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Hello! I love your writing! Even the fics in fandoms or about pairings that I'm not usually into! It just makes me want to go and write and try to reach your standard :) I was wondering, would you ever do maybe an FMA/HP crossover ? Or FMA/YOI crossover ?? Or a crossover in general? They're pretty hard to do I think. But you'd ace it, because I'm sure if you did, it would be the best darn crossover and I'd love you

thank you that’s so sweet to say!!!!

okay so here’s the thing: i don’t LOVE crossovers usually, it takes a certain something to get me invested, and i one hundred percent don’t have a full fic in me. but –

edward elric, the cleverest wizard of his age. edward elric, who is just as extraordinary in this as he is everything else. he’s a hufflepuff, of course he is, you’d think he’d be a ravenclaw except literally the only thing more important to him than knowledge is loyalty and fairness  and what’s right. so.

he’s quiet and even surrounded by people he seems alone and there’s more than one slytherin vying for his attention, desperate to claim some of that shining talent for their own. but he rebukes them all, has no patience for stupidity or being used or political games. he’s the son of a muggle and a long absent wizard, and his brother – his brother is a squib.

edward hates hogwarts, hates the time he’s forced to spend away from his family. he has a single friend, winry, a fast talking ravenclaw, and she’s the only one who can pull genuine smiles from him.

his house doesn’t dislike him, but they know he likes to be left alone and they respect that. he gets them more points with perfect spells and perfect essays than any other student, so they like him and he’s never mean or rude, just quiet, so they all have a general sense of goodwill towards him but aren’t really friends. except alex armstrong who bursts into tears whenever he seems him, because armstrong is the hufflepuff quidditch captain and ed refuses to be the team’s seeker, or anything at all, even though anyone who’s seen him on a broom knows he’s just as capable and talented at it as anything else.

and lets talk about ed’s talent. ed who midway through first year got bored and started doing spells wordlessly. then wandlessly. who spends every waking moment in the library studying who the hell knows what because it’s certainly not classwork. he does all his spells without a wand or word now, no one has seen him even touch a wand since his second year. and it’s fear and awe that mark him too, because even dumbledore keeps track of his wand, uses it if he doesn’t have to, but ed doesn’t bother. he got straight Os in all his owls and he never pays attention in class but can answer any question or perform any spell asked of him so it’s not like the teachers can do anything with that.

then there’s slytherin seventh year roy okay, and his merry band of people – slytherin maes, gryffindor riza, gryffindor havoc, falman and fuery in raveclaw, breda in hufflepuff. and he’s fascinated by ed, they all are, who wouldn’t be? roy’s the quidditch captain for the slytherin team and hast to listen to armstrong cry at least once a week about ed’s wasted potential.

then the triwizard tournament happens. whole schools are submitted, and the best is chosen from each. everyone expects it to be roy – handsome, popular, powerful, with a special studies in fire spells.

roy knows better. he doesn’t say anything but he’s not surprised at all when edward elric’s name pops out of the goblet. the hufflepuffs are going crazy, and roy makes sure to cheer just as loudly with them.

the other two champions are rose, a quiet girl with a friendly smile, and ling, a not-quiet boy who already spends all his free time attempting to irritate ed into being friends with him, and this isn’t going to help at all.

so the first task happens. the dragons. ling uses a freezing spell to slow the beast down and gets a broken arm and a gash down his side for his trouble, but gets the egg. rose conjured a flock of birds to distract it and went for an egg, but the dragon used a puff of fire to kill the birds and burn half of rose’s body in a singe breath. but she gets the egg.

then it’s ed’s turn. he stands there, staring. does nothing. he takes a step forward. waits. takes another. waits. takes another, and the dragon rears up against him, so he takes a step back. she quiets back down, and he waits, and takes another step forward. that’s what he does. for hours. people have literally fallen asleep in their seats by the time ed has worked his way to the dragon’s nest, being watched carefully but not attacked, being trusted, and picks up the golden egg. the dragon’s nostrils flare and ed holds it up for her inspection, and she realize it’s not her egg at all, and settles back down, and ed backs up and away.

and that’s how ed gets the dragon egg with not a single bit of a magic and without a scratch on him.

roy wonders why ed is even bothering to compete, because he doesn’t seem that invested in it. the other champions are seen studying and practicing, are found with their professors colluding and working. ed continues on as if nothing has happened.

then the second task takes place. ed shows up late but he shows up furious, and roy wonders who it was that they took, because he can see winry sitting anxiously in the stands below him. ed reaches into his sleeve and takes out his wand and roy goes rigid in his seat and maes lets out a curse besides him. ed hasn’t used his wand in four years, hasn’t needed to, and if he’s using it now –

he says a spell they can’t hear and makes large encompassing swish – and then the entire great lake is lifted into the air.

the lakebed is dry and edward suspends the massive ball of water and merpeople and giant squid likes it’s nothing, is holding aloft something bigger than the hogwarts castle, and ed uses his other hand to point and direct, is doing two spells simultaneously, and roy didn’t even know that was possible. a hole opens up in the lake and a mer-person drops out, screaming. then another. then another. the screams are so high and so awful that roy is certain he’s going to have nightmares about it.

“give him back,” he says, voice clear and rippling with banked fury. “give him back

and a merperson swims to the edge, holding out a sleeping boy that looks remarkable like edward. ed lets the lake drop back to earth with a thunderous wave that soaks the judges. the boy comes gasping awake, still suspended in the air, and ed levitates him gently to the ground. the other champions are still in the lake.  the boy clings to ed, wet and shivering, and ed presses a kiss to his forehead and glares at the judges table. they give him a perfect score, shaken by what they’d seen as much as the students, and they march away.

later, roy and company worm their way into a conversation in the library, where ed sits with his brother going through a book in a language roy doesn’t recognize. “so,” he says awkwardly, now with two sets of scarily intelligent eyes fastened on him, “that was an impressive spell.”

ed snorts and rolls his eyes. “spells,” he scoffs, “great big waste of time if you ask me. wave a stick and say some words and you too can do the same damn spell as thousands before you. pathetic.”

“oh,” maes says, taken aback and wide eyed, “that’s uh,” he looks to alphonse, grimaces, and goes, “okay.”

“he’s not saying that because I’m a squib,” al says, “he’s just a nerd who like things that can be quantified and explained. magic isn’t really his thing.”

roy stares. the most powerful wizard he’s ever seen, and magic isn’t his thing.

“fuck flamel,” he snarls, “if he didn’t insist i get my newts before taking me on as an apprentice – he didn’t make you wait to begin learning!”

“but i cant do magic,” al says reasonably, “besides, i’m learning from his daughter now. we’ll learn from him together when you graduate.”

ed wrinkles his nose, “better hogwarts than izumi. i guess.”

“nicholas flamel?” falman breaks in, “you want to learn alchemy?”

“we want to master alchemy,” ed corrects, “the basics are easy enough, but flamel made a philospher’s stone. do you have any idea the level of mastery that takes?”

“we don’t really want to live forever,” al frowns, “but it is the ultimate test. we won’t rest until we make one.”

they all stare. “alphonse,” havoc says hesitantly, “are you – can you –“

he blinks, “of course. i may not be able to do it without circles like brother and flamel, but i’m not inept. that’s why i’m learning from izumi – she’s a squib and has to use circles too.”

“circles,” maes repeats, completely lost, “what?”

al sighs and takes out a piece of chalk, “like this,” and sketches out an array on the table. he grabs a notebook and puts it in the center, and with a crackle of energy its transformed into a bouquet of live flowers.

“nice trick of pulling water from the air,” ed says.

they’re all flabbergasted. “transfiguration?” maes asks.

“yeah sure,” ed rolls his eyes, “the same way cutting out a snowflake from a piece of paper is like origami.”

they keep staring. ed stares back. it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

ed doesn’t win the tournament because he lets ling win for reason he refuses to explain, will only say that it was more important to him.

roy pesters and irritates ed until he agrees to teach him alchemy, and even grudgingly says roy has a knack for it. so he sets it up that when al and ed are studying with flamel roy is studying with his daughter, and he goes to ed and al whenever he gets confused because they’re at least less scary than izumi.

ed and al create the philosopher’s stone, and promptly destroy it. roy becomes a master of fire alchemy. they all live happily ever after.

Okay, but imagine if...

Cedric Diggory hadn’t died.

Imagine, just for a moment, that when they take the portkey, instead of an Avada Kedavra, it’s a Stupefy that hits him. Or that the AK misses him by an inch, hits a grave instead, knocks him out for a second.

Imagine that everybody forgets about the Hufflepuff boy out cold on the floor, because they are so intent on resurrecting Voldemort. Peter forgets as he ties Harry to that statue. Voldemort forgets as he is dumped into a cauldron full of flesh and bone and blood. And every death eater that comes sooner or later, well, no one tells them about the boy either - there are more pressing concerns.

However, Harry doesn’t forget. Because Harry has been in that sort of situation since he was eleven. He’s used to looking out for others, by now. Hermione and the Troll, Ron on the chess game, Ginny in the Chamber, Sirius and Hagrid and even Buckbeak- Harry always looks out for everyone, and never forgets about anyone, even if they are not really his friends.

So while he stares in horror, while he’s powerless and sees his greatest foe come back to life, a tiny part of his mind is screaming at him to check on Cedric, to get them out of here. Both. Alive.

Now let’s say that the ceremony, and the Death Eater meeting after the resurrection takes time. Lots of it. Let’s say that Voldemort, being the drama queen he obviously is, takes his time, and enjoys every single second of attention he gets from his followers and that Potter brat.

Let’s say he takes enough time for Cedric to come back to consciousness.

He awakes, lying in the grass and dirt, surrounded by bits of stone, his head aching and confused. The cup is laying about, not too far from him, and he could take it to go back but- he’s a Hufflepuff. He’s loyal. He doesn’t forget either, and that’s why, even if he’s confused about why or how he’s here, he doesn’t take the cup and goes searching for Harry.

Now, the tournament is a vicious thing, isn’t it ? Who’s to say to poor confused Cedric that this is not one more, secret, task ?

So Cedric goes looking, wand in hand, ready to fight, because he’s a Hogwart champion - and really, a Graveyard ? That’s creepy. And because he’s on his guard, and he’s moving around silently, no one notices him creeping behind one of the graves. No one notices the Hufflepuff boy, his horrified expression, and his frantic gaze as he slowly understands that no, that wasn’t a task, and that wasn’t a dream either.

Maybe not even Harry, or maybe he does, but that’s not the important thing.

The important thing is that being in Hufflepuff doesn’t make you stupid at all. The important thing is that Cedric is a champion, and smart, and a quick thinker and a hard worker.

The important thing is that Cedric thinks fast, and casts an ‘Accio’ on the cup as he runs towards Harry while he duels Voldemort.

He breaks through the crowd of amazed and struck Death Eaters, catches Harry’s arm with one hand, and with Seeker reflexes, catches the cup with the other.

Cedric lives, and both Harry and him go back to Hogwarts, terrified, bloody, and flinching away from the sudden noise coming from the public. They both live, and thus no one notices that something is amiss immediately, no one sees their wild glances around - as if someone was still out to kill them. The public cheers, and sings the victory of both Hogwart’s champions, and they are suddenly hugged by their families - the Diggorys and Weasleys.

No one notices, and that’s why when the noise dies down, and someone casts a sonorus on them to ask them how they feel about that victory, everyone hears them say, in a still disbelieving and trembling voice.

“He’s back.”

Obviously, everyone is confused, but they start talking, a bit over each other really, but they are in shock - and they say he’s back, Voldemort’s back, and he took my blood, and we were in a graveyard, and I was knocked out, missed most of the ritual, but it was him, yeah, and there were Death Eaters, in a circle, torturing Harry, horrible, had to get away, he’s back, he’s back.

And that’s when the people notice their faces, the blood, Harry twitching fingers - cruciatus - and their wands still clenched in their fingers, as if ready to attack anyone on sight.

This time, though, Harry doesn’t get ushered away by fake-Moody - because Cedric still has a hand gripping his arm, and wont let go for the world. He tells Dumbledore, and their families, though, when the Headmaster asks them to talk “More calmly and clearly, please, young men” at the Infirmary. Barty Crouch Jr is still apprehended, and the real Moody discovered, and it puts their incredible tale in a new, horrific and real, light.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived.

Two witnesses of His return. One is Harry Potter, Hero and Saviour of the Wizarding world. The second is beloved Hufflepuff Prefect Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts Champion. Even if people didn’t believe the first, they would believe the second, and vice versa.

Obviously, the ministry doesn’t take it well, but Amos Diggory and the Weasleys, and Dumbledore make a move together. Susan Bones helps her fellow Hufflepuff by contacting her aunt. Together, they get memory evidence - and they even agree on submitting to truth serum.

Because if Harry alone couldn’t do it - or had no idea he could - Cedric is there, and his father works at the Ministry, and he’s a seventh year. He knows more, and he has people ready to help him - and if he asks them, to help Harry Potter.

Sure, the ministry would try to get all this under the rug, but they couldn’t. Because Weasleys, and Diggorys, and Dumbledore, and Bones, and even Longbottom and soon every name that has a contact in Hogwarts - except some of the Death Eaters - are pushing for the truth to get out, and with a bit of blackmail, Rita helps - and this time, the Daily Prophet can’t repress all of them.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived, and how the war would have turned.

Imagine just.

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Four word prompt: "S'gonna be okay darling"

The sun was peeking through the blinds as I blinked away the sleep, a slow smile stretching across my face as I felt the rise and fall of Harry’s breathing against my cheek, my arms twined around his waist. It was his day off today. I had just finished exams and tomorrow I was flying with him to LA while he did promo for his new album. I pressed kisses to his back, only waking him because we had both slept in much later than usual.

He groaned and I leaned over to lightly nibble on his earlobe, “Good morning.”

He started to blink slowly as I kissed over his shoulders. He groaned again as I pulled him so he was lying flat on his back and I crawled over him, straddling his waist and then pressing my body to his chest like a koala bear. He chuckled and put a hand to my back, lightly scratching my bare skin.

“Good morning.” His voice was low and raspy and I closed my eyes at the sound as he kissed my hair. “What do you want to do today?”

“A whole lot of nothing.” I said snuggling deeper into his arms.

He laughed, “Then why’d you wake me?”

I propped my head up so my chin rested on his chest, “I missed you.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re pathetic.”

I rested my head back on his chest, “Maybe, but you still love me.”

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I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I whipped up another silly animated pokemon splice. It was supposed to be a Dark-type alternate evolution for Porygon, as if it’s been infected with a computer virus. 

I just used parts from Genesect, Dialga and Onix (and maybe one or two others but I’ve forgotten) to create a pokemon that I’ve dubbed Poryglitch.

Also a little visual gag in the animation.

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Admin Mawile❣ How would the brothers react to an s/o trying to have a bond, even if small, with them? Like napping with Shuu, or pranking people with Ayato? If you could, can you include what you imaging as bonding as well (like what the S/o is trying to do?) I'm sorry if I'm asking for a lot but I looooove your work and the effort you put into it as well as never sugar coating who the brothers are 💖👌🏻

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒) Thank you!! 

Shuu (napping with him, trying to be quiet and not bother him):

-It’s annoying that you’re trying to get so close, and you’re a stupid human for thinking he’d ever have real feelings for you. It’s better that you’re finally cooperating and not making trouble for him, but he can’t help but be disgusted by the pathetic effort to reach out to him. 

Reiji (Obeying him, trying to meet his standards without arguing):

-While your efforts to be a more acceptable, well-mannered servant for him are much more pleasant than the usual fuss, you should know better than to expect any reciprocation. You’re prey and nothing more, and no amount of compliance will ever change that. 

Ayato (offering blood, going along with what he wants to do):

-Cooperating might make him hurt you less, and he falls for it distressingly easily. As soon as you start calling him the best, you can see the satisfaction in his eyes. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to draw real feeling out of him, but you’re definitely securing a place as his favorite human. 

Kanato (catering to his every whim, agreeing with him):

-Quiet, submissive dolls are always better, and at least you’re smart enough to obey. You’re much more pleasant to be around now that you know how to shut up and be a good doll. He honestly doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, and sees it as finally having broken you. 

Laito (entertaining him, accepting certain activities):

-He seems to be delighted with your compliance, and takes every opportunity to praise you for being so good for him. Despite the kind words, he’s as cruel as ever, and you can’t help but feel like you’re being used, like there’s nothing genuine about the affection he’s so willing to give. 

Subaru (keeping him company, while trying not be a bother):

-It’s annoying that you won’t leave him alone. You should be afraid of him, not acting like he’s something you can just make friends with. He goes out of his way to be more ferocious than ever in the hopes of scaring you off, and only gets more and more frustrated when it doesn’t work. 

Ruki (obeying him, showing interest in things he likes):

-While it’s good that you know enough to obey your master, he doesn’t like that you’re trying to act for yourself. If he wanted a bond from you, he would be the one to initiate it. It’s hard to find a reason to punish such obedience, but you’ll still be getting a thorough lecture on the matter. 

Kou (giving him what he wants, praising him and his idol business):

-At first, he accepts your sudden adoration as natural. It’s exactly how human women are supposed to behave, and only after reading your true thoughts does he realize that you’re much more serious. Then, in a slight panic, he resorts to manipulating you more than ever. 

Yuuma (helping in his garden, offering blood and sugar cubes):

-He takes the affection at face value and accepts whatever you want to do. If you want to bond with him, that’s your problem, he’s just going to enjoy the easy meals and extra help. Unconsciously, he might wind up feeling fondly towards you, but it’s unlikely that he’ll realize it. 

Azusa (hurting him, letting him cut you):

-You’ve basically won his eternal love. Since you hurt him so nicely, you must really care about him. Accepting pain from him too just solidifies the idea in his mind, and he becomes convinced that he’s someone very important to you. It’s worryingly easy to win him over. 

Carla (being respectful, submitting to his will without question):

-Your current behavior is exactly what he expects from a meager human. You should submit to the First Blood king in every way, and not just because you’re seeking some pathetic connection. He’s not going to lower himself to dealing with your feelings, so you’ll be allowed to carry on with it. 

Shin (trying to keep him amused, offering blood):

-He mostly just thinks it’s hilarious that you’re trying to reach out. You must be stupid for thinking that he’d ever really care about you, and despite how pleasant your methods are, he can’t help but want to mess with you even more. You’re a fun human to toy with, that’s fore sure. 

What went down in Gamer
  • Marinette: dear diary, here's a description of some events that would have definitely been pretty cool to see
  • Marinette: but eh I guess there's no need to show that
  • Tikki: this isn't supposed to be a webisode so you'd better go do something now
  • Marinette: *goes to school*
  • Marinette: ok where is everybody
  • Alya: we're in the library preparing for the Super Smash competition that everybody knows about but you
  • Marinette: sounds contrived but okay
  • Alya: and if anybody beats Max they get to team up with that hot guy for the tournament
  • Alya: why do I open my mouth ever
  • Adrien: can I maybe forfeit my position in the tournament
  • Mr. Damocles: nope
  • Max: just take a controller and sit down please
  • Marinette: right gotcha
  • Max: you do actually know how to play this game right
  • Marinette: come on what do you take me for
  • Max: somebody who'd 100% be willing to enter a tournament for a game she knows nothing about if it would mean being with Adrien
  • Marinette: fair
  • Marinette: but I actually do know how to play this game
  • Max: oh noes
  • Marinette: *beats Max*
  • Max: that was it?
  • Max: with all that buildup I was expecting more echoing defeat and controller shoving
  • Marinette: don't tempt me
  • Max: yeah gotcha
  • Max: anyways imma go get akumatized now
  • Adrien: are you really just gonna let him
  • Marinette: yeah now come to my house
  • Adrien: Mr. Damocles this is terrifying
  • Adrien: is there really no way out of this situation
  • Mr. Damocles: nope
  • Hawkmoth: Gamer, the situation may not have turned out in your favor
  • Hawkmoth: but from now on you and I will be playing this game by our own rules
  • Max: nope sorry but playing with a modified system results in an automatic ban from participation in all future tournaments
  • Max: if we're doing this we're doing it properly
  • Hawkmoth: so you'll have to kill a bunch of people to level up before you can get a giant robot?
  • Max: yep
  • Hawkmoth: and if Ladybug and Chat Noir take you down
  • Max: they get their own giant robot, yes
  • Hawkmoth: will this result in more meaningless destruction
  • Max: probs
  • Hawkmoth: ok fine you've sold me
  • Max: great
  • Marinette: anyway Adrien welcome to my house and to my room where I definitely don't have 20,000 pictures of you
  • Adrien: eep
  • Tom and Sabine: *ship Adrienette*
  • Adrien: ok but can you not
  • Adrien: like it's clearly the most unhealthy pairing in the love square
  • Adrien: which is actually saying quite a lot
  • Adrien: it really could only ever work out if Marinette learned the difference between attraction and obsession
  • Sabine: shush it's an adorable pairing
  • Adrien: as someone who's literally part of that pairing I can attest that it defs isn't
  • Tom: do you want some food
  • Adrien: OMG YES PLEASE
  • Marinette: coolio let's eat it at the park
  • Adrien: disclaimer: the fact that I am eating croissants at a park with you is in no way a sign of interest, romantic or otherwise, in anything besides this delicious food
  • Marinette: yes please eat more of the food you look beautiful when eating it
  • Adrien: you're really starting to scare me Marinette
  • Gamer: AND SO AM I
  • Marinette: eep it's a giant robot!
  • Adrien: oh come ON that's such a blatant ripoff
  • Adrien: rly is nobody gonna call him out on this
  • Marinette: we're running away now
  • Adrien: right
  • Marinette: oh and here have this charm bracelet
  • Adrien: wot
  • Marinette: look it's probs gonna be important or something
  • Marinette: I had to shoehorn it in somewhere there
  • Adrien: wait this robot is the perfect excuse
  • Adrien: *runs in the opposite direction*
  • Marinette: oh no he's gone
  • Marinette and Adrien: *transform*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *fight the robot*
  • Gamer: *levels up*
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *ollie outy*
  • Ladybug: what if we take him to the stadium where the tournament's happening
  • Chat Noir: so he wrecks it and gets the tournament cancelled?
  • Chat Noir: yeah I'm very down with that idea rn
  • Ladybug: I just meant it would get him out of a crowded area
  • Chat Noir: oh right that
  • Ladybug: *arrives at stadium*
  • Chat Noir: *arrives at stadium*
  • Gamer: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: oh no
  • Chat Noir: yeah screw that
  • Chat Noir: *cataclysms*
  • Gamer: you may have destroyed my robot
  • Gamer: but you will be shocked and awed by my secret scheme
  • Gamer: where I will restore my robot from a save—
  • Ladybug: *punches Gamer in the face*
  • Gamer: wait I wasn't finished monolog—
  • Ladybug: oh hey I broke your glasses
  • Ladybug: and there goes your akuma
  • Gamer: so you won't get to pilot a giant robot then
  • Ladybug: WHAT
  • Ladybug: wait little butterfly come back here!
  • Gamer: it's not coming back
  • Ladybug: well maybe if it copies itself and affects thousands of people then I'll get to have a giant robot?
  • Hawkmoth: yeah nope
  • Hawkmoth: I am not filling Paris with thousands of giant robots
  • Hawkmoth: even I'm not that stupid
  • Ladybug: dammit
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly :(
  • Chat Noir: don't worry, you two can still get to kick butt in the tournament
  • Chat Noir: (Max, help me out here pls)
  • Max: yes, the tournament that you and I will defs be the two participants in and Adrien won't
  • Max: perfect! that's the spirit! we are totes gonna win
  • Chat Noir: phew, I thought I'd never escape
A TBG Inspired Fic

(Submitted by jacksirrah)

Inspired by this text!


Amethyst padded down the steps of the crystal pedestal and into the kitchen. Something had been in the trash can for far too long; she could smell the heavenly aroma all the way from her room and there was no way she was leaving a midnight snack uneaten.

“Come on, come to mama,” she said. Her eyes were still cloudy from sleep that she didn’t need, but it didn’t matter. Her nose was more than capable of tracking down her prey.

Pans crashed onto the floor as she crawled through the clutter on top of the counter. The smell of rotting bananas and trash juice was growing stronger. 

She was close now.

Her foot found the edge of the trash can. She grinned. “Gotcha.”

The can fell when she shoved it, spilling its glorious guts all over the kitchen tiles. Amethyst leapt from her countertop perch and shapeshifted into a leopard as she flew, pouncing on the defenseless rotting fruit and empty soup cans. She rolled several times with her prey, shaking it for good measure in her jaws. An empty milk jug sailed through the darkness when she tossed it like a poor, defenseless-

There was light. Why was there light in the middle of the night? Amethyst raised her head, sniffing the air.

A bass beat was thumping the window panes. She could see it, feel it inside. The square of light illuminating her carnage was red, now blue, now red and pink and flashing like a heartbeat.

A feral grin spread over Amethyst’s muzzle. Garbage slaver dribbled from the corner of her black gums.

A party.

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Could you please write something on Akira's initial and internal impressions of Haise and how she had grown to accept her role as his mother figure?•~• Or some interaction between her, Hinami, Touka, and Kaneki? Maybe even Kimi, because god I love that other anon's scenario and TG's been deprived of its female characters' development.

As an intelligent child, one of the few female investigators of the CCG, and the daughter of Kureo Mado, Akira had heard countless attacks on her femininity. She’d been called cold and sexless. Demanding and uncompromising. An ice princess in one breath, manly in the next, but always ALWAYS uncaring. 

(She’d cried about it to her father once when she was much smaller and much less stubborn. He had pet her hair adoringly, gentle like she wasn’t something firm and unyielding, and asked her to list what she cared about...)

Growing up without a mother had taken its toll on her. Not because her father had failed her or any intrinsic need for two parents. Rather, her nature was always attributed to a lack of maternal care.

Well-meaning teachers had offered themselves as mother-figures to fill a ‘void’ in her life. They’d used gentle words: they wanted to correct her behaviour. She could be such a sweet girl if she tried! They wanted to teach her how to be a woman so she could raise children of her own.

(Akira refused to think about children. Would she be able to be gentle? Would she survive this line of work? Would she ever be able to want someone again, knowing what it did to her father, knowing what it did to-)

No one had ever called her maternal. No one had ever wanted her to mother a person. When the prodigal Washuus asked her to fill the void in Haise’s life, knowing about the ‘void’ in her own, she had thought it was a joke. 

Just for a moment, she thought they were mocking her.

(It had gripped her heart where all the freezer-burn of her past lay solid and cold. She was a woman, wasn’t she? She should be able-)

However, if Akira had been taught one thing in this line of work, the best revenge for a joke, the best revenge for an unreasonable assignment, was to do it. Do it and be good at it. 

So she agreed. 

She…had been a fool. Anyone, anything, could’ve been a mother to Haise. He would’ve accepted whatever scraps he’d been given.

She should’ve just given him scraps.

She was a fool.

When she was given Haise (like a gift…or an unwanted pet), Akira had seen an empty shell. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Haise aimed to please, but there wasn’t any conviction behind it. He simply didn’t want to be hurt.

It was disgusting. It was pathetic. A monster that caued pain didn’t deserve to avoid it.

She taught him how to use a quinque with a softer hand than Arima, just as intended. Akira was his delicate counterpoint.

She just let her words hurt him instead of her body.

Like an abused dog, Haise always came back. He came back to Arima, too. He brought books, soft words, and tears in his eyes whenever he killed another ghoul in the streets. 

She couldn’t take pleasure in his pain, though she wanted to. Instead, she told herself it was necessary. She told herself Haise was a weapon.

She told him that, as well. 

Haise was advancing through the ranks at an alarming pace. Her lessons with him no longer needed to be as strict. To fill the time, Akira taught him about profiling. She taught him about how to form logical connections, how to accept wrong conclusions for what they were, how to start again.

When Haise tried to show off his newfound knowledge in their next case, eyes sparkling with the same old ‘does this please you? I hope this pleases you!’ look, Akira felt a sudden pang of empathy. Because Haise was feminine and he was other. Revealing his desire to please…

Needless to say Haise’s suggestions were completely ignored. No one in the room reacted to his speech. They talked over him (like he wasn’t even there, like it wouldn’t effect him, like he-). 

Later, Akira taught Haise how to be underhanded. How to behave humbly when necessary. How to be better than anyone and how to own the place he had earned

They weren’t the lessons her peers said mothers would teach. However, they were how Akira learned to be a woman.

“He’s attached to you.”

The Washuus said. 

“Like a duckling, like an animal, like a creature begging for scraps.” 

They didn’t say.

(Akira wasn’t a mother. A person would be able to see that)

“Can I have a hug?”

Haise asked, stepping down from the podium after receiving yet another medal (stained in blood he didn’t want to spill, filled with things that didn’t please him, things that pleased his keepers).

She said no, then. It would be cruel to give something once she wasn’t willing to give again. It wouldn’t be right.

(She didn’t want to know how Haise would feel in her arms. She didn’t want to acknowledge that he would let her cradle him, that he took comfort from her presence even when others were willing to praise him)

They wanted Haise to become the head of a squad. Young, inexperienced, naive Haise (not that naive, not that inexperienced, Akira he is not a child). She was meant to guide his way and undermine his ‘emotional concerns’. 

“You are good at that,”

They’d said,

“Always quick with a logical argument.”

Haise was worried about children taking on his life. He was worried about the bias they’d face, the othering they would experience, and the risk to their health and safety. 

“This girl,”

He said to her, ranting like he so often did (pacing the length of her office whenever she let him in),

“Her family basically sold her! Her mother is using her! She doesn’t want to be doing this! It’s cruel. It’s wrong.”

Every word hit Akira like a physical blow. Could Haise recognize that because of his experiences with her? He was highly empathetic, but bad at visualizing contexts he hadn’t experienced. 

“Perhaps this is a good thing.”

She argued back, mouth moving on autopilot as her mind whirled with horror,

“She can leave that family situation behind and be resituated in a new one. If she doesn’t do this, her mother will simply sell her elsewhere.”

Haise fixed her with an unnerving stare. He rarely got stubborn (not with her), but he often had to…reorganize ideas in his head. Change the meaning of what somebody said to prevent conflict. He always looked particularly mutinous when doing so, making her uncharacteristically nervous in the meantime.

“I’ll replace her mom then.”

Haise finally mumbled. He glanced at her, reading every little twitch of her face (she hated that she knew, she KNEW, that Haise could see through her, see that she-), and his voice gained confidence:

“I’ve been taught by the best, after all.”

As the guardian of the Qs, Haise caused a lot more trouble. The blankness she had first seen in him was fading. He was still meek, still eager to please, but…he had opinions. 

Or maybe he always had opinions and she had been too uncaring to notice (no, that wasn’t true, she had been unwilling to see because that would mean-).

Haise had enemies now. Enemies that weren’t entirely based in his ghoul-nature. Oddly, when Haise employed her lessons on diplomacy (or destroying your enemies by just being better) he no longer looked to her for approval. She could see the way his shoulders shook, though. She could see the fear trembling down his arms and into his hands. 

She wanted him to look to her. 

Squad 1 talked too much shit. They were preventing the Qs from growing into all they could be. They were making her fail at her job. 

Yeah, that’s why she backed Haise up. That’s why she lectured him after. 

No other reason.

Haise kept falling apart at the seams. It was obvious to her that one day he would crack. As much as she talked about profiling, excelled in it, she continued submitting half-truths in Haise’s file.

There was another person in Haise’s head who wasn’t another person at all. 

He was afraid of them. Haise knew that his life was a lie. He knew and he still…


He still cared. Anyone could’ve taken her place, but he cared about her. He cared about Arima. He cared about his stupid ‘kids’ and the fact that they called him Mom and called her Grandma when they thought she wouldn’t hear…

(Haise wasn’t an empty shell. He was a person. Fuck)

She’d always known that Haise was Centipede. She’d never been able to hate him with any kind of fervour (he’d killed her partner, damn it) because of Amon’s strange attachment to him. She hadn’t liked him, though. She hadn’t told him a single thing about Amon.

She hadn’t thought he deserved to know (she hadn’t wanted to be vulnerable).

But here and now, when Haise was doubting his very personhood, she couldn’t deny him this little window into her life.

She gave him the journals.

Do mothers cry with their children?

Do they draw support from their children?

Do their children recognize the sadness within them?

Though he liked to pretend, Akira knew Haise wasn’t taking his medication anymore. She knew he was trying to learn more about the monster inside his head. That he was desperate to be stronger.

She taught him about the justice Amon tried to instil in her.

She hoped it would be enough.

Haise had adopted a ghoul. Of course he had. 

Haise stepped off the podium, eying the medals around him with distain. Urie wanted to be promoted so badly, but all the others seemed to shy away from the idea (at least some of Haise’s children took after him).

He spotted her, his fluffy hair swinging as he walked towards her, and Akira tried not to smile (she’d styled it herself. It reminded her of when her father fixed her up for school photos). His eyes sparkled, though not in the way they used to (he knew she was pleased now). 

He asked her for a hug.

She didn’t refuse. 

Do mothers fear for their children?

Do they agonize over their choices in raising them?

Do they change for them?

Haise’s past was hunting him. He’d had friends once. Friends who ddin’t want to let go/

Akira accepted the idea so readily that she was startled awake much later. Ghouls shouldn’t have friends…shouldn’t have family…shouldn’t have people still looking for them.


She went to see the ghoul Haise had adopted. Akira was troubled by the girl, the one who had defended his life but still called him ‘big brother’ as if he were unchanged. 

“He’s not who you think he is.”

She had told the girl, letting a cruel smile (half-hearted, warmer than it should be, God why?) cross her face. The girl cocked her head in consideration, then sighed at Akira’s expression,

“I know he’s not my big brother. He has pieces of him though, like the books he brings me or the way he says my name. I’m willing to take him however he is.”

She sounded far more mature than her face implied. Akira squinted at her, scrutinizing the tired tilt of her shoulders and the heavy bags under her eyes. 

“I don’t want to be here.”

The girl said,

“But I don’t regret what I did.”

When Akira left the ghoul’s cell, she let the hatred bubble up inside of her. How could this girl have no regrets? She’d saved somebody who replaced the person she loved. She’d gotten thrown in jail. Haise could barely look at her.

(Akira had regrets)

(She had many regrets about Haise)

(A softer hand than Arima’s wasn’t actually soft)

(Haise should have trouble looking at her)

“You’re back!”

The girl exclaimed a week later, dropping her book in surprise. Akira schooled her face into something chilly and turned to the guard.

“Leave us for an hour. I have some questions that relate to the current case.”

Akira ordered the guard, dismissing him easily as he barked,

“Yes, Investigator Mado!”

Once he was out of sight, the girl made a high-pitch sound. It was strangled and cut-off (filled with dismay and…rage?). 


She choked, gaze roving over Akira’s face. Akira nodded and opened her mouth to speak when the girl interrupted, 

“He was married. I saw his ring on the riverside. Are you his daughter?”

Akira left without a word.

Shirazu died and Haise left the Qs. There was something deeply wrong with him, made all the more obvious by his failure to visit his ghoul (the one her father had been-). Her mind was a constant snarl of worried thoughts and possible outcomes. 

She couldn’t calm down. She couldn’t be rational. 

That was why she went back to Cochlea.

“You killed my father.”

“He killed mine.”

Akira stormed away.

Fueguchi was asleep when she came next, late into the night, so Akira simply left.

She returned with a book and placed it in the guard’s hands. She said it was from Haise (it should’ve been). 

“My mother wanted me to live. Living isn’t an affront to human existence. I eat to live, but my family never killed anyone. Your father didn’t need to kill mine to live.”

Fueguchi said in leu of a greeting.

“Ghouls killed everyone he ever cared about. Ghouls kill and eat people every single day. Their existence necessitates suffering.”

Akira responded, crumpling the paperback she’d brought with her. It was part of the book subscription box that was still delivered to the chateau, though Haise was no longer there to receive it (she’d called him a few times, but there was never any answer). 

“Your father cut off my mother’s head after she surrendered to him. He did that in front of me. He made her think she could say one last thing to me, then interrupted to kill her. What is suffering, Investigator Mado?”

Fueguchi questioned, her soft tones somehow lacking in the condescension Akira kept expecting to find in them. It reminded her painfully of Haise, causing her to snap,

“Well, your friend killed him, so I guess neither of us have parents now. Both of them died in the mud. Maybe that’s suffering.”

As Akira swept out of the room, she heard Fueguchi whisper, 

“Yeah, maybe it is.”

“Big brother was a human once, you know.”

Bile rose in Akira’s throat, violent and thick, making her to stagger from Fueguchi’s cell. Haise had always been a half-ghoul. Though there was research based off of-

She wretched.

She vomited.

Akira didn’t go back.

Rushima was a mess. Cochlea was a mess. 

There was, indeed, something wrong with Haise. 

God, she HURT. Everything hurt and Amon was there and he was changed and Seidou was there and he was changed even though she’d been pretending not to know because he hadn’t wanted her to see and she hadn’t wanted the CCG to know-

Fuck, fuck, fuck why did she save him why did Amon want to save them, why was Kaneki Ken what he was and when would her friends stop leaving her-

What is suffering, Investigator Mado? What is suffering? What is it? What? 

It’s right here. It’s right now. It’s losing and losing and losing-

It’s a mother and her child (Mutsuki and Haise, herself and Haise, why damn it why). It’s a realization made too late (h-u-m-a-n). It’s too many words left unsaid (love), too many assumptions made too early (hatred), too many errors (death), God had her father been a murderer-

Darkness. There was only darkness. Akira was going to die. She almost wanted to.

She deserved to go to Hell if what she suspected was true.

She could hear Fueguchi’s voice sometimes. She could hear Hai-

Kaneki Ken.

He still called her mother.

Fueguchi called her grandma.

They thought she didn’t deserve to die. Seidou was clutching at her hands. A ghoul was trying to heal her and she didn’t have all the data. She needed to be better. She needed-

“When we all thought he was dead, I waited for him. Sometimes that is all you can do, Investigator Mado. You wait. We all lose things, humans and ghouls, and we lose them because of each other. You don’t have all the answers now, but…we are willing to wait for you if you are willing to wait for us.”

If there was a reason for all this, Akira was willing to wait for it.

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We should talk about Jethro today. Yeah.


Right off the bat we see that Jethro is your stereotypical “emo” teenager who distances himself from his parents and wants to be left alone. 

However, there is more to this “emo kid” than meets the eye. He has a funny (and maybe morbid?) sense of humor, a strong sense of morals and he’s much more intelligent than he lets on. 

The sense of humor is obvious, we see it first when the bus breaks down and he laughs “we’ve broken down…in the middle of nowhere.” We can interpret this in one of two ways: he was excited that something was happening on this boring trip that his parents dragged him on (although it seems to be that he wanted to go cause his father had said “he doesn’t mind us paying, does he?”) or he was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. His excitement, in a way, is almost a parallel to the Doctor, who is usually excited when things go down as well (and even in this episode that is exploited by none other than Jethro himself.) Despite his boyish sense of humor, Jethro is also more intelligent than he lets on.

Again, another parallel with the Doctor is Jethro’s curiosity and intelligence. We first see that he’s smarter than he lets on when he question’s the professor’s lecture about Midnight, and the Doctor encourages him while Val kinda waves him off. All throughout the episode, Jethro asks questions—good questions and it’s shown that he’s not just some lazy teenager who doesn’t care. Jethro cares, and is curious about the world around him. He’s just as eager to learn about the entity as the Doctor is, and although the Doctor’s curiosity wanes slightly as he senses danger, Jethro’s curiosity lingers a little while longer. And his curiosity really leads him to see the entity as the Doctor sees it, a potentially harmless lifeform that doesn’t need to be killed.

“I’m not killing anyone" 

Jethro seems to have a better moral system than his parents, at least when it comes to throwing strangers off a bus into a deadly atmosphere. We barely get to see what he views as right or wrong, though, before his parents force him to only see what they see. 

One of Jethro’s flaws are is low self confidence. Although he speaks up more than Dee Dee, we see him shot down nearly every time by his parents, who tell him “oh it’s just your imagination” or “Jethro do what your mother says” or “oh don’t be stupid, Jethro!” or “He’s just a boy!” Val and Biff obviously don’t value Jethro’s opinion as much as they value their own and it’s just a shame. Val and Biff seemed to engulfed in each other and the people they are talking to instead of trying to understand their son’s feelings and they just make Jethro do whatever they say. We see one instance where Jethro does fight back, only for a moment, though—“what, so I don’t get a vote?” but then in later moments poor Jethro just quietly submits (when Val told Jethro that he saw the entity pass into the Doctor, which isn’t what had happened and Jethro doubted that but Val told him “oh shut up of course you did.”)

And when it’s time to throw the Doctor out, Jethro doesn’t know what to do. He is both Dee Dee and the Professor rolled into one, breaking down because of the stress of the situation and also reluctantly assisting Biff in the murder of the Doctor. Had things gone differently and the Doctor been a bit more stronger than he was after Midnight, I could easily see him going after Val, Biff and the Professor for taking their aggressions out on Jethro and Dee Dee or at least offering them to travel with him. Who knows, maybe on the way to talk to the leisure palace director, the Doctor saw Jethro and said nothing to him except a whisper “don’t grow up to be like your parents” or something like that.

I think Jethro is a fascinating character and it would be cool to see him and Dee Dee in a story together and see how the events of Midnight had changed them (for better or for worse.) 

Girls Like Girls

Swan Queen Week [July 2015 - Tropes & Cliches]: Day 5: Best Friend Romance

Genre: Romance/Hurt Comfort/Fluff
Rated: T
Words: 2,423

Regina and Emma do shots at the end of 4x11 and get closer than they expected to. Tooth-rotting fluff about our fave cute drunk queer girlfriends.

FF | AO3

She’s sitting in Granny’s nursing a cup of tea for the second time in a single day, and so much has changed; Robin’s gone - truly and likely forever, this time, rather than simply out of reach - and Rumple has left town too (or more accurately, he’s been banished, and she’ll admit it comforts her a little to know he’s miserable).

He’s quite possibly as miserable as she is.

They’ve both lost someone important today, only further proving the fact that villains don’t get happy endings.

It’s damned frustrating, and she’s just about at her wit’s end with this whole happy ending business.

Of course, a certain blonde takes it on herself to ‘cheer Regina up’ - no doubt with talk of hope and belief and that being good will always get her a happy ending. Like mother, like daughter.

“I’m not in the mood for a hope speech, Emma,” she sighs, resting her chin on her hand in a decidedly un-queenly fashion. Honestly, in this moment, Regina cares very little about what’s regal and what’s not.

“You’re mistaking me for my mother,” the blonde responds lightly. “Besides, you don’t need a hope speech - you need a drinking buddy. Shots?”

Regina perks up a little. It’s a rather unexpected offer, but she’ll take hard liquor over a Charming speech any day. “Sure, why not?” she agrees with her brow furrowed slightly in confusion, as if she’s trying to figure Emma - or this situation - out.

Keep reading

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Oooohhhhh I'm so happy to hear that your asks are open again! ❤️️❤️️ Bokuto angst here again ~ just because I need it for my mau mau babe, would you mind doing some Kuroo angst please? ❤️️😍😭

I thought this was higher in the ask box tbh BUT I already had an idea for it typed out in my notes when I thought of it really late last night (at like 4am T~T RIP me). Anyway, I in now way think that Kuroo would ever do something like what I’ve written! But I have a very creative imagination and I can make it seem like he’s a complete bastard, yeah? Thanks for requesting~! -Admin Satori <3

Tsukishima Angst Bokuto Angst

Kuroo Tetsurou:

It was another one of those days. Another day of fighting. Another day of arguing over the stupidest of things. Tempers rising, boundaries broken, resistance snapping. It usually ranged among a bunch of different reasons for the argument to start. Though there was one that rose above them all in regularity.

“Do you even try to look for a job or are you just sitting on your ass all day looking at stupid ass memes on your phone?” You hissed angrily, glaring at him from the island in the kitchen as he continued to lay on the couch with his phone lit in his hands. “Tetsurou, look at me, at least, when we’re talking.” You almost pleaded as you walked towards him, standing close to the couch to be able to see his eyes over the top of his phone.

He didn’t even spare you a glance, his lips quirked up in a cheesy grin at the dumb joke he’d just read. Kuroo didn’t like to fight in the least, but recently it seemed like you were riding his ass about something every moment he took a breath. “So what I’ve been out of a job for a week? We’re not on the streets are we? I’ll get a job soon enough.”

You were at your wits end. You pushed his feet off the couch roughly and took amusement in the way he almost completely fell off the couch, his gaze snapping to you in a warning glare, “Not a week, Tetsurou. Almost 2 months. 2 Months since you were fired.” You growled down at him, wanting so badly to just get him to LISTEN to you. But all he did was shrug and sit up on the cushion, going to reach for the remote, but you beat him to it. You grabbed it off the coffee table quickly and pointed it at him, “Why were you fired again?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at him, knowing the answer but wanting him to realize what he’d done wrong.

Kuroo rolled his eyes and reached for the remote from your hand, but you only pulled it back to rest against your shoulder, “Because my boss was being an ass.” He stated simply, “He wanted to make an exam-“

“No! Tetsurou. He fired your ass because you didn’t do your job! You didn’t complete your paperwork on time and gave you countless graces before he snapped just like I’m about to. Why can’t you take anything seriously? Or, for that matter, even try to be honest about what’s going on around you?” You asked, eyebrows furrowing as you stared down at him, “Why can’t you just grow the hell up like the rest of us! For Gods sake, even Kenma has got his shit together and has a good job! You remember Kenma, right? Your introverted friend? The one who couldn’t get his nose out of a game? Yeah, he’s got a job now. And where is his cocky senpai?” You asked rhetorically, pointing at him with the remote once again. “Oh. That’s right. Bumming on his girlfriend’s couch while she’s out busting her ass to make sure there’s food on the damn table.” You reminded with a twist of your lips in a scowl.

“Well no one asked you to, dammit!” He suddenly yelled, getting to his feet and towering over you, his gaze so sharp it could cut the tension in the room. “No one asked you to be the breadwinner of this fucking relationship!”

“Oh yeah? And who’s going to be the breadwinner if I’m not, Tetsurou? You? Don’t make me laugh, sweetheart.” You practically spat, you were furious with his laidback attitude and hands free way of life; Things didn’t work out without effort being exerted. “You’re such a fucking sloth, a slob, messing up our clean apartment. You make me sick to my stomach when I see you just lazing about when I’ve been out there sucking up to some real assholes just to get a smidge of income for the both of us to live on!”

Kuroo glared at you full throttle now, and you had to force yourself not to back down from the challenge. His glare was something that made you want to run and hide, but not now. Now, you were competing to see who could make the other submit first. “Well if that’s true, _____, and I make you so sick, then why don’t you just fucking dump me already and leave?”

You were taken aback by his words, but the rage inside you didn’t let up. “Me leave? As if! This is my apartment!” You yelled up at him.

His smirk wasn’t the one you loved, it held no familiarity. This smirk on his face was cruel and he let out a humorless laugh before he shook his head, “Oh, no ma’am! I wrote us into this agreement, into this nice apartment.” He stated easily, his eyes showing his pride in shutting you down so easily.

“Fine.” You hissed, pushing past him roughly to get to your purse near the door; You hid your face behind your hair so he couldn’t see the tears brimming in your eyes. You pulled on your shoes, pulling a muscle in your hand at how quick your actions were, and wrapped your jacket around your shoulders before you opened the front door and slammed it behind you.

Kuroo scoffed and turned to look at the front door, waiting for you to come back in and apologize for picking a fight, maybe even offer to make it up to him for rubbing his nose in his failures. He doesn’t know how long he stood there, waiting, but he rolled his eyes at your stubbornness, “Such a baby.” He muttered before he went into the bedroom to get dressed, having agreed to go out with a few friends to drink his issues away.

Your words were still running through his head as he walked into the dimly lit bar, even after he’d had a few beers could he still remember your voice and your true words. He could still hear your sniffles. Oh. No…. Those were his. He was silently crying into his beer, his head in his hands, his friends had already given him space and went off throughout the bar to see if they could catch some hot thing for themselves, but he was alone. Or so he thought. Your voice was so ingrained in him, that even through the alcohol he could hear you talking to him just next to his arm. He turned his head to address you, his blurry eyes catching the way you were reaching out and trying to comfort him.

Without much else, he reached out and took the offered hand before going home so that the argument could be mended.

After you’d left the apartment, you’d gone to Kenma’s house and waited for him on his doorstep for him to come back after work. He’d practically pleaded with you to stop apologizing for the intrusion the whole while you cried into him about yours and Kuroo’s argument.

“I know… Kuroo is hard to handle…. Sometimes…” Kenma mumbled as he rubbed your back, letting you hug him tighter, “But… He loves you… And he’s probably hating himself…. For not providing for you both.” He pointed out logically, knowing how his senior usually put up a silly front so that no one could see what he was really feeling inside. Kenma knew about Kuroo being jobless for a while, and he knew why, he’d even offered to get Kuroo a job at his gaming company as a temp or something in the meantime. But Kuroo had his pride and had declined the offer.

You sniffled against his chest, opening your eyes and staring at his collared shirt under your hand, “You’re right….” You whispered quietly, “And I’m not helping anything by getting after him…. I need to be his support, right? Not a nag.” You muttered, feeling a sense of defeat washing over you; You hated to lose anything, even if it was such a dumb argument. Slowly, you inhaled and pulled away from Kenma, giving him a tearstained reassuring smile before nodding to him, “Thank you, Kenma.” You were beyond grateful that the pudding head had decided to stick around in your and Kuroo’s life. Kenma smiled softly and nodded without a word, watching as you got up from his couch and rushed out his front door to get back to Kuroo.

“I hope you didn’t do anything stupid, Kuroo.” Kenma muttered with a sigh as he got up and went about unwinding from his hard day at work.

You couldn’t get home fast enough, you were bouncing in the taxi drivers backseat, and when you’d paid the guy and apologized for your restlessness, you’d bounded up the stairs two at a time to get to the apartment door. Your hands were shaking as you quickly grabbed your keys from your purse and unlocked the door, pushing it open in a rush before closing it behind you.

Something wasn’t right though. You didn’t bother taking off your shoes at the front door as you walked into the apartment, looking around with furrowed eyebrows at all the messy surroundings. Messier than when you’d left earlier.

Groaning from the bedroom made your heart constrict in your chest, and you bit the inside of your lip roughly, drawing blood, to keep your mind on the present instead of what the noise could be a result of. Reaching the bedroom door, seeing it was wide open, you felt your stomach drop as you looked back down the hall from where you’d come, realizing your brain had ignored the obvious signs.

Clothes littered the floor leading into the bedroom and beyond the doorway. The lamp on the side of the bed was turned on, illuminating the heartbreaking and stomach churning sight before you.

Kuroo lying on his back on the edge of the bed, his hands tangled in the hair of a woman who was currently taking him into her mouth, making him groan about how good she made him feel and how he was going to make her see stars for being such a good girl. But you’d stayed in the doorway too long, soon he finished and opened his eyes to regard the woman on her knees, but instead his eyes met you with surprise. Then confusion.

“_____?” He asked quietly, the woman looking up at him with a smirk before turning her head to see you. She squeaked in embarrassment before grabbing her clothes and rushing out of the apartment, not wanting to be caught in the crosshairs of the oncoming mess. She accidentally bumped your shoulder as she rushed by, and you didn’t even notice, your eyes still on Kuroo. Still seeing what he’d been doing. Who he’d been with. Just as you were about to turn away, he reached out, “_____! Wait! I can explain!” He called as he got to his feet, and you could see and hear he was drunk. He numbly put himself back in order in his pants before stumbling towards you, grabbing your wrist when you tried to pull away, “I can explain, babe, just wait.” He breathed, smelling of a brewery. “I thought she was you, kitten. I thought it was you making me feel good.” He slurred, his smirk coming to his face as his drunk mind conjured up memories of when you’d go down on him.

You practically gagged and pushed him away roughly, “You stink.” You muttered, wanting to say so much more. Wanting to cry and yell and hurt him like he hurt you, but you couldn’t bring your voice higher than a whisper. You couldn’t even bring tears to your eyes. You felt cold, and alone. “I hope she was worth it, Kuroo.” You got out, your voice sounding constricted and forced out of your lungs. Your eyes stared at him for a few seconds before shaking your head, feeling your lips tremble as the reality of what he’d done finally set in. You quickly turned away and rushed out of the apartment back to Kenma’s house.



  • Pairing: Klaine
  • Word count: 15k
  • [Link to the original art]
  • Read on [AO3]
  • SummaryBlaine wants to meet his soulmate more than anything - until he realizes how fragile love can be. From that moment on he refuses to go out there and open himself up for the thing he’s always longed for. If he doesn’t meet his soulmate, there’s nothing to fear, right? Only life has different plans for him and every road not taken leads him straight to the man he’s never wanted to meet. A soulmate story.
  • Author’s note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015. Warnings first: There’s the necessary evil of homophobia and violence in this story. Other than that I think it’s pretty safe to read, but if it bothers you, then maybe this story might be triggering for you.Now to the more pleasant part: I want to thank @greninjaaaa for her gorgeous art for this post and if you’re on tumblr, you should definitely give it some love. ♥
    A special thanks as well to the mods of the Big Bang who showed way more patience with me than I deserved. Thank you for organizing this amazing event that gives us the chance to get in touch with more people.And last but not least, the person who was forced to read this entire thing with all its glorious mistakes. Thanks to @frumiousme for being my beta. I wasn’t the easiest candidate for this job, but you helped tremendously.Thanks to everyone who’s reading, especially those who might leave me a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride. ♥

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Out of curiosity, do you know (m)any Hidden Talent!Drarry fics? Like one/both of them have a hidden talent and the other finds out about it? Thanks anyway! (Also you should know I really appreciate you and I'm in love with your blog have a good day)

Thank you! I tried my best to go from the talents trope, but to be honest some of these aren’t very “hidden”, but here you go;

Solder by Oakstone730 (34k)
Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius’s life without a trace after Harry’s addictions destroyed his and Draco’s marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past. [Art]

Twist of Fate by Oakstone730 (302k)
Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness. [Art]

The Boy and the Sleeping Prince by phoenixacid and Writcraft (26k)
Harry is miserable and tired of being an Auror, coasting through life until he’s forced to make some changes. Spurred on by his passion for drawing and working with best-selling author Draco Malfoy, Harry develops a charm which gives children a magical, interactive reading experience. But when it’s time to test the spell, the two men find themselves trapped in a nightmarish fairy tale world. Can they escape unscathed, or is Draco right in his assertions that there is no such thing as a happily ever after? [Art + Writing]

The Art Thief by Nia_Kantorka (21k)
When an art thief steals one of Harry Potter’s paintings the Minister of Magic requests one of his best Aurors on that case. Draco Malfoy is not amused. [Art]

Choices that are best made in the moonlight by Teatrolley (4k)
“Harry never imagined that he’d someday know the feeling of Draco’s smiling lips against his own, or be able to replicate the exact tone of his during-sex laughter in his mind. Even then, he especially never imagined that, were he to ever know those things, he were also to be without them again.
Or, in other words: Harry and Draco break up.” [Art]

The Art of Perfection by create_serenity (19k)
Harry cursed the day he’d ever made the stupid bet with Ron because that bet was what had led to him being naked in front of a Muggle art class. Of course Draco Malfoy had to be taking the class, because that’s just how Harry’s life worked. [Art]

Home Improvement by cassie_black (10k)
When he hired Maison d'Etre to bring Grimmauld Place back to life, Harry never expected Draco Malfoy would end up doing the same for him. [Interior Designing]

Whitfield Throp by JosephineStone (4k)
Draco likes to watch people buying his books; Harry likes to watch Draco. [Writing]

ab epistulis by cornmouse (83k)
A future fic that takes place when Draco is 30, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Draco owns a bookstore and ends up developing a correspondence with the author of his favorite novel. [Writing]

The Critiquer by dysonrules (24k)
When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills. [Photography]

Aural Gratification by birdsofshore (10k)
Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot. [Narration]

A Future Unknown by Omi_Ohmy (25k)
Draco had always thought that the ability to see the future would have saved him a lot of grief. The choices are no easier, however, when he is cursed to see an endless set of futures featuring Harry Potter. [Seer Draco]

Silververse by Fearlessdiva (120k)
Tissue of Silver A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. [Seer Draco]

Magic Tricks by talithan (5k)
When Draco agreed to accompany his flatmate to a Muggle magic show, he did not expect Harry Potter to be the magician onstage. Since then, nothing has gone according to plan. [Muggle Magician]

Misdirection and Wonder: Magic For Beginners by Omi_Ohmy (7k)
Harry Potter may be the one who dabbles in Muggle Magic, but it’s Draco who leaves him mystified. [Muggle Magician]

The Deeper Symbolism Behind Golden Apples by oldenuf2nb (26k)
When the Wizengamot insists Chief Auror Harry Potter pose for a statue for the Ministry Atrium, why are his friends reluctant to tell him who the sculptor is? [Sculptory]

Draco Malfoy, Animal Whisperer by icicle33 (22k)
Draco needs to find a job, any job, to avoid joining his father in Azkaban. As a last resort, he works at a Muggle veterinary clinic. [Photography]

Fractured Light by MissSnakeyBoots (74k)
Twenty year-old Harry finds himself in a good job with a new-found smoking habit, a Labrador that likes breakfast and a work friend with an unsavoury fascination with women. Harry’s friends worry about his emotional stability and on times - sexuality. Enter Draco Malfoy in Muggle clothes with his camera and Harry’s life is thrown into disarray. What HAS his old nemesis been up to? [Photography]

Typewriters, Oscar Wilde, and Other Unexpected Things by secretsalex (6k)
Harry’s not a very good Auror, but Draco is a very good queer. Draco doesn’t finish his novel, and Harry doesn’t catch the bad guys. But maybe it doesn’t matter, anyway. [Writing]

A Good Book by wook77 (7k)
Harry reads the end of the book before he buys it. When it comes time to write his own, it’s only natural he writes the ending first. Sometimes, endings are meant to change. [Writing]

Picking Up Pieces series by TessaCrowley (22k + 21k)
The Unbearable Burden of Caring: Fifteen years after the War, Draco is a social recluse and award winning author. Harry is an auror who works too hard, ensuring his old war wounds never heal. They meet at a masque ball, unaware of each other’s identities. In another situation, it would have been love at first sight. But for them, it would never be so simple.
Sins and Scars and Shattered Things:  Fifteen years have passed since the War, but the wizarding world isn’t quite ready to forgive Draco Malfoy for his past sins, or for being in love with Harry Potter. For a former Death Eater who escaped conviction, it is a trial by fire. [Writing]

The Snitch-Maker by Omi_Ohmy (21k)
Draco is content with his Snitches, with the tap tap tap of his hammer, and the tiny gears and sharp scent of metal in his workshop - until one day Harry Potter appears, asking for help to solve a rash of Snitch-tampering in the Quidditch world. [Snitch making]

In Fire and Blood by @theboywholivcd (15k)
They’re wizards living in Muggle London, and it is the summer after the Battle of Hogwarts. One held out his hand, and the other grabbed on. They’re just boys, really, trying to find their way out of the rubble.
A story in which Draco and Harry are lost after the war. A story in which they find life in love. [Art]

Paint Me Better Off by tryslora (10k)
Draco and Harry healed their differences five years ago, when Snape’s will forced them to work together for the good of Hogwarts. Now, when the Ministry requests that a magic portrait be painted of the Boy Who Ended the War, Draco is the only artist that Harry will trust to create it. But the process of having his portrait painted brings out the talkative side of Harry, and soon he is spilling secrets to his friend without any thought to the consequences. [Art]

Merlin, Give Me Strength by Aelys_Althea (86k)
Draco retreated after the war. Despite the Wizarding world turning a smiling, forgiving face to any and all with a black name and stained reputation, he wanted none of it. All Draco wanted was to be left alone.
Unfortunately for him, Harry Potter doesn’t want to leave him alone. And more than that, he finds himself with the most unlikely of house guests that he just can’t seem to rid himself of.
Why is life never simple?  [Animagus]

He Was He and I Was Bunny by bryoneybrynn (37k)
The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?  [Animagus]

My Life As A Butterfly by digthewriter (22k)
At the age of seventeen, Harry finds himself falling in love with a detached Draco Malfoy. Through a series of unfortunate miscommunications and gossip, he had a bad falling out (of love), too. Now, years later, can Harry make amends about a misunderstanding? Would Draco forgive him?  [Animagus + Writing]

Incandescence by Lomonaaeren (47k)
Draco has become a successful writer by novelizing the lives of heroes from the war with Voldemort. He’s managed to charm the most difficult and reticent into talking to him. Now he thinks he’s ready for the ultimate challenge: persuading Harry Potter, who’s notoriously close-mouthed, to give him both the material and the permission for a novel based on him. [Writing]

Tear out the Pages by alphinski (74k)
Draco didn’t do things by halves. Instead of just walking out on Harry, he left the country. He’s back now with a book and half the Wizarding World fawning over him. Harry refuses to join that number. [Writing]

The Printed Press by Soupy_George (119k)
Draco Malfoy was still slightly amazed that he was standing on the doorstep of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. He never would have thought that Harry Potter’s very public and very … sweary, emotional explosion would have led to him offering Draco, of all people, a job. [Writing]

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An Ouran blog!!! I'm so excited!!! Members of host club relationship headcannons??? Good luck!!! ^_^

Awwee thanks for the submit!


-He will always shower you with lots of compliments.

- He will always be the one that try to give in to you everytime yall had an argument even he is a little stubborn.

-Be prepare with lots of cuddling.

-He will always treat you like a princess and very delicate.

_-He is considered adventurous so be prepared for quite a wild date!


-He will always be the one that planned the most romantic and well planned date.

-Due to his busyness, he will always shower you with gifts like dresses, flowers or chocolate. But he is also smart and caring enough to know that you need more than materialistic love.

-He will shows you his soft side, give you a smile occasionally and talk about his families times to times because he trust you a lot.

-Expect a few bickering here and there. Most of the time it will just be really funny and cute.

-He’s not really a PDA person but he will not hesitate to make a few remark here and there about your relationship and it might even be a little bit sexual.


-He will get a little stubborn at times and never really make the first move. But when he did, he might be a total flustered mess.

-Be prepared for lots of shopping together and even to places like the arcade or amusement park. Not really the most romantic places but guarantee will be very fun.

-He might get a little PDA at times, hugging you in public and in private and might even get a little touchy

-He will always try to make you smile, be it pranking on people or anything or doing stupid things.

-He might be a little dense and bad-tempered at times but patience is the key! He will always go back into your arm


-This bae will shower you with lots of loves, hugs and kisses, even in the public.

-He is very understanding and patient. He is the ‘It-is-3am-but-I-will-get-you-chocolate-and-food-and-cuddle-with-you’ kind of guy.

-He will give in to you when both of you argued, or when you are having the time of the month.

-He is a romantic guy deep down, but at the same time he is also a little bit of shy. It might take some time for him to make his moves,after that he will be more confident


-For a quiet guy, expect a lot of touching, hugging, holding hands at random times.

-He will sneak a few kisses here and there once in a while.

-He is someone you can really ask for advice and cry to. He will be there for you and comfort you.

-He will bring you anywhere, literally anywhere, from the arcade to having a romantic dinner in beach.

-He will remember all the little things, your birthday, favourite colour or even just your casual comment about the things you want


-Expect lots of cuddling from him.

-He gets really clingy at times but at the same time, he will respect you and give you space when need to.

-He will shower you with lots of random gifts, like a teddy bear or even a tray of your favourite sushi

-His way of planning romantic date is in a cafe. 

-His S/O most likely must have a bit of mother’s figure

-He get worried easily about S/O and also really protective


-Haruhi is not a PDA person but she likes holding hands, knowing you’re next to her.

-She is not a really confident to make the first move. She might drop some hints but if you do not give any response, she might get a little upset and give up.

-She enjoy small talks in park and long walks.

-She enjoy doing household chores with her s/o, doing grocery shopping, having food fight and cooking together.

-There will be a few late nights heart to heart talks :D

Why I'm not reblogging the Poot Lovato meme anymore:

I can’t lie and say I haven’t enjoyed anything Poot related while it lasted.

Hell, I even wrote a few posts pertaining to the meme, including a mini-fic submitted to the person who created it, which they ended up posting.

I was doing all these things as a huge Demi Lovato fan.

So, as a fan, I thought I could expect her sense of humor to interpret the meme as something harmless. I even considered the possibility of her going along with it or her posting her own Poot pictures.

But, I was wrong.
Based on her (now deleted) tweets, she seems hurt by the picture, which she referred to as (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) “a terrible picture taken at a shitty angle.”

See, I expected her to believe what I believed. I didn’t think of the possibility of the meme being interpreted as mean spirited.

Because I didn’t interpret it as mean spirited.

I thought of it as something ridiculous that came about as a result of bad camera quality and blurry angles.

But, you know what, it doesn’t matter what I think. It doesn’t matter what any of us think, here’s why.

Tumblr users in particular have this tendency towards hypocrisy. We’ll reblog posts pertaining to racist Halloween costumes or any form of bullying, and then, seconds later, reblog a picture of Demi’s tweets captioned with, “when you literally cannot take a joke.” Stupid excused like that are reserved for the “bigot” and the “bully” and it’s jarring to see someone–who typically opposes cruel humor–reblog or make this comment.

After seeing this caption, I felt a twinge of regret. Why? Because although Demi’s new album is called “Confident,” although she has become a happier and healthier person over the years, at the end of the day–and she’s described this numerous times in interviews–obtaining confidence is a daily battle.

This isn’t just some girl who had a meme made about her.

This girl has been through hell, battling mental illness, addiction, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and bouts with self-harm.

The caption and the screenshot of her tweets made me think about situations where a bunch of kids are standing in a circle laughing about another kid’s insecurities. You know: bullying.

Now, I did not see the meme as a form of bullying, and I don’t think people reblogging it or posting it are doing it from a place of cruelty; however, it shouldn’t matter how we feel regarding it. What matters is how the person in question feels. And–jokes aside–at the end of the day, it’s not a picture of Demi’s lost sister, it’s a picture of Demi.

It’s a picture of Demi that struck a bad chord with her. It upset her. And why shouldn’t it? Demi probably saw theses memes and thought people were making fun of her, making fun of how she looked. Even if they weren’t doing it to be mean, these posts most likely triggered Demi and brought back memories of being bullied over her physical appearance, as well as memories of the darker times that occurred as a result.

So, this is why I’m not going to reblog anything Poot related anymore. Because Demi Lovato’s emotions shouldn’t be pushed aside for our own amusement.

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What do you think about Felicity in the wheelchair? With all the pics and stuff coming out, I'm feeling scared. :(

Oh anon! We don’t know enough to be scared about anything at all. Could Felicity be in a wheelchair in the upcoming episodes? YES. Absolutely. Think about it. She’s going to go through a severe injury and come out fighting for her life. It’d be absolutely alright, were she to be discharged, for the doctors to advise her to be off her feet. 

And Oliver being Oliver, especially after coming so, so close to losing her, would stand stubborn for her to rest. But Felicity being Felicity, after being confined to a bed for so long would stand her ground - she has a company to run and a project to submit to the board that she an Curtis haven’t even talked about (that we know of) and an ax to grind with the big bad who tried to kill them right after their engagement. Seriously, couldn’t he have waited at least until the morning after the celebratory sex? Nope. He ruined the after-proposal fuzzies for her and she’s taken it very, very personally. Not to mention he tried to gas chamber her and her friends. Yup. She’s mad; and a mad Felicity will not be strapped down to her bed when she can be out and about and helping Oliver and the team, which hasn’t been faring well in her absence at all.

So, they come to an agreement of sorts. A wheelchair. And though Felicity hates it, she agrees because she knows how hard this is for Oliver. It’s hard for her too. In fact, in the days she’s on the chair, there would be a lot of character growth, lots of thinking, lots of challenges Felicity would overcome on her own. Remember, this is the woman who is completely used to standing on her feet and doing things herself. She’s never needed someone to lean on. This would be a new phase for her as a character, and for Oliver and Felicity as a couple. They’ll clash and argue and learn things about themselves and each other they might not have known or seen, with each other.

Now, I’m not saying that’s how it’ll  happen. I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t know, so I’m thinking of the brighter side. There’s no point dwelling on the worst just because we are in the dark. I’m very sure though, that it’ll be temporary. Definitely. Because 

Felicity Smoak has killer legs and she loves high heels way too much for it to be otherwise, plus her wardrobe game this year is just unbelievable. There’s no way anyone takes away her heels and her ability to prance around in them like the queen she is without some severe damage. And one thing we do know is that this show loves Felicity Smoak. 

And also, protective Oliver, anyone? 

Carrying around his lobster? 

Just imagine him saying this now. *internally screaming*

Him taking care of her. Massages. Soft touches. Hard arguments leading to ding ding ding. YES. I’d take that, for a few episodes.

AND the most important thing. 

That’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that she knows it.

She’ll be fine, anon. She has a brilliant mind, extraordinary courage and a group of the most dangerous superheroes on the planet ready to kill, maim and die for her. She’ll be good. 

So rest assured, this will be one of those things that won’t last. A crucible maybe, or just a challenge. What will last through it all, though, will be Oliver and Felicity. Together.

A Hufflepuff Story

There came a time in which many people who were sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore were disappointed in their results. Half of these people who were sorted into Hufflepuff decided to abandon their account and either try again with a different approach or just give up on it thinking they’re lame or something. I was once one of these people. Hard to imagine me being that way, eh? Well I have a story for all of my followers to read about how my view of Hufflepuff changed over time. And as my view of Hufflepuff changed, I changed, too. I became a more mature and open-minded person. But of course it wasn’t easy at first. In fact it was quite unnecessarily painful. It deeply scarred me emotionally, but what I didn’t know back then was that my scars were going to heal and make me who I am today. And for that, I am proud of myself- and others who have gone through similar experiences in their lives.
[ —–> You are now me, a few years ago. Pottermore had recently opened to the public and you are signing up for the first time late one night. Your sibling, Jordan, had gotten the beta testing version and is a Slytherin.

Imagine staying up late past midnight. The room is dark besides the glow from the computer that illuminates your face. You had just gotten an account on Pottermore and you were getting ready to take the house quiz which would decide your fate. You felt so enthused! You just KNEW you had to get into Gryffindor! Everyone wanted to be the ‘heroes’. And if not the 'hero’ then maybe you could be a bookworm in Ravenclaw, afterall, you loved to read! Or if not that then Slytherin where the ambitious, powerful, and pure in blood are! Also your sibling is in Slytherin so you might be, too! But not Hufflepuff, Thats the last thing I could be! But you thought about what the Hufflepuff traits were. You didn’t remember, because you had never cared to pay that house any attention. You look up the four houses traits and see that Hufflepuffs were ‘fair, loyal, and hard working.’ Sure you guess these were good traits to have, but they definitely didn’t stand out like the other houses did. You decide there was no way you could be in that house.
The quiz is to decide your fate. The quiz of fate! The quiz that will dictate whether or not you were brave, smart, cunning, or uhhh fair.
You take a long time on your quiz, making sure you answered them all with your heart. You even went back to check your answers one last time. Then, crossing your fingers, you hit submit.
Your internet bars drop by two. You frown and jiggle the mouse. Ugh. Internet died at the WRONG FRICKIN TIME!
You hit refresh at the top of the page multiple times, anxious to know what house you had gotten into. After five minutes of no internet, you decide that you’ll find out in the morning. But you had a hard time going to sleep. As you lie in bed you kept telling yourself 'of course I got into Gryffindor! But you were nervous in an excited sort of way that wouldn’t let your brain shut up and allow you to rest. You keep reassuring yourself, I’m a nice person who likes to help others in need. I can be brave when danger is around, I’d protect my friends and family with my life! I’m a chivalrous person, too! I may be scared of spiders but hey, so was Ron!’

Morning comes and you wake up to the sun screaming light through your bloody eyelids. You immediately remember you were supposed to find out your house results. Jumping out of the bed and to your desk, you open your laptop and log in. You log in to Pottermore.
The webpage flashes gold before your eyes.

You cringed as you read it.

‘… Whatt?.’
‘ No! This has got to be a mistake. I’m a Gryffindor, a massive powerful LION, not a bumble bee!
No. No no no no no no no noooo!

I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming. I’ll wake up any time now to an invitation to Gryffindor..’

You almost jump out of your seat when you hear a few steady knocks on your door. Closing the internet, you call them in. Jordan comes in with a wry expression and murmurs out of curiosity “Soooooo?”

You put your hands on your lap as you spin around to see them. You blink at them then look anxiously out the window to keep a calm act “ Sooo- what?” You angle your head to the side playfully.

They smile and roll their eyes as if you should have known what they were talking about “The Pottermore thing! Have you gotten sorted yet?” They sit on the edge of your bed.

You hesitate before replying “Errr uh, no.”

Their eyes light up with excitement “Really? Okay so maybe when you take it we can hang out and we can celebrate whatever house you get into! I’ll bring snacks!” Jordan says with glee.

You hesitate before replying “Okay. Give me some time to get ready then.”

Your sibling smiles again and winks “ Okay! Let me know when you’re ready!”
They leave you alone in your room. Your smile fades from your face as they leave, worried about what to do about the situation. Then you got an idea! You spin your desk chair around to face your computer again, this time you open Pottermore and create a new account, this time using your junkmail email.
'If I take the house quiz again, I’ll know what not to answer. That way I’ll get into something else besides Hufflepuff!’
You get the account name Dragonjinx###. This is a better name then your last one, which was Broomhazel###. You quickly sped through getting supplies for Hogwarts, getting your cat, and getting your wand. All you really wanted was to get into a different house. You finally get to the house quiz. You remember that your sibling had wanted to be with you when you took the test.
You yell across the house-
Very professional I know.
So your sibling comes in a few seconds later with a box of cheese-its and stands behind you as you click the start button.
You don’t remember seeing the first question before, or the second question or most of these questions. You decide to review them a second time just to make sure you answered them to the best of your abilities. You hover the mouse over the submit button.

“ What'chya waiting for?” Your sibling asks.
You reply by clicking submit.
You feel your last bit of hope getting torn from you as gold flashes before your eyes. Hufflepuff.
You hear a curious gasp behind you.
“ Hufflepuff?” Your sibling replies.
“ That sucks. Sorry about that. You must have answered the wrong answers. I know you aren’t a Hufflepuff, you’re my sibling. You’re better than that.”
You tear up a little as your sibling tries to comfort you. You turn away to hide the tears.
“ This Pottermore thing is stupid anyways. This quiz is wrong and it isn’t worth my time.”
You manage to blurt out.
Your sibling replies with a tune of insult.
“ But I’m pretty sure MY results and many others were spot on. Just because your results are bad doesn’t mean the entire website is dumb. IT’S NOT OUR PROBLEM YOU’RE A WORTHLESS PUFF.” And with that, your sibling slams your door behind them. Once again you’re alone.

'Stupid sibling. Ugh. Stupid quiz. Stupid POTTERMORE. What the heck does J.K Rowling think she’s doing putting the most generous and dedicated of fans into the worst house of Hogwarts? I’m so ANGRY!! AUUUGH!’ You ball your hands into fists and look down at the floor. 'How are you going to tell your friends?! They’d laugh at you!’ You then thought about how you and your friends grew up with the Harry Potter series and were always that group of dorky kids dressed in black robes at the midnight premiere at almost every movie… 'All of that, and now this? I don’t deserve this..’ You feel more tears stream down and you open your eyes to see them drop onto the open palms resting on your lap. 'Spent your entire life in this fandom and now it had ruined you. I guess the Harry Potter fandom was never really meant for you.’ Your mind wanders deeper into the past, remembering how at a young age you didn’t have any real friends until the others came along. They would all meet in the library after school and read Harry Potter books. After reading the first few books, you introduced it to Jordan who in turn became a fan as well.

It took you a lot to admit to your friends what house you were sorted into. The only thing that made it a little easier was that two of your other friends were also puffs, but that didn’t ease the pain much. You tended to have very strong emotions, unlike most of your other friends who were nonchalant. In your group of dorks, there were three 'puffs, including yourself, two Slytherins, two Gryffindors and one Ravenclaw.
You noticed that you and the other two Hufflepuffs had distanced yourselves from your other friends who were sorted into Gryffindor Slytherin and Ravenclaw. The houses that were considered 'worth something’. You and your puff friends were outcasted from the main friend group. Your non-puff friends started to assume that you would FIND things for them if they told you they lost something. And when you’d snap at them to stop losing their shite they would be all “Wow, I thought Hufflepuffs were supposed to be nice.” You would have to constantly remind them that being 'fair’ doesn’t mean being nice, which a lot of people think it does. You became very cynical. Everyone thought that you started having some sort of attitude problem, because you felt angry all the time and snapped at the smallest of issues. In reality you were stressed out and depressed because you felt like everyone was against you. While you and your puff friends would sit at a nearby table next to the others’ table, you would hear the others arguing about which house out of their three was the best- with no question whether Hufflepuff was a part of this. You would sit there intently listening in, shooting down their questions in your mind with your own solutions like 'how about you just get a fucking life you self-serving fuck?’ The other puffs were busy chatting about something funny that happened in gym that day. In a way I was glad they weren’t spending time groveling in envy and pity like I was.
It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t necessarily jealous of their houses anymore, because I didn’t want to be in any of their stinking egotistic houses. I wanted Hufflepuff to be on par with the others, but of course with all of the ugly stereotypes that Hufflepuff is full of ditsy weaklings we weren’t going to get very far. You asked yourself every day why J.K Rowling would create Hufflepuff if this was all that they were for.

I took a break from Pottermore, and the entire Harry Potter fandom for over a year. I pushed away anything related to it because I didn’t want to have to deal with all of the scathing Hufflepuff jokes. I was ashamed of what Pottermore had made out of me and my friends. It made tension in a group of life-long friends. For the first time in what seems like forever, you stopped talking to them all together. You were sick of this, and one day, you decided to give it up and move on in life.
Whenever I would see something about Hufflepuff on Tumblr or any site, I told myself to avoid it. However, there were some times that I decided it wouldn’t hurt to read a few of them. Some of the time they would hold my interest for a while. One post in particular really hit me in the heart. It was enough to make me want to search up things like ‘reasons hufflepuff is better than other houses’ or ‘reasons why hufflepuff is awesome’ or ‘hufflepuff facts’. And, in a strange way, it calmed me down. But I also had that same envy for the other houses. I would think about them bitterly and go back to avoiding anything Harry Potter related.

What brought me back was when I heard from my sibling that Hufflepuff had won the fourth house cup. I was so shocked a gasp escaped me. I thought they were joking at first. It caught my attention, though I never admitted that to my sibling. Hufflepuff WON SOMETHING?! Holy shit. This was revolutionary. Maybe there is hope for Hufflepuff after all?


It took me a long time to remember my old username, which had been created over a year ago. I logged on to see gold and black banners and a Hufflepuff badge. 'What an old familiar sting..’ I thought as I clicked on the Great Hall button. I saw that Hufflepuff had the trophy icon next to it, signifying that Hufflepuff had recently won the house cup. I went back to the Hufflepuff Commons and read countless comments from my fellow puffs that made this victory possible. They were all encouraging and made me feel good about being a Hufflepuff. It gave me a second look on Hufflepuff, and then I realized something. J.K Rowling wasn’t going to allow us to choose which house we were going to be in because like 80% would choose Gryffindor, 10% would choose Ravenclaw, 8% would choose Slytherin, and then 2% would choose Hufflepuff. J.K Rowling may have forced us to see the other houses in a different light by distributing us more equal in number to different houses. Your house is what you make it, not what the other houses say you are. Hufflepuffs can be heroes too. And if you think not, you are fucking wrong, because to me- everyone in Hufflepuff is my hero because they didn’t give up when faced with discrimination. They chose to build on the solid ground when we had reached rock bottom. They are heroes, they are warriors. That is what makes Hufflepuff worth fighting for. Because to me it meant a lot. For all the puffs out there who was ever dissipointed in their house results, you are not alone. But never forget that every house is worth fighting for, even if it’s Hufflepuff. And to the people who won it for Hufflepuff; you guys are fuckin’ awesome. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, destroy them. Destroy them with puff pride. Soon after, I made a blog about Hufflepuff and named it Huffleplus!
To everyone;
thank you.

in reaction to the USAvsGER soccer match nazi joke escalation...

okay, dear americans (and everyone else) who did laugh at the nazi references that were made in conjunction with this frickin match today. hear me out and let me tell you why us germans are so upset about this deal. this is a long post but please, I ask you to really take your time and read it. I think I speak for all germans when I ask you to try to understand why we’re upset. it has good reasons.

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Imagine Norway and Denmark being on a 10 year relationship. For their anniversary, Den decides that he’ll take Nor on 10 dates: One for each year, and they all also have something to do with their respective year. 

On the first date, they go to the restaurant where they had their first date. Nor still messes with the spoons, and Den just thinks that’s adorable how he’s the same person from all these years. Den tells him all those jokes about how stupid they were on the first date, and Norway isn’t even hiding his smile anymore. He feels just fine giggling in front of Mathias, because he doesn’t have to hide he loves him anymore. 

On the second date, Den wanted to remind him of the time when they first kissed. It was originally a rainy evening, and they ran down a huge hill just to have Den trip at the end, and Nor be worried about him. Den shrugged it off, and said he could just kiss it better, which Norway did, but definetely not on his knee. They didn’t have rain this time, so Den took him to a park, and a fountain, where he pretended to slip and say the same thing as before, but instead of kissing him, Nor rolled his eyes. Den then started to run around the fountain, and eventually convinced Nor to join.

On the third date, Den brought him to the movies, and just as they did before, they didn’t really watch the movie. Instead, they threw popcorn at the others while giggling in the back of the seats, as well as some pretty intense kissing sessions when people weren’t looking. Nor said he wouldn’t mind doing that one again, and Den laughed and agreed. 

On the fourth date, they go out to the beach for the day, just like the time Nor wanted to stay under the parasol, but this time he didn’t care when Den rubbed all the sunblock on him, even if he looked even paler than normal. They actually go into the sea, but Nor makes sure Den won’t go far off anymore, which makes the dane laugh and say “Concerned about my health?” and the norse reply “Just because you don’t seem to be.” and roll his eyes at a blushing Mathias.

On the sixth date, Mathias takes him to a concert, and they watch an orchestra play. Nor looks specially excited and happy about it, and it’s not just because Mathias managed to have them play ‘Fairytale’ and more of the songs he liked. He’s happy because Den went there with him, and is making all of this effort to see him happy. Nor couldn’t ask for a better gift than that.

On the seventh date, they go out ice skating on a rink. Mathias is as clumsy as always, and trips over his feet multiple times, but Nor is eventualy dragged down with him, and the two stay like that laughing for the longest time, until the instructor makes them stand up. Then, Nor tries and helps Mathias, holding firmly onto his hand and leading him, partially so he won’t fall, but also because he loves to make sure he’s there with him, even just by holding his hand.

On the eight date, they go out to dance, and even though, just as before, Lukas tries and takes it seriously, Mathias is all over the place, and dances like nobody’s watching, until Lukas pulls him closer and kisses him so he’ll shut up and slow dance with him. They do that for the longest time, and cuddle for the rest of the night when they get home.

On the ninth date, Mathias takes him out to a small town close to the mountains, where it’s much colder than before. Nor doesn’t know why they’re going there, because the most important memory he has from that year is buying a new vacation house, but then Den reveals this was the house all along, and Nor isn’t angry at all. Instead, they choose to try out the new bed for the night, and have a nice cuddle session the next morning, near the fireplace.

Finally, on the tenth date, Mathias brings him to the actual mountains to see the aurora borealis closer. Nor thinks it’s beautiful, but the actual peak of the date happens when Den gets a little box from his pocket, and drops it down. He runs after it, leaving a very worried Lukas on the mountain, but it doesn’t take too long before Nor charges after him. He finds him scratched and a bit hurt on the forehead, but with the little box, and Mathias pops the question. Lukas sighs, and says “How am I supposed to deal with you being such an idiot?”, but before Mathias can feel bad, he grins and finishes it. “I hope you know, because we’re getting married.”

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