this is so sick omfg

Sam has a dog that gets sick from eating out of the trash and it just so happens that she’s on Dean’s watch because Sam is spending the weekend at his girlfriend’s place and so Dean grumpily loads the fur ball into the Impala and takes her to the nearest animal hospital and Castiel is the drop dead gorgeous vet assistant who takes care of her.

All of a sudden, Dean finds himself taking Sam’s dog to all of her shots and check-ups just to gaze into those endless blue eyes and listen to that deep voice and one day he’s going to pick up a prescription for some vitamins that Cas suggested for her and there’s Castiel’s name and cell phone number scrolled along the bottom of the receipt with the message: Your dog is perfectly healthy, Mr. Winchester. If I’m reading this wrong, forgive me. If not, here’s my number. I’m free on weekends. Have a good day.

Dean leaves the animal hospital with this dopey grin on his face, holding the bag of dog vitamins and the receipt with Castiel’s number on it to his chest like they’re the most precious things in the world.

He’ll definitely be giving him a call come Friday.