this is so ugly

like how fucking hard is it to just…not say anything? if you can’t help or don’t want to help, then okay, move tf on?? making ugly ass comments about zayn literally does nothing but expose just how shitty of a person you are?? i don’t see how this is different from any celebrity who asks for fans to make donations to a charity, the only thing is this is someone closer to zayn’s family. leave him alone, stop being so horrible, learn how to shut your mouth for once. 

anonymous asked:

i've kept my hopes pretty low on getting tickets for harry's tour, so if i get one, i get one and if i don't then i don't. i think either way i'm just so proud of him and what he's doing. this whole album i already know is going to change my life. it feels very intimate from the venues, to the album itself, the pink. it's all really intimate and private and even if i only get a snippet of that through the album and not the show, i'm happy. i'm proud of harry, beyond it.