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Hey Grypwolf, do you have any advice you'd give someone who's thinking that their art isn't as good as it should or, or can't ever get to a level where others will consider it as 'excellent art'? I'm sorry for bothering you and asking, but my friend is having a rough time with her art currently, and while I think it's fantastic, there's only so many times I can say so until it's just me saying null words, I think. Thank you, and have a good day - sorry again for asking this.

Hi there!
Not sure but you can seriously show this to your friend.

I don’t want to be cruel or anything of a sort but for others to believe in your art, you must believe in it yourself first. There will be times when artist feel like walking in mud when doing art - Art blocks happen - tablets may broke down - someone else is getting there faster than you and you start to compare yourself too much - But they_will_get_over it. Eventually.

You are a good friend for wanting to tell your friend over and over again that they are doing good but as you said it can only take you and your friend so far. You can’t do it for your friend. She/he must start to see art as something that is nice to do. If someone does art and drawing only for getting good comments, popularity in one year and stuff like that, it is hands down greatest way of killing your motivation. Other enjoy your art when they can see you enjoy it.

Motivation and inspiration are hard subjects to talk about. For me at least. I get motivated and inspired easily by watching others create stuff. Maybe she or he could go and register in Picarto and start following artists they like. Streams are serious source of motivation. o.o

8( I wish your friend is well and that this helps a bit.

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Hi! I heard you're taking requests and, well, if you would be willing I have one for an injured on a mission Hiro and Tadashi mother-henning him. I'm having a rough, painful first day of my period and I would love to see some comforting fluff. Cheers anyway, I love all your writing :)

Take Care

Rated: T

Warning(s): Implications of sexual activities

Author’s Notes: I’m so sorry anon, you probably are feeling much better now. However, I do dedicate this to gingeringfigs, dashirocrap and lockandkeyblade, who are not quite feeling well this weekend. I hope this cheers you guys up, if just a little bit.


Hiro would have been grateful for a lecture, some yelling, maybe a twap or two on the head. Instead, he was forced to endure his brother’s theatrical tears and overbearing care.

Hiro wasn’t even allowed to go to the bathroom on his own for heaven’s sake! It was nice that Tadashi was willing to retrieve any object Hiro wanted or do any task that was  assigned to him, but his overwhelming presence that afternoon had taken a toll on his psyche.

[Google Docs Alt Link

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Hi, I don't know you but you posted a few things that make me think you may be a little sad. Please don't harm yourself. You may not think so but things will get a lot better, only if you let them. "Your current situation is not your final destination." Remember that. I hope you're okay.

Thanks for your concern honestly it means the world to me you checked up on me. I’m sorry for my little sad post rampage I’ll be fine by tomorrow I’m just having a really rough night, I’m really sick and my best friend like hates me and I can’t do anything right when I talk to them. I’m just self loathing at the moment and business will return to normal tomorrow and regarding the harming myself thing I gave my father the last razor I can remember the place of so even if I wanted to I couldn’t. Thank you so much for your concern it means so much and speaks to your character. Even though I don’t know you I love you.

I’ve been through a rough time lately and I didn’t think there would be a way out. I was planing on ending my life a week from now, but something changed. I rediscovered my love for music and it has helped me get a new spark.

I’m deeply sorry for the scares and all the sadness on this account the past few weeks.

Thank you so much for all your love and support, it means so much to me. You’re all truly amazing.

I’ve started to write songs again, and who knows, maybe you’ll get to hear them soon.

Lots of love


So I’m opening up commissions for the summer. I’m planning on attending some cons so I’m holding a discount for Lineart & Color! You can reach me at for more details and info.

EDIT: I immediately hated the old format after I posted it so I changed it. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Average delivery time is 3 days, you can get a full refund no questions asked as well as whatever progress I’ve made after a week!

Prices are estimates! It may go up or down depending on the complexity of the character.

I don’t offer refunds past the rough sketch stage, unless it takes longer that a week, because of how quick the turnaround time is. So make sure you’re happy with it before locking in!

I do NSFW stuff, but message or email me for details!

When submitting payment through PayPal, be sure to “Send money to friend or family or send as gift” or add an additional 5 USD for PayPal fees!

Also shoutout i guess sorry for so much ooc negativity lately guys like dang sorry you gotta see these sad ass text posts

Im just having a really rough time rn with lots of mental health stuff and im just really sensitive to other ppls moods so they heavily affect me and so thats been a thing too

So im sorry but this will have to continue to kinda be an outlet although im probably gonna make something else and just pour all this into that n yeah, stay safe n i love u all


I don’t normally do this type of thing but stuffs kinda hit rock bottom.

Long story short my family and I got evicted today. Having no where to go with five pets is pretty hectic, I am going to be finding them homes but that’s the least of our worries. We’re pretty much broke as it is so paying for things is gonna be rough (I.e Medication, food, bills, and a down payment on an apartment)

I feel pretty pathetic for this but its my only option so whatever.

If you’d like to help out here’s my GoFundMe and my Paypal

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Would you be able to translate RM's part in Yankie's new song?


SongHangul lyrics

나는 MONSTER but 지금은 nobody recognize it

Im MONSTER but right now nobody recognize it

허세뿐인 꼰대들 they tryna undersize it

These stereo typed people with an attitude they tryna undersize it

난 변태성향 나르시스트 날 찔러 자꾸 I kiss my own tightness

Im a freaky narcissist, I repeatedly stab myself, I kiss my own tightness

Who the damn mufucka do really wanna fight it

난 걍 예술이 좋아 그 어떤 술보다 더

I just like the arts, more than any alcohol 

임마 여긴 RM이 차린 칵테일 bar, 넌 주는 대로 쳐 마셔

Hey (man) this is RM prepared cocktail bar, take the hit as it was offered

넌 날 진화시켜줘 내 불만 빼고서

Please evolve me, without my dissatisfaction 

아 오빠 좋아 좀 더 때려줘

Ah oppa, I like it. Hit me a little more.

Show what that bitch about 함 지껄여봐

Show what that bitch about, try to chatter away

Show what that bitch about
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top, make yo bitch rock but you not
난 믿어 나의 팀, 나와 친구들 we makin’ dreams

Believe in me, my team, me and my friends we makin dreams

랩으론 반쯤 죽여놔 덤벼 call me 밥 싸먹는 김

Half-killing you with my rap, bring it on, call me, the Kim that eats rice wrapped in lettuce.

T/N: 꼰대 is a slang word for an old man who has an aggressive attitude.

The arts and the alcohol part is a word play.


From now on I’m going to be eating with you.


STAN: Hey, dude.
STAN: You alright?
CRAIG: The fuck do you think.
STAN: Rough morning, huh?
CRAIG: Go away.

STAN: Dude, I thought you were trying to quit?
CRAIG: That was Clyde’s hangup.
CRAIG: And Clyde can go fuck himself.
STAN: I see.
STAN: How’ve you guys been?
CRAIG: Why do you care.
STAN: Because, you’re my friends?
CRAIG: Whatever.
CRAIG: He dumped me, anyway.

STAN: Oh, dude.
STAN: I’m so sorry.
CRAIG: I don’t care.
STAN: When did he dump you?
CRAIG: None of your business.

CRAIG: Stop.
STAN: Just take it.
STAN: You need it more than I do.


Request: Salt And

Request: I know requests are closed right now but I was wondering if you could make an exception. Someone I knew from school died today and i’m feeling sad. If you have time could you do a super fluffy, happy DeanXReader story? Maybe dean surprises the reader with a kitten or something because shes been a little sad? I don’t mind really, just happy

Word Count: 746

I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. I have a total weakness for kittens so.. yeah. I’m always here if you need anything, ‘kay? Lots of love<333

You hear the door to the bunker close with a clang, the sound echoing around the old walls for a moment. Dean’s been on a supply run all morning – you were starting to get worried.

“Y/N?” You hear him call as his footsteps reverberate from the metal staircase, “Y/N, are you here?”

“Dean?” You call in reply, “Are you okay?”

“I’m great. Just got something to show you.” He flashes you a lopsided grin as you run into the library, meeting him there. He’s holding a medium-sized cardboard box, with three holes in the side. You narrow your eyes, looking from the box to him.


“This might be a little bit weird.” He places the box on the table, “But you’ve been really sad lately – stressed out, you know? And I just thought, since we had a decent place now and… well… open it up and you’ll see.” He gestures to the box and from inside, you hear a small scrambling noise, like there’s something scraping against the side of the box. You look at him in confusion, eyes narrowed.

“Open it!” He urges, sliding the box closer to you. Still perplexed, you open the top of the box and peer inside.

The tiniest ball of fluff you’ve ever seen stops scrabbling and looks up at you, its tiny eyes focusing in on your face. The kitten lets out a tiny mewl, and you gasp.


“I know how much you like cats,” He explains, “And since you were sad, I thought he might cheer you up a little.”

You stare at your boyfriend in awe, before turning your attention to the little furball in the box who it clawing at the sides, trying to get out and explore. He’s nearly pure white, apart from tiny little socks and ears that are black. You have to physically hold back your 'aww’ as you gently pick him up, and place him on the carpet.

The kitten mewls happily, deciding to investigate your feet. You giggle, sitting down on the bunker’s carpet. He jumps back, but quickly regains courage and hops back towards you in excitement.

“What do you think?” Dean asks, and you grin up at him, your eyes filled with tears.


“Oh, no!” He interrupts, quickly coming down beside you, “Don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying!” You insist, “Honestly. I’m just… overwhelmed. This is amazing, Dean. I love it. I love you.” You assure him, giggling as the kitten latches onto your hand, jumping all around it as if it were prey. Dean smiles, taking a seat on the floor next to you and watching the kitten play.

“Do you have a name in mind?” He asks, and you frown.

“Hmm…” You muse, before shaking your head, “I don’t think so. Not yet.”

“Get thinking, then.” He teases, pressing a kiss to your temple. You laugh, leaning into him as the tiny fluffball claws his way up the side of your leg and towards your body, demanding attention.


You’ve long since lost interest in the terrible movie that, playing, but it doesn’t matter. You’re too infatuated with the kitten curled up in your lap. He breathes softly, snuffling gently every now and again.

Dean, on the other hand, watches you closely. His arm is wrapped around your shoulders and your head rests on his shoulder. You’re both so comfortable and warm; moving would be a cardinal sin.

“Looks like the poor little fella’s all tuckered out.” Dean comments, looking down at the cat for a moment. You smile slightly.

“Do you blame him? It’s been a long day.”

“It has. He loves you, though.”

“Who doesn’t?” You tease, and Dean chuckles.

“Now that’s a question for the ages.” He says, squeezing you gently against him, “You got a name in mind yet?”

You nod, “Actually, yeah.”

“Go on, then.”



“As in, salt and.” You grin, “'Cause he’s bound to make Sam sneeze. And… well… I think it suits him.”

“Because he’s so energetic, like hot peppers?”

“That, too.”

“I like it.” Dean grins, and you laugh, leaning into your boyfriend a little more.

“I like you.” You counter, and Dean grins, leaning in to press a kiss to your nose.

“I’m glad about that. You’re lucky that I like you, too.”

AHHH so i’ve been dating my best friend richardarmitakeme for two months now and i am a huge goofball incapable of being serious for longer than 2 seconds so i figured i’d let some songs illustrate how i feel for her. happy 2 months kourtney! here’s to hopefully many, many more. <3


1.) i do adore - mindy gledhill 2.) the only exception - paramore 3.) i’d rather be with you - joshua radin 4.) such great heights (cover) - alice kristiansen 5.) every night - paul mccartney 6.) still into you - paramore 7.) don’t worry baby - the beach boys 8.) sweet and low - augustana 9.) come on get higher - matt nathanson 10.) stolen (dashboard confessional cover) - helene enriquez 


Second pic [Full size] (It’s quite messy closeup)

The rough doodles are inspired/dedicated to the amazing ryobkr and her doujin, “Left Places.” Seriously dude, you’re like, my  awesome senpai! I love all your works. o((*^▽^*))o 

 I’ve never been so absorbed in a doujin before and I really love how you’re able to mesh YB and Marik’s canon and abridged personalities, it makes me love thiefshipping even more than I used to. 

 And the ending with Ryou’s ponytail and YM waking next to garbage, I couldn’t help but doodle strange stuff about it.

Thank you so much for the inspiration! Keep up the amazing work and best wishes on your original manga and future endeavors!  (◍•ᴗ•◍) ✿

The Un-Romantic Language

A/N: It’s been years since I’ve written PP fanfiction, but I just had to for this pairing, I love it too much. Of course, I’m a little off my game since for the past year all I’ve been doing is writing k-pop PWP fics, so cut me some slack. I’m working on it. Also, sorry if I butchered the German language. Google Translate only does so much, but it’s all I really have. Translations will be at the bottom, feel free to correct me on anything wrong.

Who says German isn’t a sexy language?

Most people consider German to be a very un-sexy language, and that sometimes irritated Beca Mitchell. Of course, it was a very hard and rough language, but that’s just how Beca likes it: hard and rough. And, of course, there’s nothing hotter than English spoken with a German accent. She was so passionate about the language that she studied it in depth in high school, going above and beyond to attain mastery of it, for reasons that were only slightly more than perverse. She played it off by asserting that it was her mother’s German heritage that inspired her intensive study. So, after a few years, she was fluent in the language.

Kommissar is Beca’s kryptonite. When she speaks to her for the first time, it throws her off badly. This is her German fantasy come to life, standing right in front of her at what she assumes to be around 6 feet tall. She’s never been so undoubtedly attracted to a human being in her life, not even Jesse.

Beca had always known she was bi; experimenting with Chloe behind the scenes had confirmed that for her years ago. Jesse just took all of her attention. They were in a dedicated relationship, and she had respected that, only making out with her best friend a few times during the course of their relationship (Chloe was very persuasive, especially when Beca was drunk). It was no surprise to her that Das Sound Machine’s captain had immediately stolen her attention, but she was absolutely unprepared for the statuesque blonde woman.

Chloe notices right away (her gaydar is impeccable) and drags Beca away from the situation as quickly as possible so the DJ will stop rambling off compliments.

“Beca, breathe,” the redhead says, holding her by the shoulders. “Breathe in, breathe out.”

The brunette does as told, calming herself down before losing her cool.

“She’s so hot,” Beca mumbles, running her hands through her hair. “God, I’ve never wanted someone to ram me up against a wall so badly in my life.”

“She’s the enemy, Beca, our number one competitor. You can’t let her get under your skin.”

“But I want her too,” the short girl whined.

“Beca Mitchell, so help me god, I will call up Aubrey right now and tell her-”

“No! No. I’m fine. Just let me get my bearings. I can do this.”

But they lose the Riff Off and she can’t do this. She can’t. Not with that woman moving so sensually in that mesh crop top with that body that looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself, and god, those tight leather pants. Beca resigns herself to the bar and watches Kommissar dancing amongst her group.

Jesse picks this moment to slide up beside her, two drinks in hand.

“Hey there chicka,” he says, cracking a grin. “How’s about a little liquor?”

“I didn’t know I was dating a poet,” she says, accepting the glass.

“Germans got you down?” he asks.

More like up, she thinks, eyes flicking back over to catch a glimpse of Kommissar swaying her hips in a way that makes her go up even more.

“Yeah,” she mutters into her drink. “I just don’t know how we’re gonna beat them.”

“Have a little faith in yourself. And the Bellas. You’ll do great. I know you will.”

He smiles, and she smiles back at him. She can’t help but feel like a shitty girlfriend for lusting over her competitor like she is, but it’s not like she can stop herself from having feelings.

Twenty minutes later she’s drunk out of her mind and stumbling onto the dance floor with Chloe and Amy. Jesse is gone, and she should be too, but she won’t leave until DSM does. They join the fray, bumping bodies with the German singers. Somehow, her and Chloe end up face to face with Kommissar and Pieter, the latter of which still gloating over their win.

“Die Wettkämpfer sind nicht auf der Suche so groß,” Pieter says, earning a laugh from his comrades. “Sie sollten eine andere Karriere betrachten. Vielleicht … exotischen Tanz?”

The entire group laughed. Chloe stood confused. Beca glared at him.

“Ich würde gerne, aber ich würde nicht wollen, um Ihre Rampenlicht zu stehlen,” Beca retorted, earning expressions of shock and surprise from the German group.

“Du sprichst Deutsch?” Kommissar asked, eyebrows raised.

“Ja,” Beca answered, crossing her arms over her chest.

“How interesting, Little Maus. You have more tricks up your sleeve than I thought you capable of,” said the German woman, stepping forward from her posse.

“I aim to please.”

Kommissar smirks and turns away, guiding Pieter back to the bar. Beca’s confident composure drops and she turns to Chloe, eyes wide.

“Did I just do that?” she asks.

“I think you did.”

“I’m so drunk.”

“I know.”

When the Bellas take Worlds by storm and secure their place as aca-champions, the after party is massive and everyone goes, including DSM, who are much more amiable now. Competition is competition, and everything was fair and square, so they respect the Bellas and now try to form a bond with them. After all, they have a lot in common.

Jesse is somewhere and Beca could care less because she’s high off winning and drunk on success. She doesn’t even notice it when Kommissar sneaks up behind her.

“Glückwünsche,” she whispers in Beca’s ear, her hot breath causing a multitude of sensations to go shooting through the short girl’s body. “My Little Maus, you have won.”

Beca spins around, staring up at the blonde, who has changed out of her stage outfit into a black t-shirt and skinny jeans, which somehow manages to look extremely attractive on her.

“D-danke,” Beca stutters, distracted by her, well, everything.

“I was very impressed with you. You have talent and the skill to back it up. I admire that.”

“Psh, you admire me? I admire you way more. I mean, wait, what. What.”

Beca has lost the filter between her brain and her mouth and there’s no finding it now. Kommissar chuckles.

“Oh, my Little Maus, you are so adorable.”

“W-well, you’re so hot. I- Fuck- Shit! Fuck me.”

“Gladly,” the blonde murmurs in a low tone that makes Beca shiver.

Kommissar’s hands find her hips and Beca is pulled into an empty room. She hears a lock click behind them and she falls down on a couch. In the dim moonlight, she watches the German woman pull off her t-shirt and throw it to the ground. Beca bites her lip. Her fantasy is finally here.

“Du gehörst mir jetzt, Little Maus.”

“Finally,” Beca breathes.


Pieter: The competitors are not looking so great. They should consider another career. Maybe… exotic dance?

Beca: I’d love to, but I would not want to steal your spotlight.

Kommissar: You speak German?

Kommissar: Congratulations.

Kommissar: You’re mine now, Little Maus.

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Please Senpai, could you draw Mirai Sarutobi? she looks so cute and badass, I'm still waiting for her in the new Naruto Gaiden. (。◕‿‿◕。)

Here you are!

I’m sorry I can only give you a rough sketch because I’ve sprained my right wrist yesterday and not be able to do things for a while.

peppersheart replied to your post “I am in the mood to write some timestamps…”

Or if you prefer another timestamp in hockeysexual, or a first they’ve never done. Or a timestamp for Dipolar Coupling. SORRY FOR BEING SO GREEDY.

Soooo a lot of people asked for Dipolar Coupling, this heart is not for wasting, and hockeysexual, and when I asked apenelopiad she voted for Dipolar Coupling, and now here we are. Warnings for rough sex. 

He feels her the minute she hits the dance floor. He’s in the middle of telling a story to Saader when the fine hairs at the nape of his neck stand up and he grinds to a halt, mouth stoppered up by surprise. He’d always been told that when his kind scented an omega they’d be lost, overcome, driven to mate. Perhaps that was an overzealous fantasy. He feels no urge to do anything, but her presence nevertheless pierces at him.

Keep reading

Hahahaha uh it’s Friday after a hectic week 😂🌻🍌🙌 so lunch was @bareblends cacao and @du_chocolat hot chocolate porridge made with rolled oats, almond milk and cinnamon topped with peanut butter, @peanutbutterco dark chocolate dreams, almond crunch granola, @blend_co, strawberries and banana 🍌🍓 sorry for being MIA all week, had a rough and tough one! Hope everyone has had a great Friday 🌞