this is so ugly but i wanted it out of my drafts

Katara: It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, and it’s-
Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah. Look, I’m just saying that if I had weird powers, I’d keep my weirdness to myself. 

So I wanted to talk a little about Katara, because I think we often focus on her grief for her mother, and forget her relationship to her culture, and her experience of the Southern Water Tribe genocide (unlike the Air Nomads genocide, which was for the greater part over after four big terrifyingly effective simultaneous strikes, this one took place over a long length of time - more than 40 years? 50? - and it wasn’t total, but it definitely was one. genocide = the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group, fwiw)

(Kanna’s village - before and after)

All of the Southern water benders were exterminated or taken away to rot in prison (where they all died eventually except for Hama). Katara was born the only bender left in the whole South Pole. Then when she was eight years old, she survived a raid that was meant to kill her, but took her mother instead (she probably was too young to realize that, to her it must have been a question mark up until she met Yon Rha - gratuitous cruelty? Why her mother in particular? They took nothing else!).

So Katara from a young age had a double burden to bear: that of her mother, and the legacy of her bending (and she was shown as painfully aware of her situation and what it meant on both front). But here’s the thing: Katara could be a mother, she was naturally good at it, and her grandmother could teach her what she didn’t already knew. Her family and tribe demanded that of her, they needed her to be that for them (especially after her father and the rest of the men basically abandoned them). However, there was no one left to teach her how to waterbend - she had almost no hope of ever becoming a master without formal training, her brother thought it was silly and weird and let her know, her grandmother thought it was a waste of time. But she kept practicing, because she knew how important it was, to her and to her tribe, that she kept trying (as the only one left who could).

(…an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah…)

(Of course she would obsess over that waterbending scroll)

When she gets to the North Pole, she meets Pakku, and with him the opportunity of finally becoming a true master. But because she is a girl, he judges her unworthy. He judges her, the only remaining southern waterbender, unworthy of carrying on their culture. The Fire Nation didn’t care about the gender of their prisoners, men and women - they all fought side by side for their freedom in the South, and they were all taken away to the last one, and killed to the last one. In the South, the women had the choice to learn how to fight, or be defenseless. And privileged master Pakku couldn’t possible realize the extend of what he was denying her in that moment.

Katara had to prove herself, she had to earn her right to these teachings. And if she had been less good or less stubborn or not Kanna’s granddaughter - well the North would have refused their sister-tribe the power to use their common cultural heritage to fight back against the nation that destroyed them.

(It’s sexist and terrible.)

Meh, thankfully, she was that good, stubborn, and Kanna’s granddaughter, and she did get to become a master.


But, of course, her story doesn’t end here, and wrt her culture, the next chapter is a much more traumatizing experience. In the Fire Nation, she meets another master. This time it’s an old woman from the South like her (“You’re a waterbender! I’ve never met another waterbender from our tribe!”), and she is, ah, more than willing to help her.

Look how happy Katara looks at the idea to learn from her in particular:

Katara: I can’t tell you what it means to meet you. It’s an honor! You’re a hero.
Hama: I never thought I’d meet another southern waterbender. I‘d like to teach you what I know so that you can carry on the southern tradition when I’m gone.
Katara: Yes! Yes, of course! To learn about my heritage… it would mean everything to me.

But when Hama starts her lesson, the techniques she teaches have been obviously developed with one goal in mind: survival in enemy territory. They can’t possibly have been invented in the South Pole, where water is abundant everywhere. They are deadly and cruel, and the damage they do to the environment leaves Katara sad and uncomfortable, but Hama waves that off as unimportant. It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have the time to worry about flowers or beauty or nature. To her that peace and beauty is probably just an illusion anyway, a lie: years after her escape she is still living the war, and war is ugly and rotten and messy (her world is ugly and rotten and messy - this is her comfort zone).

The last technique she teaches Katara is bloodbending. She forces Katara to learn something she finds disgusting, repulsive (just like Hama was forced to learn?) by torturing her (Hama was tortured), by overpowering her, invading her, making her lose control over her own body, bending her blood (Hama herself is clinging to the last remain of control she managed to get back after rotting in prison for years), and finally by threatening to have the two people she cares most about in the world kill each other right under her eyes (Hama lost everyone too, she had to say goodbye).

(Katara: But, to reach inside someone and control them? I don’t know if I want that kind of power.
Hama: The choice is not yours. The power exists…and it’s your duty to use the gifts you’ve been given to win this war. Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture… your mother!
Katara: I know.
Hama: Then you should understand what I’m talking about. We’re the last Waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. We have to fight these people whenever we can. Wherever they are, with any means necessary!
Katara: It’s you. You’re the one who’s making people disappear during the full moons.
Hama: They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters. They deserve the same. You must carry on my work.)

And this, this, is the only truly southern waterbending Katara is ever going to learn. This is her tribe’s bending heritage, what’s left of it: blood, grief, suffering, hatred, loss of control over both your body and mind (because it’s terrible, but I think that’s what’s implied by the show: bloodbending makes you lose your mind. Hama’s only mean of regaining physical freedom ended up trapping her in another nightmare). Hama gifts her with a power she despises (but will use anyway in her darkest hour when she loses control) and a philosophy of violence and revenge.

Katara chose peace and forgiveness. As an adult, she will have bloodbending outlawed, she will become the greatest healer in the world, and she’ll teach her daughter, the next avatar, probably many others. These choices matter, and we should talk about them with that background in mind. Katara redefined her heritage - or rather she created a new one for herself: she refused the condition that was forced upon her (bloodbender) and ensured nobody could legally do to someone else what Hama did to her (and it’s implied this law is valid anywhere in the world). She transmitted Pakku’s warrior teachings, the ones she fought for, to the next generations (and did a great job of it!), but she also taught them how to heal, refusing to separate the arts as in Northern Water Tribe tradition - and healing was something she discovered by herself, that she felt was always a part of her. At that, she became the universally acknowledged best. Her legacy, despite everything that happened to her, will never be one of violence.

tl;dr: Katara is one of the strongest fictional characters ever created bye

A few things about Andrew Minyard,,

- he makes other people tie his shoelaces for him
- hes a blanket monster, doesn’t even leave Neil the sheet ok, poor kid has to sleep in sweatpants and a hoodie in the winter
- secretly does a lot of research about it and only buys the best quality food for the cats
- he’s the only person in his apartment building that ever buys girls scout cookies but he always buys enough to make it worth their time stopping by, he has like 20 boxes of thin mints stashed in the freezer at all times
- he uses an electric toothbrush but it’s like a cheap ninja turtles one from target
- cooks and cleans but DOES NOT do dishes, he will literally let them pile up to the ceiling and then when there’s none left that are clean, if no one else does them, he’ll just throw them all away and go buy new ones
- (eventually they discover paper plates and plastic silverware)
- hates horror movies (not because they’re scary, it’s because they’re predictable)
- Neil is the first person (besides Andrew) to realize Andrew needs reading glasses, and he makes him get some and Andrew carries them with him all the time but only uses them when he absolutely has to
- “I dont need glasses, i dont want to see your ugly face”
- “shut up and try them on or I’m selling the car and buying a minivan.”
- he only does autographs for his kid fans
- once he gets on his pro team people (kevin and nicky) keep pushing him to dress in more colors instead of just black all the time so he gets a bunch of neon armbands and wears a different set every day,, hot pink,, lime green,, fucking yellow, obscenely bright orange,,, other than that his wardrobe doesn’t change
- learned how to sew when he was younger because none of his clothes ever fit right and he always has to make adjustments
- has a savings account that he puts money into every chance he gets and whenever neil asks about it he pulls these random excuses out of his ass (“it’s for candy”, “I’m gonna hire someone to hide your body after I kill you”, “I almost have enough to buy out Exites so that I can shut it down permanently") but it’s actually for the foxes’ kids

samwiseofficial  asked:

Hey Alan! I just saw a post about different types of allistics on my dash... one of them was "The 'Ally'™". I'm allistic and I want to know how I can be a good ally, so I thought I'd ask about certain things mentioned in the post so i can avoid doing them! What are person first language and functioning labels and what can I do as an allistic to be an actual ally (not an “Ally"™)? Thanks so much!

okay, first of all, I’m going to assume that you meant [this post]. If not, sorry. Second, I’m not going to get this perfect. I’m viewing this as a bit of a first draft, which (note to self) I will edit at some point.

definitions: person-first language is “person with autism” as opposed to “autistic person”. Please use “autistic person”. I dealt with functioning labels later in this disorganized hell-post. 

So here’s my stab at allistic ally 101

1) You follow the same rules as if you were an ally for any other group: [Here’s a pretty good ally 101 article], but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Keep listening to autistic voices, and if we contradict the rules hold our voices higher. 

Also, above all, rule #1 of allyship is don’t be a shithead–come to conversations with the intention to listen and learn first and treat us like human beings (this is particularly critical with disability rights)

2) Our voices are the important ones: this is important with being an ally to any group, but autistic people often struggle to communicate or express ourselves. Be patient. Ask people how they’d like to communicate and be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Some autistic people use AAC (Alternative or Assistive Communication), and their voices matter just as much as verbal people’s. You don’t have to learn ASL or anything, but don’t assume that because someone’s not communicating verbally they’re less intelligent or competent. And, even if someone can’t communicate using language (or communicate at all) don’t assume that they don’t have thoughts, feelings, and needs.

3) Nothing about us without us: knowing an autistic person doesn’t make you an expert on autism. BEING an autistic person makes you an expert on autism. If you see anything claiming to help autistic people that doesn’t prominently feature Actual Autistic People, don’t support it (unless Actual Autistic People are telling you to support it, see #2)

This goes double for any charitable organization focused on autism which leads me into point number 4 (also from here on out things are a bit smaller-scope, that doesn’t make them less important):

4) Autism Speaks is trash: [and] [here] [are] [some] [sources

If you want to support charities try ASAN and The Autism Women’s Network

5) Please don’t try to “cure” us: I’m dealing with some internalized ableism with this one, so let me turn you over to  Anya Ustaszewski who in [this article] writes:

My autism is part of who I am. It is not something “extra” that can be taken away from me to suit the agenda of an intolerant society. My abilities, challenges and perception of the world all go hand in hand. If I were to be “cured” of my autism, the person that I am would cease to exist.

so yeah cure = bad, acceptance and accommodation = good

6) Celebrate the things that make autistics unique: lately, tumblr has gotten a lot more stim-positive, but stimming isn’t solely a pretty, paint-mixing or slime video (in fact, stimboards are rarely tagged and can overstimulate the SHIT out of me). 

A lot of time, stimming is viewed as ugly, distracting, loud, disgusting, or socially unacceptable. Support your local autistics, don’t expect people to stop stimming and try not to stare or comment (many autistic people have to work very hard to reclaim stimming after childhoods of expecting to suppress it entirely).

Also, try your best to support different cognitive styles and processing issues. Try to keep your websites accessible, provide image transcripts, try not to make posts that are entirely text in images (like screenshots of twitter posts), and help to subtitle videos if you can. <- these things also help d/Deaf people and anyone who accesses the internet via a screenreader

7) steer clear of stereotypes: I’m not rain man or that dude on the big bang theory or your cousin’s dentist’s sister’s younger brother’s son. The ‘idiot savant’ stereotype is almost never true and puts unreasonable expectations on autistic people. Also, not all of us are good at math or science, have incredible memories, etc. Fitting or not fitting stereotypes don’t change the fact that every autistic person is human and deserves rights and respect.

8) functioning labels are fake: never listen to anyone who describes autism as “high” or “low functioning”. Every autistic person has struggles, and putting labels on functioning basically sorts people into “can be ignored” and “subhuman”. [here’s about a million posts about why they suck because if I put it all here this post would be five times as long]

9) ABA is trash: this is trigger territory for a huge number of autistic people, so [here] and I’m not going to say anything else just take my word on this one

10) If it has puzzle pieces on it, run: if you’re looking to see if a group is okay, look for the rainbow infinity sign. The puzzle piece is a huge red flag. Please don’t support anything with puzzle pieces on it. Please. I’m begging you.

Okay that was WAAY longer than I meant it to get, sorry. Also, I’ve missed a bunch of things, but I’ve been working on this for an hour and I don’t have the energy to add more. I’ll throw this in #actuallyautistic and hopefully someone else can add anything important I missed.

I’m trying to lighten up my blog a bit so here’s the old playground!au:

  • first, picture everyone as tiny children
    • Riko is that one kid who takes being “king of the castle” too seriously and he’s always hogging the slides and being a general butt
    • Kevin and Jean go to day care with him, so they’re kinda just going along with it
    • all of the Foxes are pretty fed up with Riko but what can they do?? they get caught trying to beat his swarmy ass into the the sand and they’re grounded
    • of course Riko ends up throwing a tantrum anyways and pushes Kevin and Jean off the play structure
    • the good news is that kids bounce
    • the bad news is that Jean ended up bumping his head and Kevin twisted his wrist and now everyone has to go home and get yelled at for playing too rough
    • the next day Kevin joins the Foxes
    • Jean, perhaps for the best, wanders away and gets invited into the sand pit with the Trojans, who are 500% more civilized and are currently in the process of burying Alvarez
    • meanwhile, the Foxes are determined to take down Riko
    • Dan draws all of them into a huddle and gives probably the most dramatic speech to ever grace the playground:
    • “win because you don’t know how to lose. this king’s ruled long enough - it’s time to tear his castle down.”
    • except, y’know, it’s this tiny kindergartner saying it, surrounded by other tiny kindergartners, and basically they just all climb onto the playground structure and ignore Riko’s yelling
    • the final standoff is between Kevin and Riko as Kevin dramatically shoves Riko down the slide and refuses to let him back up
    • and honestly, the Foxes aren’t impressed with Kevin’s pushiness either (Andrew least of all), but whatever, they’re going home in an hour, it doesn’t really matter

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Shooting Stars

Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by nellaey

It’s their seventh year at Hogwarts, and Sirius wants to see her at midnight in the Astronomy Tower. They’ve met in a lot of place in last last year. Each other’s dormitory, secluded cornerns, empty classroms, or deserted corridors, but never in the Astronomy Tower. It’s not because they wanted to keep their relationship in secret; it’s more like because their relationship wasn’t serious. At least both of them tried to show this, as Sirius was playing around with a lot of girl and Y/N’s heart was an icy piece of stone from so many disappointment she had to experienced earlier –

but behind every stolen kisses, and every naked cuddles at late nights, and every ’You know I’ll love you forever’ what disguised as a joke, was hiding a feeling that none of them wanted to. A feeling that burns their chest and made their hearts beating faster, a feeling that forced them to smile if they made the other one happy, a feeling that made their legs shake with anticipation after every little touch they exchanged.

Y/N huffs as she steps in the slightly windy Astonomy Tower. It’s spring – the days are warm but the nights are chilly, and she scolding herself for came here without at least a light jacket. Her steps so light Sirius haven’t noticed while she was climbing up on the many stepping stones, only when she’s already there, standing behind him.

„I hope you have a really good reason to dragging me here at this time.” – she says with a little despise on her voice and a tiny, cheeky grin on her face.

Sirius walks closer to her with a smirk which is almost a kind smile, something that not a lot of people could experience from him. He grasp her soft hand, leading the girl to the railing when he stops next to her, shoulder to shoulder, looking up in the clear, stairy night sky. She frowns at him before turns her gaze to the starts too. She doesn’t understand.

„Are we going to stand here in silence all night long?” – she asks, not even realizing she doesn’t cold anymore as the boy’s body heat and his simple presence warmed her up minutes ago.

He smiles and looks down, like he was searching for an asnwer between his boots, before he looks up in the sky again.

„I just wanted to show you something.” – he starts, wrapping a hand around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. His voice is low and almost husky as he continues. – „Do you see that star, over there?” – she follows his gaze, finding a bright little dot in the distance. – „It’s called Sirius. The Brightest Star.”

Y/N stares at it for a long moment in silence before a laugh burst out from her. These words sounds so unrealistic from his mouth. „So this is why you wanted to meet me here?” – her tone isn’t disapproving, but it still causes Sirius to lift up his head and take a step back, though his arm reamined around her.

„I thought it’d be, you know… romantic.”

Y/N looks into his dark, grey eyes; eyes that could hold a millions of secrets and feelings and he still could magane to hide it all if he wants. But not from her, not now, not anymore. „Since when you are a romantic?”

„Since I knew I’m in love with you.” – the words fell from his mouth easily, like every bit of them wanted to escape for a long time.

Y/N’s smile vanishes. She closes her mouth, choking back the urge of grinning wildly or confessing her feelings instantly. Biting her lip, he looking up at Sirius; the brightness and the confidence fading away from his eyes with every second that pass without her love’s respond.

„It’s okay.” – he said finally, not bearing the painful silence anymore. His eyes examining his feet again. – „I just had to say it.”

Her heart beating fast as she fights an internal battle with herself; she’s afraid, but how many times she wanted to hear these words from him? „Do you really love me?”

His eyes sparkles in the moonlight as he suddenly snapped his head up. „Yes.” – he nods, his voice sweet and honest, his expression remains worried.

For a split second, Y/N considered to run away from him, or lying that „Sorry, I don’t love you.”, but her feelings are much stronger than her. The idea for a happy relationship made her drunk, causing to forget there’s chance for pain too.

„Come here, my Brightest Star.” – she laughs, pulling him closer for a tender kiss, but Sirius’ lips are hardly moving on hers. – „I love you too.” – she whispers against his skin, her eyes fixated on his; a few long seconds passed before his lips finally moving for a smile, and Y/N kisses him again, though it’s much harder as none of them could’ve stop themself from smiling.

Y/N beaming. Sirius watches her as she hangs a small, ugly painting on the wall, right above the fireplace. At least Sirius think it’s ugly – Y/N loves it because it’s funny, unique, and this is the first gift they recieved for their first apartment. The house is tiny; there’s only one bedroom, but that’s enough since it’s theirs. There are no neighbors. A forest and a brook is nearby, and they can watch the stars whenever they want to. Because dark times are coming, and they need some peace.

Two years have passed, they’re nineteen, and they’re still live in the same, small house, which now is cozy and warm. Y/N walks in the kitchen, laughing loudly as the smoke fills the room. „No need to mocking at me.” – Sirius says in a sulky voice as Y/N made the light grey smoke vanish after his boyfriend tried to bake her a cake for her birthday – in a muggle way, since he doesn’t know cooking spells. Turns out the oven isn’t his best friend. She starts to eat the half-burnt birthday suprise, and Sirius laughs at her commitment, his enegry, his positivity – even now. She light him up.

Some days are not so cheerful, when they open a Daily Prophet during breakfast, and read the names – finding a friend, somebody they knew, somebody who always said hello, somebody who had to die without a reasonable cause. Maybe they just wanted to fight for making the world a better place, maybe they just wanted to survive, maybe they were just in a bad place in a bad time. It doesn’t matter, because there’s war.

Lily is freaking out, because she’s pregnant. She’s crying to Y/N, because she isn’t ready, because James isn’t ready, because it’s the worst time for it. Sirius and Y/N comfort them; everything’s will be fine, they’re just young, and it’s okay to be afraid –

and Lily and James finally calm down, and they’re happy, because they’ll have a baby.

They’re twenty, and they have to leave their first home to move in a safe place. Their first home, which meant not only home, but love, peace, shelter, and held too many memories about just the two of them, and even more with their friends. They leave everything there. „After it’s over, we’ll come back.” – Sirius tries to cheer Y/N up. It’s late night, and she glance up to the Canis Major before they left.

And she happy she did, because from the city lights they can’t see the stars here. Every morning before they left each other, every time when they separated for doing something for the Order, they’re prepared they’ll never see each other again. Still, after every minute late Y/N’s heart starts beating faster, because she holding onto a hope what never will let her go. And Sirius always come home.

Y/N watches in astonishment how good is Sirius with Harry. He never was a fond of kids, and she never could imagine him as a dad, but seeing him like this making her thinking that maybe one day they also could have this.

Sirius watches Y/N too, laughing at her when she’s too afraid to take Harry in her arms – „He’s so small!” – but once she do, it’s so easy and naturally. He stops crying quickly as she talks to him quietly. Sirius can’t take his eyes off them.

When they’re twenty-one, it isn’t safe anymore meeting with their friends every time they want. By now, mostly it’s just parchments and words, carefully drafted to not writing down anything too dangerous.

This is the first Halloween without them. They’re curled up in the couch, drinking hot chocolate, but Sirius is worried. „I’ll go and check on Wormtail.” – he says, jumping up suddenly as they haven’t heard from their friend so long. Y/N wants to go too, but Sirius convince him it isn’t safe or necessary – he’ll be back soon. He kiss her on the forehead before he left –

and never came back.

The next time when the door open it’s Remus. Hair disheveled, clothes wet from the rain, eyes red from crying. „At least tell me you didn’t know about this.” – he starts without saying hello, and Y/N doesn’t understand; her legs shaking from a bad feeling. Her friend tell her everything, and she couldn’t beleive – Lily is dead, James is dead, Peter is dead, and Sirius; even worse.

Remus catches her before she could collapse on the hard wooden floor, and now she’s crying, uncontrollably and without stopping even for a second; and he has to hold her face and almost shouting at her firmly because she can’t breath, she’ll choke on his tears. An eternity later she’s still crying on Remus’ shoulder before she finally find her voice,

„He couldn’t do it.”

But he doesn’t believe her. He leaves, and Y/N is all alone.

A month later the public is happier. The Dark Lord is gone, but Y/N doesn’t care about it anymore. She lost everything. Leaving the house what they called safe place, she moved back to their first home. It’s dusty and dark, but she can’t imagine any other place to live in now, or anymore again. She’s cleaning, and she’s okay, until the ugly painting above the fireplace laughing at her face; she seize it and break into tiny pieces, because Sirius hated it, and this was the first thing they have together.

Every night she sits on the porch, searching for Sirius’ star, and crying when the sky is cloudy and she couldn’t see it.


Favorite Fics List

Here is my list of the best fics I have ever read regardless of fandom and in no particular order

Twist and Shout by gabriel, standbyme - Supernatural, Destiel - I’M LEADING WITH THIS BECAUSE IT’S GETTING TURNED INTO A BOOK AND THEREFORE WON’T BE AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYMORE SO READ IT WHILE YOU CAN Summary: What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea. If you were part of the SPN fandom and you didn’t read this fic were you ever even a part of it? (COMPLETED)

A Thousand Beautiful Things by superpotterlock (fvalconbridge) - Supernatural, Destiel - Summary: Accidents happen everyday, like someone accidentally hitting you in the face with a ball and then you mutually getting off with them in the school showers. Now Dean’s not saying he’s gay, but the thing he has going with Castiel isn’t exactly straight either and he isn’t even sure if it matters any more. Basically Cas is a rebellious teenager instead of a goody-goody like in most stories (UNFINISHED but worth it imo)

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel - Supernatural, Destiel, A/B/O - Summary: Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime. (COMPLETED)

Fingers Tap Into What We Once Were by 2ofacrime24 - Supernatural, Destiel - Honestly, I read this fic so long ago that I don’t really remember what happens, but it left such a lasting impression on me that when I saw the title again I had a physical, not just emotional, reaction to it. So it makes the list. Summary: Human!AU. Castiel never expected to see Dean again, the man from one marvelous one-night stand. However when Dean walks back into Castiel’s life on the arm of his twin sister, Anna, a year later, Castiel’s world is turned upside down as he realizes just how much Dean affects him. (COMPLETED)

Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone - Supernatural, Destiel - THE MERMAID AU TO END ALL MERMAID AUS! Honestly though, I consider this is seminal piece of Mermaid AUs. Summary: Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep.It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep. Castiel should have listened better. This was also the first fic I experienced that had its own culture and fandom surrounding it. (COMPLETED)

Shootin’ You Straight by rockstarpeach - Supernatural, Destiel - I started reading the first chapter of this fic to remind me what it was about and then I just read the whole thing because it’s that good. Summary: AU. Dean Winchester is in a band and Castiel is a fan. Not of the music, of Dean. An opportunity presents itself one night after a concert and Castiel can’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. Neither of them is happy to leave things at just one night, though, so they start up a romance troubled by long distances and Dean’s rock star lifestyle. It’s not perfect, far from it, but this is their story. (COMPLETED)

Vita Nuova by worldaccordingtofangirls - Supernatural, Destiel - Summary: AU. Dean Winchester takes a job as a teaching assistant to get his little brother into a prestigious academy. He doesn’t quite expect such long nights and snobby kids, but the real surprise is professor Castiel Novak: or falling in love with him, that is. Excuse me while I go re-read this whole fic because I forgot it existed and really need to back in my life. (COMPLETED)

Blue Lips, Blue Veins by romanoff - Avengers, Stony - This is a LONG FIC (145 chapters) but WORTH IT Summary: Tony Stark is Iron Man.Before that, he was an man with bigger heart than brain. Before that, he was an asshole with a bigger mouth than sense. And before that, he was was a scared little boy. Not that it matters. Stark’s always have had iron in their backbone. Basically, it’s Tony’s life story. (COMPLETED)

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Yes, I’m tagging this. And no, I’m not putting this under ‘read more’. Yes again, I’m asking for a fight. And hell to the fucking yes, this means war! Come at me, KuroTsukki shippers!

I am so tired of having to bottle up my feelings of hate for this ship just to be nice to the rest of the fandom, and now I am done biting my tongue about it. I can talk about something I hate, just as much as I babble about the things I love on a daily basis. And I will be as loud as I want. I will be cursing at you too, because I am just so goddamn furious right now my hands are shaking.

What was my trigger? This post. Yes, it’s two-going-three years old. Yes, the OP has already moved on. But yes, it is still very much fucking relevant. Why? Because they missed the most important aspect of the hate. None of them could explain where the hate was coming from. They just went on saying it makes them feel uncomfortable, that it ticks them off, the fucking characterization, while some were just passing it off as bitterness to the popularity. And all those probably added to it too, but let me drop the bomb.

The reason there is hate for KuroTsukki is because those who ship it think Yamaguchi is too ugly for Tsukki.

Yes, I’m calling you out, bigots! And yes, feel free to deny it as much as you want. You’ll only prove my point, because it’s a fucking fact. Yamaguchi was drawn to be unassuming. I have to admit, that was also one of my initial thought processes upon entering the fandom. 'Yamaguchi is just not good enough, like he easily fades into the background. And I just love Tsukki so much, I need to pair him up with the hottest guy I could find.’

And there’s actually nothing wrong with that, I’m just explaining. People will always choose to watch the beautiful actors and actresses in porn, over the real-life true love of ugly people kissing in the park. Initial attraction only comes for the cute and beautiful.

Favoritism also plays a part. If Tsukki is your favorite, you will most probably turn in him into an uke. Why? Because you’re projecting, bitch. It’s natural, I don’t blame you. You’re probably unconscious of it too.

I understand all of that. The fact of the matter is, if I didn’t notice Yamaguchi first I probably would’ve shipped KuroTsukki too. And I didn’t notice Yamaguchi until the confrontation scene. But the thing with Yamaguchi is that, once you notice him you don’t unnotice him. And that’s what saved me. Thank God for Yamaguchi.

If you read this far, you would know that this isn’t just mindless bashing. I was just putting into words what other people couldn’t. None of this was romantic, it’s not a debate over what’s more plausible or more emotionally captivating. Everything can be made up, or forced. It doesn’t matter, it’s just fanfiction.

I’m not asking the KuroTsukki fans for anything, I don’t care. But I do understand why you ship it, I just hate that people actually ship it. I’m just saying, the very reason you are shipping KuroTsukki in the first place, is the same reason why hate for this ship festers. And as long as the implication is there, I will never forgive this fandom. Because Yamaguchi is my favorite character, and I will always put him first. Fuck everyone who thinks Yamaguchi is ugly.

Also, if you’re wondering. Yes, I noticed Yamaguchi first, it’s Tsukki I’m setting aside. And obviously, I don’t even love Tsukki half as much. But no, I wouldn’t pair Yamaguchi up with anyone else, as I don’t like feeling unfair.

I tried hard not to talk about my hate, I lasted in this fandom for this long pressing my lips in a tight line. When I saw that post last night, I tried to sleep it off. But it didn’t work, and that’s why I’m writing this at four in the fucking morning. [EDIT: I saved this under drafts so I could decide if I still felt angry enough to post it later. And after more sleep and some food, I still felt the need to post this. Not sorry.]

#Unbothered - Damon Salvatore

I’m so sorry this is so late and out of the blue. Exam season is upon us and I’ve been swamped. I still have loads of half done drafts which I’ll try to finish and post. Love, N xxxx

“Are you sure you can’t come to this last bar, Y/N?” One of your friends slurred out.

You and your friends had been bar hopping and so far you were mildly drunk. You handled your alcohol well, unlike your friends and only agreed to join them to see your friends get ugly drunk,  instead, they flirted with anything that had a dick and legs. Your standards meant that none of the guys offered you drinks so you were tipsy at best.

“I’m going to head home. I don’t like the bar that you’re headed to anyway”  You replied, disentangling yourself from another drunk off her face friend.

“Okay. We’ll miss you”  They all shouted dissolving into a fit of giggles before stumbling down the street.

You rolled your eyes and began your walk home. It was only 1 am but it was that odd time of night where everyone was out but everyone was in. The roads were empty due to most of the people being in clubs or in their homes. It was quite peaceful for you. The smell of rain lingered in the air and the cool breeze did everything to relieve you from the stuffy air in the club. 

You cut through the usual alleyway. It wasn’t like most cliche shortcuts, it was between two houses and continued like that for a few streets. The neighbourhood was a good one, mostly rich white families so you knew you were okay. You were back on the main road, right in the middle of mystic falls which was pretty much deserted. From your peripheral vision, you could see shadows moving but you knew that there wasn’t anything behind you. 

You looked down at your phone to reply to a text when you saw a man in front of you. You quickly stopped to avoid crashing into him.

“Well lookie here” The guy sung.

“Excuse me?” You replied, pissed and confused at the attractive stranger.

“I’m going to kill you, sweetheart”

You burst out laughing.

“I think someone spiked your drink, dude.”

“You should be cowering in fear. Why are you not cowering in fear?” He asked, his evil demeanour changing.

“Because when a random guy comes up and says ‘i’m going to kill you’ at 1 am on a Saturday night he’s drunk. So if you don’t mind, sir. I’ll be on my way”

“But I am going to kill you”

“Yeah of course you are. Now move please”

All of a sudden a metal railing appeared in the stranger’s hands. He bent it easily even managing to knot it in the middle.

“I could really kill you if I wanted to.”

“Yes, but so could another random stranger or even a dog. You’re probably jacked up on some ‘roids so please let me pass”

“I’ll let you live, you’re funny”

You narrowed your eyes and continued walking. 

“I’ll see ya around” The stranger called out.

You thought that would have been the last you saw of the stranger, only you were clearly mistaken. 

You came back from shopping a few weeks after the incident to see the man sitting on your porch. He got up and came to your car, taking the bags you had out of your hands. You held the others and walked up to your front door.

“This may be weird but I want some advice so do you think I could,” He asked while you wrestled around to get the keys into the lock

“Come in?” You asked

The stranger nodded and looked slightly relieved too.

“I don’t even know your name”

“Damon, Damon Salvatore”

“A guy called Damien bought me a drink at a bar once. It wasn’t nice”


You finally managed to unlock the front door and entered the house. The groceries were dropped into the kitchen while your clothes were left by the stairs to be taken into your room.

“So what did you need help with?” You asked him as you began to put the food away.

“If you were to get wooed by someone, how would you like them to do it?”

“Wooed?” You asked, raising an eyebrow

“Just shut up and answer the question”

“Get me flowers, lingerie, chocolate. Take me out to a nice dinner, or even make it yourself. Have good taste in movies, clothes and the most important, alcohol”

“What about someone who’s completely the opposite of you”

“Get her flowers. A nice candle, a pretty diary, maybe a scarf or a cardigan. She probably wants a well thought out date and probably doesn’t trust you enough to be in your house on the first date, so a dinner date. You’d probably have to have her home by 9 exactly or she’ll think you’re trying to fuck her. Take her chair out for her, pay the bill, let her order for herself. That kind of shit”

“Hmm that was very insightful”

“I know”

“Where does the Nutella go?”

“Top cupboard next to the stove”

“How should I ask her?”

“She got a boyfriend? You seem like the type of guy to go for someone who’s already in a relationship”

“It’s complicated.”

“Just straight up ask her”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah go ahead”

“Thanks, Y/N”

“How do you know my name?” You asked.

“Hold on, how do you even know where I live?” You added after realising he should know nothing about you.

“I work for the FBI”

“I really believe that”

“Well, I’ll be leaving now”

“See ya around, Damon”

“You betcha!”

A few more weeks later, Damon showed up at your office.


You scrunched your face up in confusion at the nickname.

“Play along” He mouthed.

“Damon! What are you doing here?”

“we were going to the ski lodge today. You boss told me you didn’t put in a request for a day off.”

“It must have slipped my mind. With your crazy surprises!”

“It’s fine, Y/N. You can have tomorrow off”

You thanked your boss and packed up your desk. A fake smile was plastered over your mouth as you and Damon walked hand in hand to your car. You got in before going off on him.

“That was so unprofessional, you ass.”

“I needed you for the weekend.”

“For what?”

“Undercover work. I need a date for a party”

“What happened with your other girl?”

“It’s complicated.”

“I’m not going with you. thank you for the day off, but I’m not going.”

“I need you to come with me. Please”

“Why? How the fuck did you know where I live anyway?”

Damon looked conflicted for a moment.

“Let me drive us somewhere and I’ll explain everything”

You nodded and moved into the back seat as Damon hopped over the centre console into the driver’s seat. You then made your way into the front passenger seat and you drove off. After a while of driving, you stopped in front of a huge house.

“Welcome, to Casa de Salvatore” He explained, flipping the ignition off and handing you your keys.

“You live here?!”

Damon nodded and the two of you got out of the car and into his house. He led you down some stairs to his basement and into a smaller room equipped only with some plants and a freezer.

“Do you sell weed?”

“No. This is vervain. It’s a plant to keep humans safe from our abilities.”


Damon placed a finger to his lips motioning for you to shut up as he opened up the freezer.

“This is our store of blood, it stops us from having to feed on humans”

“Hold the fuck up. Blood? Feed on humans! You need help and I am getting the fuck out of here”

You headed for the door but it was slammed shut and Damon stood in front of it.

“Holy shit”

His eyes went bloodshot and the veins under his eyes were so much more prominent, they were bright red and his teeth were bared with his canines elongated into fangs.

“Are you fucking serious. You’re a god damn vampire. You could have told me that in the beginning you asshole. I thought you were some creepy weirdo.”

“I envisioned this going in a completely different direction.”

“So what’s the real reason why you need me to come to this thing of yours?”

“I need a human with me to gain entrance. It’s a fucked up vampire thing where you showcase your ‘food’ while trying to make money. I need to kill someone there and my brother won’t let me take Elena”

“So you need me to come with you into a room of bloodthirsty vampires?”


“I’ll do it, but you owe me big time”

“There’s one more thing. I kind of need to feed off you on your wrists and neck to make it look like you really are my blood bag.”

“Isn’t that going to like kill me?”

“No. I just need to show restraint”

“Right. Well, you can’t do all of this after you get me an outfit for said party.”

“I’m sure you have a dress you could use, judging by your office, your office Christmas parties must be a hoot”

“I might have something. But you’ll need to take me home and let me get supplies.”

“Why are you so okay with this?”

“With what?”

“Finding out I’m a bloodsucking monster who could potentially drain you in your sleep”

“Because I’d like to think we have formed a friendship and I don’t think you’re that much of a sociopath to kill your friends. And its mystic falls, you really think that everyone believes in the ‘animal attack’ excuse?”

Damon shrugged in agreement and took you home to get a dress. You settled on a black mermaid dress with crystals on it. You grabbed a few more essentials and set your alarm and locked all your doors.

In the morning before Damon’s event, the two of you drove to a country club on the outskirts of Mystic Falls. He forced you to wear a turtle neck for the time being until he could make the marks on your wrists and neck. The two of you checked into a hotel room and to your surprise, there was already someone in there.

“Do you have everything?” Another handsome stranger asked.

“All in the bag,” Damon replied waving his hand in the direction of the bag he flung across the room.

“Y/N, Alaric Saltzman. Ric, Y/N”

You waved before pulling off the turtleneck to reveal your tank top underneath.

“Why’s he here?” You asked.

“He is a vampire hunter.He is also here to make sure I don’t kill you”


“The event is in 3 hours, that means we have to do the biting now” Ric piped up.

Damon came and took your wrist.

“You ready”

You nodded as he brought it up to his lips and the familiar vampire features graced his face again. You felt the fangs prick your skin and suck up some of the blood. You felt a little light headed but it went away once Damon removed his fangs and you remembered to breathe. He copied his actions on the other wrist and let you breathe.

“You okay?”

He asked, dropping down to his knees so you were the same level. 

“Yeah, I just need to breathe a bit.”

“It’s going to be a lot harder with your neck. I’m going to give you this stake. If you feel like I’m draining too much, just stab it in my neck and I should stop”

Damon handed you a small thin stake. You made a fist around it ready to stab. He held his hand out and you took it to hoist yourself off the bed. He placed his arms around you and you dropped most of your weight onto him. 

“Don’t go getting any ideas, Damon”

“Blood sharing is a pretty intimate experience, babe”

“I will prematurely stab you in the neck”

Damon chuckled before going completely serious. His grip tightened and he pulled you closer to his body. you titled your neck to one side and his fangs sunk in once again. The light-headedness came a lot faster this time but Damon could sense your discomfort and forced himself away from your neck.

“Do you want to take a break?”

“No just do the other side and give me a 2-litre bottle of coke”

“Are you sure, I could kill you”

“You kill me and I swear to God-”

You were cut off by him drinking from you again. You angrily shoved the stake in his neck and felt his fangs retract.

“What was that for?” He howled, pulling the stake out.

You watched as his skin healed and it looked like nothing had happened.

“You didn’t let me finish speaking and you were drinking too much”

“What can I say, you taste great”

You scoffed.

“You’re not the first person to say that to me”

He scrunched his nose in disgust as Alaric laughed.

“We should keep her around”

“Yes, she’s so fucking funny. You need to put a lot of makeup on and make your hair all fancy whilst we drink bourbon”

You rolled your eyes but refused to get up.

“I just had my blood drained, the least you could do is pick up that dressing table and bringing it to me and plugging in my curler.”

Damon mimicked you but did what you asked and you began to curl your hair whilst sitting on the bed.

Hours later, you were completely ready. You looked like you were dressed to go to an awards ceremony, minus the puncture wounds. You walked out from the bathroom and into the hotel room to see Damon looking suave in a tux.

“You clean up well,”

“You look amazing,”

“I know,”

You gave your hair a final fluff and wiped your teeth off any lipstick and you were ready to go. Damon held out his arm and you linked yours through it.

“Ric’ll be ready with a getaway vehicle because as soon as I kill this guy, all hell’s going to break loose” Damon informed you as the two of you walked to the lift to take you down to ‘the event’.

“I am wearing 4-inch heels. I hope you don’t expect me to run in these”

“I’ll carry you”

“You try anything and I swear I’ll shove that plant down your pants.”

The lift dinged open and another couple smiled at you. This girl also had her puncture wounds on show. You and Damon stepped into the lift standing on the side opposite to them.

“You here for the convention?” The other vampire asked.

Damon nodded.

“Martin. Martin James and this is Serena”

The girl waved.

“Ian and this is Aleisha.”

You waved back.

The lift stopped and the doors opened into the hotel lobby. Damon pulled you out and beelined away from the ballroom.

“I’m aiming to kill this guy within the first hour of this party and then we’re out. Remember your new name and stay close to me the entire night.” He murmured.

“Great, I just stand next to you like a trophy”

“I’m sorry, did you really want to be wandering around a room of thirsty vampires with 8 puncture wounds on show?”

“I’m going to kill you”

Damon laughed overly loud as he led you back to the ballroom. You put on a fake smile as you walked into the room. A server walked over to you and held out a tray. You picked up a flute of champagne and delicately sipped from it.

The pair of you began to mingle with the other vampires, Damon was sure not to reveal any extra details and only let them know he was an older vampire who was very rich. 

You had been limited to 2 glasses of champagnes since ‘blood loss and alcohol is trouble’ so you were forced to sit through stifling conversations with the stupid vampires about how rich they all were. You could think of much more interesting things to talk about than the value of Vlad’s estate.

“I am just a bit parched. Y/N, let’s go to the bar” Damon announced. He held his hand out which you took and escorted you away.

“I’m going to do it now. Get ready for motion sickness.” He whispered in your ear.

“Break a leg”

The two of you got to the bar and took a seat on the barstools. 

You waved for the bartender and he shuffled over to you and Damon. You were about to give him the specific instructions for your cocktail when Damon spoke instead. Ordering himself a shot and nothing for you.

Your head turned and you glared at him.

“You’ll puke it all up onto my suit.”

You rolled your eyes and watched Damon down the shot and get up. He held out his hand for you to take and led you towards his intended target. Damon walked in front of you at first but then moved behind you. He stepped on the back of your dress making you fall forwards into the chest of a blonde vampire. He looked at you with contempt but his features softened as he saw your cleavage.

“You should look at where you’re going young one, your master would hate it if someone ate from his plate”

“I’m so sorry” Damon apologised as he pulled you away and wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Nonsense, it was just an accident”

“No, I may be sorry for what I’m about to do to you”


Damon flung a stake at the vampire and it landed straight in his heart

“Sayanora sickos” He yelled before rushing off.

literally 10 seconds later you were in the middle of a road standing in front of a car. 

“I’m going to puke” You mumbled before rushing to some bushes and throwing up the 2 glasses of champagne you drank. You came back and wiped your mouth.

Damon bit into his wrist and thrust it into your mouth. You pressed your lips together and pushed his arm away.

“I don’t do that shit”

“You have fang marks on the most visible areas of your body. If you drink my blood, you’ll heal and my brother won’t be up my ass for what I did”

You begrudgingly took Damon’s wrist with your hands and brought it to your lips. the metallic taste of his blood made you gag but you forced yourself to swallow some of it.

“okay little vampire that could, you’re all healed up now”

You dropped his arm and looked at your own. It looked as though nothing had happened to you and you were sure some cat scratches were gone too.

You nodded in approval at your wrist before striding over to the car and lying down on the cool leather of the back seats. Ric was sitting in the driver’s seat and looked at you through the rear view mirror.

“Tough night?”

“Shut up. Let me sleep”

He chuckled as Damon sat beside him and you drove off.

It took a couple of hours to get back to Mystic falls, not that it made any difference to you since you’d been sleeping the entire time. Damon and Ric dropped you back to your house and drove away whilst you dealt with making sure your tired self didn’t trip over your dress and die.

You safely managed to get inside and took your makeup off. You put the dress back in its bag and hung it up again to be worn at another date before heading straight to bed.

You spent the weekend cleaning up your house and online shopping and before you knew it you had to wake up on Monday morning for work. You started off with the shittest morning, you forgot to set your alarm so you woke up half and hour later than usual, you ran out of coffee and Starbucks was closed for refurbishment so you were stuck with the decaf shit that was in the break room and one of your colleagues decided to use your desk and move everything around.

Once your desk was in a decent condition for you to work in, you logged in and began working. A few hours later, the mail person came to your desk with a muffin basket. 


You looked at the basket confused but took it anyway. A card was stuck on the cellophane

Y/N -

A basket of muffins for your troubles. I owe you one. 

Your new friend, Damon

You smiled at the card and plucked a chocolate chip muffin out of the basket.

“If any of you fuckers even breathes near my muffins, I’ll murder you.” You threatened before sitting back down at your desk and continuing your work whilst eating your muffins. 

Who knew being friends with a vampire resulted in free muffins?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me some tips on outlining a fic? I have my character backgrounds down to a t, and I've been working on world building, but I've still been having trouble getting my ideas organized in a story format. Yours are always so well written and flow so nicely, I was hoping you had some advice! Thank you! 💕 (PS your newest fic is amazing and I can't wait for more!!!)

God I have been putting off answering this one too long because I Take Outlines So Seriously. In the last week I’ve probably written 30K words, and only about 7K was fic. The rest was the outline rough draft and then the outline final.


So I have literally a Process I use. My larger fics literally have a pre-production period that I have to work through before they are ready to be written.

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princess and the pauper | pt.5

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And if the universe tells me otherwise, I will defy all laws of gravity that tries to pull me away from you, because without you, I don’t know what the taste of life is anymore.

pairing: jimin | reader ; royalty!au pauper!jimin
words: 4.9k
genre: angst with potential fluff (okay this is just gonna make you relieved) 
summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.
a/n: i’m so fucking sorry for this oNE MONTH LATE UPDATE i drafted this 81273021847 too many times but thank you @yoongsigh for actually being an actual angel and support my late nights to commit to this. so here it is, the…..nOT FINAL CHAPTER.

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4

The house felt quieter, a little more grueling with the silent self-abhorrence reeking the atmosphere and a little less hopeful with shattering dreams scattering at the foot of the door of the bedroom down the hall of the cottage.

It used to hold sonorous symphonies of endless laughter and melodies with mellifluous singing that bounced off the walls, the sweet giggles and contagious laughter that spread life to this flower cottage. It was the very voice that Jimin fell in love with, the one that he learns in hushed whispers as they spoke arbitrary declarations and confessions together under the night blue sky. The very one that he listens to lovingly as you ramble on and on about your hopes and dreams. It’s the very one he heard in all sorts of pitches and timbres, echoing in the back of his head like an unforgettable memory he couldn’t ignore.

It’s the very thing he heard broke in utter devastation as he watches you whisper goodbye, faint and weak, your figure disappearing in the nefarious mischief of the night.

Jimin doesn’t remember what heartbreak feels like. He recalls the first flowers he plants in the garden, as he sobs quietly at the dying roses in his hands because he didn’t take care of it enough. It was difficult to forget - the numbing feeling, the regret and unbearable thought of loss. Jimin particularly doesn’t remember what the side effect was but now he does feel it, right to the bones, piercing and spreading in him like a toxic poison, injecting his heart and soul in all the right and wrong places. Its like something in him withered because he just didn’t take care of it enough.

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When fanfic changes you,

(Not easily conquered)

“She’ll say yes. She’d say yes if you asked right now. She’d wear a God damn ring from a Cracker Jack box if it was all you had, trust me on that. She’s your forever girl. At least those are the things I’m gonna tell you the night before you propose, nervous and pacing and wanting to practice on me. 

Then again, maybe I won’t live to see it. Sometimes I hope to God I won’t. 

When it comes right down to it I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me; I don’t know if I can just stand there while you seal the deal.

I’m no good at watching you walk away from me. 

The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She’s your true north. I know what that means, because you’re mine.“

I don’t normally do this, make a whole new post and tag people to recommend a story but when you come across a fic that touches you so deeply as this one has touched me, you make an exception.

I’ve never been much of a shipper, quite the opposite actually, and when people recommended me Stucky fics in the past I was always hesitant and said that ‘it wasn’t my thing’. Even though I had no issues with the pairing. I just didn’t feel it. 

I didn’t get it before. And then I read this story and I sure as hell get it now.
And boy do I feel it too! In fact I am drowning in feels, you warned me @lowkeysebastianstan, I should have known.

I lack the words to describe how well written this fic is and how emotional it makes you. It pulls you in and holds you and when it’s done you’re the one who can’t let go. 

Words are incredibly powerful tools, this story is the perfect example of that.

“The closest I’ve ever been to the Garden of Eden is the genesis on the battlefield when the shrapnel’s still falling like hail on a tin roof. You look at me with those blue eyes all hot and electric in your face, blood on your cheek, soot smudged over your nose. Bone of my bones. 

Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you. I want you now, same as I wanted you before, prettier than hell even with a bloodied nose and split knuckles. Don’t care you were smaller. Liked it, even — same as I like you this way too. You make me hungry. You understand? You make me hungry.”

The rest is going Under the cut because I don’t want to flood your dashes.

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ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar (2017 May issue)


I heard that you’re in charge of ‘fatality’ and 'provocation’ in ASTRO?
My confidence level dropped a bit after today’s filming. I thought I was sexy when I was shooting but after looking at the monitor, I was like an angry person. Seems like I’ve to study up a little more… Shall I describe it as a period of self-reflection? (laughs) But even so, it was nice since I was able to try an experimental style that I’ve always wanted to wear. Clothes with sleeves going down all the way to my knees, with holes ripped in places and of loud colours.

Maybe it’s because of your way of speaking that’s mixed with aegyo or maybe it’s because of your eye smile but I actually thought you were the 'sweetest’ member. When is that you feel sexy?
When I’m sweating on stage and not smiling. (Cha Eunwoo who was quietly listening in, added on, “Hyung, you really look like you’re suffering then. Your make-up’s all gone away. You’re sexy when you’re belting out your high notes.”_ I look ugly then though… Okay, it’s when I’m singing but only my neck is sexy and not my face!

Who’s an artist in your age group that has had the greatest amount of influence on you?
Sung Si Kyung sunbae-nim and Highlight sunbae-nims. I especially respect Yang Yoseob sunbae-nim. I enjoy watching videos of idol singers performing live before I go to sleep, I watched DBSK’s concert video yesterday. While being amazed throughout those two hours and going, “Woah, so it’s possible to create a stage this dynamic.”

I heard that up till now you’ve went through four relationships.
I didn’t date any of them for long. I care for them lovingly and listen to everything they say but I couldn’t actually expressing my feelings properly. If there was something that disappointed me, I’m the type to think over it alone and am a little defensive. I don’t think I’ve ever fully given my heart. Because I’m scared I’ll get hurt.

In an interview, you chose 'time travel’ as a super power you’d like to possess. What’s your reason?
It’s because I want to go back to a time where I was younger and have an early start, preparing myself even more but bit by bit. I’d probably have grown a lot taller if I had slept earlier then (laugher).

Moonbin mentioned that while you’re extremely sensible, you don’t trust in that sensibility and are always doubtful.
I worry a lot and am also really shy. But once we get closer, I’m more cheerful and animated than anyone else (you know). In particular, I’m confident that my ability to spread positive energy is the best within the team.

Not singing? You’re the lead vocal though.
It’s hard to say I’m confident in that. Because I’m at a stage where I need to really grit my teeth and work hard.


Who made up the name 'JinJin’ for you?
My face looks like a puppy’s. I was reading a webtoon titled <Jin Jin Evolution*> where a Korean Jindo is the protagonist and then one day Moonbin started calling me like that. Everyone was calling me by my nickname, “JinJin hyung, JinJin hyung,” but it ended up really becoming my stage name (laughs).

You’re the oldest and also the leader in your team but you were chosen as the member who cries the most.
I think I’ve cried at every single concert or fan meeting we’ve held until now. The tears just come to me when I think about my parents. To be honest, my dad had a great influence on how I ended up doing music. He played the drums as his hobby and I started learning with him then. Since my 5th year of elementary school, I played the drums for about 5 years and then as I learnt the guitar and dance, I naturally dreamt of (becoming) who I am now.

I heard that everyone personally writes their own rap, what do you have drafted in your notes lately?
(looking through the notes in his handphone) Can I rap it? (laughs) “A lot of things have happened, being together was fun, you look prettier the more I look at you that I wandered around feeling flustered” (You have to read it rhythmically!) The content is about not wanting to be friends just for that day and wanting the relationship to progress into lovers. It’s not my own story, I’m usually the sort to gain a lot of ideas through movies (laughs).

Who’s a rapper that you like the most?
Big Sean! (On this day, as soon as JinJin heard Big Sean’s Moves loudly playing on the filming site, he gave up his sandwich, dashed out from the dressing room and started to move along with the rhythm.) Opposed to a low tone tight rap, I think the style of completely warming up your voice and then being able to easily go into a high tone rap is really cool.

I heard that you collect colognes and shoes.
Rather than liking just one thing, my personality itself tends to look out for new things. Hairstyle, clothes, colognes, I’m the type to quickly get sick of something so I like to gather this and that. Even with my shoes, I collect one model in different colours. With my rapidly growing interest in fashion, I’m daringly challenging myself to try fancy things and what stands out. Lately I like matching my dress code to my shoes.

Now that you mention it, you’re wearing black trainers and a black shirt today too.
It’s a pair of trainers that I really wanted to own and the fans gifted it to me. I’m really thankful. I’m always wiping them with tissues and being careful when I wear them (laughs).

*Not the official English title

Cha Eunwoo

Listening from start to finish your EPs which you released throughout last year in time for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, you naturally imagine an innocent boy wearing his school uniform. Can we see a developed image through your new mini album that you’re busily preparing for now?
Carefully envisioning it, I think it’s more of growing from a middle schooler to a high schooler rather than becoming a straight up adult. ASTRO’s characteristic zesty energy is similar to how we really are now so I think that it’s right we slowly change while maintaining that vibe.

The concept for today’s pictorial is a little different compared to the past and current ASTRO.
I’ve always wanted to try filming with this kind of feel. But it’s definitely hard. I realised that again as we were filming. “Ah, I’m still far away from being sexy, the company didn’t uselessly push for a cute concept (laughs).”

Your straight-laced model student image is strong. Even pointing out that your life’s best escape was 'going out alone to watch a midnight movie’.
I was like that back then. (How are you now?) If I were to talk about that… If I were to confess something of a level higher than midnight movies is us having secretly gone to an internet cafe? During our trainee days, avoiding eye contact with our manager and heading off to somewhere was a really big deal. Like an 007 mission, we’d carefully make our move, hiding round the corners of buildings and assessing our every step.

On the other hand, you’re in charge of the role of 'rebellious top star MJ’ in the variety drama <The Best Hit> which is being directed by PD Yoo Ho Jin in collaboration with actor Cha Tae Hyun.
He’s an extremely cocky and selfish character. He’s someone you’d really hate so I’m practicing with the mindset of, “Let’s act while thinking of someone that you never want to become and who you shouldn’t become.” Before I went for the script reading, I was practicing my lines with my manager and there were tons of labels and ways of talking that I’ve never imagined of until now, like, “Hyung! What do you do for a living?” so it was a new feeling. Next week would be the first filming so I’m really excited.

When is your loneliest moment?
When I’ve to go to sleep but can’t. It’s really distressing. I’m the sort to have a lot of thoughts so I’d think, “There wasn’t the need to go that far” but then go deeper into thinking, “What kind of person am I that I would think there was no need?” So I want to quickly promote actively and have no time to think.

Do you not have any thoughts about wanting to date? Not simply (based on) good impressions, but love.
Up till now, I’ve only dated once but I still don’t know what love is! When you read books or watch movies, don’t they say that someone who has never fallen crazy in love would never understand? That you have to experience it in order to become an adult. They say that when you love, your heart gets torn apart and you spill tears but I can’t empathise. I’m usually the style to only develop emotions after a long period of time so I really can’t comprehend falling in love at first sight. I’ll probably experience real love one day.

'A guy ripped out of manhwas’, 'a guy with a sexy brain’ and even 'face genius’, your nicknames are flashy. Today in particular, your members themselves looked at your close up shot and commented, “A top class handsome guy,” they seemed fascinated. If you were to freely boast about yourself?
Someone who’s more reliable than anyone else and who always gives his all to the people he treasures, who’s very hard on himself and there are times where it gets too much but because of that, he’s someone who’s detailed and earnest. (Your visuals?) Then… Cha Eunwoo’s a handsome guy whose face and heart are both pretty (laughs)!


It’s a first that an idol shyly went, “I want to eat bossam and pig’s feet!” Bossam and pig’s feet, even kimbap and a sandwich, you really enjoyed yourself and finished up everything (laughs).
When we went to Singapore, there was an instance where eight of us ate 180k won worth of chilli crab. Right since the start I told the company that I hope they don’t interfere when it comes to food. Going with your gut, eating when it’s time to eat, playing when it’s time to play, being zealous when it’s time to work, I think it’s fair that you lose weight when you need to go on a diet.

Are you the type to be impromptu?
More than anyone else! Eunwoo and I are both B blood types but we’re polar opposites. Eunwoo likes to plan things out one by one but that’s what I hate. There’s never really been an instance where I made plans during the school break and even if I were to write up a chart for my plans, I’ll never keep to it. Being with Eunwoo did teach me that to a certain extent, there needs to be a side of me that’s detailed but there’s no change to my fundamental thoughts or attitude. Above all, seeing how our line of work emphasizes sense, I think that be it in dancing or singing, establishing just the big picture while allowing yourself freedom within it is good.

Of the moments where he was the most grateful to his members, your roommate Cha Eunwoo picked you waking up early to be one of them.
I usually sleep a lot. Our manager comes to wake me up every 5 minutes but I really don’t hear him while light sleeper Eunwoo wakes up. Sometimes I don’t hear “You seriously have to wake up!” but can instead only clearly hear Eunwoo letting out a sigh (laughs). I’d feel sorry then and my eyes naturally open.

Is there a field outside of ASTRO’s promotions that you have a greed for?
I really want to one day try acting in a movie. It’ll be even nicer if it was a movie that centers around a webtoon or novel. I usually like (reading) manhwas and webtoons. I’ve been reading the Naver webtoon <Street Gossip*> and it makes me think that it’ll really be a hit if the webtoon was produced as a movie or drama. As a fusion fantasy historical genre, the story’s unique and there’s a big handful of good lines.

Which line touched your heart?
The girl’s a blue blood but she’s blind while the guy’s an illiterate born in the lowest class. Lines normally have to be read in the story so that they’re properly conveyed but talking about just the meaning, “Even if I can’t see you, even if you’re an illiterate, I like you for who you are and because of that, I’m plenty happy now.” Those words really played out prettily.

Thinking about it, didn’t you point out going to Tokyo Anime Center to be your ideal date? I can sense you’re a huge fan.
For the sake of and <One Piece> and <Tokyo Ghoul>, I really want to go to Tokyo Anime Center even if it’s by myself. I usually like watching YouTube videos like ‘Marvel vs. DC’ and mystery videos about freakish happenings or involving bizarre creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch. I’m the type to see it to the end once I get hooked on something. Even yesterday, I ended up sleeping after watching the ending of the game <Battlefield> (laughs).

*Not the official English title


You had red lighting shining all around you today at the filming site and your intense facial expressions you showed off didn’t look an ounce awkward.
To be honest, I was shy and embarrassed but the picture had to come out well so I tried my best to focus. Watching our pre-debut webdrama <To Be Continued> now is still pretty awkward but I realised today that even my 'bad acting’ can become of help (laughs). I think that thanks to the webdrama, I learnt how to focus by creating my own space within the awkwardness. Not that I want to become an actor straight away but I want to give it another try one day.

What kind of role would you like to try then?
I want to challenge myself at the action genre. I was good at taekwondo when I was younger so I was ever Gyeongsangnam-do’s representative. I think I’m able to dance like I do now because I’m athletic. It’s been hitting me lately that your sense of balance is really important if you want to use your body properly. I think that you’re able to be better at what you like doing if your condition’s good.

I heard that you play a pivotal role in your team when it comes to choreography.
I danced since I was 4. I learnt a little bit of Korean dance and even ballet. I do a lot of monitoring on a regular basis to the point that continuously replaying videos of my dancing on stage is my hobby. I’m also always watching choreographies from people who are the top of the class, like worldwide choreographer AJ. I really want to be acknowledged as a choreographer.

Since your debut days, the competition and tests must have been endless so how do you relieve stress?
I wish I could have a good sleep because it’s tough on my body but to be honest, 'stress’ is a rather ambiguous word to me. Since what I’m doing now is fun and I’m happy? (laughs)

Who do you match the best with in the dorms?
(staring into space) I match the best with our television (laughs). I’m on friendly terms with all the members but we don’t play around. In fact I mainly while away my time watching the television. It hasn’t been long since we got one in our dorm and movies that you pay to watch couldn’t be as sweet.

I heard that you still write your rap lyrics in a notebook.
At first there were a lot of notes in my locker that I scribbled down as practice but I can’t look at them now. I’m so bad at writing that it’ll make your stand on its ends. There are lyrics that I wrote starting off with the word 'boy’ but I threw those away (laughs). I think at that time I really put my feelings into writing them but looking at them now, they’re horrible. I can’t write stories about people. Is it because I’m far away from love now… (laughs).

Yoon Sanha

What did you do before coming to the filming site today?
I had my guitar lesson. I used to learn (to play) by myself but I wanted to strengthen my basics so I’ve been taking lessons once per week since not too long ago.

You playing your guitar and singing Kim Kwang Seok’s I’ll Become Dust at an audition pre-debut was memorable.
It’s a song that my father really liked and enjoyed singing. His original dream was to become a singer. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him singing with a guitar in his hands since so long ago but I think he’s had a great impact on me. 2 years ago, he had my older brother who was leaving to join the army the next day, stand in front of him and he sang 'A Letter From A Private’. Even his favourite song to sing at karaokes is Kim Kwang Seok sunbae-nim’s Around Thirty.

What do you think about the most throughout the day?
Hm… guitar! I’ve recently been practicing with the guitar my fans gifted me and it makes me realise how much precious it is.

You’re the youngest in your team. Aren’t you the only one born in the 2000s?
It’s a truth I found out later on but I actually nearly didn’t make it into ASTRO’s member line-up. During the time when they couldn’t make up their minds because I was too young, I suddenly grew taller and went through a growth spurt. My growth rate suddenly shot up past 10cm during my 3rd year of middle school and I was able to join as ASTRO’s younger member. Even recently I’m continuing to grow little by little. I’ve to stop (growing) now though (laughs).

Do you have a nickname?
4-cut fairy! There’s an app that automatically merges 4 of your selfies. I use that to take pictures and then I’ll often upload them on twitter. It seems like I’m always using the same facial expressions so I’ve been taking pictures while studying up (laughs).

Do you have any personal talents as well?
MJ hyung seriously has a lot. He’s the king of imitation. I really can’t do impersonations. There’s one I practiced by myself. Doraemon?

What are your goals for 2017?
I want to try winning no.1 on a public broadcast. We’ve yet to win even once.

Taking this interview as an opportunity, is there anything that you really want to say?
There’s something I’d like to say to AROHAs. We’ve been on hiatus after wrapping up promotions for our 3rd album but we’re zealously preparing! Please wait just a little longer! Please make sure to tell them that I’ve dyed my hair (laughs).

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits



requested by @xomarti

A/N : This is just for all the ladies who feel ugly, fat or stupid ! You’re all beautiful the way you are. I love you.

Originally posted by stellarollins

I’m fat, ugly and fat… Oh wait I already said it.

I looked myself in underwear in the mirror. These love handles, these pounds overweight, a disgusting ass and thighs too thick. I hate myself. Since my delivery of my girl six months ago, Claire. She suddenly became the light of my life, it monopolizes all my time. I didn’t think that only a child can change a life so. I don’t have any more time to take care of ME and my marriage. I lost all the confidence which I had in me. Seth feels it and I know that he tries to help me to become again this woman whom he has loved. But it’s hard, so hard that we didn’t have sex since my delivery. It begins to annoy him and I understand him, he is a man after all.

“You’re finally sleeping.” I said in breath. I put my babygirl in her cradle. I actually love watch her sleeping, we are often only both at home, thus I got used to being alone with Claire.

“She’s so beautiful.” I heard Seth’s voice behind me, Then I felt one of his hands skipping on my hip which continued his way under my very large sweatshirt. “We made a good job.”

“Ye..ah.” I stuttered because of the stress that I felt at this moment, I believe even that we could see my heart beating through my item.

“I’ve always wanted to have a little me…” He whispered into my ear and I felt that he pressed me even more against him. His breath was hot on my neck. I also wanted it but I just couldn’t… He did not have to touch me nor see me naked.

“That’s… cool.”

“Come on babe, I want to spend some little time together.” His voice got deeper and deeper, I turned around to face him. He carried only a jogging. The room was rather dark, but a small lit light his face and I noticed that his eyes expressed many of desire. “You have no excuses tonight, babe.”

“I have to prepare her feeding-bott…” “I did it.” he replied. “I also have to clean our…” “The house is clean (Y/N)… I have done all of that baby.” He approached his face of mine but I was panicked, if he touches my body he will be disgusted and he’ll leave me.

“NO, NO, DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME !” I screamed by pushing of all my strengths. “LEAVE ME ALONE FOR GOD’S SAKE !”

Seth was a little confused then the traits of his face frowned and the anger could be read on his face.

“You see somebody else ?! Is there any other guys !” He raised the voice. I frowned, how could he think this about me ?! He knows me, I can’t do this !

“Are you Seth ? Do you think that I could do this to you ?”  I say by trying to hide an anger and my vexation.

“You don’t allow me to touch your body, me ! YOUR husband.” He pronounced the “your”, I didn’t want to tell him about my insecurity. “If it’s not that, what is it ?” he asked.

“You don’t need to know but I’m not cheating on you Seth.” I tried to touch his face but he stood back.

“I need to know everything. Talk.” He sounded so bossy.


“So I’m leaving.” He turned his back to me and he moved forward to the door, where did he want to go?

“Where are you going ?” I questioned him, by raising the voice a little bit.

“You don’t need to know, too.” he answered and left.

Strangely, I wanted to run to, catch up him and to explain him all which pass in my head but I could not. Something told me that we needed of this break.

The next day, Seth had not still returned. The worst in it it is because did not answer either my calls or my messages and that all his entourage had none news too. I wondered how he was able to disappear like that! I felt bad, it’s my fault if he had left. I sat in the conservatory watching for everything movement from the outside by hoping to see Seth returning. The concern ate away at me from the inside, only the laughter of my princess helped me to not crack. I realized that my lack of confidence in me was little by little to waste my life: I didn’t go out anymore, I see nobody anymore, I accepted no demand of exit between friends, I am jealous of my best friend who is still stunning even if she has two children. I stay at home as grandma.

He had to be in the surroundings 10pm when Seth’s black sedan parked in the driveway. I felt an indescribable enjoyment! He had finally returned, oh gosh…When he went out of his car, I could read on his face that he was more calmed. Then he passed in next to me, as a draft. I knew that he was resentful and that I had to make the first one the step.

I followed him through the house, “Seth, can we have a discussion ? Please !” I almost begged him.

“Oh, Mrs is willing to talk now. Let me announce to you, that it’s too late.” He sounded so sarcastic.

“It’s never too late !” I insisted.

We went at the same time into the room, he tried to go to the dressing room but I prevented him from entering by interposing me in front of him. The tension between us was enormous: so sexual as in anger. Seth had to measure some meters furthermore than me what put him in a strong position. I looked him straight in the eyes I did not know if I could tell me all that I had in my heart.

“Now I’m not asking you to listen to me, because you HAVE to listen to me.” I imposed this rule, a light smile took shape on his lips.

“I’m all ears.” He smirked.

I took a deep breath then I started to talk. “I tried to say it to you several but … It is some thing of complicated to say. Well, you’ll find maybe that ridiculous but …”

“Look at him.” He raised delicately my chin then he crashed the eyes in mine.

“But… Oh my god. I can’t !” I realized that it was even more complicated than I imagined. “It’s just so complicated Seth… If you wanna leave me, I’ll understand because I’m weak and you don’t deserve someone like me. I suck.” I groaned, angry at myself.

“Baby, I can’t believe it’s that serious. I know, you can’t cheat on me. So, talk to me (Y/N), please.” He took my hands between his and tightened them hardly.

“So… After the birth of Claire, I lost all the confidence which I had in me and now I am horrible. I don’t support looks of people and above all when you touch me. Why ? Because I feel that I am big and that I am not anymore like before. And that you touch this body … You deserve better. If I cannot accept this, I know that you cannot accept this too.”

“This is why you did not more want to make him it ?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You thought that I will be disgusted by your new body ?”

I nodded once again.

He embraced me then he held me tighter by plunging his face into my hair. I had just revealed him what prevent me from living during six months, and I feel if light now. To hide from him in was maybe a big error. I was especially afraid that he confirms me all my thoughts.

“These ” extra kilos" as you calls them are the memory of the most beautiful thing which arrived to us. And I find that it suits you very well, I adore them these plump buttocks, these well furnished breasts and these beautiful hips. Your body is magnificent as it is, you are magnificent. You will have to learn to love yourself again and I am going to help you.“ He said softly against my ear. "I love you” he added by kissing my neck.

One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter 5

It had been about a week since the greenhouse incident and Caroline was still completely spooked, especially after her and Paul had searched the greenhouse inch by inch for any signs of a stray to no avail. Paul tried to convince her that it was probably just a strong draft and that maybe the plant had been too close to the edge of the table but Caroline knew better, she knew it was a sign that she needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! I really like your requests! :) what do you think the RFAs reaction would be once they found out their girlfriend was actually a really good gamer? PC, console, single player, multiplayer, gaming is life for me. I was always frustrated when I couldn't tell them "actually I game a lot and am pretty darn tootin' good" when Yoosung tried to lecture me on gamin lingo Thanks in advance!!!!

I’m in school rn, but thanks so much anon!! I am happy you like them. I’ll edit this post later. I’m not much of a gamer myself and the only games I’ve played are Pokemon (generation three and later), most Mario games on Wii and DS, Ori and the Blind Forest and the Animal Crossing games. So I’m not that knowledgeable, but I’ll try my best.

18.94.17 EDIT: I originally thought this was deleted but I found part of it :’) Tumblr ate my more completed drafts so I wasn’t motivated to write it out again - sorry for the delay. It’s kind of shit, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like added to it.


- EXTREMELY sorry he doubted your expertise in gaming.
- Will beg you to play, obviously.
- He doesn’t mean it, but if you do win… He does get a little bit defensive. Might even ask you to go easy on him.
- He will show you his stats on LOLOL. Will try to make sure you will never beat them. You never played LOLOL prior to meeting Yoosung, but he was alarmed at how fast  you picked it up. He spent three hours on the first boss and you come in, take it down a if you did it in your sleep!
- A lot of your first dates would involve going to the arcade. And of course, you two would play all of the ticket games
- You two argue about one thing during multiplayer games: which character to pick and why you deserve to pick said character
- “One, Yoosung, she has hair like me… she practically looks likes me. And two, I just upgraded her sword. ME. I did it. 2000 gold coins. Therefore, I deserve to choose her.”
- “… Whatever…

  • ZEN:

- Doesn’t know that much about games.
- But boy oh boy, he thinks your fangirling is the most adorable thing in the world. He has a voice recording of you rambling about a ship and your favorite character whenever he’s at the studio late at night. Sometimes, it’s soothing to listen to your voice, especially when you’re so hyped/passionate about something
- He notices that you draw fan-art/write fanfictions and is very impressed (ofc you don’t show him everything ;) )
- Gaming isn’t something that Zen is into or would ever be into, but he liked family-orientated games such as Mario Kart or things like that. Anything to rain on your parade in these things, he likes to tease you.
- Cheers you on if he notices a level is tough.
- “Go, MC, you can do it! That boss is really ugly anyway.”


- DOES NOT APPROVE. But he wouldn’t be as bad as Jaehee.
- He hates seeing you spend all day on the game but he wouldn’t nag. Sometimes Elizabeth the 3rd would crawl up next to you and he thinks that, well… it’s kind of you
- Would make sure your study/work is prioritized.
- The business man doesn’t understand how killing enemies can be relaxing after a long day’s work/studying. He needs a kiss, some wine and cuddles from Elizabeth the 3rd.
- He wouldn’t be so interested in the fighting but more so the story line.
- “So basically, you play as the protagonist and he’s seeking revenge against those who burnt down his village.” etc
- Would often warn you as you play. For example,
- “Don’t go in there, don’t go in there, I’m telling you for the love of God, don’t go in there.” And when you die he’s 101% say, “Told you so.”
- Gets amused when you get frustrated over a level and start cursing at it.


- She would happily watch you play your games though, citing it as your way to unwind and if it helps you, then she’s all for it. But being the mom friend/girlfriend, she starts to nag when you spend too long on it at all.
- You did introduce her to one game called ‘Flower’, a very symbolic and soothing game that was designed for people struggling with anxiety, depression and/or stress (A/N: PLAY THIS GAME, IT IS THE BEST). She started crying at the end of the game and you were there to hug her.
- So while she wasn’t into you spending hours on your console(s), she did approve of some games!
- YAY!
- Sometime she’d pull you outside for a walk if you look like you’re in need of daylight. She would make sure you are still studying and staying healthy, and you let her play Flower whenever she wants.


- I am sorry but Saeyoung being the meme he is… he will use ironic humor/stereotyped humor that he knows you wouldn’t like.
- I’m talking he’d send you a text saying, “Rawr xD” and you will want to slap him when you get home.
- But Saeyoung wouldn’t be as competitive as Yoosung. In fact, you’d depend on each other and a lot of dates would be at home, playing in front of a console. Saeyoung would have Honey Buddha Chips and PhD Pepper at the ready because these dates go well into the night
- He’d call on you if a boss was hard
- I can picture Saeyoung being into games such as ‘Just Dance’ and that’s when you discover how much of a lovable buffoon you’re really dating
- Crashing into things, breaking things and he gets very excited for dances that require two dancers.
- Needless to say, he’s very supportive of you loving to play games!

That was kind of… craptastic… hehehe~

!! Requests are open !!

Much Better

I don’t even remember where this originally came from, but I saved the prompt in a draft. I had said that was going to finish Sweetness before I wrote this, but I couldn’t get Magnus out of my head. Here you go @angelsseb :)

Prompt: Captain James Conrad (or one of Tom’s characters, or … Tom), a bar situation, a fight of some sort, and then …other things… in the bar.

Warnings: Violence and sexual situations

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WC Forging Through Camp Nano Series: Part Three

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the third segment in the Forging Through Camp Nano series! I hope that all of your projects are going well and that any writer’s block has been kept at bay! This post, we’ll be talking about a slightly different issue that may impact your word counts…

Plot snarls! This time, I would like to…

1. Discuss what a plot snarl looks like
2. Mention a few different kinds of plot snarls
3. Give some potential fixes for both first draft writers and rewriters

By now, I’m sure you’ve gotten used to finding your chunk of salt. Hold onto it tight for this discussion.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


Consider this example. A writer is blazing past the halfway mark of their epic high fantasy novel. They’ve reached a fairly major battle scene taking place between the protagonist and an enormous monster of terrifying power. The aforementioned writer has been dying to write this scene and breezes through most of it with glee.

That is, until the protagonist goes to swing their “Sword of Ultimate Power…”

…And the writer realizes that said sword sank into the Swamp of Despair five chapters ago.

Can anyone else relate?

A “plot snarl” is my term for any difficulties in the writing process that arise due to inconsistencies in characterizations or the plot of a story. Basically, these problems typically pop up unexpectedly and cause you to do this:

Plot snarls are different from writer’s block, however, in that they do not necessarily interfere with your ability to continue writing. Yes, bumping into a snarl may very well induce a case of writer’s block, But usually, you can take action to repair (or at least temporarily alleviate) a plot snarl.

Before we can take action though, we need to know what we’re looking for. Let’s start by discussing the different kinds of plot snarls.

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Piece of Cake

Warning: …cussin and waste of food, also unedited(raw draft)
a/n: oneshot drabble, jam fluff. Getting those writing juices flowin’
Summary: high school au/ hamilton
w/c: 3733

“Why the hell are we here?” Alexander groaned, he ran a hand down his tired face. He started to think back at the series of events that led him here. Where was here? Sitting at a long table for two in a Home Economics class. There were various cooking tools, bowls, a sink and small two burner stove top oven…and there was his partner. The bile began to rise up his throat and threatened to force a gag out of him. He glanced over at the purple bomber jacket wearing, big haired, facial hair on fleek idiot beside him. His partner sported a face of immense disinterest, his eyes on his phone as he scrolled with his thumb.

“Because you’re a fucking idiot who got us kicked out of Creative Writing.” Thomas responded with a hiss, he didn’t look up while he spoke to Alexander, he didn’t want to look at the face of the guy who placed him in this bullshit elective.

Honestly that was not how he remembered it going down at all. What he remembered was signing up for the Creative Writing class with his friends Aaron and Gilbert. His best friend John Laurens wasn’t a fan of writing and took on Aquatics as his elective. Alexander was more of an academic, though he tried his hand in sports. He was fairly good at wrestling but found it hard to maintain the proper weight/height ratio to stay in his class. He decided to follow Aaron in a more relaxed subject, one he knew he was well versed at as well. As for Gilbert…well he was in it because Mr. Washington was teaching the class.

Alexander only expected the best of the best to be there, Angelica Schuyler’s little sister Eliza was taking the class, as she did the year before. It was highly recommended after that. Alexander expected James Madison the kid who skipped two full grades to be there, he seemed to enjoy writing as well. What he didn’t expect was Thomas Jefferson to be there. Apparently he was some kid that moved away then moved back or some weird drama. He was popular when he left and even more so when rumors flooded in that he and Angelica were dating.

Not. True.

He wasn’t a fan of someone who just waltzed into school like that. Alexander wasn’t popular…he tried and he was popular among his close friends. Most people found him annoying, the kid who got in trouble and still managed to get the grades. Kid who never shut up and pissed off nearly everyone. It took a certain kind of person to put up with him. “Maybe if you didn’t start talking shit I wouldn’t have thrown my book at you.” Alex growled back, remembering clearly that in the middle of his discussion, Thomas had clearly leaned over to Madison. He looked right at Alex and laughed right at him.

Thomas rolled his eyes, still not giving Alex the benefit of meeting his eye contact. “Please, you don’t even know I was talking about you and even if I was, someone who talks as much shit as you should be able to take it.” The dislike was mutual. Thomas was not a fan of popularity in the sense of having people flock him. He liked being admired from afar. Little knew but he was quite awkward around too many people, often leaning on the moral support of his friends like Madison. Alexander threw him off balance. He was boisterous and impossible to ignore, more importantly he brought out an ugly side to Thomas that no one had seen before.

“I can take the shit talking!” Alex yelled, earning a hush from their new elective teacher. Of course, it was bold face lie. Alexander could deal out some of the rudest, wittiest insults but the moment it was directed back at him he flew off the handle. In his mind, he had to have the last word, the last say, the last insult no matter what. He was in the middle of a great discussion when Thomas interrupted him. Sure throwing his book across the room and taking out Madison instead of Thomas was a bad idea. It would have been well worth it if he had hit Thomas instead. “No one told you to return fire…”

“You fucking socked James in the face with your book and gave him a nosebleed.”

“I said I was sorry.” Alex crossed his arms.

“After you complained about how your shot would have been perfect if it wasn’t for his, and I quote, ‘bulbous air brained head’” Alexander smirked to himself, it was a good time to use his word of the day. “Now thanks to you, James is stuck in the nurse’s office and the only other elective I get is Home Ec, stuck with you.”

The fight didn’t go over well with George. Who, as much as he loved Alexander as a student and a person, wanted him to learn a little restraint even when it came to those he had trouble tolerating. Alex felt personally attacked. He was Washington’s favorite, he was the cool new kid that everyone befriended. Then the ‘legend’ Thomas Jefferson, rich, snobby, basketball player comes back and everyone is up in arms. Angelica and Lafayette were apparently his friends first, George missed him since he coached the team. Even Aaron Burr spoke highly of Thomas. It was sickening. “Whatever lets just get this over with.”

The bell rang and Mrs.Adams began instruction they were to make a dish  that reminded them of home. The deep sentimentality made Alexander’s stomach churn. He had been through various foster homes, hopscotched around so many times the past was just a blur. That was another internal lie, he purposely tried to keep his past in the past. He looked over at Thomas. He was from the South or something, he remembered hearing that stupid twang in his voice. He probably wanted to make fried chicken or something. They were suppose to work together, other groups already started brainstorming while Thomas started taking out pots from the cabinet.

“What are you doing?” Alex watched as Thomas silently began to maneuver around him.

“I’m going to make my comfort food.” He answered, “Be a doll, and get me some cheese from the fridge.”

“This suppose to be a team thing, we didn’t discuss what we’re making.” Alex ignored his instructions. Thomas rolled his eyes and went to get the items himself. Fine,if that was how he was going to play it. Alexander went to the back and grabbed a large, clear, cylindrical container of ground up coffee.

He returned just as Thomas was filling up a pot with sink water. “What are You doing?”

“I’m going to make my comfort food.” Alexander echoed in a mocking voice, it was hard to mock Thomas’s voice. It was low and rumbly but not at all gritty. It was…smooth and low, like dark chocola–

“We can’t make two different foods, we can only turn in one.” Thomas glared as Alexander popped the container open and started measuring out a few cups of ground coffee. “Coffee isn’t even a fucking food, you dunderhead.”

“Doll, now Dunderhead, what are you fifty?” Thomas was old fashion, his tastes were dated and so was were his insults apparently. “Hm, then I guess whoever finishes first gets to turn in our assignment.” Alex mused watching Thomas’s dark eyes narrow at him. They shared a silent moment, which was rare, nothing but glares and shallow breathing before they broke away and furiously went to cooking. Racing to be the other.

Thomas turned and dumped all of the pasta in the water before it was boiling. Alex went and started practically throwing cups of flour into the bowl with his coffee. A puff of flour rose from his bowl and dusted itself onto Thomas’s jacket sleeve. “Fucking watch it slob.” He tore off his jacket and revealed intensely toned biceps and a tight tshirt that hugged his wide chest. Alexander clenched his jaw unable to repress the small wave of shock. Thomas felt eyes on him and looked down. Alexander was glaring a hole into Thomas ‘s arm. “Take a picture, it lasts longer” He purred.

The shorter student felt a rage. The same violent rage he felt when he heard Thomas laugh at him. That stupid, soft, bell like laugh that was warm and light, completely contradicting what Hamilton assumed his laugh would sound like. With no book to throw and no time to waste, Alex eyed the open bag of flour that was between him and Jefferson. In midmix he elbowed the back and watched it flop over all over Thomas’s side of the table. “Whoops.” Alex smiled, the flour trickled off the side of the table down to Thomas’s fancy oxfords.

His southern attitude shined as he sucked his teeth and rolled his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Thomas kicked off some of the excess flour from his feet and looked over at Alex. He waited until he was measuring cups of milk and just as he began to Thomas nudged his arm causing him to spill out of the bowl and onto himself. “Whoops~”

“You, fuckin’” Alex turned and was met by a flour covered hand smearing the white dust all over his face.

“Good look for you, Hamilton, ever considered wearing makeup to cover up those baby hairs on your chinny-chin-chin?” Thomas smirked, insulting the only thing that kept the strangely rosy, baby faced Hamilton from looking overly feminine. Thomas went back to stirring the pasta now that the water was now in a rolling boil. Hamilton angrily wiped his face, getting only some of the flour off his skin. He looked down at the batter he was making and smirked.

“Thomas…” Alexander cooed, sickly sweet. Falsely sweet but it sent a strange sensation down Thomas’s spine. He turned his head cautiously and noticed Alexander was still covered in flour. Ha. He smirked but it started to fade when he tried to read Alex’s expression. It was soft, no smile, cheeks flared. He was slightly disarmed, long enough for Alex to lean forward. Thomas’s nervous and awkward tendencies started to shine as he backed up, slightly gawk like expression in his eyes. Hamilton, confident as always, got so close their chests bumped. And fast as a whip, Thomas’s well maintained facial hair was slapped by Alex. He felt a wet, goop on his face. “I think coffee cake batter is a good shade for you.”

Jefferson frantically shoved Alex aside, his bowl in his hand, as he hogged the sink. Alex lost control of his bowl and his batter went flying all over the floor. Thomas ran out water over his face. He made quick work of the cake mix before it made him break out.

A livid Alexander who’s “hard work” was now splattered on the ground walked over to the sink. He pressed his thumb against the faucet hole and the water pressure exploded as a stream of water aimed at Thomas’s wild, mane like hair. “You missed a spot”

Thomas shook his head, his curls now hung low heavy from being dampened. “So did you!” He grabbed Alexander by the collar and held him up a few inches off the ground.

“BOYS” Mrs. Adams glared at them. “I hope you two have your dish done in the next thirteen minutes…or else you will both not only be failed, it will be a trip to Principal King’s office!”

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