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i’m not starting drama with the most popular fic writer in the lo/tr fandom but if your reply to people asking you why your fic has only 2 f/f couples compared to 10+ m/f fics and around 7-8 m/m ones is to throw a temper tantrum, maybe you shouldnt fucking write. Your work IS going to be subjected to people’s judgement, and not everyone is there to kiss the earth you walk on.


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Ok so A) Fitz is a horrible person in the Framework? and B) Jemma and Daisy seem to meet up QUICK

Anonymous said: So it seems Jemma and Daisy meet Fitz pretty quickly in 16 to know he’s an “ugly person”. Thoughts?

Anonymous said: So, the AOS twitter just dropped another mini character promo - for Fitzsimmons this time!!! And honestly I am thriving but I’m also in a lot of pain at the same time.

While I’ve been bracing for this since 15 aired, still getting the confirmation is a bit of a kick in the feels here.  But we suffer now to get that ring at the end of the season.   Jemma is saving him in EVERY way possible here.  Physically, emotionally, his heart, his mind, his body, his soul.  We are getting one heck of an epic love story here guys.   

“What did they do to Fitz to make him such an ugly person here?”
“That one’s easy. They stole you from his life.”

First, we can’t be sure if Jemma actually has actually face to face with Fitz or its simply she and Daisy doing research on the team as they get their bearings in this new world.   Daisy’s “That one’s easy…” comment makes me think that maybe they are running through the whole team, trying to figure out what was done, what has been changed, and where they stand in this new world.  

Second, yes the girls do manage to link up at some point in the episode  We are flying pretty blind right now.  We have no idea where Jemma has landed.  The synopsis for 17 in that the girls have to find a way out might be a hint that AIDA learns of their meddling, takes away their back door, even does a proper super villain monologue and reveals to the girls what she has done to the hostages.  

Finally, I was braced for the “ugly person” thing with Fitz.  I still think that what we are going to see is a Fitz who was guided/influenced by someone else or even manipulated (Radcliffe did it in the real world).  Way back in Seeds they went out of their way to show how alike Fitz and Donnie were, point out Donnie was a cautionary tale.  Fitzsimmons found each other…Donnie had Seth and Quinn.  In Jemma not being in Fitz’s life (either due to fixes or on purpose…that meta is coming up soon here too so look for it) someone else was influencing him.  

My gut is still that its Radcliffe.  They pay off the “You were like a son to me”, Fitz seeing him as a father figure, and Mack’s “You sound an awful lot like him right now”.   This Fitz will care more about the discovery and the science behind it rather than the repercussions of what he creates.  In going the Radcliffe route it fixes one of Fitz’s betrayals.  

I’m not saying this story line won’t hurt or make us cringe.  Because its gonna hurt like the Dickens.  What I am saying is it will be worth it on the other side.  We’ll see Jemma fight to get him back, for their love to prevail, and for them to be stronger than ever once she rescues him in the real world.  And remember we are only going to be in the Framework for 2-4 Episodes tops and we have a lot of other players in the mix to work in as well.  

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