this is so ugly


YO TAYLOR THIS IS HANNAH flames-or-paradises AND SHE HAS BEEN MY BEST FRIEND FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS AND WE MET BECAUSE OF YOU and one time you commented on a post on my Instagram and made us both cry because you knew you made us friends and stuff but ANYWAY, she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet and she’s so so so cute and she’s gonna be at the 1989 tour tonight (7/7)!

her seats are on floor, row NN seats 1-6 and she’s gonna have a light up skirt and and her little sister is gonna be very decked out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU MEET HER. I mean I haven’t met her yet so I’d be very jealous but still, 10/10 recommend.

honestly it’s been almost 2 years since the engagement and y’all still acting like a bunch of petty 4 year olds because of it, as if a hashtag would change something between them…nothing y’all did stopped him from leaving the band y’all wish he would leave the amazing woman by his side lmao