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Sonja, thank you for being one of the only ones here to point out how this situation is so unfair and not good at all. Yes, great for Harry and his deal and he's going to be successful but why Sony? Louis has the worst image, the worst team and the majority of the things that happened to with are Sony fault so literally WHY THEM? I can't be happy I can't I need Louis free to do whatever he wants and people working WITH him and not against him. When this is going to change??? ☹️

i think harry’s hands were/are probably still tied to a degree and i don’t think it was as simple as harry freely choosing to sign with sony. i think there are a number of other factors that influenced his decision but yeah it sucks and i think to pretend otherwise is naive and rewrites history.

we know how shitty sony is and how they’ve abused the boys over the years (or in louis’ case how they’re still abusing him). yes all major record labels are evil soulless corporations but sony’s already done so much damage to the boys directly that to me it’s nonsensical to think harry willingly chose to sign with them ~just cause~. i’m positive there’s more to it that we’ll likely never know but i won’t pretend i’m not wary.

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I do agree with you. At some point. You can post whatever you want, and I'm always in for defending minorities without the majority needing to be in. But I do because I believe we are all humans with the same rights. But the moment you use "cishet" to attack someone, using the word as a group of people who are ALL shitty just because they aren't a minority, is cisphobia. Not "cisphobia nonsense". Because you are attacking someone for who he/she is. So that's wrong no matter why or against who.

Cishet literally…… isnt a slur….. it literally means…… cisgender heterosexual………. yall are really reaching with this cisphobia nonsense lmaoooo

Let me tell you a tragic story. I cleared 119 shrines in BOTW, and the only one that was missing was the one from the Eventide island quest, so I went there to do it. It was annoying as fuck having to deal with all the enemies naked with shitty weapons and thunderstorms but i did it. I even managed to kill the hinox. I got two of the three orbs in the pedestals just fine. Then the last one was on the top of a hill, I had it right next to the pedestal but I had to knock a big rock or whatever out of the way with stasis. While doing so I accidentally hit the orb and it rolled all the way down the hill and into the water. It was hell getting it back on the ground, and then I had to get it up the hill somehow. There was no simple way to get to the top without climbing, so I tried many different paths and failed countless times until I was finally figuring out a way that might work. Then there was a blood moon. I am crying.


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I want there to be a moment when Lance and Keith are in battle and everything’s going to shit. There are too many enemies, the other paladins are no where in sight, they cant contact anyone, and then Keith gets knocked out and Lance loses his Bayard. But then a light in the dark, Keith’s blade slides over to Lance because of momentum when Keith fell down. Lance picks it up and he has to fight to protect Keith and him.

Without knowing how or the requirements to make the tiny blade grow bigger Lance tries, oh he tries, but he cant. He’s losing. Everything is falling to hell and the stupid blade wont work. When the enemy tries to take the blade Lace kinda gives it up so that he can find another way to win. There’s a flash and the blade grows.

For a split second, Lance’s eyes glow yellow and the enemies back away.


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like he performed yesterday and it was a very good performance but somehow they couldn’t just talk about it and how he felt and what he thought or what they’re doing professionally like any other artist interviewed in radio, no sir!  the first question they just HAD to ask was how the birthday was, as if 1. someone cared outside the fandom 2. someone wanted to know outside the fandom 3. the thing was relevant to the reason why he’s guest on a radio with steve, the interview lasted 6 minutes and they spent like what? 3 talking about his son??? wow!!!! from someone who asked privacy and keeps saying his time with his son is low-key and precious and ‘paps just see us cause they come with my job’, I would expect to blacklist the topic or for the hosts not to ask anything (because i doubt any radio host is actually interested in louis tomlinson’s baby birthday unless they are told to ask) and YET this baby has been the most important and main topic of every single interview since promo day 1, the one that is always always guaranteed and the one that every publication writes about and then mentions in just one line that louis also has a song called just hold like FIY, not that this important, you know? and some people think it’s all normal and never ask themselves why this is happening. 

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Carry on au where each room has only one bed

okay but this would be such an interesting au considering their room was one of the old staff ones so it was like only their room has one bed instead of two bc they just forgot to get two twins for the room instead of one queen and they were just like well guess you’re stuck with it now and so it isn’t That Bad when they first move in bc they’re so small they can keep to their own sides of the bed easily but when they get older and go through puberty they take up more of the bed and it leads to arguments and shit

i can’t tell if they would sleep facing towards each other bc they don’t trust the other or if they’d sleep facing away from each other bc they can’t stand to see the other but the sleeping facing towards each other one has the potential for a really good baz “im hopelessly in love with simon snow” pitch pov

im extremely tired of people being like…’dont end a friendship just because of a political disagreement’ and applauding people who chose to ignore their friends’ bigotry

like its not like we’re disagreeing over ice cream flavors here. there are people who literally want the death of others, or at least the denial of their basic human rights, so fuck no im not going to just overlook that?? i dont need shitty people like that as friends, and it’s not the ‘mature’ option to ignore blatant racism/sexism/homophobia/insert whatever you like here

ignoring that shit has only ever helped the side of oppressors and made life harder for minorities and fuck you if youre a part of that

if it’s fate

Sooo I started writing this Sterek fic ~5 months ago as a drabble on my phone, and then it unexpectedly became like 4000 words long?! Anyway, then college happened (again) and things stalled… until now. My first act upon graduating has been to finish this, so here it is at last!

Sterek, 4k, Rated T

(DISCLAIMER: I may have taken a few liberties with the mythology in this fic because I didn’t feel like doing much research beyond Wikipedia. Just go with it. Creative license, whoo!)

Of course the one time Stiles needs a werewolf, Scott is stuck Christmas shopping with his grandma, Boyd and Erica are touring colleges in New York, and Isaac is housebound with some kind of werewolf flu. 

And that just leaves Derek. Of course. Because Stiles’ luck is shitty like that.

He’s pretty sure asking his ex-whatever to help him find Lydia’s cat would be breaking some kind of unstated rule, and he’s definitely sure Derek doesn’t want to see him or talk to him or in any other way be reminded of his existence. But on the other hand, Buttercup’s safety—and more importantly, Stiles’ safety, because if Stiles loses Lydia’s cat then he’s probably going to die a very painful death—definitely trumps Derek’s delicate feelings, so.

It’s not even like Stiles did anything that terrible. He thought Derek was dying, okay. Derek had just fought off six hunters by himself, because he still refused to acknowledge that he didn’t have to do everything by himself all the time like some kind of Batman. By the time Stiles got there, Derek was bleeding out on the concrete, doing a stellar impression of a wolfsbane-arrow pincushion, and what the hell else was Stiles supposed to think? So yeah, Stiles kissed him. Once. 

And for the record, Derek totally kissed him back—for several long, heart-stopping seconds, his hand coming up to brush Stiles’ jaw—before he fainted and the pack showed up and Stiles got shoved unceremoniously out of the way and Derek didn’t end up dead after all.

Also, for the record, Stiles had apologized. It was one kiss, and he’s said sorry, and it was three fucking weeks ago, and he doesn’t know what the fuck else he’s supposed to do to get Derek to stop avoiding him.

So basically, Derek is overreacting, and he should answer his damn door.

When he finally does, he looks wary, standing back like he has to keep the door between them or else Stiles is going to jump him. 

Stiles sighs. “Look, I’m not even here about that, so you don’t have to worry, okay? Also, you look like shit,” he adds, because Derek does. Well, it’s Derek, so he still looks gorgeous enough to be on a magazine cover, but he also doesn’t look like he’s shaved in a while, and he’s got deep shadows under his eyes like he hasn’t been sleeping that well, either. 

Derek crosses his arms. “Why are you here, Stiles?”

“So I kind of told Lydia I’d cat-sit Buttercup? Except her cat is literally evil and some kind of mastermind—”

“You lost her,” Derek summarizes flatly.

No,” Stiles corrects, “she escaped. There were claws involved, Derek. And fangs. It was very traumatic.”

“I’m sure,” Derek says.

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