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good taz things
  1. taako’s sincere voice
  2. that time when carey thought magnus was hitting on her and she was like “you’re not my……. cup of tea” and mag was like “i know you’re gay” and made her a ring
  3. it ended on episode 69, which is the sex number
  4. lup was looking after her dumbass brother and the first thing she did when she could talk to him was kinkshame him
  5. angus mcdonald, boy detective
  6. the moon base, home to the bureau of balance and also fantasy costco and the chug n squeeze
  7. the form of transport between the planet and the not-really-the-moon moon is cannons
  8. the lack of description of garfield the deals warlock, leading to most fanart of him being garfield the cat
  9. when lup made the umbra staff, which justin knew would become an icon of his character, taako made fun of her for looking like a clown
  10. lup is arguably the coolest character and she’s trans
  11. all the gays
  12. boyland’s 400 sons and 13 daughters and unknown number of wives and husbands
  13. the big enemy is basically vore
  14. team sweet flips, which is 2 lesbians and a robot who is also probably lesbian
  15. abraca-fuck-you
  16. merle has completely forgotten that kravitz was responsible for the loss of his arm and continues to blame magnus
  17. magnus eating the philosopher’s stone
  18. everyone just assumed that the reason tres horny boiz could resist the relics was bc they were dumb as hell
  19. they almost always refuse to take anything seriously, but when they are serious… oh boy
  20. garyl the binicorn
  21. klarg just wants to drink tea with taako
  22. characters such as tom bodett (who is every citizen of rockport), della reese (a powerful angel), and clint mcelroy (the embezzling janitor)
  23. taako wore a skirt and the other boys kept trying to make it a Man Skirt™ but justin was like “no dudes it’s just a skirt”
  24. merle switched gods and clint immediately forgot who his previous god was
  25. “taako went on a date with death” “[you hear a very familiar voice that makes you so happy but you don’t know why] is it kravitz?” “you’re dating the grim reaper??” “i love you, taako” “i saw my boyfriend” “my boyfriend is death”
  26. the way the boys get so invested in the npcs
  27. all of the antagonists are so good (magic brian, jenkins, sloane, kravitz, the purple worm, lydia & edward, john hunger) (actually fuck lydia & edward. jenkins also is kinda shitty. of course the hunger isn’t great exactly. but yeah magic b, sloane, krav, and that bigass worm are all wonderful and gay)
  28. the ipre, aka nasa but with wizards
  29. griffin’s elevator fetish
  30. it’s me, taako. you know, from tv?
  31. taako’s relationship with paloma. his disappointment when he was tryin to talk about baking and she was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh scone magic”. him calling her the oldest woman he had ever seen.
  32. the cleric never heals anyone but damn he can make people tell the truth
  33. the whole thing actually

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So….harry potter au???

Ok first of all I KNOW. The Smiths dont live in…europe. They are from usa and in a au where they are wizards theres not way they could ever get near hogwarts. Theres the american school for wizards called ilvermorny. BUT GUESS WHAT- i dont care.

In ilvermorny things are super different and i made this au thinking HOW FUNNY it could be to see the Smiths goin to Ollivanders for a new wand for Morty (Cuz…the last one got lost or broke idk) and Rick only goes with them just to make fun of how weak and shitty those wands are. Btw imagine Rick becoming Mortys teacher against the dark arts lmao. You know Rick hates Hogwarts with all his heart but he just wants to be with Morty and make his life miserable so yeah. I have so many ideas with this shitty au.  And yeah in my version of this… Jerry is a muggle, Rick a Slytherin, Morty Hufflepuff, Beth Revenclaw and Summer is Gryffindor (Btw Rick probably doesnt believe in all that bs and hates being labeled as a Slytherin but deep down he knows….)

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im so happy to see folks hate horikoshi rather than mineta tbh because like?? yea mineta is gross and deserve to be disliked but what is more gross is kinda... horikoshi making a teen boy character and project unto him his sexual fantasies of his own underage girl characters. him saying he relates alot to mineta is holy shit really gross

Yeah thats exactly my problem. Like if Mineta was just a shitty pervy kid I wouldn’t be so upset but considering it’s pretty damn clear that Horikoshi just keeps him around as an excuse to sexualize teenage girls (I mean good lord he has the most useless super power ever) just makes me just hate this man.

And you know other gross things like the downright disgusting treatment of Momo, making almost every girl character cutesy and hyper with little no development, impractical designs only made to sexualize the girls (God Momo’s is serious bullshit), not properly acknowledging abusive mothers, etc

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it's kinda funny to see men talk about those "manhating lesbians" or whatever. like, yeah, i am a manhating lesbian. but being a lesbian only makes me love women. what makes me hate men are men themselves, who are so shitty all the time. and i know i'm not the only one, i know many other friends of mine feel the same way. so basically, @men: we dont hate you because we're lesbians, feminists or whatever. we hate you because you keep hating us and making us suffer, so jot that down and fuck off

fjshfjfjfjdkd i know like? have some self-awareness maybe? also why do they even care if a random lesbian on the internet hates them what effect does that have on their lives

I Confess - Part 7

Summary: The reader finally confronts Sam about what has been going on behind closed doors. (I know that’s a shitty summary, don’t need to tell me anything)

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1064

Warnings: Angst

Beta: @unkindnessphalanges

A/N: So yeah, I know it has been forever, forgive me. I also know that this isn’t too long, but there is going to be one more part and it felt right to end this one here. Also I do have a taglist, and I do highly recommend rereading the last part since it picks up immediately from the ending. Hope y’all like this very late, (but hopefully) good part of I Confess. xoxo

I Confess Masterlist

Sam’s chest hitched upwards, accompanied by a sharp sucking noise. “You, and Dean,” he paused between each phrase, the words rolling thickly off his tongue, “you – you kissed?”

Too afraid to speak, you nodded your head.

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can we talk about how danny has been systematically dehumanized for the majority of his life? it goes beyond taking his childhood away (also hi, yes, hello, let’s not cane children for falling behind in training). they literally taught him that he is not a human being ;; he’s a weapon. he’s a mantle. he’s not supposed to be emotional     not supposed to feel scared or angry or confused. he’s supposed to “center himself.” they taught him that focus means repressing his emotions, that duty is paramount, and that his needs are always subordinate to the mission. 

so yeah, it’s kind of shitty that danny abandoned his position guarding k’un lun, and he’ll always feel like a deserter and traitor for doing it. but it was also good for him, because now he gets to remember what it means to be a person again. he gets to have friends, have feelings (and actually learn to process emotions, because that boy has some issues he needs to work out like whoa), have choices. it’s not easy to find that balance, but at least now he has a chance to remember what it means to be a human being, not just a weapon. 

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Murphy talked himself into a rage. All the questions in his head finally found their way out. It didn’t matter that Copper didn’t answer. In fact it felt good he just could spill him with words. Angry, loud words. And slowly it calmed him down.

Murphy: “I will always be the shitty boyfriend who didn’t realize his girl was depressed. I’m so…insensitive. Yeah, mum told me that all the time.”

Dr. Copper: “Faye went to school, had good grades, was popular and always smiling. Nobody could’ve guessed she would commit suicide.”

Murphy: “But aren’t people like you always saying don’t ignore the signs? The cries for help?”

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

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