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smh and sneezing

this is a weird thing to headcanon probably but i have a cold and i keep sneezing and that made me think about different types of sneezing

  • jack: has an adorable sneeze, the kind that makes every single person near him go “oh my god, that was so cute!”. nobody expects that high-pitched “cheww!” sound to come from jack, but it does.
  • bitty: the quietest sneeze. people often don’t even realize he was sneezing; just “why did you randomly cover your face for a moment”
  • shitty: his sneeze sounds strangely like “uh-BRAH!”. how??? it is a mystery
  • lardo: the loudest sneeze. she’s the kind of person who shouts when she sneezes, and gets annoyed looks from everyone in the library.
  • holster: always sneezes in threes, but there’s a longer time than usual between his sneezes, so he always gets “bless you”’s for every sneeze and it’s awkward.
  • ransom: always has really long buildup to his sneezes, often he thinks it was a false alarm, but then the sneeze comes with no warning. “[moments of silence while he stares up at the ceiling but nothing happens]….sorry, i thought i had to snee-CHOO”
  • nursey: somehow always manages to be taking a sip of something when he sneezes, causing his drink to squirt out of his nose. it’s awful.
  • dex: nobody has ever seen him sneeze, but rumor has it his sneezes are legendary. every now and then a clip of strange sound will circulate with someone claiming it is a Dex Sneeze, and usually ends up being exposed as a hoax. can dex even sneeze? are they real? i want to believe.
  • chowder: really shorts sneezes, but really many of them..his record is 15 in a row
  • tango: always has those really excessive buildups, like “uh-uh-uh-uuuuh-CHOO!”
  • whiskey: somehow remains straight faced through his entire sneeze. seriously, he doesn’t even close his eyes. it’s weird.
Suga Daddy: Part 8

Suga Daddy: 8

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: angst, dirty talk, language 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi tells you about his past but is terrified of how you’ll take it.

This came a little early than expected. Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Everything felt like it was playing out and slow-motion and all you were doing was twirling the flowers in your hand. You were nauseated and your mind was racing with every possible scenario. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t have a squeaky clean record. Especially with his attitude and the way he talked to you sometimes. For some reason you still loved him, despite that.

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shit grad students say, pt. 1

“i need to sleep 38 minutes ago”

“do i get a gold star on my diploma if i’m the first one to submit my thesis?””

prof: why did you choose to do a masters degree?
student: i’m going to be completely honest, i’m just here for the bragging rights

“i didn’t know you could use microsoft excel to do calculations! i did 138 standard deviations BY HAND!”

“i pulled an all nighter and i don’t even have anything to show for it”

“pho is like vietnamese gatorade. eat a bowl before you go out drinking, you’ll never get a hangover.”

“spanish is my default language. i went to china and i KNOW they don’t speak spanish there but every time i met someone i was like ‘HOLA’”

“i can’t tell if i actually have free time or if i’m just neglecting my responsibilities”

“i was so stressed out last spring that i bought a fish tank”

“sometimes i just need days where all i do is watch shitty mtv shows and look at my fish”

“man, you have to BUDGET your all nighters”

“i was grading lab reports last night and i accidentally spilled wine all over them so now my students know they’ve pushed me to drinking”

“i’m trying to see if there’s a correlation between the number of hours grad students sleep and the number of coffees they drink in a day”

“one of my profs wrote a book about hockey and they misquoted him on tv and now he’s internationally known for saying that all hockey players are homosexual”

“why do i come here? why did i make this my life goal?”

prof: we’re going to get started as soon as everyone’s quiet
student: guys if we keep talking we don’t have to start!

AU where
  • NHL star Jack Zimmermann and long time girlfriend and tennis player Camilla Collins break up. Camilla starts dating Jack’s college friend Larissa “Lardo” Duan. 
  • And the media is absolutely awful to the girls.
  • “Jack how do you feel about your girlfriend becoming a lesbian?” Etc. etc. even worse things are said. 
  • Jack is so frustrated. “Camilla and I are still friends, it was a mutual breakup. And even if we parted on bad terms, you’re being cruel and that’s uncalled for. And she didn’t *become* a lesbian. She’s always been bisexual. I’ve always known that”
  • “Jack why did you date Camilla if you knew she’d eventually leave you for a woman?”
  • Jack’s so frustrated. So he impulsively announces “I’m bisexual too! I could date boys or girls or whoever!!”
  • And the media completely ignores him.
  • And in a queer rage, he calls up Shitty and is like “Pretend to date me for a month, I’m gonna fucking prove my bisexuality once and for all!”
  • Shitty can’t because he maybe just started dating Lardo a week ago.
  • “It’s okay brah. I got you covered. I’ve got this friend who is a literal ball of gay sunshine and exactly your type. Just make sad eyes at him and I swear he’ll do whatever you ask.”
  • “I don’t need a real boyfriend, just someone to date for the media for a month or two.”
  • “Sure, pal, sure. I’ll text you the address of his bakery.”
Do Something Bad, Too - Part 4

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics, nsfw content (aka orgasms)

A/N: its finally here! sorry for taking like 30000 years but i got there in the end! happy new year, happy holidays, i hope everyone is well and i hope you enjoy this part!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

When you were in the army, you decided that you would never, ever chose an Alpha as a mate. You were surrounded by the worst kind day in day out - and, sure, when you moved companies nobody knew you were an omega thanks to the suppressants, but that just meant they felt like they could say all their shitty opinions about omegas in front of you as if you wouldn’t be offended.

In your opinion, 99% of Alphas were pigs and had zero respect for you no matter how successful you were, or how many suppressants you took. The past few weeks, however, have made you seriously reconsider that percentile.

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i can’t fucking stand seeing people say they think harry looks ungrateful or comes across like a diva by not posting on social media or attending events or breathing the way they’d like him to. because harry, aside from dunkirk and another man, really did take a break from the public eye for the past year, and somehow, even though he’s barely been seen, people still want to scrutinize him for NOT being seen and say that that shows he’s snobby or above everyone for not tweeting or some other bullshit excuse or say that him working on an album is completely implausible because he hasn’t talked about it and the rumors about an album merely existing make him look bad. and i just don’t understand this incessant need to tear him down when he literally, LITERALLY has not done anything.

because here’s the thing - he’s had his life on display since he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and when he was younger, you could tell he was much less guarded. and you can see as he got older and saw the way the media twisted his words specifically, the way the media made him into the person they wanted instead of who he is, and the way the media ignored everything he actually did and said in favor of making him their punching bag, he pulled back and became more private, and can you blame him? if you had to try to justify WHO YOU ARE to the entire fucking world and no one would listen and would continue to print shitty articles about you when you’re only nineteen years old, i guarantee you’d pull the fuck back and want some genuine time away from everything, too. he’s never been one to post about every little thing he’s doing, and why so many of you are against him doing anything at all in the public eye is truly fucking baffling and proves you hate him even when you say you don’t, especially when people on here try to jump through hoops to make up stories about how awful he is.

to watch people consistently put him under a microscope because he doesn’t follow the plans they have crafted for him themselves that aren’t based on reality is ridiculous and infuriating. he doesn’t have to live up to whatever random career path people of tumblr dot com have come up with for him, and to get mad at him over some weird plan random people on this website have made up is beyond fucking stupid and i’m tired of seeing it.

The Elementarium, by Isobel Winter  

What is it?

The Elementarium is a script based on the Latin alphabet that I created about three years ago.

What is it for?

Initially I created The Elementarium as a way to write down spells, sigils, and other magical words that had anything to do with the elements, or that I wanted to embellish with the power of the elements. These days I use it for all magical purposes. Is especially effective as protection and spell charms.

Who is it for? Can I use it?

Anyone who wants to use it! I’m opening it up to the wider public because I feel that they would benefit from a magical script to use that they know was written by a witch, instead of using one in which they are unsure of the origins or rules. I’d love to see what you use it for; please post a picture and tag me in it, or tag it as #elementarium.

Why use it?

Unlike conventional linguistic scripts, this one was invented specifically with magic in mind. It automatically has a deeper connection to your inner energy. I created the script by meditating and then writing symbols down with my eyes closed, visualising how they would fit into each letter.

A letter from my language isn’t on the script, what should I do?

Send me an ask telling me which letter this is and I will create it! When I wrote it I was learning Norwegian and Swedish, hence why those letters are present. But I truly believe that everyone should be able to write magically in their own language, so please don’t be afraid to send me a request.

Can I get a tattoo of it?

Of course! I have a friend who did so and it looks great, I’m waiting on her to send me a picture so I can show you all. Just make sure you don’t mess up how you’ve written it down; I don’t want to be blamed for a shitty design.

Her Holding Back Her Moans: GOT7


He’d think that he was not good enough for you so he might ask whether something was wrong. After realizing that you were simply doing it to tease him he would smirk and go very, very slowly, to the point where you had to beg him to move.



Well…. JaeBum here…. Hehe… Oh Boi… He will make you scream instead of moan because of the fact that you kept suppressing your sounds. His hips would snap into you so quick you though you would pass out.


He will stop moving, completely. Watching you squirm in slight annoyance, though well hidden. Jackson liked it when you were vocal, so seeing you hold it back would eat at him; it was as if you were looking for a punishment.


Tbh, he would start chuckling as he was going in and out of you, seeing your face twist with pleasure but your lip bitten to the point that he thought blood was going to ooze out of it soon. He would kiss you instead, so that you would moan into his mouth.


He would become so. fucking. distressed. Like… Why is she not moaning? Did I do something? Did something happen in work? What? Honestly, he would become so lost in his thoughts that he’d missed when you started moaning from pleasure all over again.


Welp. His ego would deflate ;-). So he would try even harder to make you moan as he’d add a hand to the whole intercourse, rubbing at your clit with his thumb and sucking your nipple to over-stimulate you.


He would just feel shitty about his performance, and it will be more noticeable since he would become sloppier, a bit scatter-brained. You’d have to moan quick to actually show him that you enjoy everything, and after the intercourse ends you better state a reason as to why you held back your moans because he might become insecure about having sex with you, since he thought he couldn’t pleasure you properly.

Crown of Flowers

Plot: You’re not feeling good with yourself and Draco notices it and comes to talk to you.

Warnings: Fluffy, body issues.

Word Count: 1.003

Author’s Note: English is NOT my first language, so if there are grammatical mistakes, you can text me and I’ll correct them. In case you don’t know, (h/c) means Hair Color, (e/c) means Eye Color and (s/c) means Skin Color. Hope you all like it. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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I sat on the grass in front of the Black Lake and took off my shoes. My feet were sore at the end of the day, but I wasn’t surprised. They carried all my weight, how could they not be sore. I sighed, running my hands through my (h/c) hair. In the last days, for some reason, I wasn’t feeling that good with myself, and I avoided mirrors like Devil avoids the cross. I felt so ugly, so fat… That thoughts were killing me, because they did not came alone. They brought other insecurities that broke me even more. One in particular was getting me out of my mind.

Why is Draco with me?

When I saw him talking to the other Slytherin girls, I started thinking that maybe he did not needed me at all. I mean, they were prettier, anyone could see that, so what did I had of spacial? Why did he picked me? What if he realizes I have nothing to offer and leave me? That questions were slowly depressing me, and making me get away from my friends and from Draco his self.

My eyes got field with tears, and I let myself fall apart, because I wasn’t strong enough to keep them from falling down my cheeks. I was so tired, I just wanted to be pretty, to be gracious like the beauxbatons girls… Truth be told, I was feeling shitty since they showed up, two years ago, but now, it was stronger.

Of course I did not wanted to feel like that, but how could I stop myself? Tears kept falling, and I sobbed. God, why am I so weak? Why can’t I love myself like a normal person? I kept asking the same questions, without finding the answers.

“Elena?” I heard a voice behind me and turned my head to see my boyfriend walking to me his tie loose on his neck, his blonde hair messed. I cleaned my cheeks as fast as I could so he wouldn’t realize I was crying, but  when he sat by my side I realized how useless it had been; his gray eyes showed how much he was worried about me, and I felt guilty for a second. This was not his fault, he shouldn’t be feeling like that. “What’s wrong?” He asked, his hand reaching out to my face, wiping a tear that had insisted on staying there.

“It’s nothing important, Draco. Don’t worry, please.”

“How am I suppose to not worry about you? You’re my girlfriend, I have to. Someone did something to you and you don’t want to give the person in, is that? If it was that guy from hufflepuff again, I swear I’ll beat the fuck out o…”

“Malfoy, it’s not him, ok?” I interrupted him. “It’s not anyone, it’s me.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I… I don’t want to talk about this, and I don’t know if I’m able to.”

“You know I’m not going to judge you, right? Talk to me, Elena, I want to help you. What’s the point of dating each other if we’re going to keep secrets?” His left hand held mine, his thumb pressing the ring he gave me. I knew what that meant. His left arm had the dark mark. “We promised, remember? Nothing between us.”

“I… I don’t feel good, Draco. With myself.” I whispered.

“Keep going. Talk to me, Princess.” He used my nickname to encourage me.

“I don’t like the way I look, that’s nothing else to say about it.” My eyes filled up again, and I looked down, incapable of facing my boyfriend.

“It’s my fault, isn’t it?” He said.

“How could this possible be your fault, Draco?”

“I’m your boyfriend, I’m suppose to support you whenever you need me, but I’m just to busy with my own problems to pay attention on you.” He was mad, and I got to say, that scared me a little. “I should make you feel perfect, not worthless.”

“Malfoy, listen to me, you can’t blame yourself for what’s happening to me. I know you love me, I have the proof in your left arm, the problem is that I can’t love myself, and that’s nothing you can do to change this.”

“Will see if that’s true.” He said, pulling me closer to his chest. I could almost feel the determination on his voice.

For the next week, Draco wouldn’t leave my side. He’d walk with his arm around my waist, kiss my face and neck all the time and whisper “you’re beautiful” in my ear. During class, he would hold my hand and caress it with his thumb. In lunch time, he dragged me to an empty classroom and kissed me passionately. I confess, I enjoyed that a lot, and so did my ego.

After dinner one night, the blonde asked me to wait for him in the Common Room, even through everyone was in bed already. I did what he asked, waiting in the couch, reading to distract me. When he walked in, he had his hands behind his back, hiding something.

“Ok, what’s that Malfoy?” I asked, curious.

“I know you said this wasn’t my fault, but still I feel like I should take care of you. I love you a lot, Elena, I couldn’t leave without you, and I also know you think I’ve proved that join… You know what, but the truth is that nothing I do will never really show how much I care ‘bout you. They call me the Slyterin Prince, but you’re the real Queen of Slytherin and of my heart.” I smiled at his speech and he held out a crown of white roses. My favorite flower. “You deserve all the crowns in the world, love.”

I kissed him passionately, smiling and understanding for the first time that I did not had to be perfect in the world’s eyes if I have always been and will always be in the eyes of the one I love.

The final episode of Naruto was the most forced, unrealistic, and shitty episode of this anime I’ve ever seen.

Xanxus pressuring Tsuna into having children so the Vongola Bloodline carries on and Tsuna receiving abusive texts.

“Xanxus is bothering you, Juudaime?!”

“N-No, Gokudera-kun, he’s not…He’s just worried about Vongola, is all.”

“…We’re thinking of the same Xanxus, right?”

“…Boss of Varia, real angry, tried to kill us and lead a couple coups?”


“Then we are.”

Have children, trash. - Xanxus

“He’s ignoring the fact that I’m not married.”

“What about Kyoko? Just propose.”

“…Gokudera, I don’t think-”

An explosion in the background, and Tsuna cried out in alarm. “I-I think that was Xanxus? I can sort of feel it…”




“I DON’T WANT KIDS SO HURRY UP, TRASH!” And Xanxus’s main goal is so Timoteo gets off his back about grandchildren.

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Seriously. Everyone needs a little more anime man love in their life. Get Amnesia memories. IT’S IN ENGLISH PEOPLE.

Why you should play Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

I saw this post and had feelings.

“What’re you doin’?” Bucky asked as Natasha stopped to take a picture of a giant tree, leaves orange-going-on-red. He would have bitched at her for blowing their cover but it actually helped with their tourist personas.

Natasha glanced at him, unimpressed, then turned back to line up the perfect shot. “Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

“I’m not pretending. I don’t know.”

“That’s sad,” Natasha said, pulling her phone back to her chest to tap on the screen with her thumbs. “You make me sad.”

Bucky took a moment to be jealous at how fast she could type. His metal thumb didn’t register on his screen. “That’s not new.”

“I’m going to show you the greatest thing you will ever see,” Natasha informed him, then thrust her phone in his face.

He frowned, confused, when he saw the picture of the tree again. It was a nice picture, he supposed. He’d seen better. Underneath it was the text ‘look at this tree.’ The confusion didn’t leave. He jumped a little when her phone vibrated in her hand.

✨Tony✨: It’s beautiful, just like you! I’m going into a meeting so I won’t be able to answer very quickly but don’t let that stop you!

Bucky stared at it for a moment. “…Why does he get sparkle emoji and I get grinning shit?”

“Because I think you’re a piece of shit.” Natasha pulled her phone back to read the message and smiled slightly. “One time I was pissed off and told him I wanted to kill someone and he texted me back that if I was in prison, he couldn’t take me out for delicate patisseries anymore.” She stared into the distance. “The idea of going without fig tartlets frightened me.”

“America has changed you and I’m not sure I like it,” Bucky declared even as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders to throw off a couple of agents that were peering at them suspiciously. “What’s a tartlet?”

“I’m going to buy a dozen and eat them all in front of you without offering you a single bite,” Natasha replied, holding her phone up. “Couples still take selfies, right?”

Bucky stared at the phone impassively. “What’s with people and selfies?”

“You’re a stick in the mud. At least Steve was a good kisser,” Natasha complained, texting the picture to Tony as the brunet sputtered in disbelief and confusion.

✨Tony✨: Tell Buck-o to turn that frown upside down! You’re both young and beautiful in London! What is there to frown about? c:

“Precious,” Natasha said fondly.

“Did you know that Tony’s contact has sparkle emoji on Natasha’s phone?” Bucky asked.

Steve looked up, hurt. “Why am I smiling poop?”

“Because I think you’re a piece of shit too,” Natasha said, snapping a picture of him. “You’re both shitty. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“Because we’re adorable,” Bucky drawled before throwing himself across Steve’s lap. “Don’t worry, Steve. I’m smiling shit, too.”

…That did make him feel better.

“Clint’s just a row of emoji consisting of pizza, arrows, and a dog face,” Natasha added.

Steve whined. “I wanna be pizza and a dog face!”

“No,” she said, and took a picture of the blond in Snapchat so she could give him a halo of grinning shits.

Just for shits and giggles, Bucky texted Tony ‘listen, some days you have a lemon and some days you are the lemon.’ Tony didn’t get back to him immediately, but he hadn’t expected him to. He and Steve still preferred phone calls over texting, so everyone knew that if they were texting it probably wasn’t too important.

Tony: I think you’re peachy keen! :D

Bucky clutched his chest. “Shit.”

Steve sat up in alarm. “You okay, Buck?”

“Tony is so cute how can anyone take this man seriously.”

“What?” Steve blinked at him. “…Oh!” He smiled. “Natasha showed you her texts from Tony!”

Bucky stared down at his phone fondly. “Is he like this with everyone?”

“No, just Natasha, I think. You now, too, I guess. I think he does it for Bruce when he feels down, but JARVIS tells him when that is.”

“Oh.” Bucky smiled a little. “…That’s nice.”

Steve grinned at him. “He just likes to brighten the days of people he thinks need it.”

Steve found Bucky tucked in the closet, clutching a knife. “Bad dream?”

“There was blood everywhere,” Bucky whispered, knuckles going white. He let the blond take the knife from his hands and instead tucked them in his armpits, shivering. “All over. I can’t–Why, Steve?”

Steve sighed and crawled into the closet with him, pulling the door shut behind him. “I don’t know, Bucky.” He wrapped an arm around the brunet’s shoulders and pulled him up against his side. “You got your phone?”

“…I think so?” Bucky frowned, trying to recall. “…In my pocket, maybe.”

“Okay.” Steve reached down to fish the phone out of his pocket. “Would it help to send a message to Tony?”

Bucky buried his face in the blond’s shoulder. “He’s. He’s in. China? Japan? Asia. I think. He’ll be asleep.”

“Well, we can send him something,” Steve reasoned. “He can get back to us when he wakes up.”

Bucky reached up to grab his wrist. “Don’t–don’t tell him I’m like this. I don’t want him to worry.”

Steve sighed, unable to help a little smile. “What do you want me to say? That you want to run off and be a hermit in the mountains?”

“…Yeah,” Bucky said. It wasn’t technically a lie. Sometimes he did wanna run off to be a hermit in the mountains.

Steve jumped a little when he received a text almost immediately. “Oh!”

Tony: Can I visit you there?

Bucky peered at the screen. “…No. Only cats allowed.”

“What about me?” Steve asked as he typed in his answer.

“You’re not a cat.”

Tony: I can’t think of anyone better to share a cave with! And I would know. I’ve spent time in a cave. 😜

“Aw,” Steve said, torn between adoring and sad. “Way to break my heart, Tony.”

“He’s broken worse parts,” Bucky said, even though both of them knew it was a lie.


“You both smell nasty,” Nishiki commented bluntly to the younger woman. Their scents had mixed so much that unless you were looking, you couldn’t distinguish the two.

Touka didn’t flinch as she poured in a fresh batch of coffee. They were all going to have meeting for a more definite plan of what to do next and that could take a while so they’ll need all the coffee they could get. “Then stop sniffing me, shitty Nishiki.”

“It’s suffocating.” Even the smell of coffee couldn’t cover it up. Not that it mattered, anyone in a 10 mile radius knew that those two fucked. Honestly, it had only been a matter of time since Kaneki returned.  

“Then go breath somewhere else.”

Like it would matter. Their damn scent is literally everywhere. If it’s strong for him, he wonders how poor little Hinami feels. Nishiki snagged one of the coffee cups and held it up to his nose, trying to block out the smell as much as he could. “You must be happy.”  

“Of course,” she started, pouring out another tray of coffee. “He’s finally back.”

“That so?” She seemed nonchalant, but Nishiki could tell that she was happy, happier than she had been in a long time. “Congrats, I guess.”  

She looked up at him. “Thanks.”

“Do you need help with that Touka?” Kaneki offered.

“Get that tray.”   

Ugh, with both of them in the room, their scent is absolutely revolting.

“Hey,” Nishiki called out right before he left them be. He smirked knowingly at them. “Try not to make a mess of the place. We just got here.”

Kaneki surprisingly flushed red and nearly dropped the tray of coffee. “W-What-”

Touka was far less embarrassed, shouting, “Mind your own damn business, Shitty Nishiki!”

God, did it remind him of the days that he could smell himself on Kimi all the time. Why did she get so involved with ghouls when she could have had a peaceful ordinary life?

Honestly, she’s far too good of a woman for him.  

but like half of y'all racists making posts saying Shea should’ve gone home aren’t even attempting to explain why with actual reasoning anymore. like y'all aren’t even attempting to pretend like it’s not bc she’s black and you’re racist. I keep waiting to see some posts with some shitty reasoning about how she did in the competition but like no y'all just out here spewing pure racism. that’s what y'all decided to do with your night huh. I am frustrated with whatever has made y'all think these posts would gain positive traction. whatever gave y'all enough confidence to literally be so blatantly ignorant and disgusting is beyond me. I hate all of you.

cassandra clare is a truly shitty person and a bad writer. i love the mortal instruments’ world and i love the characters but she just did such a bad job with the characters and i’m so happy the show is trying to fix all of that.

 i don’t watch the show but i know how they fixed the relationship between clary and izzy. why would anyway want them to be jealous over each other them being catty in the books made me cringe the show makes me sHIP IT SO HARD. and clace was toxic in the books, jace was lowkey a dick

another thing: MALEC GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME. i’m so happy bc in the books there was barely anything about them?? one of the most popular ships on television is an interracial gay couple and that makes me so happy. all of the cast is BEAUTIFUL. 

i did wish the show followed the books plots but Shadowhunters is 20x better than the books so keep it up SH you’re doing great

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I saw that you personally don't use Amazon and I was wondering if you don't mind sharing the reasons why. I find it really convenient to do online shopping for things and was also wondering if there are other alternate sites. Thank you!

I don’t mind talking about it! Basically I think Amazon has shitty labor practices and a ruthless megalomaniac leading it. 

At this point it’s mostly just habit, though, not shopping there; I don’t follow news about Amazon’s bullshittery generally, so I don’t know if they’ve amended their ways (deeply unlikely). I did a post about three years ago regarding why I stopped, and that’s got a lot of links, but of course they’re out of date. Still, as that post says, it’s easy to find information by googling things like “amazon labor” and “amazon fail”.

Oh look. Amazon’s planning to take Whole Foods and make it competitive with Wal-Mart. Because what we need are more Wal-Marts. 

Still super shady when it comes to compensation practices, too. 

There are no alternatives that compare to Amazon in terms of comprehensive product listing, low pricing, and free shipping. That’s why it’s such a monster; it has no competition, and when it sees competition, it either kills or acquires it. You watch – in the next five years, if Alibaba keeps pushing into the Western market, Amazon and Alibaba will go to war with one another. And because Amazon is ruled by a psychopath, it may win. 

Usually if I need to buy A Thing online, I go to that thing’s maker’s website, or I google. I have go-to sites, like Target, which retail various materials and in addition have brick-and-mortar stores where I can pick up what I order. If I’m buying something like camping gear, I look for specialty sites that cater to those needs in specific – and often there are bargain or second-hand sites for stuff, like SteepAndCheap or GearTrade. 

So on the one hand I think probably I pay about the same for my stuff as I would on Amazon, maybe a little more. But what I do takes more effort, and sometimes it does cost more, especially for shipping. So I always say this: I don’t morally judge people who do shop at Amazon, just like I don’t judge people who shop at Wal-Mart, because not everyone has the money or time to shop in the way I do. 

But yeah – I think Amazon is brutal, vicious, and dangerous, especially since Amazon servers host a lot of the internet’s web content, and Jeff Bezos has enough money and power that if he wants to set labor laws back by 200 years he probably could. 

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