“Stop acting like a child, Y/N. You could stand on the elevator next to me.”

“Well the fact that you smell like a sewer, I’d rather stay over here, if you don’t mind.”

You were lying. He actually smelled really good, much to your dismay. He rolled his eyes, pressing the first-floor button. The doors closed, and you prayed that this day would go by as fast as possible.

You two entered the parking lot, and you walked over to your car. Before you unlocked the door, Hamilton yelled, and you turned back to him. “What?” you asked, already annoyed.

“We need to go in the same car. It makes more sense that way.” You didn’t want to argue, so you followed him to his car. It was sleek, a dark green. You bit your lip, trying hard to hold in your snarky comment. Hamilton unlocked the doors on the car, and you jumped in, closing the door behind you. He pressed a button, and his engine started. You raised your eyebrows, impressed. He grinned at you, pulling off. “Jealous?” He said, turning down the street. You crossed your arms, looking out the window.

“Very. I’ve been looking for a new car, because I’ve had the same one since college.” Hamilton was surprised at your honesty, and laughed.

“Really? Not to judge, but we make pretty much the same salary. Why stay with the same car for so long?” It irked you how he was judging you immediately, but you said nothing, looking out the window. He laughed dryly, turning down another street. There has not been a quiet moment between the two of you since you met, so it was pleasant. No arguing, no yelling, just silence.

You took this few minutes to glance at Hamilton from the corner of you eye. He was not an ugly man, quite handsome actually, but his attitude and unwillingness to compromise made you despise even being in the same room with him. You hated people that were not willing to hear the other side of an argument, and that seemed to be Hamilton’s whole being. He hated compromise.

Hamilton pulled into the parking lot of a coffee shop. You didn’t say anything, just taking off your seatbelt and climbing out. When you two walked inside (a foot or so between the two of you) you sat at a table.

“Coffee? Nice touch.” You finally said, glancing at the menu. Hamilton snickered, flipping through the menu. The bartender, who from his name tag was James, smiled at the two of you. Hamilton didn’t know that you already came here before.

“James? Can I get the usual?” he nodded, looking towards Hamilton.

“The usual, James.” He nodded again, placing the pad in his back pocket. The two of you stated at each other, surprised the other has been here before. James laughed.

“I never thought I would see the day where the two of you would get coffee. You always yell about each other when you’re in here.” Hamilton glared at James, and he put his hands up in defense, walking to get the coffee. You glanced behind Hamilton’s head, seeing the same person that flirts with James every day. It was their usual coffee jokes, and you smiled at their exchange, seeing the blush on James’s cheeks.

Hamilton looked back at the two, chuckling softly. “It’s the same thing every day. They always flirt with James, and James blushes. It’s really-”

“Cute, Hamilton. It’s cute.”

“It’s sad, you mean. He needs to ask them out already.” Hamilton grumbled. James walked over with the coffees, and you thanked him, taking yours. You noticed that Hamilton and yourself had the same type, and raised your eyebrows. He looked at yours, rolling his eyes. “Christ, you even copy my taste in coffee. What’s next, you steal my favorite clothes? My favorite meal?” You frowned.

“You know, you’re making it really hard for me not to punch you in the face. Because my fist is ready, Hamilton. It really is.” He glanced at your fingers, shaking his head.

“Fine. How about this? We don’t say any more insults, and just try to understand each other?”

“Can’t do it, you’re too much of an asshole.” You joked, and Hamilton rolled his eyes at you. You laughed, sipping your coffee. He stared at you, then looked down, chuckling to himself. You placed your coffee on the side, looking at him. “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “It’s just, you seem like a really nice person. Your laugh is contagious. But every time you open your mouth, it just, I want to argue with you. It’s really hard not to.” You raised your eyebrow. Besides the comment he made, he actually complimented you. Alexander Hamilton complimented you. Oh, Mr. Washington would be so proud.

“Are you, do you finally like me, Hamilton? Are we friends?”

“See? There you go again.”

“I’m kidding. I understand where you come from. I mean, the only reason I hate you is because of your unwillingness to listen to anyone else’s views besides your own. We all try to compromise with you, but you refuse, sticking to your guns. Work doesn’t get done that way, and it does not help that most of the time Washington agrees with you. The rest of us could barely get a word in anymore. It’s basically the Washington and Hamilton company, we’re just there to take up some space.”

You were stunned at the little speech you gave him. Hamilton seemed to be as well, quietly thinking to himself. After a few moments, he spoke. “I get it, I get what you’re saying. I know I talk way too much, and I know that I barely let anyone else bring new ideas to the table. I argue with you because, because you are the only one besides Jefferson who rejects my plans. Even if they’re good, you always say the cons of the plan. Can you just agree with me, once? Just once?” You bit your lip, staring at him. He wasn’t as much of an asshole as you thought. He just wanted you to agree with one of his plans.

“That’s my job, Hamilton. I’m supposed to tell the negatives of plans, I do it to everyone.”

“But mine are always bad, you say this every time there’s a meeting.” You shrug, stirring the coffee. James walked up to the two of you, asking if everything was fine. You noticed a blush on his cheeks, and grinned.

“Did you finally ask them out?” He nodded, glancing back at them.

“Yes, and they said yes, Y/N. They actually said yes.”

Hamilton butted in the conversation. “Told you they liked you. You just needed the balls to say something.” James frowned at Hamilton, hitting him with the pen. Hamilton moved away, and you giggled at their interaction. James walked away, and you thanked him, giving him a tip. Hamilton insisted on doing so, but you ignored him, passing the money to James.

“You’re such a gentleman, Y/N.” He grumbled. “You could never let me get my way, huh?”

“Nope,” you glanced at the time on your watch, “Can we go back to work, now? I need to proofread some material.” Right at that moment, your phone rang, and you saw Washington’s face appear on the screen. Before you could open it, Hamilton reached over, answering it instead. You tried taking it out of his hand, but he jumped up, running out. You grabbed your trash off the table, throwing it in the garbage. Hamilton was already in the parking lot, running to his car. You dashed after him, but he was already in, locking the doors.

“You piece of shit!” Hamilton talked on the phone, wiggling his fingers in a wave at you. You looked at the coffee in your hand, then looked at the shiny car in front of you, clean of any marks or stains. You grinned evilly, looking at him sitting in the car.

You tilted your cup slightly, and Hamilton widened his eyes. He hated whenever something was messy, which is pretty much why every time he walked into your office, he criticized everything.

Your poured your coffee on the car, watching the brown drip onto the green hood. Hamilton opened his car door, already done talking with Mr. Washington. He gasped, looking at his car. “You motherfu-”

“You should have never taken my phone. Now, give it back.” You held out your palm, waiting for him to place your phone there. He looked at your open palm, and shook his head, putting the phone behind his back. “Hamilton, if you don’t give me that phone, I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” You tried reaching behind him, wrapping your arms around his body. He laughed, raising the phone over his head. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms across your chest.

“No. I’m not gonna jump for my phone.” He shrugged, keeping his hands above his head. “You could only do that for so long, you know.”

“I do. I also know that you are impatient, so let’s see who breaks first.” The two of you stared at each other, unwilling to break eye contact. After a few seconds of this, you leaped up, trying to get your phone. Mistakenly, you bumped your body into Hamilton’s causing the both of you to fall. Hamilton wrapped his arms around you, breaking your fall. You two landed on his back, and he groaned.

You laughed, and he grinned, beginning to laugh with you.

The laughing slowly faded away, and you were left there, staring at Hamilton while his arms were wrapped around you. You were unknowingly glancing at his lips, and he was doing the same. Before this got any further, you quickly pushed yourself off him, looking away. You grabbed your phone off the ground, and opened the passenger side door, sitting inside.

You could not rid yourself of imagining kissing those soft lips of his, so you looked out the window, holding your head. “No, Y/N, no. That is Alexander Hamilton. You hate Alexander Hamilton, you do not like him. For crying aloud, stop imagining his lips on yours. Stop, please.” You whispered, hearing the car door open. You shut your mouth, looking over at Hamilton. His face was emotionless, never glancing at you. He started his car, and drove off back to the office.

“What did Washington say?” You inquired, looking at him. He finally glanced at you, his eyes landing on your lips. He quickly looked away, his face turning red. Before, you would tease him, but now, it would bring up too many topics you didn’t really want to talk about.

“He wants us back at the office. He said that he actually needs some work done, and we need to finish up our projects so we could show our clients next week.” You nodded slowly, watching him park his car in the lot. Once he was finished, he began to speak, but you immediately opened the car door, leaving him.

“I’ll see you inside, Hamilton.” You murmured, marching quickly. This time, you took the stairs, reminded of Hamilton telling you this earlier. Wait, what were you doing? Were you actually listening to what he said? You stubbornly walked up the rest of the steps, grumbling to yourself.

Once you made it inside the office, Mr. Washington called you into his. You walked in slowly, ready to get yelled at. Instead, he was smiling, gesturing for you to sit down. You did so slowly, nervous. He looked at your hesitant behave, and chortled. “I never saw you so quiet before. Do you think you are in trouble?” You nodded gently. “Oh, Hamilton! Come in here, I need to speak to the both of you.”

You didn’t bother to look at him walk in, sitting next to you. Your arms brushed against another, and both of you leaped away, moving to opposite ends of the couch. Washington raised his eyebrows at the both of you.

“Anyway, I have come across another contract for a new book by one of our top authors. I need the two of you to proofread and correct any spelling errors or mistakes that they wrote. Understand?” You sighed.

“Mr. Washington, I am an editor, this is my job. Why would I need the head writer working with me? It seems unnecessary.” You glanced at Hamilton, ready for him to argue with you. You didn’t mind a second pair of eyes, but why did he have to make the two of you work together? It’s awkward even sitting next to him.

“Y/N’s right, sir. There’s no reason for me to assist her on this job.” Washington stayed quiet, looking at the both of you.

“Wow, after a few hours of being together, you finally get along? What happened? No more arguing?” He asked, scoffing at the two of us. You shrugged.

“It just that Hamilton knows I’m right this time, that’s why. He just learned to finally admit it.” You joked, looking at him. He laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re ridiculous.” He replied, grinning at you. It was nice, finally seeing a smile coming from him. You soon realized the two of you were looking at each other for too long, and turned back to Washington, seeing a small smirk on his face.

“I like that the two of you are getting along, but I do need two people to work on this. And since you are my top employees, I need this to be done by you. Would this be a problem?”

You and Hamilton shook your head at the same time, accepting Washington’s plan. He smiled, satisfied with our answers. “Good.” The two of you walked out, leaving Washington by the door. “By the way, I need it done by tomorrow.” You both widened your eyes, and he closed the doors on your faces. You two looked at each other.

“My office or yours?” You asked, and Hamilton laughed.

“Yours is a mess. Mine will do.”

They two of you worked on the transcript for hours, only taking breaks for the bathroom. It soon grew frustrating between the both of you, the office now completely empty besides the two of you. As you were correcting one of the chapters, Hamilton sighed, putting his head on the table.

“I cannot read any more papers. Is this how it feels to be an editor?”

“Yup, now stop complaining, we’re almost done.” You had your pen in your mouth, reading a sentence. He put his head on his hands, glancing over the words. “Hamilton, if you skim the reading, it’s not gonna help anyone. We’ll have to read it over again.”

“This is unreasonable.” He grumbled.

“I don’t understand why Mr. Nonstop is whining like a child. You write books in less than two weeks, reading one shouldn’t be a problem.” He frowned at you.

“You are making no sense, like usual.”

“Are we really going to start arguing again? Wow, that peace treaty lasted a few hours.”

“This is why I hate you.”

“You didn’t seem to think that when you’ve been staring at my lips for the past few hours.” You whispered, glancing up at Hamilton. He looked at you, a small blush on his cheeks. You smirked, looking back at the paper. He didn’t reply to you, and you turned away from him, twisting your rolling chair around.

“You were looking at mine too.” He said softly, and you could barely hear him. He assumed that you were ignoring him on purpose, so he walked over to you, turning your chair around. His hands were on both armrests, his gaze on yours. “You were looking at mine too.” He repeated, and you laughed dryly, not even looking at him.

“In your dreams, Hamilton.”

“You lying fuck.” You looked up at him, and he grinned. You forced your eyes to stay on his.

“Excuse me? Lying fuck? Wow, you just stole my insult. What else are you going to steal? My favorite clothes? My favorite meal?” You snickered, using the same words as him. He moved closer to your face, and you widened your eyes at his proximity.

Your mind was telling you to push him away, to tell him to leave you alone. But you heart thought otherwise. You dropped the paper on the floor, and pulled your face to his, your lips pressing together. He chuckled, leaning closer to you. You wrapped your arms around him, and you heard the chair strain. Before you could realize what was going to happen, the chair tilted back, taking you and Hamilton to the floor. Luckily, it was soft carpet.

You laughed, moving your lips away from him. He pressed his lips into your neck, laughing with you.

“That’s the second time I made you fall. Maybe this is karma.” you said, and he looked up at you, only one emotion in his eyes.

“You did. You made me fall for you.” You hit him on his shoulder, and the chair flipped away, leaving the both of you on the floor.

“Your advances towards me suck. I could have come up with a better one that that.” You tried picking yourself off the floor, and Hamilton jumped up first, holding his hand out for you. You grabbed it, and he assisted in pulling you up. You wiped off your clothes, looking at him. He had an evil glimmer to his eyes, and before you could protest, he pulled you into his arms, bridal style. “Alex, what are you-”

“Did you know that I’ve always wanted to have sex in an office. One of the secret kinks of mine.” You raised your eyebrows, and he carried you off.

“Alexander, you better not! No, you dumbass, we’re not gonna have sex in Washington’s office! No! I’m gonna call the police on you!” You laughed and giggled, your body thrown over his shoulder. He ignored your pleas, closing the door behind the two of you.

When fanfic changes you,

(Not easily conquered)

“She’ll say yes. She’d say yes if you asked right now. She’d wear a God damn ring from a Cracker Jack box if it was all you had, trust me on that. She’s your forever girl. At least those are the things I’m gonna tell you the night before you propose, nervous and pacing and wanting to practice on me. 

Then again, maybe I won’t live to see it. Sometimes I hope to God I won’t. 

When it comes right down to it I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me; I don’t know if I can just stand there while you seal the deal.

I’m no good at watching you walk away from me. 

The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She’s your true north. I know what that means, because you’re mine.“

I don’t normally do this, make a whole new post and tag people to recommend a story but when you come across a fic that touches you so deeply as this one has touched me, you make an exception.

I’ve never been much of a shipper, quite the opposite actually, and when people recommended me Stucky fics in the past I was always hesitant and said that ‘it wasn’t my thing’. Even though I had no issues with the pairing. I just didn’t feel it. 

I didn’t get it before. And then I read this story and I sure as hell get it now.
And boy do I feel it too! In fact I am drowning in feels, you warned me @lowkeysebastianstan, I should have known.

I lack the words to describe how well written this fic is and how emotional it makes you. It pulls you in and holds you and when it’s done you’re the one who can’t let go. 

Words are incredibly powerful tools, this story is the perfect example of that.

“The closest I’ve ever been to the Garden of Eden is the genesis on the battlefield when the shrapnel’s still falling like hail on a tin roof. You look at me with those blue eyes all hot and electric in your face, blood on your cheek, soot smudged over your nose. Bone of my bones. 

Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you. I want you now, same as I wanted you before, prettier than hell even with a bloodied nose and split knuckles. Don’t care you were smaller. Liked it, even — same as I like you this way too. You make me hungry. You understand? You make me hungry.”

The rest is going Under the cut because I don’t want to flood your dashes.

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Forsaken: UK Shadowhunters Con Recap

Hi all! So I went to Forsaken this weekend, if you don’t know what that is, it was a Shadowhunters con in London with Maxim Roy (Jocelyn), Jon Cor (Hodge), Kaitlyn Leeb (Camille) and Joel Labelle (Alaric).

It was so much fun, and since it was their first con/they’re not the main cast it was so small, nice and chill. They were all so down to earth, humbled and overwhelmed that we came to see/speak to them. They each had two panels (one on each day) and a full guest panel, I’ve managed to write up most of what I can remember below. Obviously there’s a lot I haven’t captured, but highlights/best moments are under the cut!

A lot of things we discussed were personal/non-Shadowhunter related, if you just want to read the bits to do with the show, just read the bits that have been bolded.

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Boyfriend Hoseok

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psa; this is my ultimate bias so hope you don’t mind my crying every so often ;;w;;

  • ok listen, THIS BOY, t hiS Bo y rig ht her e, is not what you think!!!!!!
  • he looks so cute and squishy and his laugh sounds like some magical shit but beware; there’s another side to him
  • the side that THRUSTS (expertly) AND GRINDS AND GETS FREAKY
  • I HAVE
  • so he’ll be such a cute bf; buy you souvenirs on tour, text you goodnight & good morning, offer you the last crisp in the packet, start tickle fights
  • but if “lil” hobi comes into play
  • ok, glad we’re clear on that
  • he’s mature enough to tell you what turns him on like “jagi, would you mind putting that black underwear on tonight?” but not mature enough to where you surprise him by asking for a risky quickie & he won’t giggle
  • bc he will
  • he’ll giggle like a little girl and turn red bc “jagi, that’s so dirty!!”
  • but don’t think that means no
  • it doesn’t
  • he beats you to the “risky” place & doesn’t even care that he’s super loud so everyone’s gonna know what’s going on
  • in fact, he likes the risk
  • he’s seriously loud though I don’t think I’ve stressed that enough
  • joonie has banned you from bts’ dorm bc no one gets any sleep if you stay over. you’re not even allowed visit for 10 seconds. the maknae’s have been warned that if you’re there & they don’t tell, they’ll be in BIG trouble
  • so you can’t even sneak in without jungkook telling on you; “hyuuuung!!! (y/n) is here!! they’re going to do weird things!!!”
  • even if you two are only cuddling and hoseok’s telling you about his day, namjoon will still run you outta there
  • listening to him talk is wonderful
  • his voice is so soothing and the expressions he makes show how he wears his heart on his sleeve. so when he smiles, you smile. he cries, you cry. he’s angry, you best believe you’re angry too. he’s an open book
  • most of the time
  • unless he’s really hurting & upset
  • then, since he won’t want to bother anyone, he’ll keep it to himself
  • even when you call him out on his limp (from so much dancing) or how he hasn’t slept or eaten right in weeks, he’ll play it off with that smile of his like “ah, you worry too much!”
  • which is so hypocritical bc even if you’ve just eaten a 3 course meal he asks if you want anything else
  • this boy would do anything for anyone but isn’t so good at taking help
  • unless you show up to the studio some night and spoon feed him like he’s a baby. which will make him laugh so hard, until he cries & he realizes the tears aren’t from happiness anymore. he’s just so happy to have you in his life, you’re his everything
  • oh and that SMILE 💗💕💖💘 X1000
  • it’s the most glorious thing ever known to man
  • one of the world’s greatest attractions
  • people flock from all corners of the earth to gaze at its wonder
  • his smile is so bright & happy & it shows why his stage name is “J-Hope” bc that smile brightens the world and fills you with hope that things may be bad now, but there’s always a tomorrow
  • he cares so much for ppl
  • he’s always looking out for his band members & complimenting them & making everyone feel good about themselves
  • he physically can’t see faults
  • so any lack of self confidence you have will vanish when you start dating hobi because every day he’ll not only tell you you’re perfect, but show it too. he’ll do anything to make you smile
  • his family love you btw
  • the moment they seen how glowy and bright he looked around you, they already starting asking about grandkids/nieces & nephews
  • oooooh about that glow, let’s focus on it for a second
  • his tan is so beautiful. it’s already well established that he. is. THE SUN. so it’s no surprise that his tan (and those tanks he wears in the summer omg yeeeeeeees) is so glowing & radiant
  • he radiates warmth from within so peppering his glorious, tanned body with kisses is the equivalent of kissing the sun - be careful or else you’ll get burned
  • you can tell by how he performs that he’s got so much passion
  • and you can feel that passion in the relationship too
  • likes to take you out and show you off. isn’t prone to jealousy since he trusts you so wholly. and taking you out, getting drunk with you and grinding against you in the club is his go-to date when he’s stressed and overworked
  • he also loves chill dates, with cuddling and good wine
  • where you play with his hair fuck he loves that
  • watching his peaceful sleeping face, admirng his beautiful lip mole, his dewy skin, long lashes, cheekbones, cute ears, fluffy floof hair, the gentle rise and fall of his chest, that trickle of sweat that runs down his long neck, across his collarbones, down his chest
  • fun fact: hobi sometimes sleeps naked & touches himself
  • fun fact #2: those are good nights 👍👌👀👌👍👌👀
  • being in awe of his fluid movement. how he can seem so graceful even just drinking coffee or jumping and screaming around the place. his dancing skill is so deeply ingrained in him that even when drunk dancing, he rules the dance floor like a true dance king
  • will always notice when you’re upset and do anything to make you smile
  • getting cute snaps 24/7
  • hoseok is so complex, with different sides to him and no one gives that enough thought
  • onstage; dance machine, sex god, destroyer of ovaries
  • offstage; fluffy dork, apple cheeks and heart smiles, a laugh purer than a choir of angels
  • public; cute, cuddly bf
  • private; fucks you half way to sunday then cuddles for daaaaaays
  • he’s also prone to feeling insecure. he’s dealt with some demons before, which is why I thikn that yoonseok is so pure (they understand each other on a whole other level T^T), and he sometimes doesn’t feel good enough. that’s why, despite how good he is at dance, he’s often the last one to leave the studio. that’s why he practices his rap/singing/rehearsing/etc so hard. bc he never feels good enough. he feels like the least loved member it’s ok baby I’ll love you enough for everyone else
  • so knowing that you see him as more than just the goofy, ugly horse looking member, that you take him seriously and listen to his thoughts, makes this boy feel so many things, you don’t even know :’’’’)
  • overall the relationship is filled with love and laughter, especially considering that hobi is the living embodiment of these things. he’s essentially the perfect boyfriend. but that’s no surprise since he’s a perfect human 😉😍

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I’m sorry this took me so long to do but I can never express in words how perfect hobi is. writing was so hard bc I kept getting lost in my feelings. I tried not to be so extra & believe it or not, this is my love for him toned down. idk if it’s any good or readable but hopefully it is 😅