this is so shitty why do i still make gifs

wow ok so first of all i just wanna say that this is the first time i’ve made anything like this and i dont have experience with making banners so sorry if its shitty but lets move on :) (also i just wanna say that i was casualcalpal before this so if theres still any confusion ya know why) im super excited to be doing this bc I LOVE everyone on here and i wanna show my appreciation :’) this might be kinda long but i wanna include everyone so lets go

♡honorable mentions♡

molly♡ / ok so i never really know how to tell people i appreciate them and u already know that but honestly thank you for putting up with me and being my friend because i dont know who i would even be talking to everyday if it wasnt for you following me and sending me an ask when i was barely getting my blog started at 30 followers. i never tell you this but i do appreciate your friendship and im super glad that i have someone like you in my life (even though sometimes i get a headache) but i love u anyways :)

caroline♡ / oh my god girl you are truly one of the most fun and relatable people i have ever talked to in my LIFE. i love your attitude and your personality in general!! we literally send each other so many pointless snaps and messages like everyday and im super happy we share some of the same interests in artists (daddy drake) :) can u believe we’ve been mutuals since forever but barely started talking a few months ago?? thnk u for letting me be apart of your life and for being an amazing friend i love u #jaroline :’)

♡sounds good feels better network♡: we’ve truly gotten so close and y’all already know my ho ways and i truly love and cherish all u cuties @cherrylucas @hotlinelashton @lukesdevilishgrin @fringetastic-mikey @nuggling5sos @fightmecalum

♡the calumclub™♡: lordt y’all are so wild and there isnt a day my messages arent blown up talking about calum and his nut but i wouldnt have it any other way and i adore and love all of you ok @specialcal @bitchmalum @metaphysicalum @1-800-long-dong @calumsveins @calumhoodc @slut4calumsmut @calumsthot @babycalofficial

if i forget anybody pls drag me and tell me to put you in here and i will!!

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also special thanks to @hotdamn5sos for always coming through with updates and keeping everyone alive!!

and also to @5sos-official bc even though they are idiots i still love them and treasure them in my heart :) 

i love all of you v much and i hope you’re always smiling!!