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There is a post straight from Ngozi herself in which (although it’s an au or is it oooh) Hilary Knight is Shitty’s sister.

With a simple Google search, you see that Hilary Knight does, in fact, have brothers:

William, James, and Remington. My first thought was Remington because, oh my god, how pretentious does that sound, right? But that wouldn’t work because we know Shitty’s name starts with a B.

This led me to William.

William, which can be shortened to Bill.






A colored pencil/acrylic painting I did for the amazing zimbits fanfic The Past and The Future Sat on a Rooftop (link goes to the fic on ao3!) It really is such an amazing fic, and I just really needed to make a contribution and spread the word!

anonymous asked:

Can you show some of the asks you're saving for later / avoiding? :P

I feel so bad about not answering omg.
I have some drafts started but I need like. Writing music to get me in the mood. If any of you know some undertale remixes send them my way so I can get into the writing mood!
Again. I feel bad I have so many not done 😢

Currenly In the ask box:

  • “Hello! How would swap, swapfell and underfell papyrus and sans react ifthey finally realized they were in love?”
  • “Undertale, Horrortale and Underfell Headcanons for meeting and being in a relationship with their soulmate”
  • “Please just hold me forever.” For UF and UT Sans? //Separate// 😄"
  • “*DEEP BREATH* I KNOW I’M BEING A WEIRDDDDDDD IDIOT, BUTTT- how would the skeletons of the aus react to being stuck in a certain spot cause you got dAT ASS (yes the ‘butt’ was a pun FITE ME)” I am e x c i t e d for this one
  • “✎ Underswap Pap if you don’t mind <3”
  • “I don’t know if you’re still taking requests, but if you are, can we have a Swapfell Sans, please?” I am going to assume this is for art because you didn’t say anything else?
  • “May I request a scenario where the Underswap, SwapFell, & Horrortale–if you take them–Bros. would react to their crush/friend/whatever revealing themself as a Magical Being (a gender neutral term for mahou shoujo) after mistakenly defending them from another Monster they thought was attacking them? Thank you!” Also, I’m writing about @sour-apple-studios’ horror tale, not the other one because I don’t know that much about it.


  • “So, the whole uf cast reacting to the orange soul (bravery )?”
  • “Hello! If you don’t mind, could we have a slightly chub anon cuddling a US!Pap? Thank you <3”
  • “How would the Swapfells and Underfells (You can do any characters in these two AUs for dis) react to seeing someone they’re becoming friends with, crying and biting themselves(not too hard but still ) ((I imagine Alphys in Underfell doing a goddamn therapy session out of nowhere xD)” Almost done with this one actually, so hopefully someone will stop being so salty about it COUGH @sigley89thebritish COUGH.
  • “UT UF US and SF bros react to their SO being a vampire.”
  • “Hey, um-dyou mind taking a headcanon request? Swapfell, Swap n Fell Papy react to a S/O who loves snow and stays outside in it all day until they absolutely have to come inside?”
  • “How would the main 4 react if someone was flirting with their S/O?”
  • “Hey! How would the UT, Uf, US, and SF skelebros react if their S/O had a pet parrot? One of those big ones that believe their owners are their mates and bite anyone who comes near their owners? lso who would teach the parrot to swear (Sorry if you already got this ask. I got an error message last time I sent it.)”
  • “Hey, if you don’t mind, I was wondering how do you think the skelebros from Underfell and Swapfell would get along/react to an S/O who had chronic pain? I have this myself and it’s worse than usual today, so I kinda wanted some cheering up. Thanks!” I feel bad about taking so long on this one especially.
  • “For UT Toriel and Sans and UF Sans and Papyrus - I want to give you a kiss so bad ^///^ <3” I didn’t know if it meant canon/canon, but I don’t write those, so I made it into canon/s/o
chudoru replied to your post: ngl it feels so shitty being in big fandoms

sorry for being out of line and reading your tags but i 100% agree with you…. both the gintama thing and the self comparing thing… at the end of the day, we’re only human arent we!!!!! at least Gintama is there and im grateful for that too. what would gin say??? :D

afsgdakdl its not out of line omg my tags are supposed to be read :^) and yess we’re only human, sometimes we can’t help comparing ourselves!!!! i feel like gin-chan would be like “so what? just try your best to get to the point where you don’t need to compare yourself” but who knows gintoki is his own enigma ;;

saint--joyrider  asked:

secondhand serenade is really whiny and desperate to be kind of an acoustic mcr, but they fail miserably. their songs are all "im sorry i abused you uwu pls dont leave me even tho i had a breakdown and was really manipulative n shit but pls uwu i need u so i can ding dong ditch you again" and their songs all have the exact same shitty acoustic chords w shitty piano and john vesely's voice cracks and whines like he hasn't hit puberty yet.

Ah okay omg thanks for explaining tbh i know like nothing abt them so yah

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This is my third follow forever and quite possibly the most important one so far. I finally reached an extremely important milestone and I’m super excited! I still can’t believe so many of you are following me and actually put up with my lame blog. 

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Dedicated to ... ( Phan )

Dedicated to …
GENRE : Fluff as always (; Confessing and shit and an oblivious as FUCK Dan Howell.
WARNINGS : None :)
SUMMARY: Phil’s dedicating various of songs to an unknown person on the radio .

(A/N) wrote this out of boredom so?? im sO SORRY if it’s really shitty but the idea of this is so cute omg !!!!

WORD COUNT : 1,823

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