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Dark is scary in a different way than Anti, which I can appreciate.

Anti is scary because he gives off a vibe of unpredictability. Anxiety associated with being unable to control a situation. Nervousness at the thought that harm could be upon you at any given moment. No way of knowing what to brace yourself for. Anything could change at the drop of a hat, and his capricious nature coupled with a sadistic streak is scary in an obvious way.

But Dark is scary because he’s manipulative. He takes his time building up trust only to rush in for the kill, so to speak, once he’s got his prey right where he wants them. It’s subtle, and if you’re not careful, you won’t even know it until he’s ensnared you in his web of false securities and manipulation masquerading as trustworthiness. He can break you, and that’s scary.

Both of them have the potential to be downright terrifying, but in totally separate ways.


Audio Compilation - Maria “ (ง'̀-‘́)ง“ Coyne

(Clips from ‘Notes II’, ‘Twisted Every Way’, ‘Point of No Return’, and ‘Final Lair’)

I think the reason Bughead feels kinda rushed for some people is because Betty and Jughead had known each other through Archie and been friends for years prior to where they are in the show. Therefore, they already had a chance to become close and get to know each other off screen. Instead of seeing them become friends and then slowly become romantic, we’re only getting to see the second part of that development.

I was just hazed into my school's theatre program

We all went to this ice cream shop by the school where there’s this big cow statue, and a playground with this little thing that spins. So, it’s tradition for the freshmen to be spun vigorously and then they have to try and jump over the cow. It was wild, to say the least. The fact that I’m short made it even harder! But, it was so so fun!!

HannibalCon RDC3 - day 1. Personal recap

So yesterday was the day that so many of us feverishly anticipated and dreaded :), the actual possibility of meeting Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Demore Barnes and Ellen Muth! I mean. What -are- the chances?

I flew over Friday morning (having dreaded flying in that storm but it did die down that night, fortunately) with Alex and we made our way over to arrive at 10 am, to photos of other Fannibals on Twitter already, though the hotel was still very much empty. Good to take photographs :)

I got upgraded to the next room level (which is why I can now drink coffee while writing this at 5:30 am (thank goodness)). By afternoon the lobby was filling slowly, flowercrowns everywhere. A truly elevating atmosphere, because even though I’m not really a flowers and frilly stuff kind of gal, it just is incredible to watch. Btw the bloody flowercrown @idontfindyouthatinteresting made for me drew many compliments (thank you, again!)

Registration openend a bit early and people went queuing until the main ceremony started. Incredible, there were soooo many people there, so many beautiful cosplays already. @lovecrimecat came by and we distributed the flyers for @radiance-anthology flyers to those standing in line, managed to meet so many of those who signed up (yay), got little gifts in exchange from so many people (and everybody just gave me a second one when I asked so I could give them to Katrina who couldn’t come - so awesome of you guys, thank you again!). I met so many people ‘from’ Twitter and it’ so nice to recognize some from last time, to put name and face to the @s. *hugs at all*

Opening ceremony.
I have a gold ticket this year so I went up front and sat next to SpiceyScorpion, only to realize that -that- was way to much in front for my nerves …. *rolls eyes at self*. I went a few rows back and to the side, which was a good decision for later^^.
“They” came in a few minutes to late, we saw Aaron and Scott do shadow theatre behind the scenes and Sean called them out one after the other.

Demore seemed honestly happy to be there, addressing us with such kind words, upping the applause and calling backstage that that could not possibly be topped*fg*. Aaron came out and asked us to clap for Hugh because he was supposedly afraid he wouldn’t get any ^^^^^, Scott said something along these lines as well, I think. Both very funny. Ellen was there^^ and addressed us with a few kind ords and then Sean announced Bryan next and the room (not in any way quiet before) went -wild-. And Bryan…. Bryan went “crowdsurfing”. Meaning he ran through the aisles and high-fived us. You know that sitting to the side decision? Yeah….
What a moment, there’s lots of pictures in the Tag #HannibalCon, go and look, it was…. incredible. God bless. Anyway Hugh came out last, announced by Sean as one of the best british actors, and boy, that was applause^^. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with the energy there^^ and honestly, I can’t quite remember what he actually said but it was something along the lines that he was looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

They came out together after that and we held up the signs that @the-winnowing-wind distributed - “Fannibals Forever”…. They took videos and photos of us. Bryan posted some of it later. Incredible moment to have been part of. I’m even in Bryans video (yay^^ (and if you know where to look^^)).

The gold ticket holders went across the hall next, to a slightly smaller room with tables set up and we were seated by group/friends. And then we waited, because they got something to eat first…. (darn^^^). Colleen got out some booze and we talked a lot and proverbially bit our nails a lot *g*. When they finally got in they were sent to the various tables for 4-minute-meet-ups. Only the meet-ups didn’t stay at 4 minutes :P.

Demore was first and I was soooooo nervous. (The seat next to me was free btw, and so the -all- ended up sitting right next to me (*still screaming about that*. …. ) I shook my hands in the air in an effort to get rid of some of the energy and he put his hand on my shoulder asking me why I was nervous and I brabbled something unintelligible and shook my head. Very sweet. We talked a bit about his fight scene with Mads and that we would have liked to see more of him^^ and I told him I can’t wait to see him in American Gods and he rubbed my back when he left. *float*

Next was Scott, who brought his pizza and drank some mooneshine with us^^, played Tarot with us and was generally just this very kind and interesting person. I wasn’t -quite- that nervous anymore by then (thanks Demore (and Colleen for the prosecco)), meaning I actually talked a bit, though I can’t quite remember what^^.

Ellen was next and she was also very nice, we talked about the fact that her scenes are imho some of the most scary in Hannibal. She also wore some of the coolest jeans I’d ever seen^^.

Ok. Next? BRYAN. He saw the Will!Faun scarf of @flying-rotten we had put on the table cloth and chuckled that he knew who -we- are waiting for and that he couldn’t blame us^^. He asked us, if push came to shove, if we would prefer Will & Hannibal S4 or SotL. Our table was Hannigram, though there was apparently one that was 'done’ with it…. He told us about it a bit, much the same that Hugh has said before as well, that it would be an inversion of S1 etc. I…. hope that push does not come to shove, because he told us a bit about how much he loves the lyric of Thomas Harris books and I would really love for him to be able to fully lay out his vision. I hope he gets to do this (we have to continue to fight, guys!!!). He also told us, that Thomas Harris apparently writes a new book and he…. poked Martha to get the rights to it already, without quite knowing what it was about yet *g*.

I…. took all my courage then and showed him one of the Radiance-Flyers and explained a bit and we asked if he wanted to do a little something like a foreword for it. And guys - HE DOES! He asked when it would need to be done and I said May 1st and he looked at the flyer and indicated the twitter @ there and asked if he should send it there and I was like (you know this situation, where, once you start, your mouth kind of runs away with you?! At least mine did^^^) “Oh well, yes, or you know you follow me on twitter, you can just send it there if you want” and he looked at me (directly) and said “yes, I know.” Well, RIP me. I answered with a very intelligent “ah” if I recall correctly and ducked my head and then Romina and I emphasized that it would be awesome if he actually wants to do that and finds the time.

He asked us after what drew us to Hannibal, as he got feedback from a lot of the other young women (I thanked him for 'young’, you know, once you’re in it doesn’t matter anyhow *another eye roll at self*) and we said that its not only beauty and connection, but also intelligence. You have to think with Hannibal. He recommended 'Legion’ to us and asked if we’d seen it before and I said that some stuff hasn’t made it across the big pond yet. And then Bryan went and …. not ranted directly…. but expressed his lack of understanding of the fact that things take so long to be legal and why series were not streamed worldwide because people would just go and pirate it anyway -because- it was not available legally. He went and made a (imho) very fitting anology with the conservative stance on abortions in contrast to piracy, meaning just because it’s forbidden it doesn’t stop people from doing so, it just gets unsafer and illegal.
Oh and he took photos of our table and @dr3piecesuit s and another girls tattoo, because he loves them. :) And he told us that he brought something for Hugh to wear for the Cosplay contest. Can’t wait *g*
He was called away then, way past the 4 minutes^^ and …. he is such a precious human being?! Exuding so much warmth and honesty and exuberance. I feel honored that I got to sit there.

A propos honored… Hugh was next and there I was again - nervous. Awesome. *third eyeroll* He complimented Camilles Will!Faun, saying it was very beautiful and then laughing that that was maybe a bit weird^^, and then telling us about all the gifts he gets and that he keeps the little plush Wills, giving them to his son to play with, even the bloody ones….. *fg*.
The girl next to me (@OnTheVerger) talked to him about how much Adam means to her because she has Aspergers and then broke into tears and Hugh comforted and hugged her and it was sooo sweet. We showed him the Radiance flyers as well and he said “blood fueled embraces, indeed” *g*.
Bryan ran by then and left a bitten off Babybel for Hugh. IDK if Hugh bit off that piece or if Bryan did but it was hilarious^^.

Hugh had to leave then and Aaron came to our table last, I told him I backed him and he told us about the film he and Scott are in (Scott came by and set down next to him^^) and we talked about how much we would all want to see more of Hannibal. Oh and Scott said (before) that he was supposed to teach Clarice Starling - how awesome would team Sassy Science be doing that in SotL? Seriously?
Anyway, I remember I touched Aarons shoulder in the spur of the moment talking about -something- but I can’t remember what exactly and the panicking about that. ;))

I went to my room at 1:15am, got into bed by 2am and was wide awake again at 5:15 am.

What. a. rush.

PS: This is no photos because my cameras not that good - check the Hashtag on Twitter, there’s TONS of them ;). Already ;)

Hope for Jiminie

Lolol, sorry guys for the lack of fanfic tbh. Anw, please bear with me about the weird title and summary. It’s a quick rush thinking so ye. 

Also, I would thank @ask-chimchim (kat) for making this amazing comic that actually makes me to write. Tbh, I’m in a writer’s block so ye. THANK YOU KAT FOR LETTING ME MAKE THIS FANFIC OMG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ARTS SO MUCH!! BIG THANK YOU FOR YOU!!!

Anw, this fanfic uses Present tense which is a tense that I’m not used to. I usually use past tense but I’m practicing to write in present tense so yeah. Please forgive my bad writing right now TvT

For those who’s actually surprised I’m actually entering the BTS fandom, lol sorry, I didn’t mean to drown into this hell TvT. Anw enjoy. (Also, Jimin and Suga in this fanfic is genderbent so yea)


Hoseok is Jimin’s hope. He literally gives her hope everytime she’s down. At that moment, she only hopes one thing, Hoseok’s smile

Words: 656

Rating: G

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Family — Wonho AU | Part Three

A/N: ahhh I’m so sorry for how late this is. I was sick and then all these weird work schedules were taking up my time. But I wanted to get this out to you all before the weekend so here it is! Thank you all so much for the patience and your interest in this story~ I’m planning for maybe two more parts so please continue to look forward to it. Also I’m so sorry for mistakes and if this seemed rushed, especially the more emotional part, like I suck at mushy talk haha

Characters: Single Father Wonho, Reader, Female OC

Length: 4270 words

Parts: Prologue | Part One | Part Two 

It was a rare day off and you had promised to watch Mari after school while Wonho worked. The two of you were at the zoo enjoying a rare dare of sun. You let Mari do the leading, but as the afternoon wore on you were starting to regret it. You were still young but had nowhere near the same energy levels as the young girl.

As you were eating a snack you noticed her energy slowly dwindling and you knew it was time to head home. Gathering your things, you took her hand and started to lead her towards the exit.

“Y/N…” Mari trailed off. “I really like being with you.”

“I really like being with you too.”

“Please don’t leave.”

You stop and look down at her. “Mari, why would I leave?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t want you to.”

With a soft sigh you continue to walk. “Listen to me, I won’t ever leave you. Besides who else am I going to buy sugar cereal for?”

Mari giggles and you know you’ve done the right thing in lightening the mood.

The drive towards Wonho’s place was quiet. You played Mari’s favorite radio station at a low level but when you didn’t hear much noise coming from her, you looked back at her and found her asleep. Turning off the radio, you continued the drive in silence. As you drove around the corner, you felt your car slow on its own. Frowning you look at the meters on the dashboard start to drop. You press your hazard lights and carefully pull over before shutting off the vehicle. Quickly, you peek behind you and find Mari still peacefully napping in the back. You quietly climb out of the car and walk to the hood. Propping it up you study the multiple parts and pipes and end up staring blankly at the engine.

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So I’ve been thinking about some kind of street fighter shiro for some time now

Blog Update/ PSA

I have come to realize I have been pushing myself to hard lately. With writing, with putting to much stoke into what my blog is preceived as and with promoting other blogs. 

I love this blog, I love my followers, I love reading all your things and most of all I love writing, but for my own sanity there is gonna be a few changes. 

Anon asks was disabled a while ago and will stay that way for now, but it will be back. I just wanna make sure a few people has gotten bored with harrasing me. 

Kari’s Spotlight, will no longer be every friday. It will be semi weekly thing but chosing a blog and going through masterlists and commenting seriously on a writers abilities, trademarks and 3 specific fics takes time and energy and it is not something I feel like half assing so I rather it is semi weekly that rushed every week. 

On weeks where Kari’s Spotlight won’t post a new addition I call Sensational Series Sunday - will be posted. I will shine a light on ONE series with this post. I will say why I love this series and what i feel makes it so special. I don’t distinguise between big or small blogs with this. I solely focus on the writing. I will probably only feature J2M and TWF x readers series.

I haven’t written anything for a week because my energy has been down and my heart hasn’t been in it due to losts of things I won’t bore you with and I have felt and enormous guilt because of that. That needs to stop. I will still write because it is simply the thing I love the most but to make sure the love stays the guilt has to go. I will update as fast as I can but I will not push myself to do so. 

I am so sorry but I won’t be able to do any beta work for anyone but the three people that mostly betas for me. I am not trying to be rude or a bitch but I need to make that sacrifice to make room for my own writing. I have one fic I promised to look at aside from those people and I will do that still. I am just not gonna take on any other fics to beta from now on and atleast for a few months. 

I hope you will be understanding about this. 

Chapter 2


“This better not be my introduction to a practical joke, Trollhunter.” Vendel hopes aloud as he grabs Jim by wrist.

Jim raised an eyebrow at his suggestion as he gets lugged through the streets, if that’s what they can be called, of Trollmarket by Vendel’s vice-like grip. “Practical joke! This is beyond a joke, Vendel. You can’t just buy this from a store!”

Within moments they arrive in a part of Trollmarket unknown to Jim, a place which Vendel was in no hurry to introduce to him as he immediately begins spouting orders.

“Roll up your sleeve.”

He obliges. In fact he doesn’t even need to seeing as he’d already attempted to do so before their rushed jaunt to their present location. Taking out a looking glass, he observed Jim’s pale blue, pebble-like skin with curious eyes. He moves up slowly until he meets Jim at eye level. Jim’s face is the image of confusion

“You seem awfully disgruntled, Trollhunter.”

“Who are you to understand? What about school? Spanish? Oh no, what about mom?

“You, like Blinkous, will just have to sit and wait this out. Who knows, this could be permanent?”

You could see Jim’s heart create a crater on the ground beneath him at the thought of this.

“Do you have the rock?”

“No, but I can get Toby to bring it down, I’ll call him now.” He pulls out his phone and contacts Toby. The two of them are inseparable so his number is high up in the recent contacts list.

“Jim? Spanish drive you mad or something?

“Tobes! That rock, don’t touch it. Whatever you do. Do. Not. Touch. It! But- I need you to bring it to Vendel right now!”

“Wow, slow down there, what’s going on?”

“Don’t touch it! Wear gloves, a hazmat suit if you have to! Just haul butt!”

“I’ll say again, what’s going on?”

“You remember that song I showed you the other day,” he pauses as he inhales deeply, before he outruns himself, “the one where the guy turns invisible slowly, In London?”

“Uh huh.”

“Exactly the opposite of that is what’s happening! It’s hard to explain, jus-” Jim turns to Vendel in hope that he’d provide some sort of prompt to keep the conversation going, a prompt Jim did not receive.


“Just get it here as soon as you can! For my sake.” He hangs up before Toby could respond, which was probably a good thing because Toby is an overflowing river of questions. Throwing his phone back into the bag (with no regard for the notoriously fragile screen), he places himself on a rock, “Now what?”

“Well, you would be best remaining here until Tobias arrives with the stone. Other than that there isn’t much else you can do besides possibly finding some other compa- ah, AAARRRGGGHHH!!!,” Vendel seemed to want to dump this basket case to the next highest bidder, which just happened to be AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Who was conveniently passing by, “our Trollhunter is in a bit of a predicament, stay with him will you?” Vendel swiftly departs as AAARRRGGGHHH!!! slowly trudges in. His sentences are short, but a million times more comforting than Vendel’s.

“What’s wrong?” AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Asks, his voice booming.

Jim simply responds with tight lips and a raise of his right hand, to which AAARRRGGGHHH!!! replies with a slight laugh. Jim frowns sharply, perhaps Vendel’s forwardness would’ve been more palatable?


Toby was incredibly unfit, but at least it made it easier to tell if he’d actually made an effort to hurry or not. Judging by the sweat that dripped off his forehead and down his chest, he had. By this point, Vendel had returned to Jim and AAARRRGGGHHH!!!, who continued to giggle to himself in the corner, in a similar way a child would if they were indulging in a simple card trick.

“One- one ominous green rock. Signed, s-sealed, delivered.” With a gloved hand, Toby removed the bagged stone, which Vendel immediately removed from Toby’s unmistakably loose grip, “hey!”

“How did you come into possession of this?” Vendel questions as he thrusted the transparent bag in Jim’s direction.

“Holy cham- Jim, your-”

“I found it by the gyre station, and Toby collects rocks so I thought that this would make a good centrepiece. And before you ask, nobody else has come into physical contact with it.

“Whaaaaaa, this is,” Toby became transfixed by Jim’s pebble blue right arm, “this is- this is awe-”

Jim had to interject. As much as he enjoyed Toby’s enthusiasm, it didn’t seem like the best medicine. “Don’t say it, Tobes.” Jim’s expression remained neutral throughout this toing-and-throwing, meanwhile AAARRRGGGHHH!!! was still giggling. Vendel had disappeared again with the bag, most likely to study the stone, leaving the three of them in this room.

“This is the furthest you could possibly get from awesome, and why are you still giggling?” Jim’s patience with AAARRRGGGHHH!!! had grown thin, “what could possibly be so-”

“Arm- funny” He responded with perfect timing, as Jim became overrun with a fiery, itchy sensation, which consequently sent him on a scratching frenzy. “What’s happening to me?”

A question which fell on deaf ears, as he furiously scratched away at his skin. The blue of his right arm appeared to be spreading. Unfortunately for Jim, Toby has already begun to capture footage of this. While Jim was writing on the floor, Toby had the camera rolling.

“Hey Jim, say hi to the camera!”

“What are you- jees help a man out over here!” His request, much the same way as his previous question, has fallen on deaf ears. Rather, fallen on AAARRRGGGHHH!!!’s deaf ears, Toby had other ideas-

“I’ve got just the thing!” he opened a playlist he’d created at some point in the past, that seemed to work perfectly for this series of events which was unfolding.

…wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!

“LMFAO? Not helping! I’m not ‘LMFAO-ing’, am I?” Toby’s timing was terrifically comedic, as Jim’s back scratching was in perfect sync with the music. The perfect timing continued. As the song finished - so did Jim. The itching had subsided, leaving Jim with a roughed up skin of stone. The respite was brief, however, leaving him only enough time to collect himself. The transformation was not over. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!’s laughter? Not over. Toby’s awful music taste? Not over.

“Dude, stop playing DJ,” Jim points furiously at Toby who’s grin seems to widen at the sight of Jim’s hands, “gah!”

…I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still I’m still and animal.

His middle and fourth fingers began to fuse with an intense heat, creating a brilliant, neon blue flash which nearly blinded the two of them. This light was accompanied by a pressure from his scuffed trainers, which he was quick to release. “Toby, I-” All words had escaped him, unsurprisingly. Though in his defence, most words couldn’t describe the sudden sight of dark clawed feet. “I am an animal.”

An exasperated sigh escaped Jim as he lay in a heap on the floor, surrounded by the contents of his bag, his shoes, and Toby, who continued to play music as he stood over him. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!, finally, had calmed himself down, enough to finally contribute something besides booming belly laughs, although his contribution was annoyingly obvious to Jim.

“Jim troll now.” AAARRRGGGHHH!!! adds at the end of a hiccup as he moves to sit next to the other two, flashing them both with a wide and toothy grin.

“Tell me something I don’t know-”

“More coming.” he replied gesturing to the area around his forehead as if he were a mime artist in a Parisian square. His uneasy swirling motions briefly captivated Toby, who’s freckled head immediately dropped back to the playlist in search for another appropriate song for what he was anticipating. From this point on, all roads lead to troll.

The piercing sound of what could have been blades sharpening against a boulder cracked through the muggy air, overlapped by the watery notes of skin remoulding itself, altering its composition. His ears became droopy, elongated versions of what once were, and his nose looked as though someone had struck a blow with a tarred mallet. Where there were once nothing but hair follicles, and possibly a few gnats enjoying the dandruff, two great anthracite grey osseous trunks now took centre stage, adding at least four inches to his gangly frame. Each horn was intricately ringed and chiselled, resembling the bark of a grand oak tree. Something quite beautiful for the open-minded, yet something Jim would only be able to appreciate in a flaky mirror under candlelight.

…In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before, long, long, long ago… The previous song continued to echo something which should have bore some meaning, something a troll would probably relate to more than Toby would.

By this point, Jim had already given up trying to fight the changes, and had begun to process the unfathomable concept of an indefinite subterranean life, which was signalled by a faint whimper accompanied by globular eyes (just about the only human semblance that remained). How anyone who had just sprouted horns, an unimaginably heart-rending ordeal, could remain so idle was beyond comprehension, yet that’s what occurred.

Toby, still hunched over the touchscreen, remained oblivious to the now limp, yet heavy breathing troll which lay at his feet - “Dude you’re going to love this one,”

…Get the cool. Get the cool shoeshine…

It was apparent that Toby’s world was playing at half speed if his shoe-based lyrics were anything to go by, “Ha, it’s funny because he’s got no shoes anymore.”

Jim’s zen state was thwarted by the concoction of Toby’s ill-timed comment and the early Gorillaz hit. Rising from the cool ground, he rapidly approached Toby, who was too slow to prevent his phone from being snatched by a three fingered hand, which was sent carving through the air, breaking into two as it impacted a razor-edged rock besides AAARRRGGGHHH!!!. Toby just stood there and laughed giddily. Apparently AAARRRGGGHHH!!! had come about to realise the gravity of the situation. He hushed Toby by placing a pawed hand over his mouth, muffling any sound which escaped. To make things worse, Blinky had returned, followed slowly by Vendel, their expressions riddled with confusion and concern. All three who occupied the room were blissfully unaware of Vendel’s vacant yet burning stare.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t see any humour in this?” he shouts above the childish giggling, pointing at his horns in a vague attempt to grab their attention, “This, these things, are far from what could be defined as-”

“Still not ov-” A single incisor had uprooted itself in Jim’s lower jaw, towering above the rest of his teeth, its summit level with his upper gum-line, interrupting AAARRRGGGHHH!!!. He added, “Speak too soon. Over now. All trolls, big teeth - Jim real troll now.” He smiled and ruffled Jim’s hair, completing his new look.

“Oh so that’s how it’s going to be then?” He pushed himself away from AAARRRGGGHHH!!!’s attempt at compassion. If his patience tank was on fumes at the phone incident, it had been totally depleted by this point. His face crinkled with rage, and with a deep growl, he sent a clenched fist directly into the nearest stone column, which in turn threw a web of cracks in a multitude of angles. Dust particles floated around his fist, “I-ow, can’t-ow. I can’t be a troll! I can’t! I have Spanish next week!” He grimaced at how he was going to break this to Senor Uhl, “Sorry, Jim can’t make it in today. He’s become a blue-skinned troll. Something tells me nobody is gonna be-”

Blinky stood beside Vendel, all four arms crossed, his expression remained one of concern, but now showed undertones of hope. “Master Jim-” He interrupted Jim’s misery ridden discourse a sudden brainwave turned those undertones into his only expression, “Master Jim!”

“Oh great, now I have an audience to observe my slow descent into insanity. Just what I need!”

“While the circumstances could be more favourable, this is a perfect opportunity for you to understand our lives!” His face lights up, and his arms relax as more and more ideas flowed into his mind, “This, this is superb! This whole saga will be one for the ages - one that will allow me to add to what my brother began all those centuries ago!” He rushed up to Jim, who most certainly wasn’t impressed by the constant touching. Blinky grabbed Jim by the shoulders with enthusiasm, his breath somewhat more bearable.

Jim shrugs himself out of Blinky’s grip, and turns to flee - “If you’re gonna write about this then please be lengthy. I’m expecting at least eleven-thousand pa-” Vendel’s staff blocked Jim’s exit, winding Jim, and sending him reeling to the floor, a place he’d grown somewhat familiar in the hour previous.

“Where do you think you’re going, troll?”

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You should wait until fall/winter! Spring and summer weddings are the most popular so if you go when there isn't a rush you'll probably get more dress options! 😊

Nope, I like Spring

ok i THINK if im counting correctly i currently have received 15/77 wips! there are still 4 days left until march 1st, so no rush. ill probably send out a mass email once i get them all, just reminding everybody of the next due dates and instructions and such.

also i forgot to ever do this so im gonna probably follow all yalls blogs just so i have an easy list (and can maybe even get one of those fancy blogroll theme pages), so heads up that im gonna pop up in ur notes lol