this is so shitty wow im trash

to anyone who thinks luke skywalker is straight

“luke was totally head over heals for leia in A New Hope!” luke skywalker spent twenty years of his life knowing no other women but his aunt beru and awesome alien ladies. of course, he’s gonna see a woman of the same species for that isnt his aunt for the very first time and think shes gorgeous! hell, have you seen leia?! luke didn’t know women of the same species looked so different.

it is VERY possible for gay people to see the attractiveness in the opposite gender! it is also very possible for gay people to be starstuck by how attractive someone of the opposite gender is! VERY POSSIBLE!!!

as my good friend @pop-music-trash brought up, the first time luke saw leia was the holovid. the blurry, pixelly, shitty holovid. he saw a vaguely humanoid womans body, and heard a womans voice and went “oh wow who is she, so gorgeous omg, im so hetero guys shes so pretty.”

mcfuck off, luke skywalker is so gay.

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dont try 2 tell me luke skywalker is straight lol

oh and han is 100% pan jus sayin

Im papalogia trash, and its all @acnologias-ass and @drxgonkeep ‘s fault! Now im in papalogia hell and I cant leave!!

((what if the angrier acnologia gets the brighter his tattoos will glow??))

Imagine if they had a family photo, it would probably be something like this!

bonus: We’d all know who the real star would be though


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