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When otp feels hit you. HARD.

Saw fine-arts-liz’s and kistaroshinaragi’s posts and I just- 

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Wait, what do you mean it’s not winter???

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I love Santa

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Actually, Jaime is not attractive anymore. He said himself that he looks like old man. After Catelyn released him he said he looks five years older, he was bold and had wrinkles. Cersei also lost her beauty in ADWD. So both twins are ugly now.

The fuck they are.

Glinting gold in the lamplight, the whiskers made him look like some great yellow beast, magnificent even in chains. His unwashed hair fell to his shoulders in ropes and tangles, the clothes were rotting on his body, his face was pale and wasted … and even so, the power and the beauty of the man were still apparent.
(Catelyn VII, A Clash of Kings)

Jaime had come walking through that mist naked as his name day, looking half a corpse and half a god.
(Brienne II, A Feast for Crows)

Before her walk she would have flaunted her baldness beneath a golden crown.
(Kevan I, A Dance with Dragons)

Jaime is 35 and clearly still hot as hell.

And if you think being a bald 35 year old mother of three is enough to make Cersei Lannister ugly, you’re an idiot.