this is so sweet and adorable is that a safe



Can we say that Season 2 is getting better and better? Unlike the others, I watched this one in French (which isn’t a problem since it’s my first language) so my translations of what they said might not be exact. So first of all, am I the only one who thinks Marinette’s grandma is awesome?? She looks so groovy, even for an elder lady! And I know some of you say it’s Marinette’s fault of she got akumatized, but I think it’s deeper than that. Gina, her grandma, wanted to spend time with her, just like they used to when she was a kid, but Marinette (isn’t a kid anymore). She’s 14 and like most of us, she also wants to spend time with her friends. That seems like a thing that some adults don’t necessarily understand. We love you but we just want to chill with our friends sometimes. And that’s exactly what happened with Marinette. She was hoping for a surprise birthday party and when Alya send her that text, she couldn’t wait to go see them to maybe celebrate her birthday. She still felt bad for leaving her grandma tho, and she told her that, but Gina brushed it off and (insisted that she goes). Of course, I understand why she was upset but (she) was the one who insisted. In the end, she realized that Marinette wasn’t a little girl anymore but at that time, she just wanted her little girl back to spend the whole day with her. That’s what caused her to be akumatized. The fact that she saw her granddaughter so rarely and expected her to hang out with her and do the same things every year, she expected her to (not change).

Moving on to the party… I LOVE MARINETTE’S FRIENDS SO MUCH LIKE THEY ARE SO SWEEEEET. I really love how Kim practically jumped on the grandma to save Marinette or how they almost all tried to help while using teamwork like MY BABIES. It’s obvious that they think highly of her, and Rose proved it when she said that Marinette was the nicest girl.

AND ADRIEN. THAT DORK. DON’T YOU //DARE// TELL ME THAT HE ISN’T IN LOVE. What was his first preoccupation when he transformed into Marinette? Keep her safe. He even carried her to the Eiffel Tower to make sure she’ll be okay. She called her a sweet girl AND wished her a happy birthday as Chat Noir. SO SWEET. And did y’all see how relieved he was when he saw that Marinette wasn’t in that closet?That’s adorable! Oh, and my favourite part was clearly when Adrien gave Marinette the bracelet. A BRACELET THAT MATCHED THE ONE SHE GAVE HIM!! He is such a lovestruck doofus and he doesn’t even know it.

Even the parents know there’s chemistry between them at this point because they smiled proudly when they watched them like oH mY gOd. And when Marinette did that speech on how the present didn’t matter and that it was the person who gave it to you, they even did a closeup on Adrien smiling goofily whole staring at bracelet. I SWEAR BOI YOU’RE SO IN LOVE WHY DON’T YOU REALIZE IT??

Also, Tikki was an adorable cinnamon roll and really wanted Marinette to love her present, we need to protect her at all cost.

OH and I almost forgot the part where Hawk Moth wanted for La Befana to attack but she asked him to say please.




I swear Season 2 is gonna kill me-

Valentine's Day OverWatch Imagines

(This involves Genji, McCree, Hanzo, Reaper, Solider 76, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Lúcio, and Zenyatta)



•He goes out of his way to use his ninja skills to surprise you with quick kisses and small little candies

•He sneaks up on you, and pops into rooms, stealing a quick kiss, leaving his s/o flustered and speechless.

•Those events lead up to a big romantic dinner that Zenyatta helped Genji put together.

•Genji pulled out all the stops, three coarse meal, roses, chocolate, and of course a present for his adorable s/o.

•He bought is s/o a beautiful necklace with a emerald dragon charm.


•McCree used really corny pick up lines on his s/o, making them laugh uncontrollably.

•He’s constantly hitting on his s/o, calling you “darlin’” every chance he gets.

•McCree takes their s/o to a very nice restaurant, and treats them to a very romantic dinner.

•He then takes their s/o out to the movies to watch that really bad romcom, but he just makes out with his s/o instead of watching.


•He isn’t very emotional person, but he tries a bit harder.

•Hanzo wants to have a special night in with his s/o, and sets up his room at the base with candles and sakura peddles.

•It was a night full of romance and delicious Japanese food made by Hanzo himself. He made it with extra love just for his s/o.

•Hanzo then did something pretty far from his normal personality, he snuggled his s/o. He snuggled his s/o all night. And it was perfect.


•Despite being the really emo and edge-lord he normally is, today he was completely different. Well only for his s/o.

•He insisted he do EVERYTHING for his s/o, including making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And he is an extremely good chef.

•Dinner is extra special, and romantic. Reaper covered the table with rose peddles, and even played violin music.

•After dinner, Reaper has a special bubble bath for him and his s/o, and it’s nothing short of completely romantic.

Soldier 76:

•Soldier 76 may be a little gruff, but he knows how to kick up the romance. He happily spoils his s/o all day.

•All his attention is on his s/o. No one else.

•He treats his s/o out to a movie and dinner, which he lets his s/o pick the movie.

•At the end of the night, he tops it off with a diamond necklace for his s/o.


•Not really a romantic, but more of a very passionate lover. An EXPLOSIVE lover.

•Knows how much his s/o likes bath bombs from Lush, and buys a bunch for his s/o. (He makes a few too, but those aren’t really… safe)

•Junkrat takes his s/o to their favorite cafe to grab some Boba Tea, and snack on some little cakes and such. It’s a secret, but Junkrat does love his Boba Tea and sweets.

•He rushes his s/o home so he can have an all out cuddle fest!


•He bought a bunch of plushies and sweets for his s/o, since he knows how much he and his s/I LOVE adorable things.

•Roadhog makes breakfast in bed for his s/o, which he made 100% with love.

•Creates the perfect movie night, with tons of blankets and pillows, and snacks all around. It’s the perfect way to spend the night with his s/o.

•Lets his s/o snuggle up on his belly, as they fall asleep. He loves to watch his s/o peacefully sleep.


•Extremely excited to spend all day with his lovely s/o. And when he says all day, he means all day.

•He spoils his s/o rotten. Making sure they don’t have to lift a finger all day. Including carrying them all around their house.

•Buys his s/o amazing German chocolate, which he really did get from Germany. And damn was it yummy.

•Feeds his s/o chocolate while they enjoy talking to one another about little things, just enjoying each other’s company.


•Makes a special mixtape for his s/o of all original songs that he wrote just for them.

•Plays another sexy music mix, and sets up a very romantic breakfast for his s/o. He sets the mood perfectly.

•After the very romantic breakfast, Lúcio takes his s/o to his Valentine’s Concert, and then surprises his s/o by taking them up on stage and serenade them.

•After the concert, he takes his s/o to a five star hotel, and rents out their biggest sweet, so they can have a rooftop view as they snuggle in the hot tub.


•Never really understood the holiday, but was happy to celebrate it for his s/o.

•He attempts to be romantic, but just ends up being adorable in every way, making his s/o giggle and cuddle their omnic lover.

•Tries to use cheesy pick up lines that Genji told him to say, making his s/o laugh a lot then kiss his metal forehead.

•Cuddles all night with his s/o, enjoying making them happy on this human holiday of love.

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Hey, I really like your fic recs and wanted to let you know I appreciate them , also could you recommend me some super long fics , I'm kinda new so I don't mind the #classics Thank you and 😘😘

Thank youuuu! So nice! Let me present to you, the 10 longest Drarry fics I’ve read* (*that I love enough to want to rec to you & everyone else):

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
(I have about ten thousand favorite scenes in this fic, it is SO much fun, I love the characters, BAMF!Harry, the sweet Drarry, the details of the plot etc.)

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (371k)
Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history? A Slytherin!Harry AU.
(Tear my heart out, why don’t you? This fic kills me, it’s the canon rewrite I always wanted. Much darker, more emotional. I’ve read it many times.)

Foundations!verse by Sara’s Girl (a total of 364k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
(This entire ‘verse is SO wonderful, you are going to fall so hard for this Harry and Draco. A+ characterizations, such sweet domestic fluff, EVERYTHING!)

Turn, by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
(I have too many words about how much I adore this fic, see my dissertation on the topic here. Beautiful story, amazing characters, excellent writing.)

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (222k)
Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
(Fic aesthetic by me. I always have such fun with this one, I’ve read it multiple times. Very pro-Slytherin, secret identities, badass!Harry, sweetness…)

Big Dick, Come Quick by Calanthe (204k)
Draco’s got a theory. About sex. After much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out.
(This one is amazingly hot, amazingly fluffy, and sooo sweet. Might not be ideal to read in public, but I think it’s well worth a read or five. Lovely Drarry.)

Draco’s Boy by empathic siren (186k)
A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he’s determined to make Harry more than a friend.
(I feel like this fic shortened my life with at least ten years, THAT’S HOW MUCH I CRIED. Sweet baby!Harry deserved better. Perfect for you angst-lovers.)

Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter.
(Omggg this fic. Harry and Draco have such passion in this, there’s so much desperation, and the angst, oh it hurts. Another favorite of mine.)

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149k)
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
(Love. This. Fic. I have so many headcanons thanks to this one. Great writing, and wonderful pining, also humor, badass magic, Death Eather safe houses…)

Consequences of Redemption by bobbirose (120k)
When Draco makes an impromptu decision to rescue Harry Potter from Malfoy Manor, the two find themselves alone and facing the looming climax of the war against Voldemort. Harry must start from the beginning with Draco–and starting over has more consequences than either of them anticipated.
(This one is all fluffy fun and sweetness, I mean they’re ADORABLE… until it casually decides to ruin your life. It’s not like I needed a heart anyway.)

ACOTAR Series Spinoff + Novellas Ideas

Maas left the series wide open for us to ponder one important question: “What’s next?!?”

These are personally my hopes for what we get in the future! BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW SO MANY THINGS!

Nesta and Cassian Storyline

The way ACOWAR left Nesta and Cassian was…hanging. Nesta didn’t visit Cassian while he was healing after the final battle and he didn’t acknowledge her once when they returned back to Velaris. So this needs to be approached in some way so for their story I imagine:

  • Nesta will be involved with finding the Queens and making sure they do not intervene with the peace talks between fae and humans. And since Nesta is the Night Court’s emissary for humans this would make sense.
  • Does Nesta still have powers tied with the Cauldron? That was left unclear. AND we need to explore those witch abilities!
  • Cassian growing a pair and coming to terms with his feelings for Nesta. It seemed like he was afraid to admit his feelings for Nesta as she started to soften toward him. So he will join her on the journey AND A MATING BOND WILL BE ACCEPTED AND WE GET THEIR POVs DURING IT!!!

Vassa and Lucien Storyline

This could be before or after the Nessian story. Since Vassa is also invested in revenge against the Queens she might participate in helping Nesta and Cassian or she will focus on breaking her curse first. Which leads to Lucien’s role. Note: I am not saying I ship these two, but Lucien will be vital in this story.

  • Lucien needs to know his true heritage. I refuse to accept that he will remain believing that Beron is his father.
  • And since Helion is the “Spell-Cleaver” I bet he will be part of this story in the aspect of offering advice on breaking Vassa’s (Not quite sure if Lucien will have Helion’s abilities, but since Lucien broke free of Hybern’s magic in ACOMAF…perhaps that is a hint toward that hidden power!)
  • If romance does happen between Vassa and Lucien be prepared for some Swan Lake! @propshophannah goes into this more!

Elain and Azriel Storyline

What in the newly made Cauldron is going on with Elain and her abilities?!?! How did Truth-Teller transport her to the battlefield? And will Azriel be the one to help her with her powers?

  • We need to know if Elain is capable of being a shadowsinger. In general I just want to understand the concept of shadowsingers. I feel as though this was still a bit glossed over in the series.
  • Mor needs to tell Azriel that she is not attracted to him so he can finally stop having hope that she will ever love him the same way he does.
  • I will be disappointed though if Azriel then jumps to loving Elain. This is one reason why I am not on-board with shipping Elriel. I want it to be clear that if they do become romantically involved it is because he loves Elain. Not because she is suddenly some good pairing, because Mor is no longer interested in Azriel.
  • A firm conclusion on where Elain and Lucien stand with their mating bond 

Novella #1 Miryam, Drakon and Their People 

  • I just want to see their beginnings from their POVs. The first time they met. Miryam going to war with Jurian. Drakon fighting on their side. And eventually their love slowly becoming a reality.
  • Also I would not mind reading about Nephelle’s story! How this cartographer with little wings saved Miryam against all odds. AND she is a lover to one of Drakon’s generals who is also female. (Then they get married when Nephelle safely returns! So adorable!)

Novella #2 High Lords 

  • I will gladly accept any stories with Helion. Please.
  • Can we have just go more in-depth with Kallias and Viviane! Goodness they were so sweet and I just love how Viviane called Kallias out for wanting to be a High Lady like Feyre! (And in general I just adore these two!)
  • Tarquin. Enough said.
!!This is not a drill!!

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Spider Bites || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Omg how about peter x reader are in a new relationship together and things seem to go well before the reader admits they’re afraid of spiders/don’t like them and peter feels it’s his mission to change that 😂😘]]

”pfft, double updates ain’t gonna bring me down.” I say as I down a whole bottle of green apple wine coolers.

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: open}}

warnings: heated kissing (kinda, peter just nibbles on reader’s lips) {{and I’m a sucker for teasing lip bites it’s one of my weaknesses wowowowow I love you so much peter parker}} OH! and getting up close and personal with spiders 

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

word count: 700+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story! Reblogs are fine!



You could tell that Peter was judging you when he leans back against his chair to look back at you, “Babe, are you kidding me? You’re literally dating the guy who moonlights as a superhero named Spider-Man. How can you possibly still be scared of spiders?”

”Yeah, but you’re actually hot and I don’t mind kissing your cute face. Spiders, on the other hand, are nothing but eight-legged creepy crawlers that are out to get me!” You keep your eyes honed in on the little devil as it crawled across Peter’s bedpost.

Peter sighs, slamming his calculus textbook shut. He honestly thought that you were overreacting when he stands beside his bed, seeing the spider chilling against the metal post. “Hey there, friend. Did you want to get close to [Name] because of how adorable she is?”

”PETER DON’T YOU DARE…!!!” A smile of pure delight appears on his face when he keeps the spider safely tucked into the left palm of his hand. Peter climbs on to his bed, and just when you were about to get off of it, your boyfriend reaches out to grab you.

You try to get away from him, but Peter’s grip on you was so strong that it was nearly impossible for you to escape. He whispers sweet words within your ears, trying to calm you when he settles himself against the wall with you between his legs. “There’s no need to be afraid of this little guy, he’s not gonna hurt you.”

You pout and sit with your arms crossed, your back roughly hitting his chest, “What if it’s poisonous?”

You hear your boyfriend snort, “It’s not poisonous, [Name].”

You wait with bated breath when Peter holds out his left hand to you, seeing that the spider remained still on the palm of his hand, “You see? This dude is a cool little dude, and he would never hurt me or you.”

Peter’s voice continued to coo softly at the spider, and you were honestly entranced by how the little creature seemed to understand each and every word the boy had said. The young webslinger told his little spider buddy to stay on his hand and not come closer to you before he slowly brings his left hand toward you, “See, look at the little guy, he doesn’t want to hurt you. He loves you.”

”That devil does not love anything!” You stiffen, grabbing on to the front of Peter’s shirt when you saw the spider move around against the palm of his hand. “What if it bites me?”

Peter openly laughs at your question, leaning down to whisper against your ear, “As if I would let him bite you. I’m the only spider that’s allowed to bite you.” You begin to tremble against him, feeling the anticipation coursing through your veins when he settles you down against his mattress. Peter tells his spider friend to hang out somewhere else, allowing the critter to crawl up the wall before returning his attention back to you.

You automatically wrap your arms around his neck when Peter kisses you, allowing him to deepen the kiss. He smiles against your lips and gently nibbles at the bottom of them. The tickling sensation against your lips makes you giggle, causing Peter to pull away and cheekily grin down at you, “You were afraid of that spider biting you, but you don’t seem to mind it when I bite you. What’s up with that?”

You groan and tug at the collar of his sweater, wanting him to kiss you again when you admit, “That’s because I love you, spiderboy, now shut up and kiss me again.”


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The first thing Scully registers is his face. He’s blurred, his features fluid. He moves his mouth and no sound comes out, and something is wrong, so deeply, terribly wrong. And then the cold hits her, the bone-deep bite of freezing air, a thick invasion in her throat. She tastes bile and river slime, a faint chemical sapor. 

Oh, God, what’s happening?

The memories spill back into her in a kaleidoscopic torrent - prisms of shattered glass on the asphalt, chunks of concrete rubble. The air warped with billowing flame. A whirlwind of flights and trials, a sticky, edematous corpse in cold storage. Mulder, whiskey-soaked at her door. Black helicopters in the hot night, a buzzing swarm, the parchment brush of cornstalk against her cheek. His voice a homing beacon, rising bright over the mayhem. 

Hegel Place. You kept me honest. You made me a whole person. 

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Dood, DEH at prom! Your Hcs! For characters! With their s/os! Please!

this is cute omg thank u

since i’m probs not gonna post tomorrow unless something just hits me, i’ll post this tonight <3

((everything is short and its 4 am and i just wanted to write somethin happy n cute n small))

haha fun fact i didnt go to prom last year and i regret it

evan hansen

  • probably asked you to prom after a loooot of pep talk from his friends. ev’s not the big “promposal” sort of guy, so if he did anything special, it’s probably something small. jared probably talked him into giving you a lil dessert that had a little sign that said ‘will you grow to prom with me?’ and looked like a sapling. it was adorable. evan was v nervous about it.
  • evan gets rly starry-eyed when he sees you. he compliments you a lot and gives u a quick peck on the lips
  • heidi takes a few pics of u and evan and she’s like ‘u both look adorable stay safe!!!!’ and shes just nice n i love her
  • v nice dinner. evan is sweet. you two actually go out with friends n it’s nice
  • the two of u dont rly dance? like, you do dance a lil - mostly to slow songs but apart from that?? not much dancing
  • the two of u also sneak away at some point and just kinda stay outside for a bit, sneakin lil smooches
  • the two of u probably also leave a bit earlier than the rest of the group?? you head over to evan’s house n change into comfortable stuff n cuddle
  • ice cream + tv post-prom cuddle session. good time, v warm

jared kleinman

  • im not saying he might have asked you to prom with a meme, but he might have asked you to prom with a meme.
  • you told him no. he was sad. connor laughed in the distance.
  • a few days later he pops up with a pizza and he’s like ‘prom???’
  • ‘pizza?’
  • ’… they were out of donuts.’
  • ‘oh my god jared’
  • dances with u all night long and smooches u a lot, tells u that u look amazing at least 1000 times
  • u two probably wander into the BEST party after prom
  • probably some drunk dancing
  • mORe sMONCHE S 
  • smonch
  • “can u two not” - everyone, probably
  • i shoudl sleep hhhhonestly u two probs end up having sex if ur cool with that
  • lil smooches.
  • s MO O CH E S 

connor murphy

  • “babe are we going to prom” 
  • connor just shrugs “do u want to”
  • “yeah”
  • it’s decided. u two will go to prom.
  • zoe texts u and says connor is hopeless when it comes to tuxes n shit and ur like ??? and she’s like ‘you’ll see.’
  • you do see. he pulls it off and he looks cute and u smooch him and tell him he looks great
  • oh my god cynthia takes a lot of pictures of u two because CONNORS ACTUALLY GOING TO PROM HOLY F U CK 
  • probably a v nice dinner and it’s just the two of u 
  • do the two of u dance??? maybe to a slow song and u basically have to pull connor out and guide him n it’s basically just the two of u swaying
  • no after party. not rly connor’s scene.
  • u two probably go to ur house n maybe makeout or something idk
  • u have a selfie of u and connor from prom and its ur background for a bit
  • sometimes zoe’s still surprised that connor even went to prom tbh

zoe murphy

  • my love. probably got ppl from jazz band to serenade u with ur fave song and then asked u to prom and it was s u p er c ut e 
  • zoe probably dances with u a lot ngl
  • she complains about her heels and eventually kicks em off and she’s like “fuck that”
  • all
  • the
  • prom
  • photos
  • uh. probably went to prom after party where a lot of ppl from jazz band were. probably got a lil drunk at the very least. probably fell asleep together somewhere
  • cynthia also took a lot of pictures of u two because p r o m
  • thats all i got rn for zoe but ill probably properly write these headcanons later maybe idk
  • if they suck then send me the thing and be like ‘pls tell me u slept’

alana beck

  • she probably bought u flowers or candy n stuff and asked u that way
  • honestly she’s definitely on prom committee and if u are too, u two flirt the entire time and other ppl are like ‘oh my god st o p’
  • alana looks amazing. everyone looks amazing. she’s wearing contacts??? it’s rare, man
  • very nice dinner. very nice pics. everything’s rly nice and she seems rly happy so the night is going well
  • prom itself goes pretty great
  • she probably noticed some shit might have gotten broken and was like ‘n o’ and ur just like ‘nonono its fine babe!!! i promise it’s fine, someone probably wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing’ and she calms down
  • also probably went to a nice after party for a bit before going back to ur place or her place n cuddling n whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • good times

hhhh feel free to send these to me again if this sucks

but thank u anon

Lost Souls

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 

Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy; Zico soulmate!au

Everyone always has this belief that when you find your soulmate, that was it. They became your everything, and it was some fairytale ending. And everyone out there had that soulmate that they were destined to meet. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Not even half the people in this world would find their other half. Even if they did, it wasn’t always romantic. Most soulmates were made to go through this life together because they understood each other. So their relationship could be that of siblings or friends. That’s why no one in this world waited. The chances of finding that soulmate and them being “the one” was not likely. 

So there were three types of soulmates, all identifiable by the color your mark would change to. The most common was pink, for friendship. Often these types would find themselves early in life. Often they’d be of the same gender. Next was blue. Indicated a family type of relationship. The age differences could vary wildly. Sometimes it could be a mother/daughter type relationship. Maybe even sibling relationship. And then there was red for a romantic relationship. 

However, most went through life as if soulmates didn’t exist….

You stared out into the river, watching the boats come and go. The gentle breeze causing your hair to be slightly tousled. It was a lovely autumn day, sun shinning with the occasional cloud. It was hard to resist the urge to spend the afternoon out here.

You began bringing your cup of coffee to your lips, but a sharp pain in your wrist made you lose your grip. The cup and its contents spilled all over the ground. But to you it was unimportant. You clutched your wrist to your chest at the pain. What was happening? Slowly the pain began to subside and turn into an odd tingling. You brought out your sleeve, rolling up your sleeve. The first thing you saw was your mark, the mark that all people had to help identify ones soulmate. Yours had changed. The once black mark had become red. Your heart rate began to increase, they were here. Your soulmate, a romantic soulmate.

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For the meme thing: Boku no Hero Academia (also sorry I haven't been around a lot stuff been going on in my life right now)-Kes

Oh no, don’t apologize!! I have been a bit worried though, so thanks for letting me know. I hope you’re okay sweetie!!

And thanks for asking for BNHA XD Not enough people ask me about the fandom and I was really hoping I’d get to do it.

Favorite Male Character: All Might | Yagi Toshinori

Originally posted by kishou

He is everything that is good in this world and I love him more than air itself. All he wants is for everyone to be safe and happy and he loves Izuku so much!!! 

Favorite Female Character: Uraraka Ochako!

Originally posted by tsukyuo

Uraraka Ochako is best girl, and anyone who disagrees is wrong~! She’s sweet and adorable, but can fuck you up if you mess with her friends. And honestly, I respect her so much.

Least Favorite Character: Endeavor

Originally posted by miidoriyas

He’s a fucking shitstain, and I honestly don’t know how he became a hero. He’s abusive and manipulative and honestly I feel so bad for Shouto T^T

Favorite Ship: Tbh, it’s a three-way tie between Iideku, Tododeku, and Todoiideku~!

Favorite Friendship: EraserMic!! I mean, I ship them too, but their friendship in canon is the funniest and most entertaining thing ever and I love them both so much XD Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka’s friendship is another one I really really appreciate. They’re all so good for each other <3

Originally posted by midorkiya

Favorite Quote: “There’s a difference between something you were born with out of pure luck, and something you won after busting your ass for it.”

This quote basically sums up what the premise of this series is, and I feel like it’s such a good message to send to readers. And it’s not just about Izuku either. Like yeah, all the other characters in Izuku’s class were born lucky with these amazing quirks, but the only reason they’re as amazing as they are is because they all work so hard to master their quirks. Even someone with an amazing quirk like Todoroki’s or Bakugou’s would fall into mediocrity if they just tried to rely on the natural power of their quirk instead of working their asses off to get stronger.

Worst Character Death (if any): Mm, I don’t think this one really counts, since it’s basically the only one in the series and it happened before the canon storyline, but I’d say Shimura Nana’s death is pretty sad.

She was beautiful and amazing, and yeah she had her faults, but she was always doing her best to make the world a better place. Also, she’s big and buff and gorgeous.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment:

Yeah I know, kinda a weird thing to be happy about. Nut I’m ngl, I had chills like woah when he showed up at the end of the USJ arc because this man. He can smile at literally anything. But the moment you hurt his kids? All fucking bets are off. And I adore that I love that he cares about his students so fucking much. All the teachers at UA are amazing and would fight to their dying breath to keep their kids safe, and this arc did a really good job of showing that, and I love it.

Saddest Moment: 

Favorite Location: UA!! The entire campus is just absolutely gorgeous and awesome and like damn, I would LOVE to attend school there. The dorms too look super amazing!!!

Monthly Hero

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Nat and Fury are briefly mentioned

Warnings: This will give you cavities. And yes that is a warning. 

Word count: 1,403

Summary: Y/N is having the shittiest day,on her period and a certain Supersoldier drops by her apartment to cheer her up. 

A/N: I’m sick and on my period and I desperately needed some cute Steve to cheer me up, so this happened. Thanks to @fandommaniacx for helping me out with the title! Please let me know if you like it! xx 

Everything had gone wrong today. You had woken up too late, dropped your phone in the toilet and stubbed your toe on the edge of your bed. Now that you were attending the daily meeting with Fury, feeling something hot drip down your legs, you cursed internally. This was the last thing you needed. Thankfully, Fury cut the meeting quite short as he had to attend another meeting himself.

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4 adrinette please, chat noir's hair !!

4. We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair 

This makes me think of this art by @ceejles so I took some inspiration from that. 

Marinette was not sure how she ended up sleeping next to Adrien. She did not expect, when the four of them got two hotel rooms together, that Alya claim one for herself and Nino. She was supportive of Alya’s relationship and spent a lot of time living vicariously through her sex life, but this was too much.

So here she was, in bed with her sleeping crush. Adrien had offered to sleep on the floor if she wasn’t comfortable but she was too practical for that. The bed was made for two people so it was only reasonable that they would share it. She had been planning on sharing it with Alya, after all.

Eventually, her nerves had calmed down enough for her to fall asleep, mainly due to the long day of exploring London with her friends.  But now, she was awake again and had a blond head of hair snuggled up against her, and two arms pulling her close. Apparently, Adrien was a cuddler.

She needed to extract herself or her heart wouldn’t be able to take it.

Slowly, she lifted his arm up from where it was draped over her. Sighing, she scooted away from him.

He mumbled something and pulled her towards him again and she felt like she was going to explode. He was so adorable! She just wanted to snuggle him forever.

But her logical mind overcame that impulse and she extracted herself. Successfully this time. Now that she was a safe distance away, she was able to admire him properly.

He was hugging the pillow to his chest. He really did like cuddling, didn’t he? She smiled, hoping that she would get another chance to cuddle with him.

He looked so sweet lying there, with his bed head and his steady breathing.

His bed head… .

He looked really different with his hair like that. Different, but familiar.

No. That was ridiculous.

But he looked… so familiar. Add a mask and … . No, that was stupid.

Adrien shifted slightly and smiled. That smile… it was so cute. So unguarded. So familiar.

She jumped out of the bed with a yell.

Adrien shot up at the sound of her exclamation, looking around frantically. “Wha’s gon'on?” He slurred sleepily.

“Chat Noir!” She said, pointing at him.

His sleepy eyes widened and he looked panicked and disorientated. “How? How did you know?”

This was going to be an interesting morning, she thought as she screamed incoherently.

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Do you have any evak + girl squad headcanons?<3

Okay let me just say I live for evak and the girl squad. Like so so so much. The birthday one shot I did for Even’s birthday was basically just a massive girl squad and Isak hanging out fest. I am obsessed haha

  • So just like the boy squad the girl squad and evak work all for so many different reasons depending on the girl. So Even and Noora find themselves in serious discussions about women’s rights and human rights and equality all together. Even is actually one of the few people that make Noora rethink things she was so sure were the only way to think about them. They listen to each others perspectives and then broaden the way they originally think about something, and it is both beautiful and annoying because Isak is just like ooohhhh eeem geee stop. And then omg Chris cracks up Even so much. her jokes and omg omg omg 
  • Okay so Chris does not let Even forget that she had this ‘connection’ with Isak. She is all “So Even, you know I am really glad that Isak found you because, I mean we kinda had a thing” and Even raises his eyebrows and is like “really?” she nods “Oh yeah, gawd our energy, the sexual tension, it was electrifying!” then she lowers her head in pity “poor Isak tho, He tried to make me jealous once which didn’t work, and then by the time he would have been ready to profess his love for me I had already found my Kasper. I can tell it really cut him up.” Even is just like “wow, I had no idea” and she is all “yeah it hurt so much that no other girl could compare. But I mean I’m just glad he finally got over me,” And Even laughs and says “same Chris, same.” 
  • And then ahhh Eva and Isak are finally reunited. They had such a precious friendship before the snake stuff went down and now they are baaack. They like have so many silly inside jokes and do such fun and silly stuff together that just makes everyone smile and go “ahhh you two” Like Isak and Eva’s super cute and adorable shenanigans truly come out together and Even and Vilde just sit there all heart eyed as they watch Isak and Eva compete to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouths. (this of course leads to some inappropriate jokes from the girls, especially Chris who says something along the lines of “this is really a competition to see who is better at fitting something else in their mouths” Even laughs of course and gives her a dick joke of his own. they are adorable) 
  • Oh and Eva showers Even in stories of baby Isak. of all the goofy stuff he did in middle school, and how his obsession with trying to rap began. And she leans forward and whispers “I’m pretty sure he actually thinks he’s really good so just go with it so we can get more footage of him being a dork” And Even is like “That won’t be a problem” and shows her the million videos he has secretly taken of Isak doing silly things and it is amazing and Eva is giggling and telling him a story for every video he shares with her. And it is like so perfect. <3 
  • Ahhh Sana my angel Sana gets along so well with our boys. Her and Isak are so so close (as we know) and they just mock each other and banter in such a fond way. It is adorable. and then Sana pays out Isak to Even which he loooooves but then Just like Sana and Isak, Even and Sana talk about so much issues that are happening in society and religion and cultural beliefs and basically their own personal values that truly make them understand each other and feel less alone. It’s beautiful. Sana clearly has a soft spot for both these boys which the girls tease her about immensely. Because this one time Even corrected her and the whole table just gasped and went into a dead silence, waiting for Sana to put him in his place buuuut instead she was like “Oh yes. Thank you. So anyway…” and they are just like OMG and now they laugh and go “Sana is a softie!” and Sana just glares and is like “I can make you all disappear.” 
  • And then Vilde omg I love Vilde + evak. I actually want to write a real drabble about this one day (I will when I finish the prompts and get a chapter out for each fic ahhh) so anyway this one is so funny because Isak and Even absolutely adore and love Vilde buuuut in completely different ways. So to Isak, Vilde is that super annoying little sister who is just like always there asking him things and telling him things and interrupting kissy time with his boyfriend and he is just like “oh my gawd Vilde I don’t care what dress you are wearing! Just cos I am dating a boy doesn’t mean I know fashion. gawd” And then she lectures him on his manners and he tells her to look in a mirror and she says I was gonna say the same to you but then I thought you would probably break it and they just totally bicker like siblings and it’s adorable. But then Even, oh Even he finds Vilde so endearing and sweet and he just wants to protect her and keep her happy and safe from the world. So this makes things awkward cos he is always like “Vilde join us to the movies tonight!” when she is complaining about having no plans and Isak is just like “ummm baby what the actual hell” because it always turns into Vilde rambling and Even listening politely while Isak is rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. He really does love her tho. Like if anyone actually hurt Vilde he would be the first to be like “I will defeat you with my muscles” and Even would be all “Isak you are the softest boy I know” and Isak is all “I am the master at fighting” and Even is just like “Okaaaaay sure Jan” 

Ahhh omg this is ridiculously long and probably not very good. I think I will try to make a better girl squad and evak headcanon in the future haha sorry for messing this up :( 

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I SAW THOSE BOOKMARKS, CATHREL!! Does keith have them on display or have them stacked away in neat folders with tags for the date and origin? Cute notes maybe? Does he use them in rotation?? What do the kids think? WHO CALLS DIBS ON THEM??

[The Voltron Family] The Bookmarks Part 2 (Part 1)

Little Lance went to his Daddies’ study room because it was the perfect place to hide. Pidge would never be able to find it. However, as he was trying to hide under Daddy Keith’s table, he caught a glimpsed of a black leather album inside a slightly opened drawer. 

Curiosity got the better of him so he took it out. Daddy Keith would never know, he’d return it after he was done looking. Easy peasy. He made himself comfortable under the table as he began browsing what was inside. It was like a set of cards—long cards. He tilted his head to the right, clearly confused what was so special about these long cards.

“I’ll check here.”

Lance heard Daddy Keith’s voice and before he had the chance to return the album he was holding, someone poked him on his back.

“Buddy, what are you doing down here?” Daddy Keith chuckled, squatting while looking at Lance with an amused face.

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people in the snk fandom always argue over who is more precious; armin and bertl seem to be the main ones. but…

isnt falco the most precious? hes literally 100% innocent and has done absolutely nothing wrong. hes a sweetie who just wants to help his fellows


So many cute buns at the pet store right now! That adorable black and white one, the one that looks like he’s wearing little pants!, was so friggin’ sweet! I wish we could give a rabbit a safe home right now because I want him so bad! He was giving both me and my husband kisses! I’ve never gotten so many bun bun kisses before! He would hop around then sit still and let us pet him for minutes straight, then sit back on his hind legs and lick our hands! Such a sweet bun!

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Tiny moments I loved with WA in S3. 3x01: Iris entered CCPD to meet Barry for their date, the violins played. 3x03: Barry with that 2nd kiss before leaving his and Iris' 2nd date. 3x04: Barry's face when Iris said "I really wanna kiss you right now". 3x09: "I got you a wallet". LOL! Poor Iris. 3x11: Iris being annoyed at Barry for being a "slow reader" and him teasing her. 3x21: Iris rubbing "Bart's" back after he introduced himself at CCPD. I have others. What are your favorites?

Thank you for sharing all these moments with me! I loved them all so much <3

Oh man its so hard for me to narrow it down. Pretty much any moment between Barry and Iris I’m going to love. 

I love this moment in 3x09. Where Iris easily slides into Barry’s lap. I love how Barry wrap his arm around her waist to help pull her in. Its so sweet and I love it.

The look of pure adoration on Barry’s face even when he knows Iris is fibbing a little. He wants her to be safe but he loves how brave she is. You can see how much he loves her <3

Last (but not least) this kiss that destroyed. Its so loving, and sensual, and intense. You can tell Barry is savoring every second he can be with her. I’m never getting over it tbh. 

shitty commentary crew preference - going on holiday together

songs of inspiration - one bad night by hayley kiyoko, gravel to tempo by hayley kiyoko and full moon by sgbg.

author’s note: i’ve been seeing preferences all over tumblr and i’ve been really wanting to write one for ages, but since i haven’t written anything in a week, i wanted to mae it up to you by doing a really big one to make up for it. hope you all enjoy it, gang! - l.t.

billy // chubbs

- you decided to book a surprise trip for the both of you to go to japan, since he’s always wanted to go. his face lit up as soon as you told him, immidiately giving you a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek - he was more excited than he actually let on to be.

- you would cling onto him while you were at heathrow airport due to how busy it was, and he would let you use him as a human radiator and pillow to nap on the plane. in return (if he wasn’t napping himself, that is), he would mess with your hair while you were sleeping and somehow managed to get it all tangled, but you didn’t mind.

- he held your hand tightly as you both walked up and down the streets no matter what time it was - he just wanted you to be safe and for you to come to no harm.

- every night you would go to small sushi food restaurants, late at night as you surrounded yourselves with the loud, busy night enclosing you both, while you got ever so slightly tipsy on beer.

- you would take the most adorable polaroid pictures under the sweet cherry blossom trees, then to plaster them over instagram and twitter.

- you would go to a manga store making fun of weeaboos, but you ended up ironically buying loads of the different manga to read on the plane ride home, even if you couldn’t understand japanese.

- you were both heartbroken to go home.

hyojin // squizxy

- since the pair of you were dating long distance, you decided to fly out to australia to go and see her for the first. you would both be bubbling with excitment, even weeks before you were supposed to fly out.

- on the day, you would skype her to say that you were waiting for the plane and would be seeing her in only a matter of hours now. you would both be ecastatic but slightly nervous at the same time.

- when you got off the plane to meet her, she ran up to you like her life absolutely depended on it, and you did the same but trying to carry all your luggage at the same time. you both hugged each other as hard as you possibly could without killing each other, and many happy tears were shed.

- you both travelled to sydney to go do sightseeing, and hyojin just couldn’t stop hugging you on the train journey there.

- fennec fox jokes. you also surprised her with a pair of the godly fennec fox ears for her, which made her made, but she secretly loved them.

- she drew a picture of you standing in front of the sydney opera house, which she them turned into an adorable animation to put on her twitter.

- it was hard to leave each other, but you knew deep down that the future was looking brighter than ever before and you were more in love with her than ever before.

will // herotic

- will would have to take you to on a daytrip somewhere since you had both just finished your gcse exams, were pretty fucking exhausted, and broke.

- you both settled to go to the beach for the day - it was nothing fancy, but you were still excited and you didn’t mind since you got to see each other.

- your mum drove you both there, and she kept embarassing you in front of him with embarassing stories from when you were little, which will really enjoyed.

- you both got double scoop ice creams, which you both shared as you walked hand in hand along the sea front, the sand tickling the inbetween bits between your toes softly. after you had finished it, you got a bit on your right cheek, which he kissed softly.

- you both walked around the sea front and the surrounding village, talking about youtube drama and current trending topics.

- you both got fish and chips to take home because you were too tired to eat out anywhere fancy. you leant on his shoulder, as he wrapped his slim hand around your waist while you waited for your mum to pick you both up.

brad // braddoesbanter

- “oi dickhead, let’s go to paris.”

- you were sceptical as to why brad wanted to go to paris, but you decided to book plane and hotel tickets anyway.

- “do you think that the eiffel tower is as big as my cock?” he said as you both stood beneth it taking selfies to put on instagram and twitter (if he wasn’t suspended lol) later. you just rolled your eyes at his stupid comment, but secretly found it funny.

- you both snuck frech pastries on the plane to eat because you both loved them so much, and didn’t speak to each other the whole way back since you had your mouths full with the pastries.

erling // atozy

- he would take you to his home country of norway as a treat for your birthday, and it would also be an oppourtunity for erling to see his family too. you would be excited to finally meet them and to finally experience a taste of norwegian culture that you had been hearing about from him for so long.

- it was really cool hearing erling speak norwegian, especially since it made it easier to speak to the locals and to order food.

- his family were super sweet when you met them and ate dinner with them too. they told many embarassing stories of erling from when he was younger, although he did not like this and went all red everytime they would tell one.

- he would take you to a norwegian food market, and you would try the food there together, and you decided to grab some coffee afterwards.

- you would, at some point, take you for a walk in the snow, and you would end up building a snowman. it was slightly lopsided, but that really didn’t matter right now.

- cute polaroid pictures!!

alex // imallexx

- he would surprise you with plane tickets to go to california, and had many other surprises for you in store for when you got there, which you didn’t know about you just yet.

- you’d go to pink berry every day and just stuff your faces with food there, then you’d hike up to go see the hollywood sign. you’d take so many adorable selfies, which would then be either memed to death or be made into super cute edits.

- he’d surprise you with tickets to go see your favourite band, which you were absolutely over the moon about because you didn’t get to see them back home. when you were in line to go in to the arena, he’d lend you his internet sensation hoodie until you went in because it was getting colder.

- you’d dance and sing the night away together even if alex wasn’t too fond of the music and he didn’t know many of the lyrics. despite this, he still enjoyed seeing you happy and the experience in general.

- by the end of it all, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder on the plane home, while he smiled to himself about what a great time he had.

niall // pyrocynical

- you thought he was making some sort of skit for one of his videos when he told you that he would be taking you to disneyland, but he was being serious. excited laughter and hugs then ensued.

- you would both buy matching minnie mouse ears to wear around the resort together, while buying way too many sweets and then stuffing them in your mouths. niall would constantly say, “we look like basic bitches, don’t we?”

- you would go on the same rides too many times, until you got bored. if it was high and scary ride, he would hold onto your hand for dear life to make sure that you were okay and wasn’t scared.

- after going on all the rides, you took so many selfies of you both, your phone storage almost ran out. all over twitter, there was nothing but cute comments and supports from the fans and a shit ton of flower crown edits had managed to find their way onto tumblr *shivers*

me reading gone for the first time: “omg that bully guy just killed a girl?? i hope this doesn’t get brushed over, because…he killed a kid??? also i bet astrid tutoring him is gonna end up being a handy plot convenience lol (what can i say, i’m a cynic)”

me reading hunger: wow this is getting intense?? omg orc saved astrid from being killed by the kids…okay “nobody hurts astrid” is kinda sweet actually

me reading lies: omg he’s helping kids be safe from the fire, lol shut up howard he can be as altruistic as he wants

me reading plague: omg orc’s pov chapters are…really sad, like they’re really frickin’ depressing, HE FEELS SO BAD ABOUT EVERYTHING AND HE REALLY LIKES ASTRID BECAUSE SHE WAS NICE TO HIM AND THAT’S SO FRICKIN’ ADORABLE AND SWEET AND OMG *~REDEMPTION ARC~* IS IN FULL SWING, HE IS ASTRID’S KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR (SHUT UP DRAKE), he should probably stop drinking, poor guy ( ;_ゝ; )

me reading fearhallelujah he’s found religion please be happy charles

me reading light: he got a hug from astrid!! all is well ❤

…………and then he gets blown up by a frickin’ missile