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melissa benoist is truly such a demonic creature like i cant believe her fake ass bitch ass really had the nerve,,, the AUDACITY to say “that was brave” about jeremy jordan’s bitch ass homophobic antics (that she joined in) right after or before (either case its fucking ugly and the order of events doesnt change that) she “validated” said fans saying that they could interpret and take whatever it was from the writing that they could relate to and feel like it could empower them. like i deadass dont fucking know what kinda crack cocaine this bitch been smoking but its a fucking fact that if it werent for those fans that jeremy was oh so brave for fucking offending and ridiculing (her actual fucking words) her shitty ass show would not have half the relevance and popularity it has now, and the fans of the ugly ass stupid ass nasty ship she loves and support so much deadass could not give a single fuck about her or her character but oh my god guys she’s such a fucking feminist that she doesn’ tknow that the fucking fanbase that she thought jeremy was so brave for destroying were the ones defending her fucking character from those fucking stupid sexist karamel shippers that spent most of their time writing long ass bullshit rants about how kara is a slut or how kara is a demon and how kara doesn’t deserve mon-el but anyways! she’s literally on crack

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I would love to see CDC get popular because you deserve all the recognition but I'm scared of /those/ people finding it and just being awful or being shitty to you or the characters because it isn't what they want or whatever. You know what I mean??!! I just don't want people to be mean to you.

Awh thank you so much anonny!

Honestly, I’m pretty prepared for that. I know there will be people who will give me good critique and feedback, and I will be there to listen. I also know that there will be those on the extreme end. And I’m going to be there to work with them as best I can. 

There will be people who just hate? lol. There will be mean people. People who won’t listen. I can sit here and list all the things creators like the McElroy brothers have faced and so many other indie creators. 

And it does make me nervous. 

But you know, if I’m doing something wrong, I want people to tell me. I want to open up discussions and have conversations. It’s the only way to improve as an artist/creator. 

Sadly, sometimes you just gotta deal with the assholes too. But I’m not gonna let that stop me from telling this story. It means so much to me and these characters do too. 

Thank you for supporting me!

god every angry ddadds post i see is either about people hating the game grumps or josephs ending and i just can not believe i had to sit here for months watching yall jack off to aoba getting decapitated or chained to those twins’ sex lion or whatever but now we;ve gone so far off the rails that a single bad end and some shitty business partners is enough to decry the incredible amount of gay time and energy put into this heartfelt visual novel like holy fuck

honestly i used to care way more about actually making posts and shit or whatever and now that i dont really its made this blog much better in my opinion and honestly no one should care that much about running a blog aside from not being a shitty person. its not like you’re getting paid for it so wild out

i think my biggest fear is reliving how i felt when i was with ryan, like i hate the person i was then, i was so like anxious and sad and it translated as bitter and angry and just blatantly unhappy a lot in day to day life and it was just… unpleasant. i dont ever wanna be like that again & i genuinely don’t know if i see myself being happy in a relationship again, the ability to trust anyone is completely gone after years of lies on lies, even if i was happy and comfortable by some miracle then ??? what is trust ??? every guy has let me down, relationship to fwb to whatever. all of them have lied and been shitty behind my back, what’s the actual point loool. the only difference is now i have no tolerance for shit. for instance i found out something that’d been said/done by FWB guy, and i just immediately lost interest and didnt want to see him anymore. like i had some sliver of hope he was a nice person. when i heard what he’d said about me, i just felt nothing. not even let down or sad. it’s almost funny actually. just whatevvvvvvvs. obvs he tried to apologise and justify it but it’s just BS and i’m glad i can see through peoples shit behaviour now instead of believing it ha. i’m sorry for banging on about this haha but me and tinder guy were talking about ‘dating’ and how he doesnt really date b/c he works away a lot and hasn’t had the time to meet someone properly and i agreed and said i wasnt keen on anything serious so wasnt looking for something with expectations either etc and he asked why obviously so i briefly said i’d had a bad experience and didnt really see myself as a relationship person anymore. he says he will change my mind but i highly doubt that

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you know the fandom was pretty damn peaceful for a good time there, but then you came back and started stirring shit. Why cant you just let sleeping dogs lie?? Yeah, its shitty or whatever, but dear god cant this be over with already. This "picking sides" thing is ridiculous and childish. We're all here because we enjoy the same thing, not to have a civil war for christs sake

buddy, I’m not tagging any of these asks or personal posts with anything fandom related so I believe the solution to your dilemma is to either A, unfollow + block me or B, stop lurking on my blog for something to harass me about. up to you.

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Zunkari Anon)) Hey hey I got 220 more good vibes to spread because I almost finished a song I've been working for this month and I'm!!! It's kinda shitty but my friendos are supporting me so much and!!! Whatever, good vibes for @ everyone who needs them!!!

that’s gr8!!!

Something I love is Diana dramatically posing in front of Steve, announcing she’s ready for the Man’s World:

And he just looks up and goes, “NOICE”. Like, he doesn’t even question why would she wear something like that, he quickly picked these women are not’ playing around and whatever they wear works for them, so Diana’s new outfit must be lit, too.

Later, he asks her to get some new clothes when they get to the Man’s World but it’s not because he believes what she’s wearing is inapropiate, but because he knows the rest of the world will think and they need a low profile.

He never questions her choices of clothing or weaponery. The only time he did was before he saw how fierce the Amazons are, once he saw these women fight, he stood to fight with them, no questions asked, not a shitty comment after.

This is what makes him so unique in front of other male characters in superhero movies. Had someone else wrote and directed the movie, had he been the hero even, we would probably had to sit down and listen to him joke about her armor, question Diana or (yikes, yikes, yikes) see him checking her out in her “next to no clothes” armor.

But instead, he just nods and says “… cool”.

Everyone going on about how Trump has had his “Watergate moment” forgets that Watergate wasn’t a moment. The criminal activity began in early 1972. Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974. In between was a daily grind of reporting and protests and people going on with their lives – none of which benefited from panicky overreactions about how the nation was doomed. So buckle in for the long haul. Whatever comes from recent exhausting events, and all the exhausting events of the future, it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

But social media doesn’t thrive on people quietly grinding through their days. It thrives on alarmism, on making every day sound like the most elaborate and shocking episode yet in the soap opera that is reality. And that depresses people because if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss asks Mike Huckabee to tell you a shitty “joke.”

Constant outrage and fear are not healthy. It makes people stressed, tired, and sad. And it makes people wonder when something will be done. Well, things have been done. But you aren’t being given a chance to savor them because other people are constantly yelling at you about how today’s new development is definitely the one that changes history forever and anyone who believes otherwise is a traitor. So let’s pause for a moment and take stock.

Your Anti-Trump Efforts Are Working


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended


meaning of flags, from left to right:

  • March: Whatever you want, but that’s April’s hand on her hip
  • Farmer: Transgender beautiful flower
  • Chowder: Pansexual shark
  • Dex: Transgender lobster
  • Bitty: Gay and just got a text from his parents- they love him!
  • Jack: Heart-Eyes Bisexual
  • Nursey: Muslim Gay Pride - so hot, so chill
  • Lardo: Genderqueer pong god
  • Shitty: Cis het ACE and he BELONGS AT PRIDE
  • Parse: Better-than-you-gay-hockey-star
  • Tater: PRIDE! )))) on Instagram 
  • Ransom: Black and Brown LGBT+ pride, too handsome for this world
  • Holster: Nice Jewish Gay boy
  • Whiskey: Straight Ally (he grew up a lot since year 1)
  • Ford: Adorable lesbian queen!!!
  • Tango: Questionning????….. ????????????
  • Georgia: Bisexual business woman
  • Her husband: Loves her very much.

↳ 1/∞ - 141029 

Scaredy cat or in which I run straight into certain death because oops only lvl 4 w/ Celica eeyyy

Edit: I survived