this is so self indulgent i'm actually embarrassed


self indulgent au where the cherubs actually enter the game together and then their main body gets knocked out so that both dreamselves wake up and the main body is killed so they dont share bodies and also calliope gets to not wear caliborn’s shirt under her clothes anymore and they spend all their time trying to kill eachother

both the cherub and alpha sessions fail so the cherubs go to the alpha session and they all hang out on a meteor and the kids spend all their time trying to auspistice the two and crying

vai-should-be-quiet  asked:

Heard you wanted hcs?? Like... Laurent won't allow himself too much, ok? And he keeps in control at All Times, but like when Damen's asleep and Laurent isn't he just... touches Damen very gently. Caresses his cheek or brushes his hair and such and Laurent thinks it's so self indulgent but he EVEN lets himself think "damn he's mine and I'm his" and BONUS POINTS if Damen was actually awake EVERY. TIME.

oooooooh this is actually canon??? and damen totally pretends to be asleep while laurent touches his face softly with his fingertips and plays with his curls. On one occasion damen can’t help but smile (the Dimple popping, cover blown) and make some comment like ’that tickles’ and laurent is BLUSHING, he laughs and hides his face in the pillow feeling lowkey embarrassed at being caught. Damen: i don’t mind you touching me…… ANYWAY THANK U FOR THE BEAUTIFUL HC 💕💕