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before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of The Baltic Trio+Poland (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia)

Poland- Ravenclaw: Now I thought about this one long and hard. I was shifting between Slytherin or Ravenclaw. But all and all I think Poland is a better fit for Ravenclaw. Poland always just sort of does his own thing. He wears what he wants and says what he wants. He really has no concern if someone is thinking poorly of him because he just doesn’t care. A Slytherin would care very much about the opinion of others but a Ravenclaw, now way! I think Poland would fit very well in Ravenclaw.

Lithuania- Hufflepuff: Now I can see him in all the houses to be completely honest with you, all except Ravenclaw, I don’t think he’d mesh well here. But all and all I placed him in Hufflepuff because during the soviet era he was always trying his best to keep the other soviets out of trouble with Russia. Then when he went to live with America he was happy to help out any way he could. Hufflepuffs are helpful and considerate, even when it’s not expected of them. They always think of others first. I did think about putting him in Gryffindor for a tiny second. But then I realized Hufflepuff is where he would be most comfortable.

Latvia- Ravenclaw: Yes the easy cop put would be Hufflepuff because he’s soft spoken but that’s not really what this sorting thing his about. Yes Latvia is afraid to speak his mind but nothing else about him would land him in Hufflepuff. He’s described as a hidden genius and at the same time he slacks off. This is so Ravenclaw. He’s also said to like reading poetry and romance novels. So we know he has a love for the arts. I think he’s very Ravenclaw.

Estonia- Slytherin: I wanted to put him in Ravenclaw but really I don’t think that’s entirely where he should go. Yes he’s said to be the smartest of the Baltic trio. But, he said that. That’s the kicker. See a Ravenclaw doesn’t go around telling you how smart they are, because they don’t care enough to brag about it. But a Slytherin would. He also says that he’s the luckiest of the three and manages to be in the right place at the right time to avoid Russia’s frustrations. Slytherins are very good at avoiding trouble. He’s also said to be very good with money. Another Slytherin trait. He’s very confidant in his knowledge and seems to give off the air that he’s the smartest person in the room, or at least thinks he is. This is what makes him a Slytherin.

The Allies, The Soviet Siblings, Nordics, The Axis

just a sudden late night and probably not too well thought out thought???

Okay but thinking about how Pidge Hunk and Lance were all bros before they got sucked into space and how they probably were FORCED to see each other at their worst makes me think of how they slowly had to adjust to the weird ways they all took care of themselves/broke down/needed comfort??

Like Lance got into those messy fits where it could all be fixed a bit if Hunk were to just hold him, and Hunk would need someone to come along and make him calm his shit and realize what he’s doing and to show him how to breath again. Lance tries to cover up his insecurities and distract himself with mindless activities and jokes, while Hunk bakes to de-stress, and since they’ve obviously known each other long before the Garrison, they’ve probably really grown accustomed to the way each other acts and how they’re different and what to do and how to help etc etc etc.

But now they have this??? Tiny little genius that they’re NOT used to??? And they need to figure out their Friendo so they know what to do, but obviously from that one flash back we had of Pidge just sort of ditching them to go off and do stuff by herself, she obviously wasn’t there/had any interest/felt any need to make friends. Then again, they’re now a team, so becoming close is probably essential to every exercise that school has to offer.

That being said, Hunk or Lance or both even at the same time, walking in on Pidge curled up with 4 blankets (two of which are Lance’s), a pizza box with only half the pizza left, x-files blasting through her headphones, tapping a pen on her laptop in an attempt to not meltdown is inevitable.

idk listen I just feel like Pidge has a lot of pent up emotion and they have no idea how to deal with it and neither do her friends but they’re all trying their best. Plus I’m a sucker for Garrison Bros sO-

Ep 8 Live blog
  • “It’s our chance to relive Paris” every triles shippers dream!! ksdnfksfkskdf i’m crying
  • Yeah I can already tell this episode is going to ruin me
  • Aw Zasha is so cute
  • Tris don’t push yourself bby
  • Frankie shut up
  • Really wish Tristan would talk to Miles instead of trying to do everything on his own :(
  • Sick of everyone treating Saad like shit
  • Oh no, Tris don’t push him away, it’s ok :((
  • Miles would give up London writing school to take care of Tristan ok I’m EMO
  • Saad with his little brother.. so freaking cute
  • Yael is the computer genius now, not Grace ???
  • Shay lost her shit for a hot sec there, but Tiny is my fav person
  • Triles watching romance movies together when there was that time they were making fun of Frankston for doing the same thing in Thunderstruck
  • that song at the end was meant to destroy me
  • I understand Tristan had to do this for himself and his health, but it still fucking HURTS
If you haven’t read Artemis Fowl, read this. If you have read Artemis Fowl, read it anyways.

You’re missing a lot. Like, seriously, a lot.

I am in love with this fandom. We didn’t read the books because they were/are popular, we didn’t read them because they were in. (*cough* The Fault In Our Stars *cough*). We read them because we wanted to, and not because society would hate on you if you don’t know what is going on.

You read the first book - it is, like, very very good. But then you read the others, and know that Eoin Colfer never, never ever ever missed a chance to show that he can do better. His books are perfect already, but he always finds a way to make you shiver, to make you think ‘Wow, I didn’t expect this!’, which leads me to the next thing I want to say:

Eoin Colfer is the King of Plot-twists. If you try to convince me that he’s not, I would have to fight you. Seriously, ‘The Time Paradox’ had a really BIG plot twist at the end and there weren’t many pages left - I wanted to scream.

And I have to say that I read many many bookseries, and the End of Artemis Fowl, the last paragraph in ‘The Last Guardian’ … it was genius. Just - genius. You don’t know what happens then, if everything will ever be the same in the Fowl Family (I’m trying so hard to not spoiler and it’s getting complicated), or if Arty doesn’t !§$%/!”§$%&/)(/&%$§ (no spoilers for those who didn’t read it.)

Not to forget, that tiny, evil creatures bless the pages of those wonderful books. The Enemy’s character is amazing, the selfishness perfectly described and etc. And badass women, oh yep, extremely badass women are on the same side as a criminal mastermind who happens to be just a teen, and I want to say that he,

the main character, Artemis the Second, has such a great character development, you won’t believe me if I told you know how he changed. How he just - changed. He didn’t become perfect, and he wasn’t perfect at the beginning either (it’s always funny how he just isn’t good with sports and physical work), and he proves in the last book that he’s the biggest procrastinator in the world’s existence.

Sarcastic, farting, annoying little dwarfs with phospherescent saliva. Enough said.

The Butler’s. It’s fascinating enough how Mister Colfer came up with that ‘The Butler family works since so many centuries for the Fowl Family, that the word for a servant, ‘Butler’, comes from this family’, and if that isn’t hilarious, I don’t know either.

Anyways, to put in a nutshell: This books are absolutely amazing.

just another everyone lives au

So an anon asked @wolfstardreams this:

“Could you do head cannons if Lily and James lived and Remus and Sirius where together so they made fun of Ginny and Harry”

and i’m procrastinating

and i have an idea

so here you go, i suppose

  • in this universe, remus and sirius have been together since the end of their sixth year, and while they are doing work for the Order, they’re living together in their cutesy little flat
  • the tension though, the tension is the same. the two don’t really trust each other anymore and the war is putting a strain on their relationship. big time.
  • so remus comes home from whatever his latest order mission was (he’s undercover with the werewolves, trying to get them to take up arms against voldemort, but of course all sirius sees is the empty left side of the bed when remus has to stay with the pack)
  • he comes back looking concerned, betrayed, scared, and all of sirius instincts are telling him to listen when remus says there’s a traitor and he knows who it is, but he’s so worried that it might be remus himself that it takes a call to dumbledore and a solid hour of pensieve searching to convince him that remus is telling the truth.
  • the look of devastation on sirius’ face when he realizes that james and lily are in danger because peter sold them out is something remus won’t ever forget.
  • but they squelch all their feelings of loss and betrayal down under their anger and protectiveness over their friends. 
  • the night of halloween, the entire order is guarding the house.
  • voldemort never even made it past the front gate.

  • fast forward to harry’s first year at hogwarts, incidentally the first year remus took the job of DADA professor, partly because teaching is his calling (according to sirius. and james. and lily. and everyone.) but also because someone has got to keep an eye on bambi
  • now harry had grown up happy and healthy, surrounded by family and friends who love him, having sunday brunch at the weasley’s, wednesday night spaghetti (pasketti) at remus and sirius’ and friday thai food movie nights with all the marauders (”except for peter bc screw him” “pads, language, the kid’s here”) piled onto the same sofa in his parent’s small living room.
  • sirius spoils the crap out of the poor kid, remus talks to him like he’s an adult and actually understands Gamp’s Law (”give him a few years, he’ll be a genius in no time”), and lily and james go all out on the ice cream and the playdates and the theme park visits and the toy broomsticks because hell if their kid isn’t going to have the BEST CHILDHOOD EVER
  • and so the tiny terror grows up to be the spitting image of his father at eleven years old (”prongs this is uncanny” “reckon he’d also be a stag?” “bet he’ll beat your youngest animagus alive record”)
  • the whole squad sees him off at the station (except remus, who’s already at school), and he and ron immediately occupy a compartment and pull out the map, eager to see the castle for themselves
  • their first DADA class, remus tells himself he’s going to treat harry like he would treat every other student, because even if he has changed the kid’s diapers he - 
  • “… sorry uncle moony…”
  • “you better be! now, as I was saying…”
  • and james had a super tough time letting harry go so lily comes up with the brilliant idea of having remus send them like weekly reports or something, and james takes it super seriously like “moony i’m expecting one every saturday without fail - without fail you hear?” “prongs, please find your chill”
  • these weekly letters become something of a tradition, they’re often jokingly official, and always end with “and of course, detention this week.”

  • so life goes on, and in their fifth year, it turns out that remus knows about harry’s little crush before harry does.
  • his letter that week ends instead with “does anyone remember the patented james potter evans is in the room look glazed look because i’ve just gotten a very vivid reminder of it”
  • and when harry comes home for christmas, he is mercilessly teased as they try to guess who his mysterious crush is
  • “so bambi, who is she”
  • “is she cute?”
  • “do we know her?”
  • “does she like quidditch?”
  • “does she play quidditch”
  • “i’m sure those broom-riding skills are handy in that case”
  • “lils, please, this is your child you are talking to”
  • this persists until christmas dinner at the weasley’s
  • ginny gets up from the table to get yet another platter from the kitchen, and harry (who has been distracted this entire time, of course) literally stops in the middle of a sentence
  • and the gears in james’ head are practically visible through his skull, you can see the lightbulb go off the moment he makes eye contact with sirius, who’s also connected the dots.
  • “well well well, if her hair were a tad darker i’d say your boy here is dangerously close to an oedipus complex…”
  • “pads that is literally the grossest thing you’ve ever said”
  • “darker hair? darker - oh!”
  • “moony why didn’t you tell us it was her?”
  • “i’ll be honest i didn’t know”
  • “you are so bad at hints i’m impressed you got us as far as you did with your shoddy sleuthing”
  • and then when ginny walks in, inevitably, it’s time to move to the living room for a little rest before dessert, and inevitably the only seat left in the room is a tiny sliver of space on the sofa next to harry
  • and padfoot innocently like “well if it’s more comfortable she could always sit on your lap instead”
  • and ginny turns bright red, as does harry and all the adults in the room just burst out laughing because that is exactly what happened all those years ago in the gryffindor common room
  • harry is 100% the most embarrassed he’s been in his life, so he takes quick trip to the backyard to clear his head, and ginny follows him out like “you idiot, now we’re going to have to walk back in and they will take every opportunity to make a joke”
  • and harry like “i’m sorry i don’t know why they think they’re so funny” but it turns out that fred and george have been teasing ginny about her crush for ages and they just take a second to be like “wow we literally could have been an item like, a year ago” and then promptly have a quick makeout sesh before they hear a wolfwhistle from the porch accompanied by cheering and they simultaneously just turn around and glare
  • guess she does play quidditch, eh bambi?”
  • “…mom, why…”

Oh my god i love him and the way his voice makes you feel and how he throws in “juxtaposed” now and then and the way he’s a lyrical and musical genius and a philosphical honest person and a cute tiny human at the same time and the way he laughs and the way his voice sounds and just him being Matty