this is so stupid xdd

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how did you and sounf meet ? i love the comic so far (/;3;)/ !!!!

Aww thanks, we’re happy that you like it ! *^*

I still remember it like it was yesterday… It was on a rainy day, as I was running through a field of daisies, desperately trying to escape from the Russian mafia once again…

Na. I’m just a fan and she liked my stupid comments. xDD And so we became friends ! 8D And now I’m her evil stalking manager. B)

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► “Don’t Judge! I’m a DreamDork!”

Alex:Gee… I should try that challenge where you just point the camera, and you turn handsome! Wish I knew how to do it… Just… Let’s try this thing.
Hiccup:Aw, come on! There are so much better things to do! Like… Go where no one goes! And Dragons, And fly with your… Oh, OH NO, THE CAMERA!!!
Jack:Tsk… You just can’t handle the fact that you’re NOT that handsome, pals. Let them know who’s the big deal, here… Hehehe… Uff, maybe I’ll just go now, I don’t want them to faint.
Alex:W-why… I… I wanna be super COOL too!

Aoki [Total Dorks]

So this is what happens when I stay up late on skype chatting with this person Read at your own risk I wrote stupidity after stupidity ahahah Aokise total dorks plus Kiseki

“Kurokocchi! the truth is that I am in love with Aominecchi ssu.”

Kise’s voice resounded in Aomine’s ears like a mantra. There was no way Aomine would not recognize the idiot’s voice. For a reason or another Aomine found himself eavesdropping Kuroko’s and Kise’s conversation.

It was not like he wanted to, he just happened to pass by his locker room and saw his two teammates together. He was about to greet them, but stopped in his tracks when Kise uttered those words.

“I really love Aominecchi”

Kise repeated again, ignoring that a totally embarrassed and flabbergasted Aomine was listening to his confession, unseen. Taken aback, Aomine ran away as fast as he could, confusion gripping at him. How was it even possible that Kise felt this way towards him? He never had thought of it and now he was scared and confused.  

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