this is so ugly :


The only person in the whole con who asked for photos with me was the most amazing photographer and I’m so grateful to him for these stunning shots…
@thepurple-eyedmonster-accidiarum - I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion of a Modern Evie. Xxxx
@swiggle-muffin - as requested


Everyone else has really nice Nicaise headcanons but I couldn’t resist doing some concept designs because I have to smear my low key 70s shoujo aesthetic everywhere. I’m definitely gonna draw proper fanart later…!  

when other people insult my dog i think about it for DAYS because how could you do that? what has he done to deserve this? leave him alone!! like yes, hes ugly, yes, hes fuckin dumb, but only i’m allowed to say that! you dont know him like that!! you aint fuckin homies!! fuck you!