this is so ugly but it took so long

Vampire/unseelie boyfriend

This is a request from like, forever ago, and I’m so sorry it took so long and is this short! I hope it’s still somewhat satisfactory c:

When your vampire boyfriend feeds, it’s ugly, if not downright terrifying. He’ll attack someone random as you take a leisurely stroll through the park, or even if you’re walking the streets of your city. But no matter what the circumstances, he makes sure that you see it at all – feeding the poor unsuspecting victim a lie of “Please, I need help fixing this thing,” or “Can you show me the way to this place, please?” or whatever other lie he can come up with.

One might question why a stranger would follow someone like your boyfriend – looking humanoid enough, he has a lot of traits that set him apart from the humans around him. First of all are his horns, long and curling at the ends like those of a ram. They are bright, pearly white and reach his shoulders where they start curling in on themselves.

His hair is short and so black it almost shines blue in the moonlight, reaching not longer than his ears.

Then there’s his face – narrow and sharp, you could be fooled to think it was a human’s if you weren’t careful. His eyes are slanted and far apart, set on either side of the bridge of a long, small nose, and have a blood-red color that shine brightly in the dull light of the moon above you.

Not to mention the wings on his back. Large and brittle-looking, they’re strong enough to carry him and a victim – or you – to anywhere he pleases.

So why would anyone voluntarily follow this man, this creature, this mythical entity? And into a dark, narrow alley where they are secluded and no one can see or hear what happens?

Yes, you see, this is because he has a special power – if you look into his eyes, he can see your soul, can sense your mind in ways a fortune teller would pay good money for. He bores into your very brain, through your skull like it’s no big deal, and he’ll see what you’re thinking. He’ll be able to tell your likes, your dislikes, your fears, your joys, in the blink of an eye.

And he will use it. He will manipulate you to the point where you’re convinced you need him, where you’re convinced he knows what’s best for you, and he will manipulate you until you follow him into that dark, secluded alley.

And there’s not a thing you can do to stop him as he feeds on you, his oldest but dearest victim, nothing that can cut through the euphoric feeling you get when you look into his eyes. They hold such rich promises, promises of wealth and fortune and love, that you cannot look away.

“Won’t you come with me?” he speaks, and his voice is otherworldly dark and deep, yet honey and sugar and warmth, and he has you hooked. You nod and feel your feet stumble forward, out of your control, and slowly he walks into the alley where he can feast on you.

It’s a sharp, intense pain that shoots through your entire body as his teeth sink into your neck, and you make a soft sound of complaint, but his arms – strong and warm and so soothing – wrap around you, his wrings folding around the both of you, to keep you in check.

The blood trickles down your throat, hot and wet, and it tickles, making you squirm in his grasp, and he hisses, sinks his teeth deeper into your throat until his lips are nestled perfectly against your flesh. A gasp escapes you, and then a gurgling sound as he starts drinking greedily.

There’s nothing you can do – you’re bound to follow his creature, this beast, until he decides to release you from his care.

If he decides to release you from his care.

first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

anonymous asked:

Do u ever ugly sob when you remember how Derek's anchor is Stiles being kind to him?

This is everything to me. The way Stiles acted in that dream scene, so gentle and understanding and soft, says just so much about Derek and what he wants, and what he pictures Stiles as.

Stiles is his safety.

And just… it’s honestly the most beautiful thing. This is someone who took refuge in anger for so long, who tried to take on the world himself because he couldn’t trust anyone, anything, anymore. Who tried to dictate everything, couldn’t explain himself because opening up was weakness and betrayal lived around every corner. Who couldn’t believe in anything except his own strength and the fact that the world would probably take the next opportunity to screw him over.

And then there was Stiles. Being there for Derek, time and again. Even if he was snarking the whole time–– hell, especially if he was snarking the whole time, because that just meant Stiles honestly didn’t want to be driving around a wounded Derek or doing research for him or treading water, holding him up while a giant lizard stalked around them… but he did it anyway because Derek needed him to. Because Stiles would always be there for him. Because Stiles understood him. And how could Derek see all that, experience all that, time after time and not let his walls slip down?

Stiles worked his way into Derek’s heart despite Derek’s best intentions, and seeing that progression of trust, seeing Derek soften to Stiles, bit by bit, seeing in the dream scene everything Derek wished for and believed Stiles to be, and the complete, vulnerable trust Derek had in Stiles at that point…

This is why Sterek is eternal.