this is so ugly but i wanted to do some commentary posts

There’s Going to be a Lot of Anti-Black History Month Commentary...

I remember when #BlackoutDay was being planned, there was a lot of people who were so against the idea they there were plans on reddit, 4chan and others to bomb the tag. This was the first time I saw anti-Blackness on a huge level.

I didn’t think a day of selfies after a month of Black History was going to be much of a problem. But sadly, it was a huge problem and to this day, even after making sure we stay cleared of other PoC (preplanned) celebrations, reducing it to 4 days within a year (instead of 12), and even battling for control of the day itself. we still have anti-Black commentary or attacks but on a minor scale.

However, with the whole celebration of Black History Month, I knew there was going to be some… pushback. But I didn’t think it was going to be “comment and attack under every Black History Month post” type.

Yeah… the banner and the fact that Tumblr is promoting Black History Month is bringing out people to make negative commentary on not just Staff posts, but the stuff that Staff will highlight. 

I guess the bright side is that Staff is going to learn what we deal with just for expressing ourselves on a daily basis.

So, I’m going to give you some words of advice in case your post gets selected by Staff: start blocking people with extreme comments. Do not engage with them. 

We all know that once they have to start writing stuff to make us feel like we’re less than human, we can’t talk sensibly to them.

If you get anonymous messages and it features extreme negative commentary, block them. 

We shouldn’t ALWAYS have to be these “defenders” when it comes to topics to help us. We shouldn’t always have to be on the offense. It’s going to get ugly and we’re going to have to accept that reality.

Now, note that I said, “extreme comments” and not “people who disagree with" the thoughts of Black history. However, if you choose to block people simply because they ask the question and you don’t feel like doing labor, that’s fine too. 

The fact that I’m writing this to forewarn you actually saddens me as I thought technology would help us engage with people. And it can. But let’s take care of ourselves this time around.

I dealt with White tears and fears for too long on my W3NK blog, so I know the strain it can take on you. I turned into someone kinda impulsive at times. I don’t want you to become me.

So, don’t feel bad if your block hand is heavy. People who rather see you sad or dead just because they pour their projections on you shouldn’t be given a chance to redeem themselves. 

P.S. - If you plan on attacking the original poster… I dealt with your kind all the flipping time. And usually, I’ll engage. But this time, I will follow my own advice, except I’ll go one step further. I won’t disclose what that step is because it will reveal too much. Just know I’m not your damn mule and I don’t have to take your shit.

exo shitpost #2: exo at the carnival
  • junmyeon: alright assholes go wild
  • chanyeol: hoo boy i'm going to win me some prizes
  • baekhyun: you suck ass at everything what could you possibly win
  • chanyeol: that thing with the hammer
  • sehun: your arms are two limp noodles lmao
  • chanyeol: fuck you
  • luhan: your weak ass can't even get it past the halfway mark
  • chanyeol: i don't deserve this verbal abuse you try it
  • luhan: what. the fuck.
  • luhan: it doesn't work
  • sehun: excuses are for the cheap
  • luhan: this is bullshit, this game is rigged, and we are going home
  • -
  • yifan: ok junmyeon let us get wild
  • junmyeon: would you fuck off i will not ride a roller coaster
  • yifan: why
  • junmyeon: because i may shit myself
  • junmyeon: but also because i don't want to be seen next to your crusty ass
  • yifan: why did i ever love you
  • -
  • jongdae: fuck yes corndogs
  • kai: holy shit kyungsoo take it slow
  • kyungsoo: i am a hungry bitch today don't speak to me
  • jongdae: did you really just inhale that entire corndog
  • kyungsoo: it's not that big
  • kai: i can personally assure you he's seen bigger
  • jongdae: wow kyungsoo, king of the dick
  • kyungsoo: if you don't shut up right now i might eat you
  • -
  • zitao: fuck i lost my watch, i must have left it on the ferris wheel
  • minseok: you irresponsible fuck what did i tell you about leaving your goddamn shit everywhere
  • zitao: here, take my ice cream and put it on your tits because you need to chill
  • minseok: /rubbing nosebridge/ how much did that stupid thing cost
  • zitao: it was gucci
  • minseok: i just pissed my pants
  • zitao: relax jethro i have like ten more at home
  • minseok: what
  • zitao: eleven including the one i gave to candy
  • minseok: you have eleven gucci watches, one of which is for your dog, and you still gave me a fucking slurpee for my birthday
  • zitao: at least it was a jumbo size
  • minseok: you're dead to me
  • -
  • yixing: life is fantastic
  • kyungsoo: you're a cheery mf today aren't you
  • yixing: why are you so pessimistic, go inhale another corndog
  • kyungsoo: i can't eat too many, i'm corn intolerant
  • yixing: that's not a thing
  • kyungsoo: i'm also mildly allergic to dogs
  • yixing: that's,,,, not how it works
  • luhan: don't bother this is from the same guy who didn't know how dna works
  • kyungsoo: no more kimchi spaghetti for you
  • -
  • sehun: cotton candy BITCH
  • chanyeol: this is your fifth one, stop it
  • sehun: i am in love with this shit
  • chanyeol: diabetes says hello
  • sehun: i might dye vivi this colour
  • chanyeol: what the fuck she's not an easter egg
  • sehun: doggosthetic
  • chanyeol: s e h u n that's abuse pLEASE DON’T DO THAT
  • -
  • yifan: aw fuck
  • junmyeon: what now you overgrown baby
  • yifan: i'm too tall for the bumpercars
  • junmyeon: too bad
  • yifan: this is no fair
  • junmyeon: go ride something else you ingrate
  • yifan: that's it i'm putting you on the death drop
  • junmyeon: you better freaking not
  • yifan: hi yes one ticket for the death drop
  • junmyeon: nonononono im sure i don't meet your height requirement eheheh
  • yifan: don't worry dear, they have seats for shrimps like you!
  • junmyeon: WU YI FAN YoU fUckeR
  • yifan: enjoy bitchy!!
  • junmyeon: YoU haVe a laWSUiT oN YoUR handS
  • -
  • jongin: i love the fact that i still look hot in all of these
  • jongdae: hey baekhyun this mirror's got me looking just like you
  • baekhyun: how so?
  • jongdae: makes me look ugly as shit
  • jongin: im piSSing
  • baekyun: this kind of commentary is the reason no one loves you
  • -
  • luhan: haunted house, leggo
  • zitao: fuck this shit i'm out
  • minseok: nah i'm in let's do it
  • yixing: zitao i'll protect you
  • zitao: too late i'm already crying
  • minseok: oh ShiT i am Spooked
  • luhan: his soul has left him
  • yixing: you made it taozi, i’m proud of you
  • zitao: thanks yixing, the only thing that helped me through it was the fact that those goblins back there kinda resembled you and it was really funny
  • yixing: wow, this is basically bullying!
  • -
  • junmyeon: well boys, it's been fun
  • kyungsoo: no it has not
  • junmyeon: but we must head back to hell
  • yifan: he means home
  • junmyeon: trust me, i mean hell

So I was inspired by this post and I always love love LOVE behind the scenes stuff for TV series that people draw, so yeah! I had to do something with it. Take it and do what you want with it! *falls over*

(I guess this qualifies as an actor AU? This occupies a weird space so yeah. @ackerchou, I blame this all on you.)

  • Shiro and Zarkon are super good friends off-camera. They are always posting pictures on Twitter and other social media platforms in costume, commenting on how “today was a good day, got to beat up this dude” or “Black Lion Paladins have to stick together #vld2016”. Shiro is super notorious for biffing takes because he’ll start laughing and Zarkon is shameless in totally screwing up scenes by making him laugh with stupid faces. It happens a lot during the super serious moments.
    • Shiro is also known for fangirling over Zarkon, considering how long he’s been in the acting business and his famousness. Pretty much everyone fangirls over Zarkon.
  • Zarkon hates his outfit; he’s always tripping over it and has fallen over in a few scenes. He fell into Haggar once and they both went tumbling down off a green-screen set. Everyone was fine but his cape had to be modified so he could walk around in it.
  • Keith and Lance are that pair of actors who are super tight off-screen and do pretty much everything together. They post stupid Vines, crazy pictures, ALS challenges, cinnamon challenges and anything else you can think of. They love interacting with fans and are super shameless about fanning the klance flames; they’ll post pictures of them almost kissing or posing seductively with each other. Both of them snag pictures of each other when the other isn’t paying attention and will hack each other’s accounts to post stupid posts. They wander around a lot wearing Voltron merchandise.
  • Lance is heavy into improv; it’s gotten to the point where the writers just say “Insert Lance commentary here” because he will totally go off-script. Some of his best moments come from doing things off the top of his head.
  • At least every actor has done something like this with Hunk. He’s so big and strong that it’s hard not to give it a try. Even Zarkon did it (complete with the caption “I’ve got a leg up on your paladin”); that post went viral within minutes. He’s not only the heart and soul of the lionsquad but of the cast and crew as well.
  • Allura takes pictures of everything and with everyone. Her dressing room is filled to the brim with pictures of times on set that she snagged or selfies with the crew and cast. A lot of them are her kissing their cheeks or making duck faces. She also records her singing songs or dancing with the crew during down time and posts them online. Her favorite picture is with the original Allura actor from the 80’s who came to visit the set of the new TV series.
    • A memorable moment was during a take with her and Zarkon and they totally screwed it up. While the camera will still running, they decided to do whatever and confessed their love for each other and Zarkon ran off the set with Allura in his arms. They both jokingly commented later about how they really feel like their characters are having an affair with each other and that the entire plot line of the show should be changed.
  • Haggar is actually super young and pretty but she gets a ton of makeup and prosthetics to make her ugly and witch-like. Both she and Zarkon have the most prosthetics to put on and it takes a couple of hours to get them to look like the evillest duo of the universe.
  • A lot of wide shots are just miniature landscapes, like the Castle of Lions or the Garrison, and the cast will often take pictures next to them or act like Godzilla getting ready to stomp on them. All of them have pictures where they’re leaning up against the legs of the lions, which are really the only things that aren’t CGI of them.
  • Pidge is like Orlando Bloom where she’s forever making funny faces in the background during takes and no one notices it until the final edit. She gets bored easily and is the known prankster of the cast. She also squirrels food everywhere to eat between takes and forgets where she hid them sometimes. So when the prop guys come through and dismantle everything, they find fruit snacks, fruit, nuts, chips, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

anonymous asked:

I don't want them to be messing with us all these jokes and constant mentions about reysky especially today are getting my hopes up.

You know what? I want to help you maintain your hope, so I’m going to give you the best answer I can come up with at this very moment. It’s lengthy, but I think it’s just what you need.

I look at it as a way of telling us that Rey Skywalker is endgame (biologically or adopted and honored), and that we should not be overthinking this and having more fun. Of course, because of the actors’ NDA, they simply cannot confirm or deny anything. It doesn’t mean they can’t troll us from a certain point of view! ;)

Our reaction to Rey’s mysterious lineage was not what LucasFilm expected, at least not in the massive scale as it is currently. It is out of control, and it has reached a point where some people believe that her being a Skywalker weakens her character, but I do not believe it so.

I think people are fatigued by the obvious, because it was supposed to BE obvious. Rey’s lineage is not the twist here, if we search for one.

Why do I believe this?

1st: The lineage twist is infamous and predictable because of The Empire Strikes Back. To repeat the same twist in Rey’s lineage is not a solid execution on the writer’s part, and it would look extremely lazy in terms of story development, where it becomes the shock value that usually is required to allow conflict and growth to the character(s) involved. When Kylo Ren was revealed to be Ben Solo, it was revealed in a nonchalant manner, placing the shock value on the emotional and dark decision of the patricide he committed. Lineage was not his shock value, so why should Rey be different? Why not focus more on her actions and its impact on others, like the fandom often speculates with Kylo’s? Rey Skywalker gives that breath of ease, because it will not require a lot of backstory.

This is why I don’t always believe when other theorists claim that Rey coming from a different lineage will make her more interesting and impactful, because then they’re committing the same actions they accuse others of: Placing Rey’s importance according to her bloodline. Her actions often come second in these speculations, and that is unfortunate. What is worse is that there is even less evidence that strongly supports them. What is ugly is that few (thankfully) imply their desire for Rey to step down as the protagonist and place Kylo Ren in that position.

JJ Abrams himself has since commented that there was simply not enough time to reveal everything in one episode, and left Rian Johnson to develop Rey’s story even further. It’s a risk they chose, to keep the dialogue involving Rey’s lineage for TLJ and beyond, to give TFA more focus on the overall plot. The one scene Abrams got away with is when Rey encountered Luke. The central character of this trilogy, Luke Skywalker, always knows who Rey is.

2nd: Daisy Ridley. She has stated in the past that the visual context in The Force Awakens make it obvious who is Rey. Now, is this in reference of imagery or dialogue? This is still unknown.

If we look at the imagery for Rey in TFA, it remarkably parallels her to Anakin and Luke’s respective journeys, both being Skywalkers. Her appearance eerily resembles Shmi Skywalker. The bracelet on her left arm, the clothes, her beauty. All of it is simply remarkable and just cannot be a simple coincidence.

Maz’s quote refers to a ”whomever”, meaning there is no regard if it’s a person or people. Maz doesn’t know who Rey is waiting for, she simply wants her to stop the urge of returning to Jakku when there is nothing there for Rey. Her true destiny lies with Luke, where the light is guiding her through the Skywalker lightsaber, to which it called to her.

Also, the light. I think this is Anakin Skywalker through the force.

The lightsaber went to Rey not because she is stronger in the force than Kylo Ren, but because Ren rejected the light, thus making him no longer a “worthy” candidate to lead the path of the Skywalker legacy. He chose to worship Vader’s legacy. How is Rey a Skywalker because of this?

Because the Sequel Trilogy was not going to be about Anakin’s only grandchild, it was always going to be about Anakin’s grandchildren. The lightsaber rejected a confirmed character with Skywalker blood, to someone that believes herself to be a nobody. It’s the classical hero’s journey, and it’s awesome.

The music made by the brilliant Sir John Williams parallels Rey to the Skywalkers. He’s one of us, did you know that? He believes that Rey is a Skywalker too. It’s very important to add that if it wasn’t because of Rey, John Williams would have not return to score for The Last Jedi; it’s his favorite character in Star Wars. Listen to The Jedi Steps and you’ll see how Luke and Rey’s theme blend in as one wholesome melody. It’s magnificent.

3rd and last one for now: Rey was kidnapped from her clan. The abandonment of her on Jakku is most likely the “twist” because I don’t think it was part of the kidnapping. Something happened along the process, and we do not have this information, or anything involving Rey and the reasons of why she’s there. This was strongly implied by JJ Abrams in the 3D Blu-Ray edition’s film commentary.

It means what I’ve believed for a while: Rey is an unreliable narrator. She does not remember her parents, or who left her there. According to the books, she believes she was left there by “mistake”, but how is she certain? She believes her people will return, but who are these people if she doesn’t even remember them? I think that when we read or see Rey’s point of view, we are observing a persistent projection of her post-traumatic stress symptoms and other emotional traumas. I’ll cut her some slack and remind you that she did heard a (male, apparently) voice (in the novelization) promising her that the person was going to return for her. Why was this cut from the film? My answer is: It would have been obvious.


I hope this helped you out. Keep the faith alive!

A detail I want to speculate with you: When Rey hears the male voice, this does not necessarily mean that the person was there physically with her at the time of her kidnapping or abandonment. Like Rey’s dreams with the ocean on Ach-To, this voice was speaking through the force. She may have been hearing this voice (in her dreams) when she was already on Jakku and could not pinpoint what and who it was.

[Ask RPedia] Writing Too Much, and When It’s a Problem?

Anonymous asked RPedia: Hi! I was browsing online for random stuff about roleplaying and I found a post about what people find annoying, and one of the points was ‘replies that are too long’ and as a person who writes a lot it kinda made me paranoid? Their point was that it is useless and you should just get to the important parts, especially if you repeat yourself or are too wordy. Is it true that people find it annoying? I never thought of it, I always write long replies to explain what is going on on my OC’s head :/ 

Yep, this is actually a problem, but it’s not a problem for the reasons you’ve listed! Look, I’m gonna give you two sample posts, you tell me which one is more fun and we’ll dissect why. This is actually a very common problem, because a lot of kids really, really, want to impress their partners, but just don’t have the skills (or possibly the ability to frame new details/information) to do so yet. Your content and presentation, essentially, has to mean something, and relate to what you’re talking about in your post. Your wording should add to the story in some way; be that to elicit a response, or explain an idea you want to get across in some way so the other author knows about it. Squish unimportant things together to make them more important bullet points, or don’t say them if at all they don’t add something to the pot. That’s the major concept here. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I was wondering (since you seem well-versed in h/c sam fics) if you could recommend some good fics? Pretty much anything Sam-centric, lol. I trust your judgment.

This is the part where I wish I kept better records. I live and breathe hurt!Sam, but I don’t always save the fics I read. 

I absolutely stand behind all my fic recs, though, which you can find on my blog here! They’re pretty much always hurt!Sam (with some Sam appreciation mixed in there).

There are tons of places to find great hurt/comfort stuff, though, and it would be silly of me not to direct you to these places first, though you may already be following them.

Places to go:

Some author recs:

Choosing fics is hard, because a lot of authors have tons of great stuff and I can’t choose just one to rec. I can point you in the direction of talented authors, though! I can guarantee that their writing is going to be Sam appreciative and Sam centric. 

Note: Most of these authors post plenty of fics, ficlets, and episode tags to their Tumblrs that don’t get posted to AO3. Most of them post a mix of gen stuff and pairing stuff. I’m also definitely forgetting some great authors!

  • @themegalosaurus | (ao3) - Absolutely beautiful Sam-centric writing with a generous dose of brothers feels! (Make sure to check out her fantastic episode tags on Tumblr, too!) Be aware that some fic is Wincest or J2 RPF, with other pairings showing up occasionally.
  • @ameliacareful | (ao3) - Lovely hurt!Sam stuff and great portrayals of the characters.
  • @agelade | (ao3) - Stunning Sam-centric stuff. Generous hurt, beautiful writing, amazing focus on Sam.
  • @waterbird13 | (ao3) - Posts mostly on Tumblr and contributes so much lovely fic that is basically centered around Sam getting love and being happy.
  • @quickreaver | (ao3) - Lots of beautiful hurt!Sam fics, and quickreaver is also an insanely talented artist (if you’re looking for some visual hurt!Sam)! Can be slightly darker stuff. Some Winces and other pairings.
  • stillwaters01 on AO3 - Just in case you want very brothers-focused sweet agony and heartbreak with your H/C.
  • Let’s be real. Basically all the writers over at ohSam, too.

So much H/C you will die (in the best way).

No, really. I always indulge in thoughts of unrestrained H/C but I never seem to be able to write it. If relentless hurt (and delicious comfort) are your thing, these writers may make your day.

  • Marianna Morgan on FF.Net - Suuuuuper lovely and indulgent hurt!Sam and just really idealized happy brothers fic. If caring and protective!Dean is your thing, these are lovely!
  • skag trendy on FF.Net - I was trying to remember names from when I was prowling Fanfiction.Net, and I remember that this writer has just tons of hurt!Sam. You know those fics where the hurt doesn’t let up and it’s just this amazingly shameless pain-fest? Yes.
  • Alex L. Kerr on FF.Net - of the famed Trialculosis Sam fic, but there’s a lot to enjoy.

Mostly pairing stuff (I’ll list which ones!)

These writers are Sam fans who write some great stuff. Some of it is gen, some of it is explicit. If you prefer gen-fic, be aware. If you sometimes love your hurt with more intimate comfort, check these awesome people out!

  • @posingasme | (ao3)- Mostly Sastiel, mostly non-explicit. Beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreaking AUs that often have generous helpings of hurt!Sam and badass!Sam.
  • @rosworms | (ao3)- Sam/Benny and Sastiel and also Wincest + others. Sometimes explicit. Often heavy on the comfort. <3 Always lovely. Mostly posted on Tumblr but some can be found on the Archive, too!
  • @kansaskissedlips (no ao3) - Wincest and Sastiel and basically everything you could ever imagine + more. I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed hurt!Soulless!Sam. But you do. Often quite explicit fics and ficlets with some gen thrown in! 

And now onto the specific fics! My fic recs are below, as well as a list (with links) of fics people have recced to me! Cut for length, and also because I plan to add more as I think of them.

Feel free to submit me your recs (or self recs!), and I’ll credit you and add them to the list below!

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In 2013, my friends introduced me to the new hit anime Kill la Kill.

I hated it.  

In 2016, I stuffed a bunch of the 100,000+ words I’d dedicated to writing about the show into a hefty book.

What happened?

Who knows, but you can now read the result! Just over two years of love and enthusiasm fill up these 350-some pages of 80+ essays, all split up into ten sections: Character Relationships, Comparisons to Other Media, Design Choices and Symbolism, English Dub Script, OST, OVA, Ryuko and Senketsu, Specific Moments, Tag Essays and Quick Posts, and The Discourse. As may be obvious from such a list, the heart of much of this writing is—just as the series itself—Ryuko and Senketsu, but I’d hope there’s a little something here for every Kill la Kill fan.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. I couldn’t have put this together without all the encouragement I’ve received. Everyone who’s sent me asks and inspired me to keep yapping—you’re the reason this book exists! I’ve grown so much as a writer because of this community and through putting together this collection, and I cannot express how grateful I am for that.  

Special thanks too to h0saki, who has provided scans from various Kill la Kill books, and to mikiryuko, who has provided fans with translations of un-localized Kill la Kill material, as well as all the anonymous contributors who have provided similarly. I couldn’t have done many of the essays here without your work!

While essentially a masterpost of the posts I’ve made concerning this series, this book is also a little more than that in that it features revised and updated writing, additional commentary, and, well, it’s all put in one nice, handy, convenient place. However, it’s far from everything, and does not include all the many great conversations I’ve had, so if for some strange reason anyone’s ever thirsting for even more Kill la Kill talk, there are still always the analyses pages on my blogs.

Thank you for taking a look! I hope you enjoy.

Full content list under the cut! These all link back to the original essays (if there is an original essay), but please note that the ones in the book are cleaned up and include additional commentary.

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Dolorous Edd Appreciation Post.

I will write no meta or add any commentary. I will just compile quotes from the unappreciated wonder known as Dolorous Edd. Enjoy.

Jon was paired with dour Eddison Tollett, a squire grey of hair and thin as a pike, whom the other brothers called Dolorous Edd. “Bad enough when the dead come walking,” he said to Jon as they crossed the village, “Now the Old Bear wants them talking as well? No good will come of that, I’ll warrant. And who’s to say the bones wouldn’t lie? Why should death make a man truthful, or even clever? The dead are likely dull fellows, full of tedious complaints-the ground’s too cold, my gravestone should be larger, why does he get more worms than I do…”

A Clash of Kings.

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hiragi mahiru: who was she, really?

thoughts about mahiru & just a general exploration/meta of her character.

its unfortunate to see people misunderstand mahiru time and time again because of the misdeeds she’s committed in her namanari and demon form. so I wrote this, to explain from the point of view of a mahiru fan, my understanding of her.

[NB: after reading a response to this (i recommend you read it after! and my commentary here), it was brought to my attention that my essay romanticises mahiru. i think you can consider this more of an appreciation post instead of an objective exploration of mahiru as i was trying to bring to light the more positive aspects of her character. please, as well as considering this side of her, also dont forget to examine or dismiss the other ways in which she can be interpreted. thank you.]

who was hiragi mahiru?

guren’s ex-lover? the demon in his cursed gear? shinoa’s brighter older sister? shinya’s promised wife? the hiragi family’s most prodigious child? a traitor to the order of the imperial demon? the mastermind behind the events of the catastrophe?

throughout the entire series, mahiru is dubbed as a wide number of things, but who was she, really? beneath all of these titles and labels, who was hiragi mahiru? what kind of person was she?

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The Panic! Truth

Disclaimer: The content you are about to read is based off of a first hand encounter with Jon Walker himself in the Cairo House in west Chicago, Illinois. The following facts presented are from direct conversation with Walker himself, solely based on memory because no notes were taken at the time of conversation. However, everything was recorded right after the event. The facts presented in the first seven paragraphs are 100% UNBIASED, followed by in depth analysis and commentary.

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anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity, why is Logan your favourite of Rory's boyfriends in Gilmore Girls?

Oh boy, have you opened the floodgates. Rory/Logan was one of my first OTPs, so, this is like 12 years of attachment. Here we go.

First off, things I won’t tackle in this post in-depth: Logan vs. other boyfriends (because I don’t have the energy for shipwars & the like), or Logan in the revival (because to me, that wasn’t the Logan I know and thus I refused to accept it as canon).

Now, here we really go :)

Rory enters Season 5 in a weird place. She’s back to dating Dean and she’s trying to build up her professional life at the same time; basically she’s in a rut that she can’t get out of. She knows it, and she’s trying to gun herself out of it, but she keeps slipping back. And maybe she isn’t trying as hard as she could, because a rut is also comfortable and Rory has never liked change. She likes the familiar, and Dean is familiar. Writing is also familiar to her, and so she gets complacent (investigating illegally downloading music is so 2004, Rory.)

Being an official member of the Yale Daily News requires more from her. Her life at Yale and outside of Stars Hollow now requires more of her (attention, time, interest, energy, commitment, etc). She can’t exist in her old life and her new life at the same time, and overall, season 5 is her finding that out.

Then in walks Logan. Smart-mouthed, smug, privileged, quick-witted, attractive boy–just like the ones her mother always warned her about. And–because of that, and because she’s Rory–she doesn’t give him an inch. From their first real conversation, she has his number, and to her extreme surprise, he has hers. Their banter is almost as fast-paced as her and Lorelai’s. He challenges her, pushes her buttons, makes her think–he appeals to her intellect right from the beginning, and that is something Rory can’t resist.

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philosophium  asked:

prompt: kandreil and someone getting hurt (like physically, like during a game or something idk)

I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT THIS UNANSWERED FOR SO LONG by the way you are kind of like one of my favorite writers can i just say. your hcs give me life 

  • so get this: kandreil has been well-established for at least over a month. one of them can never be seen without one or the other or both
  • andrew is the least carefree among the three of them aka he is the biggest worrywart of The Century
  • he can’t get past the mentality that neil will get murdered because the midget’s a goddamn murder magnet
  • “Kevin, you’ll have to trail Josten all the time if I can’t be there to do it, or he’ll get himself murdered the moment we both leave him.” 
  • “You know, both of you could at least trust me to walk to class alone.”
  • “If I had it my way Neil, I wouldn’t burst a vein over you either. Come on, I’ll walk you so that Andrew will shut the fuck up.”
  • kevin, while being less worried in general, goes along with the set-up because he and andrew have this weird mentality that neil is the most fragile bean ever
  • (with him paying a guy $100 to knock him out back all those months ago, you’d think neil’s already attained Hardcore Status, but NO)
  • renee thinks the whole thing is very adorable but also suggested she teach neil how to fight
  • andrew immediately soured the first time renee mentioned this and said something along the lines of no one will so much as harm a strand of neil’s hair because i’ll end the life of whoever does
  • kevin’s face stoned at the idea of neil fighting because he’s a striker renee, he needs his fucking hands 
  • anyways, in the biggest plot twist ever, it is andrew that gets hurt first. damn

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I’ve read a lot hurt feelings from Liam stans, and I feel badly. This should be a celebratory time for you guys after all these many months. Even with Liam’s early success, in a crowded field of high profile releases no less, it’s obvious that fandom fuckery is taking away from the moment. That is not surprising. We log in every day and live and breathe this stuff so clearly fan reactions and commentary is more personal and immediate. It sucks that you have to see bullshit conspiracy posts, ouright mocking and bullying right now. No fan deserves that, let alone when they are trying to have a good time.

I think the complaints about apathy regarding the music are a bit more complicated though. Each of the guys has seen mixed reviews and a wane in enthusiasm after their singles. I mean Niall fans went hard for This Town because it was pretty much ignored within the larger fandom as cliche and predictable. And after a week of high emotion due to intense circumstances, Louis and JHO saw the same apathy. There was no way that such a simple song was ever going to sustain that amount of passion or interest. A lot of us moaned over the slow, self indulgence that was SOTT, and we sat in boredom through a saccharine Sweet Creature just hoping for Harry to release a banger. And the same trend is happening for Strip That Down. It’s flat compared to what was expected from Liam. I think people are waiting for the video or holding out for the next single altogether.

I’m not trying to diminish or ignore any hurt feelings. I follow the tags so I know it’s ugly as hell in terms of unnecessary hate, mainly due to specific stan wars and tinhats. I’m just trying to give a different POV outside of ‘everyone hates Liam’ or ‘everyone forgets about Liam’ when it comes to the larger/nuetral fandom. It feels unrelenting and unfair when it’s your fave, but every single one of us has complained about ugly rumors, mocking, double standards and disrespect. But the music does change some of that (in addition to successful TV appearances and performances). Niall got a ton more enthusiasm and respect for the sexy, richer surprise that was Slow Hands and Harry got love and praise for the versatility on his album, and the same response will happen with Liam as he reveals his full range and body of work.

Observing the public declarations these guys make is a whole other sensitive topic. A week or so ago there was a “what happened to lilo?” blip among the Louies. We overreacted to Liam signaling out Niall as his closest mate while completely forgetting and ignoring the fact that Louis has also been more vocal and closer to Niall. It was silly, and I apologize for playing into it for even a second. Needless to say, we all want the guys to acknowledge one another and to tweet their congratulations after a big milestone. It doesn’t happen often enough so interviews, birthdays, single releases, album drops and even birth announcements take on this whole ridiculous life or death meaning. It’s tough to keep expectations in check, but I do hope the next time they all publically engage brings nothing but laughs and good feelings for Liam and the rest of the guys.

No Bryke Just No......Follow up

Read part 1 here:

Now that Korra and Asami’s final moment is out in the world, it seems like an appropriate time to express how I feel about it. I didn’t want to say anything right away so the audience could experience the finale for themselves.

That didn’t stop Bryan from posting that long ass post about how everyone who hated the final scene between Korra and Asami were all a bunch of homophobes, the damage has already been done Mike and I doubt anything you’re gonna say right now is gonna ease the backlash you two have gotten from the shippers and the fans like me who thought the entire series was a letdown compared to Avatar the Last Airbender.

The main themes of the Avatar universe have always revolved around equality, justice, acceptance, tolerance, and balancing differing worldviews. In subtle and maybe not so subtle ways, Avatar and Legend of Korra have dealt with difficult subjects such as genocide, child abuse, deaths of loved ones, and post traumatic stress. I took it as a complement when Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair called the show subversive. There were times even I was surprised we were able to delve into the really tough stuff on a children’s TV network. While the episodes were never designed to “make a statement”, Bryan and I always strove to treat the more difficult subject matter with the respect and gravity it deserved.

Funny I thought the original Avatar series was about a group of kids with mystical powers going on a long journey to bring down the evil fire nation empire. Guess I missed the episode were Aang made a sexist remark towards Azula and was told by Katara to “check his male privilege”.

Also if you were treating all these difficult subject matters with respect then please tell me why you played the Bolin and Eska relationship for laughs? It was clear Eska was abusing Bolin and not once did any of the other characters treat the situation with any seriousness throughout Book 2’s entire run the whole situation was played  for laughs as if were a plot in a shitty sitcom from the 90’s.   

And over the years we’ve heard from numerous fans, in person and online, how Avatar and Korra have influenced their lives for the better or helped them overcome a life struggle or setback. I am always humbled when people share their personal stories with us and I am grateful that my love for telling stories has been able to help people in some small way. So while Avatar and Korra were always meant to be entertaining and engaging tales, this universe and its characters also speak to the deeper humanity in all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, nationality, or sexual orientation.

I’m sorry Mike but Bryan already threw most of the fandom under a bus with his stupid “hetro lenses” comment so it’s too late to try and get back in my good graces with all this inspirational crap. If you really wanted to get back into my good graces you would have apologized for the crap you and Bryan have said about Avatar and Bryan should have apologized for his “hetro lenses” comment because I’m sorry but I personally felt that comment painted an ugly picture of how Bryan views criticism and the fans of the old show.   

Also yes I do agree with you somewhat that the characters in Avatar the Last Airbender were complex and great, the same however cannot be said about Korra’s cast of characters who just seemed to get worse and worse as the show kept going.

Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other. The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple. Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didn’t find it ambiguous. For the most part, it seems like the point of the scene was understood and additional commentary wasn’t really needed from Bryan or me. But in case people were still questioning what happened in the last scene, I wanted to make a clear verbal statement to complement the show’s visual one. I get that not everyone will be happy with the way that the show ended. Rarely does a series finale of any show satisfy that show’s fans, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the positive articles and posts I’ve seen about Korra’s finale.

I’m sorry but Korra and Asami were never friends, their interactions were so few and far between that it just became laughable whenever you tried to write “bounding” scenes between the two, I’ve already mentioned this before numerous times now but the car scene in the first episode of Book 3 was so badly written that I could not stop laughing at how bad it was. Also as others have pointed out Asami’s character only exists to revolve around Korra and Mako, in Book 1 she was only there to add a stupid love triangle subplot, in Book 2 her role was nonexistent and she became a background character at best. In Book 3 she was just there to help Korra out by telling her how awesome she was and by playing second fiddle to her during their missions together. I hate to break it to you Mike but that’s not how friendships work in the real world.

See in real life in order to have a good friendship with someone both sides have to support each other and Korra never did that with Asami she never once came up to her and asked how her day was going and if she was okay with her dating Mako. But I think the worst moment that shows how much Korra cares so little about Asami was the finale itself were after Hiroshi sacrificed himself to save Asami and buy the team more time to stop Kuvira what does Korra do? She doesn’t check up on Asami to see if she’s okay, she doesn’t tell anyone else to check up on her to see if she’s okay she just continues talking about their next plan of attack as if nothing fucking happened! Fucking Azula would look at this and say “Holly shit that’s harsh…..”

And regarding disappointing series finales I admit some finales have been pretty terrible *cough How I Met Your Mother cough* I personally have seen more good finales than I have bad, I enjoyed Justice League Unlimited’s finale, Buffy’s finale, Breaking Bad’s finale and Avatar The Last Airbender’s finale did I have my gripes with those finales? Yes but they weren’t so terrible they made me want to rant about them on the internet. So this talk of rarely does a finale satisfy people is a load of horseshit.

Also I’m guessing you’ve only read the reviews written by sites like IGN, The Verge, Vanity Fair, The AV Club etc. and you haven’t read any reviews that have been written by the fans of the old show like myself who saw Legend of Korra as a letdown compared to the original series.

 I’ve already read some heartwarming and incredible posts about how this moment means so much for the LGBT community. Once again, the incredible outpouring of support for the show humbles me. As Tenzin says, “Life is one big bumpy ride.” And if, by Korra and Asami being a couple, we are able to help smooth out that ride even a tiny bit for some people, I’m proud to do my part, however small it might be. Thanks for reading.

Funny I’ve read tons of posts from LGBT people who said that they were disgusted by your queer bating bullshit and would have much rather had Korra end up with no one but I guess those people were looking at things from a “hetro lenses” perspective I’m I right?

Have fun living in denial Mike.

i decided some time ago to make a list of recommendations for movies, more specifically modern east-asian movies because im sick of watching white people and i like to see familiar faces doing things. and also they’re good movies too so whatever.

a lot of these are already famous (for those who know a little about movies i guess?) so they might be considered entry-level but i’m doing this as a guide for people who are new to this and it’s definitely not a “hey look at my taste in movies” list so.

on this list i’ll put 1) if the movie is on netflix (US) or not 2) trigger warnings although you technically can search those on imdb and stuff i’d rather just put them myself without spoiling the movie

i’ll probably be adding titles as i watch new things as i still have a lot to watch. i’ll be notifying at each update too because who the hell comes back to a post every few months to see if it updated

list under the cut

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The first part of my six-part series on the male gamer’s relationship to feminism is live. Transcript below the cut:

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On Socialization & Why terfs are wrong

One of the things that people often do when they are young and in the process of discovering their individual creeds is grasp onto ideas that they do not fully understand.

I make a lot of noise about some of these things, because even though I did the same damn thing, I went on to learn better and if I am lucky to gain a bit of wisdom along the way.

An example of this is the way I laugh when I see people talk about gender being a social construct but how sex is not a social construct.  I laugh because when someone does that, it serves as a tacit admission that they do not understand what social constructions are, and instead have been socialized to think they are something that they are not and so feel justified in making that statement.

Exciting, huh?  When you have the knowledge, it changes the way you perceive things – within the arguments that go on about how sex is a social construct (and, make no mistake, it is a social construct and those saying otherwise are wrong) there are a lot of things that happen that make perfect sense when the people doing those arguments do not understand what social constructs are.

That those arguing sex is a social construct are right doesn’t change that they are doing so without understanding what a social construct is – they are doing it because they accepted the socialization that it is such.

This is really only a shade better than those arguing it isn’t – in the end, the problem is not understanding what a social construct is.

For the meat and potatoes, you have to go below the fold for now…

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TWD Season 4 Bonus Material Through Sanja's Eyes

The long-awaited Walking Dead Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets have finally arrived and seeing how Carylers were granted a limited amount of “physically present” Carol and Daryl scenes, the anticipation for anything extra or even a little more insight in the characters story arcs, has been building up since the final episode and only made the hiatus more difficult.

Based on the previous season releases and the fact that all of them had deleted CARYL scenes included in the bonus material, my expectations while a little more cautious that before were definitively positive and on the hopeful end of things.
Since the end of Season 4 the CARYL spirit has been boosted and empowered from many different angles and Carylers have a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about Season 5 especially regarding the direction the Carol and Daryl connection seems to be heading.

The Bonus Material granted does not include a direct CARYL moment like in the past BUT there are several things in the commentary that certainly look and sound like they just might be favorable for our ship.
That being said I have to admit that the extraordinary praise donned on Melissa McBride herself is the star here but then again listening to anyone fan-girling or fan-boying over her brand of fabulousness never gets old with me!

Without Further Ado I Present To You the Highlights;

Episode 1 “30 Days Without an Accident”

*Greg Nicotero commented on the Carol and Daryl first scene - “Just remember I liked you first” and “You gotta learn to live with the love” - by saying;
“I love the chemistry between the two of them, they are great together..”

Now granted this isn’t exactly “new” news and a similar version of that sentiment has been uttered by a almost everyone BUT I still liked hearing Nicotero’s thoughtful take on the “thing” between Carol and Daryl because it highlighted his own emotional approach to creating and interpreting personal scenes between characters. The comment was said as an observational “fact” and not his personal opinion (like he did with his Alone “feeling”)

*This is the BIG ONE (I will revisit this in it’s own post) -

Scott Gimple said that he put a concentrated effort into making sure that the Carol and Daryl interactions in the premiere episode were highlighted and specifically meaningful because they were aware that they were going to be separated for much of the season.

The reason I consider this to be important is simply because it essentially confirms that the relationship Carol and Daryl have is not just different from the ones they have with the others BUT was significant enough to need a strong acknowledgment from the get go so the audience doesn’t completely dismiss it and forget it’s importance to both of them.

It also implies that CARYL will come into play in the future and those scenes were the groundwork for what it’s to come later on.

*The comment about Norman Reedus’s contribution to the whole “finger-licking” part made me smile because it reminded me of the Season 3 Premiere “Seed” and Daryl licking his fingers clean before giving Carol a shoulder massage during the whole “Screw Around” scene on the bus.

Episode 8 - “Too Far Gone”

Scene - “Daryl finds out Rick banished Carol - reaction”

Seth Hoffman (writer):

“Daryl comes in and gives this whole speech about why he knows Carol is going to be a survivor and Norman came up to me and said look I like this speech, at some point in the series I would love to give this speech but this is not where this character’s head is at this point. So we cut the speech and he was completely right and the scene works great as it is.”
“This was one of the scenes that the fans were looking forward to seeing. What was Daryl’s reaction going to be when Rick tells him he banished Carol.”

*Having seen the scene and read other Reedus statements the quote from the writer made actually makes sense - Daryl is a character that needs to process information which is why Norman wanted the scene open-ended. The conversation wasn’t finished and Daryl was too angry and taken aback to make any eloquent speeches - Carol was gone, Rick did it and Tyreese needed to be “handled”!
Had the governor not attacked just then the speech might have been heard later on - Daryl was angry and that part was very clear! (this too will be revisited)

*The anticipation and fan enthusiasm about getting to this scene was plainly and bluntly acknowledged in the commentary - What is Daryl going to do? was HUGE! (Nod to CARYL)

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Andrew Lincoln Version

First I am going to let the quotes speak for themselves;

*Andrew Lincoln - “Can I just say I know I’m supposed to talk smack about Melissa but she is the single greatest actor I have ever worked with. Am I allowed to swear? She’s a fucking alien. She’s so good. Seriously, remember the first time doing a scene in S1 at the camp. she says two things to me. It was so real, so disarming and brilliant, I said to Jon Bernthal who the fuck is that? I’m so thrilled you’ve written this incredible journey for her. I think she’s one of the strongest. She’s one of our secret weapons on the show.”

Scott Gimple - “Not a secret anymore. I watched S1 from home and it was the same reaction. Who was that? From a character standpoint, the thing that is most exciting about her character is seeing characters change and for her to be here from where she started, it was a remarkable thing. “

*Scene - “Lizzie kills Mika and Carol talks her down into giving her the gun and going in the house with Tyreese. Once out of sight Carol breaks down to tears”

Scott Gimple: “The performance Melissa gives here is astounding.”
Denise Hutg: “She’s Amazing!”
Scott Gimple: “It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen!”
Andrew Lincoln: “She’s so amazing, man. So amazing.”
(muffled - almost sounds like he’s holding back tears)

*About working with and writing for Melissa McBride;

Scott Gimple: “When you’re writing something for people. And you know they have super powers, it give you super powers to deliver them material that you know they can do. There’s a weird relationship to fanfiction. Fanfiction on the internet is always based on passion. It’s the same here, just a lot more expensive. Oh man, if I had a dream where I can write for Melissa Mcbride.”

***Now I can’t speak for him but personally I can’t see a guy whose dream is to write material for Melissa McBride killing that DREAM just to further something as unoriginal as man-pain or solve something as tacky as an offensive love triangle!

*About The Grove Episode (in summary)

Denise Huth: “It’s the whole story, the tragedy, the zombies and all of that. The ugliness of what you have to do then you have this scene of just utter grace and forgiveness between two human beings who only have each other left.”

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman Version

My favourite quote;

“I think you’re an acting teacher in disguise… You’re so incredibly intuitive and always passionate and always driven to go further. I never had to worry. All I had to do was look at you, babe.”

Chad Coleman speaking to Melissa McBride

*I think the undertone of that statement works for both Tyreese to Carol and Chad to Melissa

“When was the last time Carol had a hug?”

Melissa McBride on Tyreese hugging Carol

***The commentary itself was beautiful and surprisingly light-hearted and worth the listen for Melissa’s voice alone!
****This masterpiece will get its own post!

Episode 12 Still

***I will be including some material from “Still” because there are those out there who use that particular episode to undermine the relationship between Carol and Daryl.
I feel that there are a few things in the commentary that reinforce the platonic/familial bond between Daryl and Beth and confirm claims a lot of Carylers predicted and concluded prior to this release.

*Scene - “Drinking game and the confrontation-breakdown that follows”

Emily Kinney: “Beth hasn’t gotten to be much of a teenager since everything happened…lets do something kind of fun like play one of these games that I remember.”

Julius Ramsay (director) “She thinks she’s coaxing him into having fun but what she’s really doing is antagonizing him…” 

“…she doesn’t know that she shouldn’t confront him about something which is part of the reason I think she does it…”

Many analysis posts have been done on this scene (mine is here)
and the director basically confirms what almost every Caryler suspected in the first place - Beth has no clue who Daryl is, how to approach him or how to talk to him AND ultimately she is still very YOUNG in her ways and her attitude.

The writers went out of their way to portray Beth as a sheltered, vulnerable “teenager” which is confirmed by Emily Kinney herself and the director says outright with no ambiguity that Beth was antagonizing him, pushing his buttons and initiating games for FUN without even an inkling of understanding of what kind of PAIN is brewing inside Daryl.
The commentary indicates that this wasn’t some BIG masterful plan by Beth to heal Daryl’s emotional wounds and help him - she was trying to distract both of them from reality by coaxing some fun and because she doesn’t know Daryl, they have no history together, she doesn’t know that this is exactly what she shouldn’t be doing.

*On a side note - the mere fact that Emily Kinney refereed to Beth AGAIN as a TEENAGER makes this whole shipping contemplation with Daryl just…err…uncomfortable!


I will be honest - a CARYL deleted scene would have been amazing BUT Carylers were given some extra hopeful reassurance about Season 5, Melissa and Carol were clearly celebrated and some of our suspicions and gripes were vindicated!

*My favorite part was Scott Gimple giving Carol and Daryl extra time in Episode 1 because he knew they wouldn’t get it later on - that to me speaks volumes about what this show-runner deems to be important!

CARYL On My Lovelies - There is Hope…so much HOPE!



“Behold! I have created a thing!”

Us cosplayers, especially in this age of social media, are kind of almost forced to put ourselves and our work out there for everyone to see. No one’s actually forcing us to do it, but peer pressure is not just something teachers and other adult humans tell you about to stop you from doing stupid stuff.

We share things online with our followers, because on some level, we want someone to tell us that we’re actually achieving something. 

If we truly only made stuff for ourselves, we would be more than happy to just look at ourselves in the mirror and snap a selfie. But instead we share our stuff with complete strangers - or “followers” as we often refer to them, like we’re some bizarre cult leaders, standing in the middle of a crowd, holding up a photograph of a half-finished costume and yelling “Behold! I have created a thing!”

And so we put ourselves out there, we share pictures of our faces and our costumes, or pictures we’ve taken, or videos we’ve filmed. We do this for a multitude of reasons, and whether it is because we’re really proud of what we do or because we’re seeking validation, or maybe even looking for constructive criticism, one or more of the following things is bound to happen:

No one says anything.

We’ve all been there. You post something you’ve made, or thought about, or seen, and you get a grand total of one like from that one strange person on the other side of the world who never comments but always likes everything you post. And that’s it. You feel like the metaphorical tree, falling all alone in a forest with no one to see or hear. Do you really exist? 

There’s not actually much to say about this, ironically. Your work just didn’t really impress anyone, or Facebook really is being weird again with the whole reach thing, or you posted at a time when no person on the planet is online. It’s not a big deal, either way, because you like what you made, right? You wouldn’t have posted it if you didn’t, right? It’s not like you’re only posting stuff to see those magical numbers go up and the “Person X liked your page” notifications to pop up, right? RIGHT? 

… Either way, it’s not the end of the world. Trust me.

Someone says something negative. 

You worked so hard to make something and a person on the internet doesn’t think it looks good. Or thinks your face looks squished in. Or that you’re an attention whore. And it hurts. You worked hard on this stuff. You wanted to share your work and someone decides to throw poo in your face. How is that fair? Didn’t they teach manners in whatever school this person went to?

Now, I’m not saying this doesn’t suck. I’m just saying that it doesn’t necessarily suck as much as you think it does. If multiple people constantly bombard you with completely uncalled-for negative comments, that’s called bullying and harassment and that truly is a vile, evil thing of them to do, and I don’t think anyone could really just shake it off (and now I have Taylor Swift playing in my head; thanks, brain).

There is, however, the occasional disconnect on what is a negative comment and what is actual constructive criticism. And I do realise that saying this makes me sound like a seagull of the worst kind (I mostly lurk, fyi), but bear with me.

See, someone saying you’re ugly and that your costume sucks? That’s a negative comment. The best way to reply to it is probably not to do it at all. Just ignore it. Really. If you don’t want to look at it, delete it. The comment brings nothing constructive to your life and it’s your page/blog/whatever, so do what you like.

Someone saying they don’t agree on a choice you’ve made while making a costume or telling you your face doesn’t work, is sort of on the line between “douchebag” and “has a point but lacks social grace”. Because they’re at least making an effort at being specific about what they don’t like, but they’re not exactly offering any tips on how to improve on it. They are, however, sort of starting a conversation, which offers you the perfect opportunity to ask them to elaborate. Which in turn means they’ll either actually provide you with their insight on how to improve your work, or they’ll just bugger off because oh sweet lord, someone noticed their grumbling.

Someone saying they don’t agree with a choice you’ve made and offering alternative options for doing what you’re doing is, actually, if only vaguely, constructive. Someone telling you you face looks squished in but that you could be able to work around that by getting better at the whole make up thing is a rather blunt way of giving feedback, but it’s feedback nonetheless.

It’s your choice what to do with this vaguely and barely constructive commentary, really. If you’re not into it, it’s perfectly reasonable. If you, like me, were trained by the forces of blunt criticism (I have a degree in journalism, our feedback sessions were brutal), you may choose to take whatever bits of information you find hidden under all the salt in these comments and use them however you like.

Someone says something positive. 

This is the goldmine. The treasure at the end of the rainbow. The basket of kitties and a litter of puppies. A group of fluffy little ducklings all happily waddling about, and doing that adorable little tail wag thing that makes your heart melt (seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever ok). You post something and someone tells you it looks great! You look great! You did good! Good job you! You did stuff! You’re great! Or at least kinda nice! Go you!

Positive comments are nice, I’m sure we can all agree on that. However, I do think that in a weird way, the same rules about a comment being constructive apply to both positive and negative comments. It’s nice to hear someone thinks your work is nice, but there’s not really all that much you can do with the information other than feel pleased for about five seconds. 

Obviously we prefer hearing nice things to hearing mean things, that’s only human, but the information value in “you’re so pretty” and “you’re so ugly” is equally low. But we’re still only tempted to delete one of these comments, and even if we do, it’ll probably haunt us for days to come, when the other one is forgotten pretty much immediately. 

Should you really care, either way?

What you do with the commentary revolving around your work is entirely up to you. Your reactions do say quite a lot about you, though I’m not arrogant enough to make assumptions on what, exactly. If you truly are looking to improve your craft and aren’t just out there to seek approval (which is totally fine, by the way, as long as you don’t claim otherwise), you should definitely learn to listen. 

Because, like one of my journalism teachers liked to say, “Others may be right as well.”

- Elina