this is so shit sigh

i was so close to accepting the fact that my book isnt gonna get published and then i had a dream about it and it reminded me how much i love it and w o w that was unnecessary

Day 16: During their Morning Ritual (Dazushi)

Notes: I’ll probably never post on time. Sorry. Anyways, I know we already had a lot of Dazushi, but once I saw this prompt, none other pairing would leave my mind.

~ Dreamer

Waking up by soft kisses on his lips, was nothing new for Atsushi.

It happened every morning around the same time, and once he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of brown, warm and yet somehow distant ones – by now, he was sure they would always be distant, no matter what. After blushing a bit like always, he would snuggle closer to the warm comfort of his lover’s arms. They would lay so for a while, Dazai’s face hidden in his white, messy chopped hair, accompanied by the quiet breathing of his lover and the sound of their beating hearts.

Half an hour later, Atsushi would finally gather the energy to stand up and leave the warmth behind, so he could drag himself into the bathroom to take a warm, soothing shower. Only minutes later, he would feel arms warp around his waist, knowing Dazai followed him in. While it was mostly because Dazai liked to be near him all the time, Atsushi knew for a fact, that used the warm water to wake himself up. Yes, Dazai was the first to wake up. Around 2-3 in the morning. No matter how much his lover wanted to hid it, Atsushi saw the bags, concealed by make-up, beneath his eyes and the occasional closing of his eyes for some seconds. It was easy to see behind Dazai’s mask, once you knew when and where to look.

After dressing themselves for work, Atsushi would drag Dazai into the kitchen and seat him on chair, ignoring the usual winning of his lover.

“You’re my pillow, Atsushi-kun~” or “Don’t leave my side, or I might die of loneliness!”

Then he would procced to make them a simple breakfast, consisting of eggs, bacon and fresh bread with some coffee, mostly for his lover, and tea. Atsushi didn’t like the bitter taste of coffee very much, so whenever he drank it, Dazai knew immediately, that something was wrong.

They would eat and Dazai would finish as first, then he would lay his head onto Atsushi’s shoulder and hum some melody, until Atsushi finished. After that Atsushi left everything in the sink, knowing he would have the afternoon to wash the dishes. After that both would, even though Dazai unwilling, walk their way to the agency, so that they could begin their work.

Why is the dragon age fandom suddenly so upset by grey hair on characters? WHY?

People can be born with grey hair, people can have naturally grey hair, people can go grey or white young and sometimes it is because of stress and sometimes it’s not.

Some characters really are old enough to have it going grey and white, some have lyrium shock that makes it go white.

It is just a genetic, natural, very logical, non-lorebreaking occurance. No character is TOO young, calm, settled, or healthy to go grey; I promise you.

There is no need for discourse, I swear.

Nothing is going to dissuade me from the visual of Allura, sitting alone at her kitchen table. A cup of tea in her hand as she reflects on the news she had received from Vox Machina. The room is silent, calm as she watches the steam slowly rising from the cup. 

All is peaceful until the door slams open, rattling on its hinges, to reveal Kima standing in the doorway. She’s breathing heavily, her cheeks pink from her mad dash from the castle, her eyes glowing as she practically vibrates with barely suppressed excitement. 



I miss this summer with you.

Something personal

(sorry for my bad english but this is something i need to say)

I had an bad experience with my last exboyfriend, i didnt remember it that bad, he was a good men, he was there when i needed, we called echother all the time, we played, he hang out, he helped me with my projects, he was admi from my facebook page,  he was kind and cute

we were fine for 2 years until i started to work and study at the same time, my school become a nightmare, also the job needed me 100% and… i started to spend less time with him, i explained him the situation but he didnt cared….

that was the time when he showed me his true colors

“where were you? why arent you caling me”
“why are you so busy?”
“you dont love me?”
“you are so cold all the time”
“why dont you think about my feelings, you are the worst”
“i love you! you must give me attention!”

i had problems in my life, trying to make everything work is difficult, i tried to explain, i really, REALLY TRIED with all my fucking heart i tried to be nice, i spend time with him, time that i needed to slept, i even stop going to parties or my fathers´s birthday, all because i needed to spend time with him….

it has turned intro something horrible i couldnt control it, i did what he wanted because i loved him, because he was my friend, and if he said that i was bad, it had to be true…..

until all the love disappear and all the pain stayed, he turn intro something i needed to do just because i had to…not because loved him….

and he got angry……he started to cry and i say how horrible i had become…….and the last thing he told me was that i was a “heartless monster”

maybe i am….maybe i am not

…i just wanted him out my life……..

i block him, and i hope he stay like this forever, i am so tired to think i am the worst person ever…that i didnt deserve anything, i was tired

i dont know if i was wrong but for my healty….this was the right choice

thank you for reading


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)

Stop telling me that you love me when you only know the color of my hair and not what I’ve been through. I promise you that once you realize how damaged I am, your “love” will turn into contempt.

Oh, how I wish I could believe you but you are lying to both yourself and I. You will never find love in someone like me.

—  I hope you forget about me
US author tweets that London is 'all Islamic', gets immediately shut down
Janie Johnson's tweet didn't go down too well in Britain.
By Sam Haysom

This again.

Probable actual scenario: US tourists visiting to exploit the cheap pound they’ve heard about, but otherwise in possession of no data about the UK newer than Errol Flynn’s THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, while walking the ancient cobbled streets of Olde London Towne spot a Sikh bobby and some hijabi ladies coming out of Boots with Clarins bags, and lose their shit.


(Best response seen so far for its sheer irony: the one about how every male in Shoreditch has been forced to grow a beard.)


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?