this is so strange as a gif.....


Imagine pulling pranks on Stephen Strange.

“[f/n]! What have you done to my cloak?” Stephen demanded, his limbs flailing as he struggled against the cape.

You just laughed as it tugged him this way and that, “I have no idea what you mean, Doctor Strange.” Of course, that was a lie. You had gotten the cape in on your prank war and you had made sure it was on your side. Your idea was purely harmless so it had readily agreed in its own way. It was fun to mess with Stephen. He was so uptight, after all.

Stephen yelped as the Cape of Levitation continued to pull him around, “[f/n]!”

“Maybe try turning it off and back on again!” you called, grinning. The cloak seemed to look at you in shock and you held up your hands in a placating gesture, “Okay, okay, just kidding. Carry on.”

Gif Credit: Strange

This boy makes sure I never feel alone or insecure, gives me everything I need before I even ask for it. I’ve never known someone who would be so caring, so patient and willing to learn and to teach me so much. Thanks for being my best friend and my love❤ Spending time with you is the most fun I can have and also the most comforting sensation, when we aren’t together it feels like I’m missing my left hand it feels so strange. Sorry I’m cheesy I’m just so grateful for him