this is so ugly but i got lazy

ohh boy this is so embarrassing. OK SO i learned a lot today, i learned that procreate records all your drawings automatically and… this is so amazing

and because i accidentally destroyed my option to export the video from the slick scribble and i turned the ipad upside down and up again A LOT in another one which is now just a heckmeck of a video i got this for you.

please excuse the ugly scribbles at the beginning, i’m just too lazy to edit this now, the real deal starts at ~1:05


Get to know me: 1/? anime series » Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

i just wanna get in my feelings for a second & shout-out all the writers who are Writing Themselves into their characters just so they can see themselves represented in the media they love ?  like holy crap you guys, this one’s for all the writers who are Working Overtime to infuse their own experiences into their characters, who are laboring with love to give themselves the representation they don’t see, who are enduring bullshit & hate & concern trolling & ignorance & ugliness for daring to write what they know & what they want to see ?  this one’s for the jewish writers who got tired of scraping together ‘hints’ that were more like bad stereotyping, this one’s for the trans writers who’ve given their characters incredible backstories & strength, this one’s for the kids who grew up Never Thinking Anybody Could Look Like Them so they decided to let their favorite character be like them instead

just know that i love all of you & i see you & your crazy hard work, you’re visible to me, YOU ARE NOT SELF-INSERTS, you are not selfish or lazy creators or fad-chasers or erasers ~ or whatever other bullshit you hear from people who’ve had the lifetime luxury of seeing themselves on every tv & movie screen, you’re important to me, you’re special to me, so are your characters, so are their experiences, they’re unique & so so so so vital to this community & y’all are amazing !!!

Small Victories

Summary: Your new co-worker helps you celebrate a really good day. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1170
Warnings: Semi-awkward moment during gratuitous smut, albeit implied; actually, the whole fic is fairly gratuitous.
Challenge: @supernatural-jackles Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday Jen!  My prompt, which has been added upon editing, is, “You look so cute when you’re sad.”

A/N: No, there will not be more of this. I’m looking at you, @bringmesomepie56 :P

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Your sims are actually so GORGEOUSSS (even prettier than me) but just wanna know did u just randomly create a sim or did u get inspirations from photos?MY SIMS ARE PRETTY UGLY TBH

Lmaoo thank you hon!! <3 and no, i don’t get/got inspirations from photos… tbh my sims were ugly, before i learned how to make them XD but over time i guess i learned how to make them better looking so yeah. 

Btw i think i’m gonna share one of them soon ;P (I’ve always wanted to share them lol, but i’m too lazy)  

Also don’t worry, i’m sure you look just fine ;D  

pinkberry miraculous ladybug au

since @kerberoes /@gaygenjishimadas actually drew my miraculous ladybug au, i’ll post my headcanons here!!!
sorry for the ugly formatting, i copied and pasted from discord and i’m lazy,,,

  •  right so, miraculous ladybug au
  •  if you know the show then here’s what i’ve got: brooke = marinette/ladybug; chloe = adrien/chat noir; jeremy = alya; michael = nino. also i’m making them about their canon age in the musical, not the show.
  •  chloe who’s a shy model in her normal life but a relentless flirt as chat noir.
  •  brooke who’s a flustered selftaught fashion designer but takes no shit as ladybug.
  •  they mutually pine over each other, although brooke is 10x more obvious as she sits behind chloe and just zones out gazing at chloe.
  •  all four of the gang are great friends. meremy and pinkberry pine for ages but meremy gets their shit together and end up together first.
  •  jeremy and brooke are bffls. jeremy is top tier chat noir & ladybug fan. writes a blog about them like the nerd he is. i feel like brooke would let him in on her Ultimate Secret of being ladybug. he is ECSTATIC.
  •  jeremy is constantly teasing brooke for her crush because chloe is always gushing about ladybug. 
  •  chloe: * sighs * i just need someone to sweep me off my feet.
     jeremy, nudging brooke: hey… did you hear that, brooke? >:3c
     brooke: shut your big gay mouth i swear to god.
     chloe: * blissfully clueless *
  •  michael and jeremy are gross and chloe and brooke are jealous.
  •  no offense but once chloe and brooke made out at a party because fuck it, why not?
  •  michael and jeremy can’t seem to convince them that they’re both into each other.
  •  chat noir (chloe) is such a huge flirt, relentless. she’s like a lovesick puppy because ladybug (brooke) just brushes her off so easily. (chat noir: come on, that was my BEST pickup line!)
  •  ladybug finds chat noir kind of endearing in a dorky way. probably calls chat “silly kitty” constantly.
  •  this is totally self-indulgent but chat’s ears can move. so when she’s pouting they downturn.
  •  ladybug tries to convince chat noir that they need an Official Superhero Pose (at jeremy’s request) and ladybug then does a whole range of hilarious poses and chat noir is crying tears of laughter. ladybug pushes her off the ledge she’s balancing on because “you’re always talking about how cats always lands on their feet”

feel free to add to it!!

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I scrolled down in falmcfuck's tag so far that I got to the comment that his lusus would probably eat a cat and despite my tears of laughter i noticed that you rarely draw him facing frontward. Are u afraid of drawing his full ugly face fredward??

honestly the only answer i have to this is that im a lazy artist and front views r hard. how does his nose even look from the front. im ngl the only way i can imagine his nose from the front is like: 

and thats. bad


- Your feelings, your fears, your anger. You must learn to control them, focus them, concentrate them, and release them.

- As therapy?

- No, as firepower!

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hey C! can you rec some funny mutuals? my dash is dead and I know you have lots of mutuals so help a sis out? 😘

hi baby!! ✨✨✨ omg HAHAHA funny mutuals?? YES GIRL I’D BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO!! i’ll tag ppl who have made me ugly laugh via pms/tags lmao

@boyinlub (reenie also has A+ song recs too u should follow her spotify) 🍥 @crabjoonie 🍥 @aseitas 🍥 @lovingnamjin 🍥 @iweedu 🍥 @chim-jiminie-cricket 🍥 @jungshiii 🍥 @je0n 🍥 @sugaroons 🍥 @namrjoon 🍥 @cherryprincejin 🍥 @princeseokgenie 🍥 @joonvaljoon 🍥 @bfkook 🍥 @piedparker 🍥 @namseoke 🍥 @nochutae 🍥 @jikooksgf 🍥 @honeydewjimin 🍥 @defendkimseokjin 🍥 @gamjin 🍥

Your Typical Koreaboo

I have a budding Koreaboo friend. She speaks broken Korean, forces herself to like spicy foods simply because it’s Korean, wants to be a KPop star, wants to date Korean guys and defends Korea at all costs. She likes to unbutton her school shirt, redo her hair and put on a cutesy act when she’s around boys - because she’s that insecure. On top of that, she thinks all the guys in our grade are ‘ugly’ after getting into boy groups but flirts with them regardless. She stays indoors so she can stay pale, and wants to go on a diet but she’s too lazy. To look more like Korean Idols I guess, since she’s never spoken about this to us before.

She skipped out on a social outing once, and when I came back I pretended that I met a ‘good looking Korean guy who sings and plays piano’. She got really upset that she missed out and bugged me about it for days to introduce her to him. I told her that she was getting kind of obsessed and that it was unhealthy, and told her that he wasn’t real - that I made him up to prove a point. She tried to cover her obsession up. Lastly, her grades have dropped massively ever since she’s gotten into KPop.

She’s my friend. But I want her to slow down. It makes me sad when she gets all obsessed like this.